G-otcha™: Girl Posed as Boy to Solicit a Girl from Linn, WV

Imprisonment Status:  Federal Inmate
Full Name: Hads,  Carissa  Ann
Height: 5’  2”
Weight: 100 lbs.
Birth Date: 06.16.1987
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 06.05.2012
Facility: North Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Federal Inmate

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
Posed as a 17-year-old boy on social networking online to solicit a 15-year-old female from Linn, WV, in October of 2010. An online tip alerted the officials that two children from Gilmer County, WV were in danger. Hads sent the girl a cell phone to be used for sending naked pictures. The mother of victim and two other 15-year-old children went with the girl and paid for Hads to stay in a separate room in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania motel in December 2011. They then had sexual encounters and more sexual encounters when the 15-year-old girl’s mother brought Hads to the family home on Linn, WV. Charges note coercion or enticement of a minor.


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What mother would encourage her 15 year old to see a 24 year old even if they thought it was a male?

Comment by It's All Wrong  on  06.13.2012

<i>To It’s All Wrong:</i?
If you read the first sentence it says"Posed as a 17 year old.“ So the parents were not encouraging the 15 year old to date a 24 year old.

Comment by Grace  on  06.14.2012

I Do not know anybody , especially a down right christian In the right mind to push someone, who it clearly took more then one to do what has been done, and two. Obviously if Carissa is a Girl, and not a “guy” then if they had anything to do sexual , then uhm, That doesn’t take common since to figure out if someone is a male, or female.. So, That means. This 15 year old girl, knew the hole time that Carissa was a woman, and as did her mother. Regardless of anything about this. The Mother should be charged with unfit mother for bringing a person into her home a “guy” at that, not knowing him or anything, she could very well put her children in danger. WHAT KINDA MOTHER IS THAT? Sorry but Big momma, You allowed it to happen your just as guilty.

NOW COME ON GILMER COUNTY, AND LEWIS COUNTY. think about this before putting and girl in jail, for something that really wasn’t all her fault. and The girl and her mother had to have known, so really There was no wrong there. The mother just thinks she is better then everybody and she is gonna push it all she can and LIE in court and as will her daughter her Minor of a daughter and that so she does NOT get in trouble for sending dirty pictures, and videos.

The internet says that if she is Convicted, She could face up to 30 years in prison! Uhm? Convicted for what exactly . and this is right to the 15 year olds mother. I don’t understand you at all really. Because you allowed it to happen , in YOUR house, under your supervision. You Do know you can get in trouble for that, THATS CALLED UNFIT MOTHERING!! dont know if anyone has ever told you that. and Lieing to a judge and jury, That makes you look like a real good christian huh? You don’t do no wrong do you? If this girl gets put away for 30 years, you will carry a heavy burdoun upon yourself until 30 years is up! YOU SHOULD REMEMBER BAD COMES TO THE PEOPLE WHO DO BAD THINGS! WOULD GOD REALLY WANT YOU TO LIE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!?!?!?

And god, knows what else she did. I Hope the hole thing backfires on that 15 year olds Mother.. Me, Personally i think If The girls mother let this girl stay in her home then i guess that was her bringing someone outta state to stay with them, which is very dangerous as most everybody knows! But. Then If they go to court and Her mother states that she didnt know she was a girl, but actually she did, and as did the child! Well, I say LIE DETECTOR TESTS!!!! -I dont think that someone should get in trouble for something overly stupid, and the mother is only pushing because she is afraid people will find out her daughter likes girls !!! If she is such a big christian then, Havent you heard people make mistakes? but then again. know one did any wrong at all anytime here, Because they knew the hole time that Carissa was a female and NOT “Puryear a male” So That states that THE MOTHER IS UNFIT!! YES I SAID UNFIT!!!!!!!!!!!! and The Daughter, Is well a very big compulsive liar if she gets on the stand and says “CRYING, OH MY I DIDN’T KNOW “PURYEAR” WAS A GIRL!“ Sorry but honey, you did know because theirs differences between males and females!!!! Stating the obvious there !

Comment by that doesnt matter  on  06.17.2012

And, If Carissa sent The minor a cellphone for “nude” pictures or videos. Uhm, Did The little child have to do it? Uhm, NO! did anybody make her do anything? No. She done it to herself, just as well as any other teen girl does. If she didnt want her body exposed then she wouldnt of sent pictures. obviously the cellphone was to be able to communicate. so not just dirtys.. i believe they would have to prove thats what the cellphone was for. and If the Mother knew about this. that looks like a real fit mother to me. I mean letting her daughter send stuff such as that. WOW! People never seeze to amaze me, why would you teach your daughter that something thats ILLEGAL is okay?????

and really another thing, I’m with the first person who commented on this. who would let her daughter do that? because honestly. what i think, and the LIE DETECTOR would PROVE the minor and her mother that Carissa, was a woman and not a “male” They knew the whole time, so Really? They cant charge this Girl with anything , Legally anyway because The simple fact of The minor and the minors mother knew the truth the hole time. and the mother turned carissa in because she didn’t want people to know her daughter liked girls ! SORRY BIG MOMMA YOU BETTER GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT BY THE TIME TRIAL IS HERE , I HOPE THE GIVE YOU AND THAT CHILD A LIE DETECTOR TEST !!!!! REMEMBER, WHAT WOULD GOD WANT YOU TO DO? YOU ARE SUCH A CHRISTIAN AND ALL.

Comment by that doesnt matter  on  06.17.2012

I think that the one who comments these long ones and isn’t brave enough to put their name is just a bully!!! Trust me there is a lot of that, that goes on in Gilmer County. I have been through it, as well as others I know personally. Just leave this poor girl and her mother alone. They didn’t know what was going to happen or what Clarissa was going to do. Things happen and this just happened to be a big mistake. They didn’t know, and since you’re not brave enough to put your name with the comments you put, then you have no business bullying any child or person. This is called cyber bullying and you need to stop!!!

Comment by concerned citizen  on  06.18.2012

i never not once said anything outta the way. it was all true. and my opinion, Believe me me, i know what goes on in Gilmer County, and Alot of bullying goes on there.. I myself is not bullying anyone, I don’t do that, and i won’t.. Why would i put my name? i believe i’m not the only one on the website that don’t have a name. i don’t wanna let the “POOR” girl and her mother alone. they both need lie detector tests done on them. then we will see who comes out looking bad. Oh and by the way, cant put your name? hmm. yep i’m the bully. NOT!

Comment by that doesnt matter  on  06.18.2012

Pittsburgh, Penn. police have arrested 24-year-old 
Carissa Hads, of Quincy, Massachusetts, who is accused of posing as a 17-year-old male and striking up an interstate Internet romance with a 15-year-old girl in West Virginia.
The Patriot Ledger reports that Hads was planning to meet the unnamed 15-year-old for a third sexual liason in Pittsburgh. Hads was charged with sexual penetration of a minor child.
A federal judge ordered Hads to be detained in West Virginia on June 8.
The police report claims that Hads used the name ‘Puryear Wilson’ with the West Virginia girl online, where they met in October 2010. Hads told the girl she was 17 years old and the father of twin sons.
Hads mailed the girl cell phones to use when they talked and paid the bills. Police allege the 15-year-old girl used the phones to send Hads nude pictures of herself.
In December 2011, police say that Hads met up with the 15-year-old girl in Pennsylvania for the first time.
The girl’s mother drove her daughter to a Pennsylvania motel to meet Hads and paid for a room for herself and her daughter there. The mother also paid for a separate room for Hads.
The girl stated that sometime during the evening, Hads “digitally penetrated” her, according to the police report.
The two met up again in February at the girl’s home in West Virginia. The girl told her mother that she had sexual intercourse with Hads during the visit, but that Hads did not undress.
The girl eventually confronted Hads over her true identity, and Hads allegedly threatened her life in response.

Now that’s a nut job.
Yeah…WTF is up with the mother. I have a feeling she is going to be charged as well as a participant in the violation against a minor.
I’m confused about the girl’s mother driving her and paying for two rooms.
Agreed. I’m confused about the term “digitally penetrated.“ what???
Submitted by Paulak on Jun 13, 2012
I guess Mom wanted to get some sleep. Sounds like Mom and Hads need to be sharing a cell.

Comment by that doesnt matter  on  06.18.2012

To “that doesn’t matter”:

Your confusion stems from the fact that your education escaped you….fingers are known as “digits”.

Comment by Anon.  on  06.18.2012

Twenty-four-year-old Carissa Hads is facing federal charges after being accused of tricking a teenage girl into sex while disguised as a 17-year-old boy. The 15-year-old girl in question isn’t being named, but the details of this story seem rather shady nonetheless. The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force released an affidavit accusing the 24-year-old woman of using an “unnamed social networking site” to lure the 15-year-old into a relationship that developed into something of a criminal thing.

Carissa HadsCarissa Hads maintained two social networking profiles—one as 17-year-old James Puryear Wilson, and the other as herself—which she referred to as James’ aunt. The unnamed 15-year-old “victim” claims that the “boy” bought her two cellular phones and paid her phone bills. “He” also bought her a brand new Kindle Fire.

The strange part of this story is that the mother of the so-called victim willingly arranged meetings between her daughter and what she thought was a teenage single father by renting hotel rooms for them while staying there with other teen girls. During the the hotel room visits, Carissa and the teenage girl reportedly had illicit sexual contact that involved prosthetic genitalia and fingers. She even claims to have seen the device Carissa had worn to use as a pe***.

So does this sound fishy? Judging from the images of Carissa, it doesn’t seem reasonable that a young girl as well as her adult mother would be fooled. The images here are obviously of a female, albeit a tomboy. So what gives? This just does not seem like a cut-and-dry story of sex abuse by an adult, but it does seem like the mother, teen and Carissa Hads had more of a relationship than what’s being

Comment by BIG BAD GILMER COUNTY  on  06.18.2012

no, I knew exactly what it mean, that was comments under the story on a different website. So Don talk about my education! IM stating the truth here, No lies, No Bs!

Comment by DONT MATTER  on  06.19.2012


Carissa Hads Affidavit:

Carissa Hads was good at fooling people for a short while maybe that how she got caught?

I wonder who turned in this case to police? It wasn’t the mother that was for sure? I wonder what Carissa Hads on the Mother? I wonder if someone was to go interview Carissa Hads in North Central what she would have to say about the mother because I am sure there is more to the story then is told. I am almost positive there is WAY MORE TO THIS STORY then is being TOLD!

Comment by REALLY  on  06.19.2012

The mother is the one that told police where she is, where she would be, time, date everything. because the mother just for a simple fact of didnt want people finding out her daughter was into girls instead of guys, because shes a big chrsitian in all. Now the mother is gonna lie and say it wasent her. arent you funny?? NO! i hope they lie detector test you in court!!!

Comment by Dont Matter  on  06.19.2012

I am reading the comments by That Doesnt Matter / Dont Matter with interest.  I am kind of wondering if you know some things that the rest of us don’t?

Comment by E  on  06.21.2012

Dont matter
U need to get some facts straight the mother of the mother of the girl who had the with carissa hads was not the one who called the police! It was the girl’s mom who Carissa Has threatened more the once she is the one who called nationalmissing exploited children.  Oh and E I do know more then what everyone is reporting. They really should get there facts the sites I posted u might just get educated on facts

Comment by really  on  06.22.2012

Well how Carissa hads was picked up a.l mother a.l was the only one who knew about it. so it wasent t.c mother anyway, t.c mother and a.l mother are both DIRTY! and should all be lie detectord on !!!!! People shouldnt blame everything on Carissa, when it was just a love relationship that a mother didnt want her daughter being picked on for LIKEING GIRLS!!!!!!!!!

Comment by doesnt matter  on  06.24.2012

Doesn’t Matter,
Let get some fact straight The girls initals are AL and CT not AL and TC!!!!!!
I don’t know what you are talking about, But I was the one that turned in Carissa Had AKA Puryear Wilson into the national missing and expolited children! I did that from the orders of MA STATE POLICE because they didn’t want to chase someone that may or may not be in MA. Since My daughter was threaten. When my child CT was threatened I 2x I went to WV State here in Glenville and they contacted Carissa Hads aka Puryear Wilson to not have any contact with CT anymore. WV state police told me to contact the MA State POLICE that is how it got started. I made a huge Facebook post about how ct was threatened again on my birthday and Carissa Had doesn’t know who she is messing with because I will make her life a living night mare because I had just learned her real name and called her out on it. My Child saw Carissa Had for the first time when her friend brought her to church and to pizza hut and knew this was a female and not a male but decided not to say anything due to the fact my child knew i was doing research on Carissa and let her keep telling her lies so we could right them down.  In March My daughter was interview by the police for her information. WE don’t talk about it my daughter hasn’t slept much since we were informed that Carissa Hads had a gun. I jumped for joy when I learned she was arrested.
As for AL Mother part on the rest you have to ask her. After First of April I couldn’t tell you much that went one because that is AL family business. Carissa getting caught for the sting operation well yeah I figure AL Mother had a big part in that I don’t know I don’t talk to them.
As for me being dirty? How do you know me? You don’t know me?Y are you harassing AL Mom what did she do to you? Doesn’t Matter why don’t you show your real name?

Comment by Teresa Tomblin  on  06.25.2012

You pretty much nullified the reason to use initials by using your own real name.  If you wish to protect minors, it might be good if your post was deleted.  That said, these things won’t stay secret for long.  There are some people on Facebook that have already correctly identified A.L. and her mother.  It was also in poor taste that your daughter made a joke about the situation on her MySpace page.
I would say that Doesn’t Matter is someone in the community that doesn’t want backlash for bringing up some of these points.  This is not unlike trying to protect the names of the minors involved so there is nothing directed against them.  There are a lot of people that think A.L.‘s mother is as guilty as Carissa because of facilitating these events.  That is nothing something unique to this page.
Hopefully this comment is posted long enough for you to read it, but soon after deleted along with your comment.

Comment by E  on  06.25.2012

I normally agree that you should protect minor but when there is only minor in Gilmer County with CT makes it a little hard to protect or use just initials.  Another thing If you are going to call out my daughter for something you better have your story straight! I logged on 2 my myspace and my daughter and last time she logged in was in Feb. How could she make fun of this situation.Nobody knew what was going on then and my daughter was raised better..  My husband and I check her myspace and Facebook daily and if she makes a post we do not like we make he take it down and if she was to make a joke about this situation she would have to take it down and deal with her punishment.  I can’t speak but reporters have called here since the story broke lose like i said there is only one CT in Gilmer County and I have nothing to hide I Tell the truth I don’t care I am tired of REPORTERS I AM TIRED OF SAYING NO COMMENT I AM TIRED OF PEOPLE ACCUSING MY DAUGHTER SAYING STUFF WHEN SHE DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING! NEXT ONE BETTER BE BRING THE PROOF

As for AL And her Mother I am will not judge, it is not my place

Comment by TTomblin  on  06.25.2012

Instead of bickering back and forth you have all lost sight of what really happened. And that was the fact 2 teenaged girls were victimized by a predator. One more so than the other and they were not carrissas first victims. This pervert spent years cultivating her ruse while she tweeking and polishing up her act she went by the name of bade wilson and preyed on a young lady inwashington state before she created the new persona of puryear and preyed on these 2 girls. So to throw blame around her entire family and live in lover and her lovers 10 year old child all knew her ruse and went to extreme lengths to cover it up. At the indictment carrissa admitted she knew her daughter was doing this so did an aunt and a brother so who is to blame again. The niave girls from the west virginia or the hads family who covered it up. Nobodys sexuality is inquestion here heterosexual homosexual or bisexual the carissa new exactly what she was doing she consciously and purposefully preyed on these girls and to attaxk the parents of the girls is wrong when we are in an age where everything is done with internet wehave all seen the online dating commercials. This is a tragedy that hopefully alot of people have learned from. And to continue to cowardly attack without revealing your identity is exactly that cowardly. If you can not show compassion and empathy for the victims families and only want to judge and degrade keep your mouth shut because really you just make yourself look like a fool

Comment by s. kennelly  on  06.25.2012


The exact comment among her profile mentioned “spend time with my awesome friend that is a boy LOL”.  That seemed like an obvious reference.  Maybe I read it wrong.  Feb was when Carissa was last in WV, so I assumed that was the time that she caught onto the identity fraud.  My apologies if I got this wrong.
I am certainly not trying to blame and would like to see people be protected, especially the younger ones.  I think some things are certainly hard to conceal in Gilmer County, but this case has gotten worldwide attention.  I would think it would be better if the rest of the world didn’t have to know all the specifics.  I can only imagine what A.L. is going through emotionally and mentally.  This situation has be humiliating enough among peers, and should not be something that goes outside the community.  There was a recent situation like this that happened in England and at least one of the girls was contemplating suicide.
I pointed out the blame directed toward A.L.‘s mother just because there is on a lot of web sites out there now.  More of an informational mention.
This page is the only one right now that really involves people directly involved in this situation.  I just feel it would be better if this information was not spread to the world.  The victims should be able to move on with less external pressure.  I really shouldn’t have mentioned the MySpace post, I just felt it was a dig on A.L.  I can imagine there are enough rumors about her running through school already and she needs her friends to stand by her.

Comment by E  on  06.25.2012

Thanks for the extra information.  I was trying to figure out why she moved across the country.  Now it makes more sense.  Also, it does answer my question of whether she had a history.  One headline did declare “Her motive: To lure girls”, so I was wondering if this was not an isolated event.  I was amazed to hear that Carissa was actually maintaining her innocent according to one recent report.  If she has a history of doing harm, then she definitely is a risk to society.  People can be naive anywhere.  I think as humans we naturally want to trust people.  Unfortunately there are people that know how to take advantage of that.  I also know that humiliation and shame can cause people not to report when things like this happen. 
As a parent, I think we have to be very involved with our children’s lives.  Of course as they become teenagers, this becomes more difficult.  Still it surprises me that C.T. was able to see through the ruse so quickly, while the others who had spent more time with “Puryear” didn’t catch on.  It does make me wonder, but I can’t point any fingers as I really don’t know what they were thinking.

I do not pretend to judge.  As “Puryear”‘s tattoo ironically says “Only god can judge me.“  I am only trying to understand more.  If you believe in the afterlife,  you know there is judgement and punishment beyond what we can do here.

I remain anonymous as this is a public forum.  I hope you can understand that.

Comment by E.  on  06.25.2012

Hey Sheila, and Theresa . Y’all need to remember something. A.l knew that she was a female. and Its not hard to tell from a male or a female. People should realize. regardless of what someone has done or said. God does there punishment not jail/prison whatever. someone that did no wrong shouldn’t spend the next 30 years in prison. an another Thing Theresa . Im sorry your daughter got threatened.. Life goes on i suppose. yeah that was wrong but Carissa knew her and what she was dealing with and that means, as did A.l and A.l mother A.l and NO i am not stocking A.l nor her mother, i actually have a life, but them, NO they should be put under a lie detector test thats all. Im done with this i dont want an argument. i was stating a fact.

Comment by Kimberly known as dont matter  on  06.26.2012

Threatening is a dangerous thing.  There are so many violent events at school.  Shootings and bullying.  It is hard to tell when someone is serious and when they a bluffing, so it is better to be safe these days.  I got held up many years ago.  it is quite possible that the person was just pointing their finger in their pocket and didn’t have a gun.  But I didn’t think it was worth the risk.  I lost some special pictures in that wallet, but nothing worth taking a chance for.
About the sex, A.L. was under the legal age of consent.  Funny that just another 4 months and it would have been legal.  I do wonder if A.L. lied about her age to Carissa?  Sometimes teenagers want to grow up fast and pretend to be older.  No offense or blame there.  I’m just thinking back to how teenagers behaved when I was in high school.

Comment by E  on  06.26.2012
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