G-otcha™: Doug Morris from Glenville Charged with DUI


On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, The Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Ben Huffman was dispatched to a single-vehicle Motor-Vehicle-Accident at approximately 5:00 AM on WV Highway 5 west, near Gilmer-Calhoun county line.

According to Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz, he responded to the vehicle accident as well since he lives about 1.5 miles from the accident.

When Deputy Huffman arrived on the scene, he asked Sheriff Metz who was in the car accident. Sheriff Metz advised Deputy Huffman that he had not seen the driver, but the driver was at the residence just down from the accident.

Deputy Huffman went to the house and identified the driver as Douglas Shane Morris from Glenville, WV.

At this time The Gilmer County EMS was on scene helping Morris because he was complaining about his back hurting.

Shortly after, the victim was transported to Minnie Hamilton in Grantsville, WV to be treated for injuries.

The toxicology report request by Deputy Huffman which was sent to him on December 15, 2011 by Minnie Hamilton showed that Douglas Morris tested positive for THC, Benzodiazepine, Amphetamine, and Opiates.

A DUI charge was file in Gilmer County Magistrate Court by Sheriff Deputy Huffman against Morris on Monday, December 19, 2011.

The complaint notes: Any person who drives a vehicle in WV while he or she is under the influence of controlled substance is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, except as provided in section two-b of this article, shall be confined in jail for up to six months and shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars not more than five hundred dollars. Violation of W.Va State Code 17C-5-2(d)(B).

Metz, if you knew where he was you knew who he was.  Stop trying to make it what it’s not. The more important question is where he’s getting the valium and oxy’s let along the pot and speed so it can be stopped before it gets to the kids.  Tell us about that investigation. Oh I forgot, there isn’t going to be one.

Comment by Nothing Changes  on  12.21.2011

Look out Benny boy. If what they say happened to Casey Jones is true, the I.L gang will find somebody or something on you and have you removed. Glad to see you had enough backbone to go through with charging him for DUI. I am sure it will get blown over in the “elitests” court system though.

Comment by JR Smith  on  12.21.2011

Gilmer was heaven once, but that was before IKE MORRIS came to town. These people seem to think they are above the law. Watch Gerry Hough just never bring this matter forward, for he is only good at making things up as we have witnessed by truthful publications.

I have never had a DUI in the 42.5 years I have been driving nor have I ever had an accident. But, for the life of me how can one drive with all those drugs in them. Speed and Opiates is absolutely crazy, but THC and Valium too?  It appears that the BRAIN of Doug Morris was in an accident first. This is disgraceful and I would like to ask IKE to take his family and get out of my county and go back to hell from where he came and take Gerry Hough and the Butchers sexually deviant daughters with them!!

Comment by Gilmer was heaven once  on  12.21.2011

I am told if you tell the truth it always makes sense even if it is not what you want to hear. Our sheriff drives to the scene because he is closer, and then waits for his deputy to come from the other end of the county to check out who was in the accident? Just give me a break. A little kid can tell a better lie than that. Our sheriff is less than chi**en sh** to keep using his deputies as a pawns. We have not forgotten his ‘no foul play’ story in Fred Hill’s murder.

Comment by Give me a break  on  12.21.2011

Thank you deputy Huffman.

Comment by Jenny13  on  12.21.2011

This article brings several thoughts and questions to mind.

>Does this confirm the years of rumors about drugs?

>Apparently no one was seriously injured.  Will the next accident have as good an outcome?

>Do respectable and honest people condone this type of activity with family and employees?

>Who is the provider, the source of these drugs?

>Is there a “connection” here,  to the arrest of a GC resident this summer in Lewisburg?

>Do we have Doctors locally wrongly prescribing this stuff?  If yes, for who else?

>Will other local folks who are involved in similar activities ever get caught?  Get help?

>Will these charges simply disappear?  Will a special deal be cut?

>It appears that Sheriff Metz and PA Hough now have an opportunity to show us, they are capable of performing the duties of the office they have been elected too?

>These drug addicts need help to be sure.  Someday their brain will be fogged up and they will mess up their “recipe” and join all of the other druggies who have gone to an early grave.  Lets hope they do not take any innocent victims along with them.

There are programs locally to assist people with these issues.  Possibly the Free Press could find a list of resources.  Other readers may know where people can go for help.  I believe that FRNon Main Street may be able to offer some assistance in these areas.

Drug addicts need our compassion and prayers, but at the same time they need dealt with firmly and fairly, so other people and our community are not at unnecessary risk.

Comment by Anonymous  on  12.21.2011

I hope Mr. & Mrs. Ike Morris grasp their son’s problem is much bigger than it is. They need to check because he has got all his family members involved as well. Please don’t guard him, you have done it enough. It is time for thoughtful help.

Comment by He needs help  on  12.21.2011

We two serious problems here: 1) Doug Morris’s personal problem has become public because of his arrest again. 2) Our sheriff who keeps screwing up and sweeping selected felonious acts under the rug. Mickey you were not elected by those few you keep protecting. All I can say is dare to run for office again.

Comment by my o my  on  12.21.2011

Hmmm, how many employees of Waco have been charged with drugs? And how many more have not been caught yet? I can name at least 5 or 6. There seem to be a culture of drug usage and activities by these individuals thinking they are immune from the law. Mr. Morris is drug activities acceptable by your employees?

Whiskey + Amphetamine + Cocaine + Oxycodone = WACO

Comment by xempl  on  12.21.2011

I know that a sign is posted at the front door of Flying W, that you must take a drug test, but I guess this doesn’t apply to the Owners or some of the employees of this company…right?
  As for our “GOOD” Law Enforcement Officers do the right thing and charge this man with what he has coming to him and as for you Gerry Hough, you NEED to do your job and make sure that this incidence and all other incidences are dealt with according to the State Laws which you were taught in order to get your Law Degree.
The people of this county need to stand up and take back our Community and the Laws that pertain to all citizens ...When you do wrong there “WILL BE” punishment for your crime or crimes, “NO ONE” should be exempt from any type of crime that is committed here or in the state of West Virginia!
  And if you think for one minute that the people have forgotten about Fred Hill, Doug Cottrill or any of the other Bulls**t that has happened here..THINK AGAIN !!!

Comment by Just Wondering  on  12.22.2011

Just why doesn’t our Law Enforcement not set the example when it comes to these “Elite” folks, and send the message to ALL Gilmer Co. residents that this kind of behavior “WILL NOT” be tolerated no matter who you are!
Lets see how much of this incidence gets published in our local paper?
Oh yeah and by the way just “WHERE” are these types of drugs coming from I am pretty sure you can not get Meth or Cocaine prescribed from a Doctor!

Comment by Find out Where  on  12.22.2011

Drugs have been a big problem by highly respected citzens in Gilmer Co. for along time. I remember getting into a vehicle in the 70’s with a group of respected people to go to basketball game out of county.  Before we got out of Hay City they began lighting up the dubbies.  This lasted all the way to the game.  I found a different ride back home.

Its not just a Gilmer Co. problem, its everywhere.

Comment by Roy Jones  on  12.22.2011

How does Doug Cottrill get by with traveling out of state to Las Vegas since he was charged with drug charges?

Comment by Wondering  on  12.24.2011

To Wondering:
There will be nothing done to Doug Morris, because of Ike Morris. Now we wouldn’t want to embarrass his dad or mom.  Yes, you are right, these people have their own laws, they don’t have to follow the same laws that we do because they have their own set.  This has been gone on for years, Doug doing drugs and his daddy took care of it.  I hope nobody thinks that he is going to tell where he got it. For Mickey he knew who it was, he was to keep his job. Next thing we know Ben will no longer have a job in the sheriff dept.

Comment by Lets See  on  12.25.2011

Responding to Nothing Changes:
Your right there is nothing change in this county. Mickey walks around like he is worth a million $. We voters need to remember what he has not done for our county, when election comes up and he runs for magistrate, he won’t do any better holding that office.  IL probably talked him to running, so he could take care these outlaws.  But, there won’t be nothing done, because he is IL grandson.

Comment by Concerned  on  12.25.2011

you want to know how Doug Cottrill gets to travel to Las Vegas?  The same reason that when he got arrested for DUI, that he got out of jail. By whom?  Nobody but the finest man in Glenville. IL Morris himself.  He went to Las Vegas probably for a reason called drug delivery.

Comment by wondering about doug cottrill  on  12.26.2011

What would you want Gerry Hough to do?  He can’t do much as a Prosecutor Attorney.  Because that would be calling the kiddle black.  He can’t even control his own children.  So let’s clean off our own door steps before you start finding other people guilty.  I believe these people need to be shown that they are not above the law. But I think that we need get better elected citizens for PA, sheriff, circuit clerk, and one new magistrate.

Comment by responding to just wondering  on  12.26.2011

By the way rumor has it that Doug Morris has been shipped off to New Mexico for Rehab.

Comment by Information ???  on  12.26.2011

Well,Well Why would he go to Mexico for rehab. Why do they feel that they need to go clear out of the country to clean up their mess. they had a family member over the summer that went to new york to clean up a mess, now another one to clean up a mess that they have made on themselves. they had one to leave the county for better education which i don’t blame him for not wanting to put up with the 2 face administration at the high school, he probably left so he wouldn’t be embarrassed for the family being crooked.  Did Doug take his spouse so they could put her in room beside him, so she won’t corrupt him if he gets clean. Everyone knows that she is no angel.

Comment by not surprising  on  12.27.2011

LMAO. I thought New Mexico was a state!

Comment by anonymous  on  12.27.2011

HaHaaaaa, You think. You must be one that thinks he shouldn’t be punished.  I don’t believe anyone said that New Mexico wasn’t a state.  But why so far away.  Oh, Maybe he will bring back some drugs with him, if he went.  Is he only going to keep himself out of trouble, he really didn’t need to go any where for that. Hes probably not going to get anything out of the crime that he did anyway, so why waste his time.  Or did he go for he wants to get cleaned. The old saying is “you got to want help in order to get help”  so we will see for help or stay out of trouble. There is rehab in VA, so why New Mexico. Maybe it was so he would be alone and no family could smoother drugs into him.

Comment by anonymous  on  12.29.2011

Sending an all ready ‘arrested’ druggie to rehab….is simply trying to get a “get out of jail free” card.

Comment by MoreToCome  on  12.29.2011

The truth is mickey walks around like he is worth a million $. When he first ran for sheriff I thought that he may be decent one, but the longer he was in there the worst he become.  Started covering up the dirt in our county. Has he been threaten, or has he always been this way, but covered his own dirt up as well. It could be that he doesn’t want to be the bad guy so he lets his deputy do the dirty work. He lays back and becomes more of a thief in our county. He probably gets a kick back on all the drugs that they get from arrested drug users.  How can he run a county as a law officer when he can’t control his daughter?

Comment by Lets have the Facts  on  01.01.2012

I would like to know if the Sheriff’s GED is really his or if it is bogus. He has family members claiming he has no GED diploma and that the one he says is his, is actually his brother’s. Story is that when another brother was in jail under a high bond for several crimes in Lewis County (he was eventually convicted) he threatened to expose the Sheriff if he didn’t go his bond, so the Sheriff did.
So to be Sheriff or Magistrate a person is supposed to have at least a high school degree of GED, is his real? The voters deserve the truth.

Comment by Want to Know  on  01.01.2012

Is Casey Jones still a deputy? His police car is never at his house anymore. Was there charges brought against him? Were they dropped?

Comment by the wonderer  on  01.03.2012

Mr. Metz are you for real.. You really have nerve to even think abut running for magistrate, known how people really think that you did a good job as a sheriff, LAW OFFICER< please.  But I see you run for magistrate than that is as far as the drug users go, you close it in magistrate court.  You did a terrible job as sheriff covering up stuff to keep your job.. I seriously doubt that you get many votes, but as you know unless someone else runs you know that you have the job since we have to vote for 2.. Go do some thing that you can really do, covering us drug users, child molesters, under age drinking.  Things that are really against the law.

Comment by lmao  on  01.11.2012

To lmao…maybe you should put your name on the ballot.  I’m kind of considering it.  Who knows maybe if enough people filed it would be just enough for Metz not to get elected.

Comment by Just An Opinion  on  01.12.2012
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