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WV Impeachment Enters a More Partisan Stage

Articles of impeachment for every member of the West Virginia Supreme Court are now before the full House of Delegates, where they are likely to provoke much more partisan debate.

The Republican-led House Judiciary Committee approved 14 out of 16 articles, the same day they were made public. Committee Democrats, including Mike Pushkin of Charleston, had earlier proposed articles to only impeach Justice Allen Loughry, who also faces 23 separate criminal charges.

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After three investigations and a month of hearings before a House committee,
articles of impeachment for all the justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court
now go to the House of Delegates.

Even as the committee was hearing evidence, Pushkin said the GOP would try to use Loughry’s crimes to stack the court.

“The Republican leadership is trying to capitalize off of this sad affair, to go after the entire Supreme Court,” Pushkin said; “thus giving Governor Jim Justice a chance to stack the court with justices that the Republicans support.“

Half of the articles deal just with Loughry. Those that include the other justices mostly focus on “lavish spending.“ The full House will take up impeachment on Monday.

The state Supreme Court administers the entire state court system, and its budget is in large part funded by court fees and similar payments. The court has been able to set its own budget and spending, and Pushkin said he agrees that should change.

He said although much of the evidence of costly office remodeling did not violate state rules, those rules are far too loose.

“Was there excessive spending? I think so. I think so in every one of their offices. I’d like to see the Legislature be in control of the Supreme Court budget, just like it is in every other state,” Pushkin said. “But what we have heard that has risen to the level of impeachment has all been about Justice Loughry.“

Supreme Court elections are nonpartisan, but Loughry and Justice Beth Walker generally line up with business interests in their decisions. Chief Justice Margaret Workman and Justice Robin Davis more often line up with Democratic interests. Davis is married to an important trial lawyer and has been a Republican target for years.

Former Justice Menis Ketchum is typically regarded as a centrist, and avoided impeachment by retiring last month.

~~  Dan Heyman ~~

--> Friday, August 10, 2018
Readers' Comments:


The democrats whine about partisanship but they go against the will of the people. I choose to not carry on most occasions, but remember it was a Republican led legislature who voted to allow us to carry if we feel the need.


Yep, ole Menace Catch-em…got caught and retired. Just a move to try to save his guilty butt?  lol

The so called “supreme gang” rolled the dice and played their game.  They knew.

Caught now, bringing shame to the good people of West Virginia.

Stirring up memories of A.J.Manchin and his ‘departure’.

Even brings up the memories of Governor getting his ‘due’ and being sent off to prison for a few years.

Pretty obvious, neither party is “quality” minded when they give us their candidates?

Or maybe its the “best” they have to offer??


Give the man the credit due him.

AG Morrisey has done a lot of work in support of 2nd amendment rights for West Virginia.

Reciprocal carry with many states as well as support of WV conceal carry.

Senate candidate Manchin worked former NYC Mayor Bloomberg (yes, that gun grabber) to raise money
to limit gun rights.

Who you going to vote for?


Yeah, Manchin and former democratic governor Wise pretended to be deer hunters. They both know to be otherwise is political poison in WV. Mr. Morrisey being a republican will work hard for our 2nd amendment rights, whether he is a hunter or not, he does not have to pretend.


One bad apple spoils the barrel.
Looks like that old ‘saw’ is proven
right again!  M-T the barrel!


To say that the Foodland Store is a major improvement is an understatement. It is kept well stocked with no empty shelves as a result of vastly improved inventory, reordering, and shelf stocking approaches, exceptionally clean store with excellent lighting, there is a price range to choose from for many items, milk does not spoil within 3 days after you get home, prices are fair to make it obvious that price gouging does not exist, and the staff is always friendly and noticeably committed to assist customers. Even the sharp dress code and personal conduct of employees demonstrates that teamwork and pride exist for being on a winning team. No more having to drive to Flatwoods or Weston to shop on a routine basis. Thank you I. L. Morris family.


While GSC struggles to survive why not apply a college version of the Foodland model?

Offer academic programs in high demand, affordable to students, and second to none in quality in WV or better yet not available anywhere else in the State.

It does not require having an MBA degree to figure that out as a recipe for success. Works in business all the time for talented entrepreneurs.


This supreme court debacle exposes where a LOT of West Virginia’s problems come.

Nepotism and cronyism.  Plain and simple.
I would vote for almost anyone who does not have tie to our state.

Never thought I’d ever say that.
We need the BEST elected for our offices.

Its clear that isn’t the case.  For a long time.
Flip-floppin-party-jumpers need to stay home.
We don’t want your ilk.  Big Jim included.


The past couple months—-the first in likely 10 years, we have been filling a grocery cart at Foodland.
Usually shopping meant a trip to Weston or Gassaway, once in a while Clarksburg.
We certainly enjoy shopping and visiting right in Glenville.
Especially with the many visible improvements.
Why now, there is even and electric ‘buggy’ for those who need it.
The entire community and surrounding areas are enjoying Mr. Morris newest good deed!


Noticed today that merchandise on sale at Foodland is shown on the GFP. Makes it easier to shop to get genuinely good deals. Thank you Morris family and the GFP.

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