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I believe that Jesus is coming soon and that the judgment hour is upon us and there is salvation only through Christ.   There is widespread apostasy so as a Christian, what can I do?  I am going to include below a couple of my long-standing peeves and wish I could magically wipe out all such distasteful habits and pushy advertising of unhealthy activities in otherwise good movies.  Because I love you, my readers and friends, I am including a site here at the beginning of my Chat in the hope that you will bring up on your computer (or your neighbor’s computer if you happen not to have one) right now so that you will know that there IS a loving God out there who wants to be your Friend:

 Now bear with me as I express a couple of my peeves.  (I promise not to make this a weekly habit!)

God’s name is important, so important that one of God’s commandments written in stone is not to take His name in vain.  We are told that angels veil their faces when they speak His name.  In the book Education, page 243, by E.G. White.  Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise: Be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.‘“ Reverence should be shown also for His Name God. Never should that name be spoken lightly or thoughtlessly. Even in prayer its frequent or needless repetition should be avoided. “Holy and reverend is His name.“   Angels, as they speak it, veil their faces. With what reverence should we, who are fallen and sinful, take it upon our lips! 1 Ex. 3:5.    In another of her books, The Faith I Live By.  It says, “True reverence for God is inspired by a sense of His infinite greatness and a realization of His presence. With this sense of the Unseen, every heart should be deeply impressed. The hour and place of prayer are sacred, because God is there. And as reverence is manifested in attitude and demeanor, the feeling that inspires it will be deepened. “Holy and reverend is his name,“ the psalmist declares (Ps. 111:9). Angels, when they speak that name, veil their faces.” 

Billy Graham in his book Angels/Peace With God writes:  [The human race] “must have a Savior, or it is doomed!  Sin cost God His very best.  Is it any wonder that the angels veiled their faces [or] that they were silent in their consternation as they witnessed the outworking of God’s plan?” 

John Calvin’s Commentaries on the Harmony of the Law, Vol. 1 says “that even the angels veil their faces, because they cannot bear the infinite glory of God; no wonder then that a mortal man dared not to look upon him. The name of God is appropriated to the visible appearance in which his majesty was concealed.”

In our Lord’s Prayer we pray, “Hallowed be Thy Name.”  God’s name is to be treated as Holy.   

There is so much awful language on media programming anymore and it tries to make it seem NATURAL for everyone, even little kids to say, “Oh, my God!”  They even contract it down to OMG for texting.  I am sure our guardian angels are appalled.  As I have said before, this is one of my pet peeves.  On INSP, they bleep out the bad words.  The UP programs seem to be free of cursing and bad language. 


Hallmark too has kept their programming on a higher level EXCEPT on most of their programs you will see everyone having a drink to “toast” an occasion or somehow the alcohol companies have made sure everyone thinks that drinking is normal daily, routine activity. Many times this activity is placed at the beginning of the program, as if someone thinks they need to get their advertisement in before viewers get bored and leave the station.  Why are they pushing wine as if EVERYONE drinks it every day?   It is not and should not be.  The word in the Bible translated as “wine” is the word for grape juice or fermented drink.  Jesus did NOT change the water into fermented drink at the wedding!  He is the same one who wrote Proverbs 20:1 that “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”  Pregnant women should never drink alcoholic beverages, and Hallmark by pushing it out there as normal may cause someone to start drinking who is likely to become an alcoholic.  I just saw a statistic that states that drinkers are more likely to get cancer, especially breast cancer.

As you have probably guessed, there is a lot of television and movies that I don’t want to watch.  Psalm 101:3 advises, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.”  Philippians 4:8 encourages us to choose whatsoever things are pure, lovely, of good report – to think on these things.  


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