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Leading Creek Elementary School celebrates Black History Month

First-grade students at Leading Creek Elementary devoted themselves during the month of February to learning about the countless efforts, struggles and successes made by African-Americans in their advances for civil rights.

With the help of their teacher, Jared Fitzwater, the students spent each day learning about a different African-American and the importance they played in the shaping of our world today. Some of their studies included Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Coleman, Frederick Douglass and many others.

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Each day was filled with informational texts and comprehensive questions. Along with devoting their readings each day to these people, the students were in charge of researching an African-American of their choice and preparing a presentation on that person.

On Friday, March 1, the students presented their projects to a panel of judges from Glenville State College. Several students from the Glenville State College Education Program were sent to help Fitzwater score the students’ projects.

“I am so overwhelmed by how amazing the kids did on their projects,” Fitzwater said. “I cannot express how proud I am for all of the hard work each of them has put into these projects.”

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