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Jeanette Riffle: Old Time Winter

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That’s what Dad would have called it. This has seemed like a winter in Michigan to me. We have rounded up our warmest clothes and have wrapped up in our throws in our recliners. I light the oven every day to bake something and make it cozy in here. Have been making buttermilk cornbread a lot. It was 8 below zero this morning when we got up and has been colder than that. I am thankful for a good warm house to stay in and that I don’t have to brave icy, snow covered roads, trying to go to work somewhere. I find myself staying up later with my crochet hobby and checking news feed on FB. Then, I can sleep in later the next morning. I get priorities done and the first thing you know, it is dark again. Time doesn’t slow down. It only goes by faster as we get older. Mom used to say, “Make hay while the sun shines,” and she found me a big sunny badge with those words on it that I clipped to my sweater and wore to school because it was so pretty.

The Free Press WV

Our son’s mechanic finally got around to his car. Myron was to go pick it up, today. They will be home soon as they see a break in the weather and the roads are safe. We took our Christmas tree and most of the decorations down, but we will have Christmas when they get here. I know of a few folks who leave their tree and decorations up until Valentine’s Day, but we like to get back to our normal pace after the holidays are over.

Some people get depressed in winter and are not very pleasant to be around. We need to count our blessings and thank the Lord each morning for keeping us safe through the night and for waking us up to another day to serve Him. He has a purpose for us every day and we need to be encouraging and helpful to others. If we reach out and help other people we are in turn, helping ourselves and not sitting around worrying about everything.

Here I am back again this Sunday morning. Churches have been closed again this weekend. The gas froze off at Rosedale Baptist and my brother worked on it three times yesterday and by 7:30 went down and checked again and it had frozen off again. It is too cold in the church to have service. I checked my news feed on FB and people are reporting their water frozen off, cars frozen and won’t start. One woman has been without water for several days.

We are just staying in. Our dogs are safe in the garage and that Rascal pup is actually learning to share food with the big lab. He didn’t eat his supper last night, so Duane left his bowl of Puppy Chow in the garage and when he checked on dogs this morning, they were both taking turns with their nose in the bowl and not even growling at each other.

Until next time, take care. Stay warm and God bless!

--> Wednesday, January 10, 2018
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