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Jeanette Riffle: Learning To Parallel Park

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I was on the phone with our granddaughter, Shelby Riffle, of Taylor, Michigan, recently and she was telling me she has to practice parallel parking more before she takes her driver’s test. My mind went back to when I went through that. It is one of the hardest things to learn for most teens. My boyfriend, who is now my husband, taught me how to drive. I did fine with everything until I got to the parallel parking test. I didn’t get in close enough to the curb. This was held down at Grantsville, WV and a State Trooper did the test. Nowadays, it is given at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Anyway, Duane was standing behind the car where I could see him in the side view mirror and he was motioning with his hand which way for me to turn the steering wheel to get in closer and I passed that test. We had Dad’s Chevy.  I think it was his third car. Before that he had Studebakers. I learned on those old manual shift cars. Nothing was automatic. The first car he brought home was a grey 1950 Studebaker that looked like an airplane. Mom didn’t like it but like she said, it got us where we needed to go. A few years later, he traded that one in on a black 1954 Studebaker. We liked it better. It was shaped more like a car.

When I was a small child, not very many people had vehicles. They got around on horses. This week, we went to see my youngest brother, Brent Stewart, and wife, Debbie Hale Stewart, that live down at Newark, and we were reminiscing about old times and our relatives. I am nine years older than him and I was telling him about men going by our house on horses to a country store.  You couldn’t go very far. It took too long to get there and back.  Our great grandfather, Ben Stewart, and wife, Rebecca Ross Stewart, came all the way from Doddridge County to the Middle Run, up a hollow from Lockney. She had Ross relatives already there and they wanted to go live near them. They probably came with a wagon load of belongings and team of horses. How many days would that take? And, I wondered if it rained on them. Surely they came in good weather. I don’t remember asking Dad about that when I would hear him talking. Ben Stewart was the only son of an only son and his father was sheriff of Doddridge County.  Ben and Rebecca raised a big family on the Middle Run.

Our new puppy is growing so fast and he just acts like he can’t get enough to eat. We feed him his Puppy Chow twice a day and we have to separate dogs at feeding time. The big dog eats his food in the garage and we have to bring little Rascal inside with us. Otherwise, he dives headfirst right into the big dog’s pan and tries to eat those big pieces of dog food. Buddy is tolerant to a certain extent, though. They are getting along pretty good, now.  We are enjoying these cooler fall mornings and evenings.

Colors should peak here by the middle of October. I was reading that they are farther along in the Blackwater Falls area and are expected to peak in about two weeks. Until next time, just enjoy the fall weather and colors changing, and take care. God bless!

--> Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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