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Jeanette Riffle: Black Snake on the Porch

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I had been hearing noises under the house. Thumping noises and I knew there was something under there. Yesterday, Sunday, Duane said,” There is what you have been hearing.” I was looking out the window in the direction that he was pointing and sure enough, there was a big black snake over around the patio door, looking for a place to get in.  I went for a camera but Duane was already swishing it off the porch on the ground, with a broom. It went under the house.

Now, a week later, I have heard of more black snakes trying to get in shelter.  A friend of mine said her son had to kill a black snake in the chicken house. It was eating up their eggs and then one came on the porch where there were baby kittens and the mother cat was defending them. The little two year old was yelling, “Mommy, there’s a copperhead on the porch after the kittens. “She ran out and killed the black snake. Tonight at church, Preacher Westfall was telling us about lunging noises at Mt. Carmel Church and the man that was hearing it thought a snake was in the walls. When he went out the front door and there it was on the steps by the door. 

Still another snake story was that of a black snake looking in the window at the people inside. The woman took pictures of it. That one looked to be about five feet long and it was fat. Her husband had to go outside and kill it because it was trying to get in. I’m glad that the rattlers stay up in the high timbers and that a dog can do a lot to keep snakes away from the property. Hopefully, we won’t get any copperheads or rattlers. 

The black snake is your friend unless like the above stories they get after your food or your pets. They will kill the poisonous snakes and rodents.  I don’t want them or any varmint in the house with us.  In warm weather, we sometimes get lizards in here. Blue tail or the brown ones. We can’t find where they are getting in at. They don’t seem to do any harm but we just don’t want them in here.

A few years back when our son and granddaughter were down for a visit, they came upon a humongous black snake behind the tractor shed. I expect it was back there catching field mice. They startled it and it began to slither away. They chased it with a camera and got some pictures.

I don’t think either one of them had ever seen a snake that big. They don’t tell me about seeing any snakes where they live in Michigan. Anyway, that one went for the creek, jumped in and swam to the other side. I was surprised that it lived over there. Until next time, watch out for the snakes.

Take care and God bless!

--> Wednesday, June 13, 2018
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