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Jeanette Riffle: A Touch of Spring

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We had a couple days that seemed like spring breaking in January this week. Yesterday, it got up to 72 degrees. It threw nature into confusion. I heard of a black snake coming out and crossing the road and of a frog hopping in the road. Robins were coming out of thickets and down into fields and on front yards. Night crawlers were surfacing out of the ground.  One person on FB reported an ant invasion in her house.

We heard the house wren singing his territorial song two days in a row. Others reported hearing them sing spring songs, too.  Now, this Saturday morning, we got up to snow and ice. Some folks whose water lines had frozen off reported them partially thawing and all kinds of things were happening due to the subzero temperatures we had been having due to the, “Old time winter.”  Maybe the Lord felt sorry for us and gave us a couple days to remind us that spring is just around the corner. Groundhog Day is not far away and then maybe 6 more weeks of bad weather.  I checked on the Old Farmer’s Almanac that we had here, and they didn’t get it right for us this winter.  Well, not completely right.

Flu is on the rampage. I am staying in out of it. I don’t go around crowds.  That’s what my Grandmother Grace Stewart told me that they did when she was a girl at home and I always think of what she said. Granny grew up on Lower Run and said that they just stayed home if something bad was going around. They grew everything and had their own medicines. Her mother, Samalda Kelly Smith, knew how to doctor with plants, roots and herbs and was called on many a time, to go to the home of a sick person and doctor them. Granny said people would come to their home and ask her mother to go help.  She took her brown medicine bottles and rode side saddle on a horse and was like a medicine woman of the area.

Well, our Rascal pup is seeing new things all the time. He has witnessed a flood for the first time. Before the snow came, we had a lot of rain and it flooded in the low part of the woods beside us last evening. When he was let out of the garage this morning, he saw that water and saw that the creek out back was up, muddy and rolling right on. He had to go investigate. He came back up over the creek bank with a piece of a log and took it into the garage to keep himself occupied. The big lab chewed on our porches when he was a pup and this one carries wood into the garage for a big wood shavings mess. He also loves snow. I heard him coughing and it sounded like he had croup this morning. When I asked Duane what was wrong with that dog, he said that when the garage door was opened, Rascal came out and started scooping up snow in his mouth and choked himself.

Until next time, think spring and God bless!

--> Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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