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G-Eye™: Gilmer County Elementary School Under Construction

Gilmer County Elementary School in Glenville, WV on 04.20.16

--> Friday, April 22, 2016
Readers' Comments:


WVBOE’s monument to *incompetence*.


Out shined only by Lewis County Leading Creek Elementary, model intercounty school, with 5 empty classrooms.  ROTFLMAO


Boat rentals out back.  Bring your own life jacket.


The State expects us to be enthralled with the facility as if it alone is the end result.

Tell us what is planed for the inside to improve educations of our children.

What is the plan Gabe? Is there a copy with specifics for the public to read or is it one of those mysterious WVDOE articles of faith deals?

The State doesn’t like specifics because they confer accountability for administrators.

Without specifics anything in the future can be heralded as a phenomenal success by the State.

We hear that all the time when 50% or more of our children are not proficient in school. Yet, a school can be declared a success. Some grading system!

People want to know about improvements in math, reading, English and other subjects compared to the baseline.

Gabe, this is management by objectives.


The WVBOE took precisely zero action on the Gilmer County OEPA agenda item in April.State Board members did not even vote to accept the report.  It is expected it will be addressed on their May agenda.

Reporters say G. Devono made a statement to the BOE that he wanted that report changed.

Several closed door unprincipled meetings were held the day of the meeting and thereafter. One question.

Will state actions reveal the State Board of Education and the OEPA are controlled by intervention county Superintendents? Will the truth finally come out as to why the State Board fails repeatedly to improve the status of education in West Virginia? Could a large part of the failure be because of this unlawful and unethical alliance which excludes lawful,local boards of education whom they should be working with as elected liasons?  Is the State Board of Ed more interested in creating a who’s who list for a silly Charleston clique than meeting the needs of the children?


More service building,gym and office area than classrooms. A whole lot of money for not much of anything to improve education. Not likely to see a fair shake from the WVBOE.  Not until every available dollar is spent and that excess levy gets voted down. When the ones who treat a public checkbook as their own are in power consider yourself in trouble.


Gilmer County won’t get a fair shake any more than we did.  The only thing they listen to is a court case.

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