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  • The obstruction of justice case against Trump:    A potential preview of coming attractions as the Mueller probe rolls on.  Brookings Institution

  • The Trump team is delusional if it thinks it’s going to be exonerated by the special counsel.  The Washington Post

  • A dissenting view.  Lawfare

  • Eyes on the prize.    In their zeal to blast black athletes conservatives shouldn’t lose sight of the police brutality behind the NFL protests.  The Daily Beast

  • Humans Push for Pet Burial Rights:    All dogs may go to heaven, but only some get buried next to their owners. While many states prohibit burying animals in human graveyards, Americans’ attachment to their pets, even in death, has sparked the rise of “whole-family cemeteries” that allow multiple species to rest in the same plot. Pet burial advocates hoping to change states’ funeral laws are fighting centuries of dogma about what’s culturally appropriate — but they’re aiming to keep people from having themselves buried in pet cemeteries to remain close to Fido in the afterlife.  The Atlantic

  • Offshore Wind Farm Could ‘Power the World’  It’s a low-pressure job. Land-based windmills have long provided alternative energy, but their effectiveness is limited by “wind shadows” caused by each turbine slowing the air and reducing the energy available to others. But a new study suggests that offshore wind farms could be the solution: Low-pressure systems on open water keep speed and power more constant. Researchers say that not only could offshore turbines more than triple the output of their land-based counterparts, but that one massive North Atlantic wind farm could potentially power the entire world.  Quartz

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