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Did You Spring Forward?

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Today we spring forward, setting our clocks ahead one hour.

This annual ritual reminds us that warmer, longer and sunnier days are right around the corner.

Take a few simple steps now to ensure your home is ready for a splendid spring.

March is a great time in West Virginia to start preparing your garden for the growing season ahead. Buds are blooming, leaves are appearing and bulbs are bursting from beneath the soil.

Now is the time to search for those shears.

Deciduous dormant plants should be pruned before they leaf out.

Bare root plants can be planted now, as well, before the weather warms and their leaves appear.

Now is the time to get a jump on weeds and pests so they are less of a problem when temperatures rise.

Pull small weeds before the roots grow bigger and before they begin to drop their seeds.

As your plants begin to leaf and bloom, hungry snails will become attracted to them.

Get rid of these pests now before they have a chance to ruin your precious plants.

Don’t forget to fertilize.

Add fertilizer to your roses as they start to leaf out.

Fertilizing fruit trees and blooming shrubs as the weather warms will enhance their beauty later in the season.

Spring is a season of fresh starts, so start the season with a fresh home.

Look online for spring cleaning checklists.

Now is the time to tackle those tasks you plan to get around to “one of these days.”

As the sun floods in those freshly washed windows, winter accumulations of dust and dirt show.

Take the time now to dust ceiling fans and light fixtures, art displays and collections of china or crystal.

Clean door trim, base boards, switch plates and door knobs.

Polish that silver and clean those blinds and window coverings.

Think about little things that bother you that you simply haven’t gotten around to doing and do them.

--> Sunday, March 10, 2019
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