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CommunityImprovement™: Pavilion

This is the beginning stages of a new pavilion with a roasting underground fire pit .

Gilmer County Park and Recreation has gotten donations from the lions club for $2,000.00 and 4-H leaders for $500.00 .

Also Mr. Ike Morris donated all the pipe for the studs over the roasting pit.

The Free Press WV
(L-R) Jeff Owens of Bridgeport, Mike Williams of Buckhannon, and Bert Jedamski of Sand Fork

Jack Maccartney Dillion Hashman welded the pipe tresses.

Nick Cox and his Ag Mechanics class from Gilmer County High School layed out the footer.

Nick Cox came back and dig out fir the footer.

Gilmer County Recreation Center wants to thank each and everyone who has help with this project so far .

--> Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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Really cool project to all who volunteered and those helping financially as well!

Where’s DR? He never misses these events?

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