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A Rosie Addition to Glenville City Park

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Glenville City Park is a treasure; a surprise for longtime residents who were accustomed to the old nondescript buildings, and a welcoming oasis for newcomers.

We are installing a commemorative bell at Glenville City Park to honor the West Virginia women who left their homes during WWII to fabricate the planes, ships and arms that restored peace to the world.  Today they are lovingly called Rosie the Riveter and we discover that they established the right of women to hold money-paying jobs and be self-dependent.

Here is something we can do that is right and meaningful.  Heritage places can be a potent driver for community action.  Increased community values and greater social inclusion can be achieved through a focus on heritage matters.  Because it adds character and distinctiveness to an area, it is a proven source of benefit to local pride, and economy.  This tangible object and its explanatory plaque can spark education with both children who visit the park and a surprising number of adults who do not know who Rosie the Riveter was.

The WV Rosie the Riveter Bell will revere the womenfolk who rolled up their sleeves and helped to win the war.  Their legacy has been celebrated by Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands and the West Virginia Legislature.  We will bring that veneration to Gilmer County and become a model to the state and nation for this new and growing energy.  The project is endorsed by the Gilmer County Commission, the Glenville City Council, the Gilmer County Economic Development Association, the Gilmer County Girl Scouts, and a plea for support has been sent to many businesses by Mayor Fitzpatrick.

Thanks! Plain and Simple, our state’s association to revere these women says, “We pull better if we pull together.”

Please join us by making a donation for the bell in the name of Thanks! Plain and Simple or just “WV Rosie Bell” and send it to: WV Rosie the Riveter Bell, P. O. Box 163, Glenville, WV 26351.

--> Monday, September 18, 2017
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