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866 New Businesses in West Virginia for May 2018

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New business registrations in West Virginia grew at 1.08 percent in May according to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office.

The Secretary of State’s Business & Licensing Division reported that the top three counties for business growth in May were Wirt County with 4.83 percent growth, Hampshire County with 1.96 percent growth, and Nicholas County with 1.64 percent growth. In West Virginia, 54 counties reported business registration growth in May (attachment).

The number of business entities grew in Wirt County from 140 to 145, business entities in Hampshire County increased from 1,002 to 1,020, and the number of entities licensed to do business in Nicholas County increased in number from 1,202 to 1,218. According to the WVSOS Business Statistics Database (BSD), 866 new businesses were incorporated or started in the state during the month of May 2018.

West Virginia saw 10.85 percent growth in business registrations in a 12-month period, led by Jackson County for a third month in a row, followed again by Summers County, with Berkeley County ranked third. Over the last 12 months, Jackson County saw 14.11 percent business growth, Summers County saw 14.10 percent growth, and Berkeley County saw 12.89 percent growth (attachment).

To discover more information regarding business statistics in every county throughout West Virginia, go to

Attachment: May 2018 Business Numbers

Attachment: May 2017-May 2018 Business Numbers

Link: Business Statistics Database

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Readers' Comments:


Interesting chart.

But….it shows 4 new businesses in Gilmer… each of the past 3 months.
That… TWELVE new businesses!

BUT, BUT, where are they?


If true, this would be great news!

The Gilmer County Economic Development Association should be telling us in press releases who/what/where those new businesses are?

How about it GCEDA President Jeff Campbell?

Lets hear from you.


If we can ask Jeff Campbell questions as a Gilmer County official why can’t we get timely information from other officials too?

For an example how did the County do with recent SAT testing?

Superintendents have the information so when is it going to be made public?

Hopefully the newly elected school board will take it on as a priority to get accurate student achievement information to the public with specific plans to make improvements where needed.


If the so called business creation were true?
Wouldn’t the EDA be having all sorts of news releases?
You would think so.

EDA used to have monthly public meetings.
Now only four times a year?

Business things that slim nothing to discuss?
Or maybe secret meetings by the insiders?


Similar to EDA if Gilmer’s SAT results were rosy the news would be out in banner headlines. Elites see to it to keep peasants at bay.


Numbers of new businesses is not the important factor. It is how many new jobs were created for local employees. Politicians like to cite meaningless numbers to crow about and they get by with it too often. Empty store fronts on Main Street have not diminished in numbers. Where are the jobs and what do they pay?

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