Gilmer County Couple Sues Big Sandy Furniture for Injuries


A Gilmer County couple is suing Big Sandy Furniture for injuries sustained at its Parkersburg location.

On December 05, 2008, Sharon Anderson purchased a mirror from Big Sandy Furniture and drove to the customer service area to have it loaded into her vehicle, according to a complaint filed November 23, 2010 in Kanawha Circuit Court.

Anderson claims when she exited her vehicle, she immediately slipped on snow and/or ice and fell.

As a result of the fact that the customer service area was not properly maintained, Anderson sustained a severe hamstring tear and injuries to her shoulder and neck, according to the suit.

Anderson claims the defendant owed a duty to patrons to prevent and look for unsafe or potentially unsafe conditions and maintain the customer service area in a reasonably safe condition.

Big Sandy Furniture knew or should have known of the dangerous and unsafe nature and failed to remedy or warn patrons of the condition, according to the suit.

Anderson and her husband, Norman Anderson, are seeking compensatory damages with pre- and post-judgment interest. They are being represented by Joseph K. Reeder.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey.

Kanawha Circuit Court case number: 10-C-2132

~~  By Kyla Asbury - The WV Record ~~

Recalls - 12.17.10


STIHL Incorporated is recalling STIHL FS 310 Bike Handle Trimmer/Brushcutter sold nationwide from June 2009 to April 2010.
Vibration from the ignition module may cause the trimmer head to loosen and detach from the mounting, posing an injury hazard.
The recalled bike handle trimmer/brushcutter has “STIHL” printed on the engine head.
The model number FS 310 is located in two places, on the shaft and on the flywheel housing below the starter grip.
This recall includes all units with serial numbers ranging from 27961 1030 through 27961 1119 and 27984 3607 through 27984 4556, which can be found on an adhesive label affixed to the bottom of the fuel tank and etched into the metal frame on the bottom of the engine.
Consumers should take this trimmer/brushcutter it to an authorized STIHL dealer for a new ignition module, which will be installed at no cost to the consumer.
Consumers can also contact STIHL between 8 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday at 800.610.6677 or visit

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is recalling Flow Pro, Airtech, Aloha Breeze & Comfort Essentials Heaters sold exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide from December 2001 to October 2009.
The heaters can malfunction resulting in overheating, smoking, burning, melting and fire.
This recall involves Flow Pro, Airtech, Aloha Breeze and Comfort Essentials 1500 watt heaters.
The model number is 1013 and can be found on a label on the lower left corner of the back panel of the heater.
Consumers should return the product to any Walmart store for a full refund.
Consumers can also contact Wal-Mart at 800.925.6278 between 7 AM and 9 PM CT Monday through Friday, or visit

Sterno Group is recalling Portable Butane Stoves sold nationwide, including Puerto Rico, from August 2006 to September 2010.
The stove’s “on-off” valve can fail to close completely when turned to the “off” position, causing butane to leak from the stove.
This poses a fire and burn hazard.
The recalled portable butane stoves have model numbers STO6001 and 50006.
“Sterno” is printed on the front of the stove.
The model number and UPC 0-27371-50006-9 or UPC 0-76642-06001-6 is printed on the stove’s packaging.
Consumers should contact Sterno at 877.478.3766 between 8 AM and 5:30 PM CT Monday through Friday or visit for instructions to return the units to Sterno for a free replacement stove.

Splendid (a division of VF Contemporary Brands, Inc.) is recalling Girls’ Hooded Zip Jacket and Vest Sets with Drawstrings sold nationwide from August 2010 to November 2010.
The hooded zip jackets and the vest sets have drawstrings through the hoods which can pose a strangulation or entrapment hazard.
This recall involves girl’s hooded zip jackets with style # SJ6J7831 and long sleeve t-shirt with hooded vest sets with style # SJYK7935.
The style number can be found on the care label located at the inside left side seam.
“Splendid” can be found on the neck label.
Consumers should remove the drawstrings from the items or contact Splendid at 855.640.2803 anytime or visit

Fagor America Inc. is recalling Fagor Refrigerators sold nationwide from July 2006 to May 2010.
The refrigerator’s control board can overheat, posing a fire hazard.
This recall involves Fagor 24-inch wide refrigerators sold in stainless steel and black.
“Fagor” is printed on the refrigerator’s front door.
Model and serial numbers are located inside the refrigerator door, on the left hand side near the food storage drawers.
Consumers should contact the Fagor at 888.354.4411 between 8.30 AM and 5.30 PM ET Monday through Friday or visit to schedule a free inspection and repair.

TOA Electronics Inc. is recalling Paging Horn Loudspeakers sold nationwide from March 2008 to December 2009.
The speaker housing can crack at the mounting bracket, causing the speakers to fall from their mounting.
This poses a risk of injury from impact.
This recall involves TOA paging horn speakers in the SC series.
The speakers have “Paging Horn Speaker,” the TOA logo and model and production information printed on the back.
Consumers can contact TOA at 800.733.4750 between 8 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday or visit at or their local TOA dealer for instructions on receiving a free replacement product.

CDX Group Inc. is recalling desk and table lamps sold in New York and Kentucky from April 2010 to July 2010.
Substandard electrical wiring, connections and plugs in these lamps pose a fire and shock risk.
This recall involves eight different desk and table lamps including item numbers 207, 303, 9774, 1108, 1109, 049-1, 054-8 and 2001-271B.
The item numbers are printed on the lamps’ packaging.
Consumers should return the lamps to the place where purchased for a full refund.
Consumers can also contact CDX Group at 877.253.4599 between 9 AM and 5 PM ET, Monday through Friday, or visit

Ryobi is recalling Ryobi RTS20 portable table-saws sold exclusively at Home Depot stores nationwide and in Canada from July 2010 to October 2010.
The saw blade on the motor carriage could be misaligned, posing a laceration hazard.
This recall involves the RTS20 Ryobi ten-inch, portable table-saw.
The table saw has a blue base and warning label with the model RTS20 and the Ryobi name printed on it and attached to the rear of the saw.
Consumers should contact Ryobi at 800.597.9624 between 8 AM and 5 PM ET Monday through Friday, or visit to receive a free inspection of their product and, if necessary, a free repair or replacement.

Extech Instruments is recalling Digital clamp meters and multimeters sold nationwide from January 2008 to November 2010.
When the battery runs low, the meters can fail to give an accurate voltage reading, resulting in the operator falsely believing the electrical power is off or low.
This poses an electrocution hazard.
This recall involves Extech digital clamp meters with model numbers EX612, EX613, EX622 and EX623 and multimeters with model numbers EX540, EX542 and EX570.
“Extech” and the model number can be found on the front of the product and the serial number on the rear.
Consumers should contact Extech at 855.239.8324 between 8:30 AM and 5 PM ET Monday through Friday or visit for a free replacement meter.

College Bowl Championship 2010 - 12.18.10




Weekly Horoscope: 12.19.10 - 12.25.10

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) - Keep a clear head on the 19th and 20th. Aggravation and frustration is likely to surface when dealing with partners or business deals. Don’t make any expensive or unnecessary purchases for your home. Unexpected costs can be expected. Keep your thoughts to yourself on the 21st 22nd and 23rd. You don’t want to upset family friends or your partner. Someone is likely to take advantage of you if you don’t do your research before making a purchase or signing a contract. Don’t travel too far from home on the 24th and 25th. Keep your plans simple and you will enjoy the company of the people who mean the most to you. Offer what you can and be thankful.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) - Deck the halls on the 19th and 20th. You can pick up last minute items that you know will please someone special. Travel plans should be firmed up or invitations confirmed if you are expecting company later this month. Your heart is in the right place on the 21st 22nd and 23rd. Do what you can to help those less fortunate. Be careful while traveling, delays and detours can be expected. Love is highlighted, whether you are single or in a relationship engaging in entertaining activities will lead to romance. Getting together with family and friends on the 24th and 25th will bring hope and happiness to you and your loved ones. You will be blessed with good fortune.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20) - Overdoing overindulging and overextending yourself will all be a problem on the 19th and 20th. Its fine to want to help others but don’t make a donation if you cannot afford to. You must view your current financial situation and the prospects you have ahead of you realistically on the 21st 22nd and 23rd. If the numbers don’t add up or there is a chance you may not be able to meet your responsibilities you must start to make concessions now to counteract any negative reactions. Sticking close to family and sharing what you have will be memorable on the 24th and 25th. The joy of being together and enjoying the company of one another will bring you closer together.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) - Don’t let things get to you on the 19th and 20th. There may be a lot to do but organization will win out in the end. Romance is highlighted so take a little time out to spend with the one you love. Emotions will be difficult to control on the 21st 22nd and 23rd. News about an older relative or friend may be worrisome. Do what you can to help out but don’t put your immediate family relationships in jeopardy. It’s important to take care of the people closest to you first. Whether you travel to visit friends or relatives or you invite people in you will have a good time on the 24th and 25th. All your hard work will pay off and your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) - Shop, get together with old friends and catch up on gossip on the 19th and 20th. You’ll be able to find or do something special for a little tyke who really needs your help. Volunteer your time or anything you have to offer. Travel and communications will be highlighted on the 21st 22nd and 23rd. If you cannot be with someone you love do your best to touch base and let them know how much you care. Offer any insight you have to someone questioning what’s transpired this past year. Your guidance can make a difference. Tis the season to give and be grateful so do the best you can on the 24th and 25th. The greatest gift you can give is your time affection and love.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) - Do what needs to be done on the 19th and 20th. Trying to get others to pitch in will only lead to frustration and arguments. You will feel satisfaction with what you accomplish and will set a standard that few can match. Your reputation will reflect the kind compassionate help you offer others on the 21st 22nd and 23rd. Someone will consider you for a position coming available in the new-year based on what you have accomplished. Your patience prudence and practicality will pay off. Don’t worry about showing emotions on the 24th and 25th. It will bring you closer to the people you care about most and help you feel good about who you are and what you offer.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) - Getting together with peers colleagues and friends on the 19th and 20th with help you put this past year in perspective. Wager the pros and cons and considering what you can do to make the upcoming year better will give you the boost you need. You should probably resolve some unfinished business on the 21st 22nd and 23rd. Its important to listen to any complaints so that you can make the best choice for both you and the people around you. Don’t get angry or emotional, size up the situation and do something about it. Simple and modest plans will be your best bet on the 24th and 25th. It’s about sharing and caring not bells and whistles. Volunteer and feel rewarded.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) - You’ll be tempted to overspend on something that isn’t necessary on the 19th and 20th. You may want to make an impression but being frugal and offering a small token from your heart will be warmly received. Something you have done in the past will come to mind on the 21st 22nd and 23rd giving you the perfect plan to surprise your family and to let them know how much you care. Your innovative and cost effective offering will require a little running around but in the end it will be worth your while. The 24th and 25th will be about love sharing and doing something that expresses the way you feel and how much you care. You’ll make an impact and be in the spotlight.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) - Emotions will get the better of you on the 19th and 20th. Calm down and refuse to let any incidents that occur to swell up into an irreversible turn of events. Make love not war and you will not have regrets as the year comes to a close. Impulsive spending on the 21st 22nd and 23rd will lead to worry. Think about what you have to offer that is from the heart and not hard on the bank balance. A gift that entails doing something for someone will be much more appreciated and show how much you care. Visiting or entertaining on the 24th and 25th will be emotionally satisfying as long as you don’t overindulge overdo or overspend. Moderation will be your best bet.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) - Put in the time required to get last minute jobs out of the way on the 19th and 20th. You will enjoy your leisure time much more if you don’t have anything on your to do list hanging over your head. A last minute change of plans will be to your advantage. Emotions regarding friends and family will be difficult to contain on the 21st 22nd and 23rd but that doesn’t mean you should make an impractical decision or give in to someone trying to get you to do something that doesn’t fit into your plans. Emotional deception will be apparent on the 24th and 25th and will cause you to rethink what you’ve done this past year. You can make a decision but don’t act on it yet.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) - You can make an innovative and creative decision on the 19th and 20th that will help stabilize your life and lead to a better future. Make a commitment to do what’s required to empower you personally professionally and financially. You’ll have a creative idea on the 21st 22nd and 23rd that will make this festive season the best ever. An idea that saves money and says I love you is something that you take the time and effort to make for the ones you love. You will be appreciated for your creativity and thoughtfulness on the 24th and 25th. A chance to make a difference to the people you love and to show them what you can do, will be the greatest gift of all.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) - Don’t be so hard on yourself or the ones you love on the 19th and 20th. Getting upset over what gets done and what doesn’t is a waste of time. You should be more intent on spending quality time with the people you care about most. Getting together with friends on the 21st 22nd and 23rd will lift your spirits and get you in the spirit of the season. You’ll realize how much you have to offer if you share your thoughts for the upcoming year with people you respect. Love and romance is highlighted whether single or in a relationship. You will receive something on the 24th and 25th that will help you move forward with your plans. Good fortune is heading your way.

Kroger Recalls Cat, Dog Food Due to Toxin Risk


Kroger recalled kitten, cat and dog food sold in stores in 19 U.S. states because of the possible presence of aflatoxin, a toxic substance, in the products.

The brands are Pet Pride, Old Yeller and Kroger Value food sold in packages ranging in weight from 3 pounds to as much as 50 pounds, the company said in a statement.

Aflatoxin is a toxic substance created by a fungus on corn and other crops that can result in sluggishness, lethargy, severe and bloody diarrhea in animals that eat the tainted food, Kroger said.

The recall affects Kroger stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia, the company said.


RECEIPTS:       Auctions    Direct    Video/Internet     Total
This Week        280,100    44,000         9,900        334,000   
Last Week        370,000    50,800        58,100        478,900   
Last Year        308,700    48,500         1,900        359,100

Compared to last week, feeder cattle and calves sold steady to 4.00 higher with the full advance on the lighter-weight calves as buyers continue to push the envelope and all-time record price levels for calves less than 500 lbs.

The demand for heavier feedlot replacements was lighter this past week, following lower fed cattle sales and little support from the CME Board.

In fact, some trade areas reported slightly lower prices on the heaviest calf and yearling feeders weighing over 800 lbs.

Buyer interest and bidding activity continues to be progressively stronger as weights lighten-up and feeder cattle are selling as if grazing was plentiful and feed was cheap.

Quite the contrary, cold and dry weather has stunted pastures even in the Deep South and this
Year’s dry land wheat pasture has failed to develop in most parts of the Southern Plains with cattle already being pulled off.

A wheat pasture with no wheat is merely a large rented pen in which to feed hay, which can be done much easier in corrals with wind breaks and doctoring facilities.

The price of commodity feed is not conducive to growing lightweight calves with corn ranging from 5.50-6.00/bu and other feedstuffs also at relative high price levels.

However, backgrounders and feeders have become very constructive in the building of rations with distillers by-products where available, mostly in the Midwest and bordering areas.

The price of these products has also spiked sharply in recent months (high moisture – wet distillers has doubled in price at some ethanol plants) but rations are still being produced at a fraction of the cost of a highly concentrated grain mixture and nutritionists are figuring out supplement needs.

Cattle feeders are supported by hedging opportunities, but many calf growers are just “betting on the come” and hoping that supply and demand laws will remain intact to turn a profit.

Even though cattle numbers are tight, there is no guarantee that this balloon won’t bust and it seems like cattle people get financially hurt the most when it looks like nothing could spoil the party.

Remember this month seven years ago, when a single infected cow and a massive media frenzy wiped out cattle prices and many bank accounts.

Hopefully, our industry and the American consumer learned from that particular disaster, but the fact is – whatever element that comes along to pressure the current inflated cattle markets most likely will not be found in fundamentals.

Investment funds could abruptly abandon commodity markets and leave CME cattle futures vulnerable to hedging pressure.

Regardless of the risks; our calf crop size is small, feeder cattle prices are high, stocker cattle prices are higher, domestic and export beef demand is good, and market-ready fed cattle supplies remain tight and green.

All of us here at USDA Livestock and Grain Market News wish all of you a Merry Christmas and profitable New Year.

This week’s reported auction volume included 40% over 600 lbs and 44% heifers.

Auction Receipts:  280,100   Last Week:  370,000   Last Year:  308,700

Weston Livestock, Weston, WV
Weighted Average Report for Saturday December 11, 2010

Cattle Receipts:  156

Slaughter cows made up 37% of the offering, slaughter bulls 5%,
replacement cows 10%, and feeders 48%.

The feeder supply included 29% steers, 48% heifers, and 23% bulls.

Near 24% of the run weighed over 600 lbs.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    255-255    255       122.00         122.00
    1    435-435    435       122.00         122.00
    2    500-525    513       119.00         119.00
    2    560-565    563    114.00-115.00     114.50
    1    630-630    630       109.00         109.00
    2    802-802    802        93.00          93.00
    2    848-848    848        88.00          88.00   RWF
    1    860-860    860        85.00          85.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    2    370-370    370    115.00-118.00     116.50
    4    455-470    465    108.00-117.00     113.03
    2    505-505    505    105.00-106.00     105.50
    2    580-590    585    100.00-102.00     101.01

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    210-210    210        94.00          94.00   Fleshy
    2    255-270    263     94.00-95.00       94.49
    5    300-330    312     91.00-105.00      97.88
    1    330-330    330        80.00          80.00   RWF
    2    355-395    375    103.00-108.00     105.37
    3    415-445    427    104.00-111.00     107.75
    1    480-480    480       106.00         106.00
    5    500-545    521     95.00-102.00      96.73
    5    560-585    568     85.00-100.00      92.38
    5    799-799    799        90.00          90.00
                             Small 1
    1    435-435    435        70.00          70.00
    1    610-610    610        76.00          76.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    1    275-275    275        85.00          85.00
    2    305-335    320     80.00-90.00       84.77
    1    615-615    615        85.00          85.00

Feeder Bulls                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    230-230    230       102.50         102.50   Fleshy
    1    280-280    280       120.00         120.00
    1    300-300    300       119.00         119.00
    1    390-390    390       108.00         108.00   Exotic
    1    445-445    445       100.00         100.00
    1    515-515    515       110.00         110.00
    1    655-655    655        92.00          92.00
    1    775-775    775        70.00          70.00
    1    945-945    945        60.00          60.00
                             Medium and Large 2
    1    350-350    350        95.00          95.00
    1    435-435    435        88.00          88.00
    2    640-645    643        89.00          89.00
                             Small and Medium 2
    4    301-301    301        94.00          94.00   Thin

Bred Cows                  Medium and Large 1 - 2 Young
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1240-1240  1240       750.00         750.00   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    2    930-1090  1010       850.00         850.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1   1210-1210  1210       790.00         790.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    2   1280-1375  1328    840.00-885.00     861.69   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred
                            Medium and Large 1 - 2 Middle Aged
    3   1285-1405  1362    780.00-800.00     789.71   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    2   1255-1490  1373    720.00-840.00     785.14   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred
                            Medium and Large 1 - 2 Aged
    1   1130-1130  1130       610.00         610.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred
                            Medium and Large 2 Young
    1    945-945    945       500.00         500.00   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
                            Small 1 - 2 Young
    1    895-895    895       500.00         500.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
                            Small 1 - 2 Aged
    1    950-950    950       370.00         370.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred

Slaughter Cows                Breaker 70-80% Lean
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1   1250-1250  1250        61.00          61.00
    8   1495-1755  1626     53.75-59.50       56.36
    1   1480-1480  1480        60.75          60.75   High Dressing
    1   1730-1730  1730        45.00          45.00   Low Dressing
                               Boner 80-85% Lean
   20   1045-1390  1242     52.50-60.00       55.65
    3   1330-1365  1352     62.50-67.00       64.14   High Dressing
    6   1035-1365  1148     47.00-49.75       48.03   Low Dressing
    4   1500-1775  1635     55.50-56.25       55.86
    2   1470-1505  1488     59.00-62.00       60.48   High Dressing
    1   1430-1430  1430        48.50          48.50   Low Dressing
                                Lean 85-90% Lean
    3    885-1220  1062     45.00-46.75       45.98
    3   1125-1175  1145     48.00-52.50       49.70   High Dressing
    5    900-1095   967     36.00-42.00       39.42   Low Dressing

Slaughter Bulls                Yield Grade 1-2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    4   1030-1370  1216     54.00-57.75       55.66
    1   1310-1310  1310        65.00          65.00   High Dressing
    1   1105-1105  1105        55.00          55.00   Low Dressing
    2   1735-2025  1880     63.50-67.00       65.12   High Dressing

Jackson County Regional, Ripley, WV
Weighted Average Report for Saturday December 11, 2010

Cattle Receipts:  430
Slaughter cows made up 9% of the offering, slaughter bulls 3%,
replacement cows 6%, other cows 1%, and feeders 81%.

The feeder supply included 41% steers, 47% heifers, and 11% bulls.

Near 34% of the run weighed over 600 lbs.

Feeder Steers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    230-230    230       122.50         122.50
    3    270-280    273    111.00-115.00     113.63
    1    280-280    280       107.00         107.00   RWF
    3    312-320    315       126.00         126.00
    2    310-320    315    112.50-117.00     114.79   Smoke
    1    360-360    360       116.00         116.00
    7    400-405    404    112.00-122.00     113.41
    1    435-435    435       100.00         100.00   RWF
    7    455-487    468    110.00-119.00     113.81
    1    490-490    490       106.00         106.00   Red
    8    502-520    515    115.00-121.00     119.03
   12    509-545    518     90.00-97.00       95.16   Smoke
    4    550-590    578    112.00-116.00     113.96
    1    580-580    580       107.00         107.00   Smoke
    2    625-630    628    102.00-109.00     105.49
    4    693-693    693        94.00          94.00
   33    811-811    811       103.50         103.50
    2    870-870    870        94.00          94.00

                             Small 1
    1    280-280    280        95.00          95.00
    3    370-385    375     85.00-91.00       88.95
    2    485-485    485        82.00          82.00
    2    515-520    518     91.00-92.00       91.50

                             Medium and Large 2
    1    230-230    230       118.00         118.00
    2    285-285    285        86.00          86.00   RWF
    5    350-355    353    103.00-110.00     107.22
    1    395-395    395        76.00          76.00   RWF
    1    425-425    425        65.00          65.00   Yearlings
    5    455-490    473     92.00-96.00       94.41
    3    450-495    480     78.00-79.00       78.69   RWF
    7    505-545    529     95.00-103.00      98.89
    6    550-587    567     78.00-94.00       90.72
    2    567-567    567        90.00          90.00   Smoke
    1   1165-1165  1165        62.00          62.00

                             Holstein Medium and Large 2
    1    360-360    360        66.00          66.00
    2    460-465    463     47.50-65.00       56.30

Feeder Heifers                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    6    315-335    328    100.00-104.00     102.31
    2    300-300    300        90.00          90.00   RWF
    7    352-390    364     92.00-106.00      99.99
   16    401-429    418    101.00-105.00     101.49
   11    458-492    475     95.00-107.00      99.80
    1    450-450    450        90.00          90.00   Smoke
    2    510-540    525     96.00-112.00     103.77
   24    557-599    578     93.50-99.50       96.42
    1    605-605    605        94.00          94.00
    3    666-666    666        94.00          94.00
    1    680-680    680        61.00          61.00   Yearlings
    1    815-815    815        82.00          82.00   Fleshy
    1    965-965    965        73.00          73.00
                             Small 1
    1    320-320    320        90.00          90.00
    1    350-350    350        76.00          76.00
    3    420-440    433     74.00-85.00       79.66
    1    575-575    575        89.00          89.00

                             Medium and Large 1 - 2
   31    607-607    607       106.50         106.50

                             Medium and Large 2
    1    265-265    265        98.00          98.00
    1    325-325    325        76.00          76.00
    4    352-390    369     85.00-97.00       91.91
    1    385-385    385        79.00          79.00   RWF
    4    402-415    409     93.00-96.00       94.02
    6    405-447    432     76.00-86.00       80.31   Exotic
    5    460-492    481     70.00-87.00       80.88
    1    480-480    480        87.00          87.00   Exotic
    2    520-540    530     87.00-90.00       88.53
    4    570-575    571     85.00-93.00       87.01
    1    570-570    570        76.00          76.00   Exotic
    6    615-645    634     74.00-85.00       79.32
    3    665-672    670     81.00-87.00       85.01
    1    700-700    700        80.00          80.00
    3    765-785    778     73.00-88.00       83.09
    1    810-810    810        73.00          73.00

Feeder Bulls                Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2    385-390    388    115.00-126.00     120.54
    1    430-430    430       114.00         114.00
    3    460-475    467    104.00-110.00     107.01
    3    520-547    531     97.00-117.00     108.12
    5    560-597    579     95.00-101.00      97.72
    2    610-610    610       112.00         112.00
    1    695-695    695        96.00          96.00
    1    715-715    715        77.00          77.00
    1    805-805    805        78.00          78.00
    1   1130-1130  1130        65.00          65.00   Yearlings

                             Small 1
    1    565-565    565        85.00          85.00
    1    640-640    640        58.00          58.00
    1    665-665    665        65.00          65.00

                             Medium and Large 2
    2    450-470    460     76.00-78.00       76.98
    1    520-520    520        80.00          80.00
    2    570-570    570        96.00          96.00
    1    625-625    625        60.00          60.00   Yearlings
    8    670-691    681     87.00-88.50       87.88
    1    705-705    705        58.00          58.00   Yearlings

Bred Cows                  Medium and Large 1 - 2 Young
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    3    765-875    820    550.00-625.00     587.45   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    2    920-965    943    540.00-675.00     605.89   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    2    850-895    873    650.00-700.00     674.36   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    2   1035-1140  1088    750.00-775.00     763.10   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1    860-860    860       750.00         750.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred
    1   1255-1255  1255       725.00         725.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred

                            Medium and Large 1 - 2 Middle Aged
    1   1690-1690  1690       800.00         800.00   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    1   1060-1060  1060       825.00         825.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1   1310-1310  1310       610.00         610.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1   1090-1090  1090       775.00         775.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred
    1   1370-1370  1370       850.00         850.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred

                            Medium and Large 1 - 2 Aged
    2   1180-1190  1185    540.00-650.00     594.77   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    1    800-800    800       475.00         475.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1   1305-1305  1305       560.00         560.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1   1090-1090  1090       600.00         600.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred

                            Medium and Large 2 (Thin) Young
    1    600-600    600       400.00         400.00   Per Head  1-3 Months Bred
    1    740-740    740       500.00         500.00   Per Head  4-6 Months Bred
    1    900-900    900       475.00         475.00   Per Head  7-9 Months Bred

Slaughter Cows                Breaker 70-80% Lean
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2   1065-1170  1118     53.00-53.50       53.24
    2   1180-1355  1268     53.50-55.50       54.57   High Dressing
    3   1450-1525  1498     54.00-60.00       57.97   High Dressing
                               Boner 80-85% Lean
    2    825-865    845     47.00-48.50       47.73
    7    935-1315  1120     47.00-50.50       48.53
    7   1125-1335  1220     50.50-55.00       52.10   High Dressing
    8    900-1380  1154     34.00-45.50       42.25   Low Dressing
                                Lean 85-90% Lean
    2    735-745    740     35.00-37.00       35.99   High Dressing
    1    885-885    885        35.00          35.00
    4    910-1325  1083     37.00-46.50       40.97   High Dressing

Heiferettes                  Medium and Large 1 - 2 Young
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    1    635-635    635        50.00          50.00  
    2    965-970    968     48.00-61.00       54.52  

Slaughter Bulls                Yield Grade 1-2
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    2   1225-1235  1230     63.00-67.50       65.24   High Dressing
    3   1895-2220  2083     64.00-67.00       64.91
    5   1555-2035  1766     67.50-70.50       68.86   High Dressing
    2   1595-1685  1640     57.00-62.50       59.83   Low Dressing

Cow/Calf Pairs
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range    Avg Price
    2   800-899    858       550.00-710.00  630.00
    1   900-999    990       710.00-710.00  710.00

Fat Cattle
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
    9   1000-1300  1218      92.50-98.25   96.25

 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price
   20   50-99      73        182.50-182.50 182.50    Feeder
    1   50-99      63        185.00        185.00    Feeder
    1   100-125    103       170.00        170.00    Slaughter

 Head  34             Sel 1      	Sel 2
       Big Billies    202.50-184.00	135.00  
       Sm Billies     162.50-155.00     112.50
       Big Nannies    162.50-102.50      77.50
       Sm Nannies     92.50-90.50        85.00
       Kids           70.00   

Bon Appétit: Ham And Blue Cheese Salad


2 cups organic mixed baby greens
2 tablespoons annie’s naturals goddess dressing
1/2 fresh plum tomato, sliced
3 ounces applegate farms uncured black forest ham, chopped
2 tablespoons gorgonzola cheese, crumbled
2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds

Toss the baby greens with the Goddess Dressing, then toss in the sliced tomato, chopped ham, cheese and pumpkin seeds.

OddlyEnough: Lighthouse Becomes Icehouse

Stargazing - 12.19.10


A bright orange star accompanies the bright gibbous Moon across the sky tonight: Aldebaran, the “eye” of Taurus, the bull.

They are low in the east at nightfall, with Aldebaran to the lower right of the Moon.

They soar high across the sky during the night, and set shortly before dawn.

Daily G-Eye : 12.19.10

Christmas Tree Worm

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Why Henry Wore A Beard.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a noted New England poet, suffered much disappointment in life.  In 1831 he married Mary Storer Potter, and in 1834, while he was in Europe for further study before taking a position as professor of literature at Harvard University, Mary died unexpectedly.

Some twelve years later, in 1843,  he met, fell in love with,  and married Francis Appleton of Boston.  She had a great influence on his life until her life came to a tragic end in 1861.  She was sealing some locks of her daughter’s hair, when somehow her dress caught fire and was almost immediately engulfed in flames.  Henry, in the next room, heard her cries and tried desperately to put out the flames.  She slipped into a coma, and died next day.  He was so severely burned on his hands and face,  that he couldn’t even attend her funeral.  Burn scars on his face made shaving almost impossible.  He was never the same again.

A Most Unusual Response.
His response to this tragic event is most unusual, especially for a Harvard professor.  How do we deal with the problem of Human Suffering?  On Christmas Day, three years following the horrible accident,  Henry sat down to try to capture the joys of the season in verse.  He began to write:  “I heard the bells on Christmas Day,  Their old familiar carols play,  And wild and sweet the words repeat, Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

He continued:  “I thought as how this day had come The belfries of all Christendom   Had rung so long the unbroken song,  Of peace on earth, good will to men.”  As he came to the third stanza,  he was stopped by the thought of the condition the country was in at the time.  The Civil War was in full swing.  The Battle of Gettysburg was not long past.  Days were dark,  and he probably thought,  How can I write about “peace on earth,  good will to men”  in this war-torn country where brother fights against brother, and father against son?  But he kept on writing,  and here’s what he wrote:  “And in despair I bowed my head:  There is no peace on earth,  I said,  For hate is strong,  and mocks the song   Of peace on earth,  good will to men.”

With all the hatred and violence in our land today,  those words are as fitting now as they were then.  But, then,  Longfellow,  as all of us should do,  turned his thoughts to the One and Only One who can bring true and perfect peace.

He continued writing:  “Then pealed the bells more loud and deep,  God is not dead,  not doth He sleep;  The wrong shall fail,  the right prevail,  With peace on earth,  good will to men.”

Peace On Earth.
There is peace to be had on earth, even in the midst of trial and tribulation:  Peace with God (Rom. 5:1) ,  Peace within (Rom. 7:15-25) , and Peace with one another (Eph. 2:14-17) .  An examination of each of those passages will reveal that that peace comes through Jesus Christ.  No wonder the angels sang at His birth:  “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace,  good will toward men.”  (Luke 2:14) .

Steer Creek Church of Christ,  3466 Rosedale Road,  Stumptown WV 25267
Minister: Gene H Miller, 3281 Rosedale Road, Shock WV 26638-8410.
Phone:  304.462.0384     E-Mail:  “”  Web Site:

N. Maxine Hardman Brooker


N. Maxine Hardman Brooker
Age 80, of Parkersburg, departed this life on December 17, 2010, at Healthsouth Rehabilitation in Parkersburg.

She was born April 10, 1930, in Pennsboro, WV, a daughter of the late Homer B. Flesher and Lena (Dodd) Flesher.

She was a homemaker and formerly worked for Nelson’s Drug Store of Parkersburg. Maxine was a member of 10th Avenue Church of God.

She is survived by her daughter, Leona West (Don) of Parkersburg; son, Orlan “Bud” Hardman of Missoula, Mont.; brother, Dick Flesher of Weirton, WV; two sisters, Rose Flesher of Pennsboro and Jean Jones of Greenwood, WV; five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her first husband, Leonel “Tiny” Hardman; second husband, Leland Brooker; four brothers; and one sister.

Funeral services will be 1:00 PM Monday at Leavitt Funeral Home, Parkersburg, with Pastor Gary Pack officiating. Interment will follow in Sunset Memory Gardens beside her first husband, Leonel. Friends may call from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Monday at the funeral home.



Today - 12.19.yyyy

Today is Sunday, Dec. 19, the 353rd day of 2010. There are 12 days left in the year.

Thought for Today: “Worse than not realizing the dreams of your youth, would be to have been young and never dreamed at all.“ - Jean Genet (1910-1986).

Today’s Highlight in History:


On Dec. 19, 1960, fire broke out on the hangar deck of the nearly completed aircraft carrier USS Constellation at the New York Naval Shipyard; 50 civilian workers were killed.

On this date:

In 1777, Gen. George Washington led his army of about 11,000 men to Valley Forge, Pa., to camp for the winter.

In 1813, British forces captured Fort Niagara during the War of 1812.

In 1843, “A Christmas Carol,“ by Charles Dickens, was first published in England.

In 1910, the artificial fiber rayon was first commercially produced by the American Viscose Co. of Marcus Hook, Pa. French author and dramatist Jean Genet (zhahn zhuh-NAY’) was born in Paris.

In 1946, war broke out in Indochina as troops under Ho Chi Minh launched widespread attacks against the French.

In 1950, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower was named commander of the military forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

In 1972, Apollo 17 splashed down in the Pacific, winding up the Apollo program of manned lunar landings.

In 1974, Nelson A. Rockefeller was sworn in as the 41st vice president of the United States.

In 1984, a fire at the Wilberg Mine near Orangeville, Utah, killed 27 people. Britain and China signed an accord returning Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty on July 1, 1997.

In 1998, President Bill Clinton was impeached by the Republican-controlled House for perjury and obstruction of justice (he was later acquitted by the Senate).

Ten years ago:
•  President-elect George W. Bush met with President Bill Clinton in Washington.
•  The U.N. Security Council voted to impose broad sanctions on Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers unless they closed terrorist training camps and surrendered U.S. embassy bombing suspect Osama bin Laden.
•  Death claimed jazz bassist Milt Hinton at age 90; gospel singer “Pops” Staples at age 85; former New York City mayor John V. Lindsay at age 79; and Rob Buck, lead guitarist for the rock band 10,000 Maniacs, at age 42.

Five years ago:
•  A Chalk’s Ocean Airways seaplane crashed off Miami Beach, Fla., killing all 18 passengers and both pilots.
•  President George W. Bush forcefully defended a domestic spying program as an effective tool in disrupting terrorists and insisted it was not an abuse of Americans’ civil liberties.
•  A video posted online by an extremist group, the Islamic Army of Iraq, purportedly showed the killing of American contractor Ronald Allen Schulz.
•  Afghanistan’s first democratically elected parliament in more than three decades convened.
•  Southern California running back Reggie Bush was named Associated Press Player of the Year.
•  Mob boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante died in the federal prison in Springfield, Mo. at age 77.

One year ago:
•  A U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen ended with a nonbinding accord to show for two weeks of debate and frustration.
•  A snowstorm paralyzed much of the eastern U.S. on last holiday shopping weekend.

Today’s Birthdays:
Country singer Little Jimmy Dickens is 90
Composer-lyricist Robert Sherman (“Mary Poppins”) is 85
Actress Cicely Tyson is 77
Rhythm-and-blues singer-musician Maurice White (Earth, Wind and Fire) is 69
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is 69
Actress Elaine Joyce is 67
Actor Tim Reid is 66
Paleontologist Richard E. Leakey is 66
Rock singer Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) is 66
Musician John McEuen is 65
Singer Janie Fricke is 63
Jazz musician Lenny White is 61
Actor Mike Lookinland is 50
Actress Jennifer Beals is 47
Actor Scott Cohen is 46
Actor Robert MacNaughton is 44
Magician Criss Angel is 43
Rock musician Kevin Shepard is 42
Actress Kristy Swanson is 41
Model Tyson Beckford is 40
Actress Amy Locane is 39
Actress Rosa Blasi is 38
Actress Alyssa Milano is 38
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal (JIH’-lihn-hahl) is 30
Actress Marla Sokoloff is 30
Rapper Lady Sovereign is 25

WV Lottery - 12.18.10







04-06-11-22-31     HB: 08    


04-11-19-33-43     PB: 14   PowerPlay: x 4  

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