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MANCHIN: Time To Focus On Rebuilding America - Visiting Our Area


During August work period, Senator Manchin will launch ‘Rebuilding America Week,’ where he will visit at least 20 counties to highlight his initiatives to restore economic growth, fiscal stability, and confidence in America’s future

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) on Monday will launch a statewide tour of West Virginia focused on the need to rebuild America and strengthen our future with a commitment to job creation and rebuilding our economy.

Senator Manchin will meet with business and labor leaders, students, manufacturers and residents during events in at least 20 counties.

During these events, Senator Manchin will highlight a multi-pronged, commonsense legislative strategy for job creation and economic growth.

“Now more than ever, it’s time to rebuild America. It’s time for Washington to pass commonsense legislation that will restore confidence and create an economic environment that will allow families and businesses—whether in West Virginia or across America—to thrive and succeed,” Senator Manchin said. “To accomplish these goals, we need to focus on job creation, adopt a plan to achieve energy independence, eliminate out-of control rules and regulations, and achieve fiscal stability by responsibly cutting spending. I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and collecting commonsense input from West Virginians as I travel throughout the state this month.”

Public Schedule for Senator Joe Manchin in Our Area

WEDNESDAY, August 10, 2011

Doddridge County Courthouse

When: 1:15 PM

Where: Doddridge County Courthouse, 118 East Court Street, West Union

What: Senator Manchin will tour the courthouse and meet with local residents.

Ritchie County Courthouse

When: 3:15 PM

Where: Ritchie County Courthouse, 115 East Main Street, Harrisville

What: Senator Manchin will tour the courthouse and meet with local residents.

THURSDAY, August 11, 2011

Lewis County Courthouse

When: 9:00 AM

Where: Lewis County Courthouse, 110 Center Avenue, Weston

What: Senator Manchin will tour the courthouse and meet with local residents.

Gilmer County Courthouse

When: 11:30 AM

Where: Gilmer County Courthouse, 201 North Court Street, Glenville

What: Senator Manchin will tour the courthouse and meet with local residents.

Calhoun County Courthouse

When: 3:00 PM

Where: Calhoun County Courthouse, 101 East Main Street, Grantsville

What: Senator Manchin will tour the courthouse and meet with local residents.

Gilmer County Man Behind Bars for Possession of Controlled Substance


Thomas William Bonnell was arrested on Saturday, August 06, 2011, by police in Glenville for charges of possession and delivery of a controlled substance, fleeing from officials, and driving on a revoked license.

Bonnell, 36, from Gilmer County was asked by police to pull over when he was seen driving his van the wrong way on a one way street.

According to the report, Bonnell after stopping got out of the van and took off on foot before he was stopped and arrested by the police.

Upon searching his vehicle, police found Marijuana and drug related items.

Bonnell is behind bars in Central Regional Jail on $35,000.00 bond.

G-Fin™: U.S.A.: Economic Brief – 08.05.11


Employment Situation

Total non-farm payroll employment rose by 117,000 in July, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 9.1%.

Job gains occurred in health care, retail trade, manufacturing, and mining. Government employment continued to trend down.

Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment (Monthly)

Jobless rates were lower in June than a year earlier in 224 of the 372 metropolitan areas, higher in 127, and unchanged in 21.

Non-farm payroll employment was up in 217 metropolitan areas over the year, down in 143, and unchanged in 12.

Quarterly Data Series on Business Employment Dynamics

In fourth quarter 2010, the number of gross job gains from opening and expanding private sector establishments increased to 7.0 million.

The number of gross job losses from closing and contracting private sector establishments remained unchanged at 6.4 million.

Personal Income and Outlays, June 2011 / Revised Estimates: 2003 through May 2011

Personal income increased $18.7 billion, or 0.1%, and disposable personal income (DPI) increased $16.3 billion, or 0.1%, in June.



Open Meadows Foundation: Grants for Women and Girls

Open Meadows Foundation is a grant-making organization for projects that are led by and benefit women and girls.

It funds projects that reflect the diversity of the community served by the project in both its leadership and organization; promote building community power; promote racial, social, economic and environmental justice; have limited financial access or have encountered obstacles in their search for funding.

Maximum Award: $2,000.

Eligibility: 501(c)3 organizations with an organizational budget no larger than $150,000.

Projects must be designed and implemented by women and girls.

Deadline: August 15, 2011.

IRA: Regie Routman Teacher Recognition Award

The International Reading Association Regie Routman Teacher Recognition Award honors an outstanding elementary teacher of reading and language arts dedicated to improving teaching and learning through reflective writing about his or her teaching and learning process.

Maximum award: $2,500.

Eligibility: regular classroom elementary teachers of reading and language arts grades K-6 in a school in which at least 60% of the school’s students are eligible for free or reduced lunch; must be IRA members.

Deadline: November 15, 2011.

Best Buy: Teach @15 Award

The Teach@15 Award program improves classroom learning by helping schools (grades 7-12) meet their technology needs.

A teen member (age 13-18) who is a registered member on can nominate his/her school to win a Teach@15 Award.

Maximum award: $1,500 in the form of Best Buy Gift Cards.

Eligibility: accredited, nonprofit junior or senior public, private, parochial, magnet, and charter high schools in the U.S. serving any grades 7-12.

Deadline: ongoing.

Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center’s Postgraduate Program


Are you interested in higher education and training, but don’t have a high school diploma?

Then consider enrolling in The Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center’s Postgraduate Program where you can receive training in a number of exciting labs while working on your GED.

Labs include:

•  Welding

•  Computer Repair

•  Building Construction

•  Criminal Justice

•  Food Service

•  Health Professions

•  Business

•  Environmental Technology

•  Automotive Repair

Interested parties can attend a lab in the morning and Adult Basic Education classes in the afternoon.

Call 304.354.6151 for more information.

WVIAC Preseason Football Poll – 2011


For the first time since 2008, the Shepherd Rams have claimed the top spot in the WVIAC coaches’ preseason football poll, as announced by the league office.

The Rams, coming off the Division II national semifinals, return 14 starters (six offensive, eight defensive) and picked up 77 points in the poll. Shepherd garnered six first-place votes. The team has already received numerous preseason recognitions as have standouts Tommy Addison and Keon Robinson.

West Liberty, which was the preseason favorite a year ago, was the top pick on the remaining three ballots and tallied 74 overall points. Under the direction of Roger Waialae, the Hilltoppers have put together a 46-21 mark and return 12 starters.

Fairmont State was chosen third among the league’s head coaches, totaling 50 points while Glenville State accounted for 45 points in the poll. The Falcons were 5-6 a season ago but return 17 starters.

The Glenville State Pioneers are one of four squads that will have a new coach at the helm in 2011 in the WVIAC. GSC is led by David Hutchinson as his team has 19 starters returning from a 5-6 campaign.

The Mountain Lions of Concord were chosen fifth after accounting for 43 points in the poll, edging past Charleston, which received 41 points. Both institutions will be led by first-year head coaches, respectively. Garin Justice is the coach at CU while UC’s first-year chief is Pat Kirkland. The Mountain Lions were 8-3 in 2010 while UC was 6-5.

West Virginia Wesleyan, which will be led by interim head coach Jonas Jackson, returns 15 starters off last year’s 9-2 team. The Bobcats are predicted to finish seventh with 36 points. Seton Hill picked up 23 points while West Virginia State rounded out the poll with 16 points.

The Griffins return 15 starters, including talented signal caller DJ Lenehan, who is poised to climb into the ranks of the career leaders in WVIAC history. The Yellow Jackets are looking to stop their 10-game losing streak as their last win was a 27-19 victory over FSU Nov. 17, 2009. WVSU’s Earl Monroe has 16 starters back – including eight on each side of the ball.

On September 01, 2011, Glenville State will play Carson-Newman and Fairmont State hosts Clarion in 7:00 PM kick-offs.

The remaining WVIAC foes will have their respective first games on September 03, 2011.

2011 WVIAC Coaches Poll

1. Shepherd (6)    77

2. West Liberty (3)    74

3. Fairmont State   50

4. Glenville State   45

5. Concord   43

6. Charleston   41

7. WV Wesleyan   36

8. Seton Hill   23

9. WV State   16


Following are the interviews with each of the head coaches from media day

University of Charleston

Concord University

Fairmont State University

Glenville State College

Seton Hill University

Shepherd University

West Liberty University

WV State University

WV Wesleyan College

OddlyEnough: S&P Blames Republicans for U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade - Lack of Reporting


Have you seen, anywhere, in any media, or even heard reported the following sentence from the S&P report on downgrade?

“We have changed our assumption on this because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues, a position we believe Congress reinforced by passing the act.“

It is on Page 4 of the official Standard & Poor’s “Research Update”—the actual report on what they did and why—published on August 05, 2011 as the explanation for why they believe Congress—and even the Gang of Twelve—will be unable to actually deal with the US debt crisis.


“[T]he downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges”

In order to figure out that one of the reasons why is that “Republicans in the Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues,“ a hard-working reporter would have to read to page four of the eight-page report.

Is it just too much effort for most reporters?

Although they do also mention this in the very first sentence of the report:

“We lowered our long-term rating on the U.S. because we believe that the prolonged controversy over raising the statutory debt ceiling and the related fiscal policy debate indicate that further near-term progress containing the growth in public spending, especially on entitlements, or on reaching an agreement on raising revenues is less likely than we previously assumed and will remain a contentious and fitful process.“

Or could it be that many reporters—and virtually all of the television talking heads—are themselves relatively high income-earners who don’t relish the idea of higher taxes?

Or could it be that reporters are afraid that if they report the actual language of the S&P Research Report, then Republicans will punish them by denying them “access”—i.e. refusing to show up on their programs—which is the career and show kiss-of-death for radio and TV programs that rely on big-name politicians to work?

One can wonder about the reason, but it is fascinating to see all the huffing and puffing about the S&P downgrade of America’s debt that all seems to be working so hard to avoid mentioning that critical sentence.

Read the S&P Report and See for Yourself

Call for Assessments That Measure Deeper Learning


New assessments that measure a broader range of knowledge and skills than typical assessments measure are vital to ensure that students learn what they need to succeed in the future, according to a new policy brief from the Alliance for Excellent Education. Such assessments would indicate whether students understand challenging content and are able to apply that knowledge to think critically, solve problems, communicate their understanding, and work with their peers, the brief argues.

“All students need these deeper learning competencies in an increasingly complex society,“ said Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia. “New assessments are needed not only to show whether students are developing those abilities but also to foster deeper learning in the classroom.“

According to the brief, “Assessing Deeper Learning,“ state tests used for accountability purposes exert a strong influence on classroom practice. Such assessments make the expectations for student learning concrete, and they signal to teachers the kinds of performances students need to demonstrate in order to meet standards. Two consortia of states are currently developing new assessments, scheduled to be in place in 2014-15, that will measure the state-initiated common core state standards in English language arts and mathematics.

The brief notes that other countries routinely employ assessments that ask students to demonstrate deeper learning abilities. These assessments are used to hold schools accountable for results as well as to inform instruction. In addition, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which compares student performance among fifteen-year-olds in sixty nations around the world, tests students’ abilities to apply their knowledge to real-world problems.

Technology can support a shift to assessments that measure deeper learning, the brief notes. Online assessments can employ simulations and other techniques that enable students to show their abilities to use their knowledge to think critically and solve problems. Such assessments also provide results almost instantaneously, making them more useful to teachers.

The brief also notes that assessments that measure deeper learning are feasible to develop and administer. Through the use of technology, and by pooling funds among states, states can lower the cost of high-quality assessments.

Federal policy can support the development and implementation of new assessments that measure deeper learning, the brief states. The federal government can require that assessments measure deeper learning competencies, support professional development for teachers, ensure that assessments fairly measure the performance of students with disabilities and English learners, and continue to provide support to states for ongoing operational costs of state assessments.

“Assessing Deeper Learning” is available online.

WV DEP Wants Oil and Gas Board Abolished


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection would like to see the West Virginia Oil and Gas Examiner’s board abolished as part of any new legislation aimed at installing regulations on drilling in the Marcellus Shale in West Virginia.

WVDEP Counsel Kristen Boggs told members of the Joint Legislative Committee on Marcellus Shale last week three previous legislative audits have determined the board’s function is redundant and unnecessary.

“The problem we’re trying to solve is basically an elimination of duplication of services,“  Boggs tells lawmakers. “What the examiner’s board does is conduct testing.  There’s nothing about conducting a test that the Division of Personnel can’t do and to my knowledge doesn’t do for all other employees of state government.“

The Examiner’s Board is appointed by the governor and consists of five members.

Two of those members are from the industry.

Senator Karen Facemyer worries the elimination of the board would also eliminate a key voice for the industry in the process of regulating what they do.

“I think sometimes we in state government and the bureaucracy tend to forget there are people out there working day to day lives, making their living and providing the jobs here,“  Facemyer said. “Probably one of the reasons this board was brought into existence was to make sure industry does have a voice and they are being heard.“

Facemyer is reluctant to eliminate the board entirely fearing the industry’s concerns would be rejected.

Boggs and the agency however, say on a strained budget the board and its function is an unnecessary expense.

Gilmer county FRN Board of Directors Monthly Meeting – 08.10.11


The Gilmer County Family Resource Network Board of Directors will hold their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 4:00 PM at the FRN Office located at 113 E. Main Street in Glenville.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

For more information call: 304.462.7545.

Tanner Board Meeting - 08.08.11


The Tanner Board will meet on Monday August 08, 2011.

The meeting time is 7:00 PM.

Everyone is welcomed.

Gilmer Gadabouts Red Hats – 08.11.11


The Gilmer Gadabouts Red Hats will travel to Parkersburg on Thursday, August 11, 2011, to shop and dine.

A Senior Citizen van will be available for those not wishing to drive.

Please register by calling Yvonne at 304.462.7856 or Mona at 304.462.5300 by Monday, August 08, 2011.

We will depart at Senior Center at 9:00 AM, shop at Grand Central Mall in Vienna, eat at Golden Corral and visit Borders’ Bookstore Sell-out.

Call Yvonne or Mona for lunch/van prices.

Legislative Update – by – Delegate Brent Boggs - House Majority Leader - 08.08.11


The first extraordinary session of 2011 completed its work on Friday after a five-day session.  While I was set to attend a meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures in Texas this week, I opted not to attend, due to the excessive cost to the State as a result of last minute airfare..  Plus, there are numerous items to wrap up after the conclusion of the special session.  As serving as chairman of the House Redistricting Committee, it has been a full-time commitment for several weeks.  Fortunately, this only occurs once each decade.

The sales tax on food will be phased out completely over the next 18 months by the passage of SB 1001, providing that benchmarks are met in the state budget.  Additionally, SB 1002 will return additional funding back to coal producing counties for infrastructure projects.  Braxton County will see additional revenue from this legislation.

Redistricting debate comments by a few members on the last night of the session seemed to imply catastrophic results to the citizens they represent as a result of the final redistricting bill.  In reality, only the delegate district lines were changes with the passage of HB 106.  West Virginia will continue to have fifty-five counties and no county lines were altered or moved, as one caller from southern West Virginia was led to believe.  County governments will continue to function uninterrupted, despite some comments to the contrary.  It changes no school districts or municipal boundaries..  However, counties will use the legislative changes to update their magisterial boundaries.

Due to population shifts, the delegate districts and senatorial districts were reapportioned to comply as required by the U.S. Census data, effective January 21, 2012.  Beginning with the next general election, some counties will be represented by additional members; other with fewer numbers. The Braxton/Gilmer 34th District will see extremely minimal changes.

Overall changes include:

•  Eleven additional single-member districts (from 36 to 47 – a thirty percent increase) were created.  Now, seventy-one percent of all delegate districts are single member.

•  The largest delegate district will be five members (Monongalia County).

•  Kanawha County will still have eleven delegates; however, it will be comprised of four single member districts, one 3-member district and one 4-member district.

•  Southern West Virginia will now have two fewer delegates and the northern panhandle delegates will be reduced by one.

•  Monongalia County gained one delegate; eastern panhandle gained two delegates.

The list of bills passed and now awaiting action by the Governor:

HB 106  Reapportioning the House of Delegates districts
SB 1001  Reducing consumers sales and service tax on food and food ingredients
SB 1002  Dedicating portion of coal severance tax to county of origin
SB 1003  Clarifying requirement for deposit and transfer of higher education proceeds from real   property
SB 1004  Making supplementary appropriation of unappropriated moneys to various accounts
SB 1005  Supplementing, amending and increasing appropriations to Department of Transportation
SB 1006  Reapportioning senatorial districts  
SB 1007  Making supplementary appropriation of unappropriated funds to Secretary of State
SB 1008  Relating to composition of congressional districts

SB 1008 makes the least possible change to the congressional districts by simply moving Mason County from the Second District into the Third District. No change was made in the First District.  This single move places all three congressional districts within the allowable population range.

I have not followed the changes to the Senate districts, as the both the House and Senate agree to accept their respective work on legislative redistricting.

How to Contact
Please send address your inquiries to the Capitol Office at: Building 1, Room 226-M, Charleston, WV 25305.  Or, call the Capitol office at 304.340.3220 or my Assistant to the Majority Leader, Mr. Tom Bennett at 304.340.3262 or fax to 304.340.3213.  If you have an interest in any particular bill or issue, please let me know.

For those with Internet access, my e-mail address is “”. You also may obtain additional legislative information, including the copies of bills, conference reports, daily summaries, interim highlights, and other information from the Legislature’s web site at  If you write or leave a message, please remember to include your phone number with your inquiry and any details you can provide.  Additional information, including agency links and state government phone directory may be found at and on the Facebook site of the West Virginia Legislature.

Remember to thank a veteran for their service to our nation and continue to remember our troops - at home and abroad - and keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.  Until next week – take care.

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