WV Judges Remove Richwood Mayor From Office

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A three-judge panel in West Virginia has approved a city council’s request to remove Richwood Mayor Bob Henry Baber from office.

News outlets report the judges dismissed several of the Richwood council’s allegations, but agreed Baber used city funds to reimburse personal power and cellphone bills and misused his city purchasing card.

Baber says he had not read the panel’s findings in detail but criticized the council for wasting time and money on what he called a “witch hunt.“ Baber led Richwood in the wake of the June 2016, flood, garnering attention to the community’s recovery efforts.

The judicial panel said Friday that Baber’s actions were “the epitome of an improper abuse of one’s political position.“ The panel was established by the state Supreme Court and led by Fayette Circuit Judge Paul Blake Jr.

Political abuse runs rampant.  Let’s hope this is a new trend in cleaning West Virginia corruption.

Comment by Finally  on  07.22.2018

The WV legal system has more than its share of corruption. That is what happens when there is self-policing. If you want proof go to the State Bar to read convincing complaints of misconduct filed against lawyers for which the Bar decided nothing unethical, dishonest, or illegal occurred.

Happens as a means for protecting members of the legal profession preying on the public. Estates administered by dishonest lawyers are particularly vulnerable because dead persons cannot verify wrongdoing and heirs are at a disadvantage to get justice. The main reason is that getting competent legal representation is seldom an option except for the rich.

Comment by Corruption Throughout WV's Legal System  on  07.22.2018

So the WV state supreme court judges are going to take out a mayor?

While the legislature is taking out the state supreme court judges….as some resign.

SNL material this is!!??

Comment by laughable judges?  on  07.23.2018

OK.  One WV state supreme court judge resigns.
Next, the second is under indictment?  Well publicized his crimes.

That’s 40% of the WV state supreme judges.

The other three were almost certainly aware of what their buddies had been doing?
Did they blow the whistle on them?

Are they guilty by association and doing nothing?
Forty per cent of the apples in the barrel are bad?

Very good chance the other 60% are no better?  Just been covered up to this point?

Here is one voter that has zero trust or confidence in the WV State Supreme Court.
Can you?

Comment by Job Johnny  on  07.24.2018

Reading the local newspaper would lead one to believe we have a non-functioning county prosecutors office?

The county commission has gutted the workforce at the court house seemingly as well?

Not even a janitor now?

Are we going to see Chapman, Kennedy, and Bennett with brooms, mops, and lawnmowers now?

Where did all that money go from the rainy day fund?  Back when Ramsey and Kennedy were running the county, there was over a million dollars in the fund?

Who is driving new cars and trucks?

Comment by Prosecuting attorney office closed?  on  07.25.2018

What kind of convincing case could be made that corruption associated with building the new GCES has not occurred too?

It is believed that there were short cuts, sweet heart deals with contractors, failures to hold contractors accountable, and failures in the board office to monitor contract work effectively.

Why not ask proper authorities to investigate the history of the way business was done for the new consolidated school starting with Linn, the auction barn site, Cedar Creek, and the Hays City site?

Everyone in the County knows that construction and site problems still exist at the GCES. Teachers and staff are afraid to speak out and we hear that scape goating toward the County’s maintenance workers is beginning from the Central Office.

Those workers were shut out of the construction process and their warnings of problems fell on deaf ears. With revamping of the WV School Building Authority and emphasis on accountability why not bring those officials in to investigate?

Comment by GC SCHOOL EMPLOYEES  on  07.26.2018
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