What This Bell Means to Gilmer County

Just as the Rosies supported the soldiers in 1942-45 with ships, planes and armaments for the war, the WV Rosie the Riveter Bell supports the veterans today.

Every time this bell rings, it means that Gilmer County supports the best of the traditional values of our past while facing an exciting but challenging future. This is not a one-time or periodic celebration. It is a permanent installation. It will be in the Town Square forever, available for all sorts of special events.

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Our bell will always commemorate the Rosies of our state and beyond, even if it only rings specifically for them during the annual Ring-A-Bell-For-Rosie-The-Riveter days. We join the few but growing number of communities who have dedicated a perpetual honor for the women whose work helped win the Second World War.

But our bell will be so much more.

It will be a bell for the Belles. The State Folk Festival will open every year when Gilmer County’s official “belle” can ring it loud and clear to announce the festivities.

Gilmer County High School’s Homecoming Parade can set off to the ringing of this great bell in the center of town.

Beginning the Glenville State College Homecoming Parade can be signaled in similar fashion.

What could be more appropriate than the ringing of this bell to announce the late summer “Back to School Bash” the county has begun and the Ice Cream Social in September for the elementary school children?

The Annual Christmas Parade can be heralded with the bell and Glenville might even reinstitute the Halloween Festival we remember from our childhood. Ring!

The Fire Department Parade and law enforcement’s National Night Out would be supported by the ringing of this large steel bell.

Obviously the WV Rosie the Riveter Bell will continue to ring every year for the Veteran’s Day Parade.

Our City Square is a treasure, a surprise and a welcoming oasis for all comers. It provides space for scouting activities and other organizational opportunities where ringing the bell might play a part in the revelries.

This charming park in the heart of Glenville also serves personal celebrations like weddings where a bell is fitting. The bell will be an openhearted companion to every public occasion in our hometown.

Here is something we can do that is right and meaningful. The bell itself has been donated. The trappings for installation and dedicatory event will cost only $3000. Surely this community can happily supply that amount when we see tremendous growth and renewal all over the county.

The GCEDA will match your contribution. Please join us by sending a donation to: WV Rosie the Riveter Bell, P. O. Box 163, Glenville, WV 26351.

The Rosie Bell will be a nice addition to the Park !

A thank you to Donna Waddell and her leadership and the FRN for making the Park happen !

Comment by Thank America's Rosie's !  on  11.10.2017
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