WFCD Education Banquet

Attending the WFCD Education Banquet on October 25 in Glenville were WV Dept. of Agriculture Chief of Staff Norm Bailey, WV Delegate Brent Boggs and WV Delegate & Speaker of the House Roger Hanshaw.

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The WFCD appreciates your attendance!

The WFCD Annual Awards & Education Banquet was held October 25th,  in Gilmer County.

A HUGE thank you to Jane Collins and Larry Sponaugle for setting up the event in their native Gilmer County.

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1. WFCD Board of Supervisor’s 100% Attendance Awards for the past fiscal year, Bill Coffindaffer, Phil Osborne, Jane Collins, Randy Plaugher & Steve Hannah;

2. Glenville Pioneer Grill;

3. Board Chairman Randy Plaugher

Three teachers from Glenville Middle School and one teacher from Leading Creek Elementary School, along with two of their students, were recognized at the WFCD Banquet.

The teachers participate in our Gilmer County 6th Grade Field Day, and administer our Samara test every year.

We would like to acknowledge their efforts to promote conservation and environmental issues for future generations.

These events are organized by our Gilmer County Supervisors Jane Collins and Larry Sponaugle.

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Teachers: from Gilmer Middle; Crystal Conrad, Ronni Facemire & Rachel Tomblin and from Leading Creek, Debbie Moss

1st place winners of the Samara Contest:

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from Leading Creek, Chase Moss and from Gilmer Middle, Mikayla Taylor

(1st place winners not attending were Stevie Starsick, Keria Marks, Jayden Freeman)


Jr. Conservation Camp attendee, Jacob Freeman, was kind enough to attend our WFCD Banquet..

He liked the camp so much that he is hoping to go again this year! Fingers crossed!!


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He is pictured with Gilmer County Supervisors Jane Collins and Larry Sponaugle.

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