University President Calls Proposed Funding Model ‘Flawed’

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A co-chair on a state education panel has accused the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission of being an agency of regulations rather than oversight.

West Virginia University President Gordon Gee, who co-chairs the Blue Ribbon Commission on Four-Year Higher Education, cited the commission’s proposed funding model.

Gee opposes a model that would base general revenue appropriation on factors weighed by academic discipline, course level and high-risk student status.

The “Student-Focused Funding model” would cut funding at three state institutions.

Gee claims the commission came up with a model without further examining the institutions’ needs.

He says the panel and the commission will examine the state’s funding and sustainability in making sure that every student in the state has access to great opportunities.

Governor Justice preempted the Blue Ribbon Commission by opposing the consolidation of governing boards for selected small institutions of higher learning including GSC.

That is the way business is done in WV. Money is paid for competent and unbiased professionals to recommend better ways of doing business. If recommendations do not mesh with preconceived ideas entrenched bureaucrats attack the messengers.

The problem with individual Boards of Governors is several fold. Appointees on boards are usually chosen through local politics and it is rare for most of these individuals to have note worthy credentials for governing.

Another problem is that over time a select group of families and their close associated become in control of all aspects of an institution..

The result is that institutions can take on personalities of a small circle of individuals and innovative ideas from persons outside the power circle are unwelcome.

If a centralized governing board is rejected for some of the small institutions including GSC and it is decided that local boards know what is best for them, full funding State money should be withheld to require shortfalls to be made up through enrollment increases.

The way it is now there are no penalties for failures.

Comment by SAVE GSC ALUM  on  07.28.2018
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