Sue Morris Sports Complex Is One of 55 Good Things in WV

Gilmer County entrepreneurs and philanthropists Ike and Sue Morris set out to build “the finest baseball and softball complex in the state,” and most observers agree they succeeded with the Sue Morris Sports Complex, located along U.S. 33 in Glenville.

Designed to serve baseball and softball teams from the PONY League through college, the complex was finished in 2007 as a state-of-the art facility intended to be like no other in the state.

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Lance Woodford, Director of Sue Morris Sports Complex

The Sue Morris Sports Complex boasts an NCAA compliant baseball field, two softball fields, lighted dugouts with large capacity team seating, a press box for each field, dirt infields on the softball fields, grass infield on the baseball field, a changing room for game officials, seating for 1,500 for the baseball field and 1,000 per each softball field and a storm detector and warning system.

The complex also features air-conditioned restrooms, a lighted picnic shelter, covered playground, a full-size basketball court, volleyball court, two batting cages and a 1/2-mile walking trail.

The complex also offers concessions and the Pioneer Grille, featuring pizza, hot pretzels, candy, chips, popcorn, hot dogs, water, soft drinks, and more.

Lance Woodford from Glenville, WV is the Director/Manager of the complex

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Huge Thanks to Mr. Ike Morris and Mrs. Sue Morris for building such a great facility in Gilmer County. And Thanks to Mr. Lance Woodford and his crew for taking care of the complex and making all the events possible.


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