Patty Lowther Named Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools

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A new superintendent has been named for Gilmer County Schools.

Gilmer County Board of Education unanimously approved Patty Lowther as its next superintendent in a special board meeting on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

Patty Lowther, a Gilmer County native is currently Director: Special Education, Pre-School, Testing, Textbooks, Home-bound, Home School, SAT and 504 county chair, Co-instructional Leader in Gilmer County Schools where she has worked in education in all capacities since 1990.

She will begin her new role as a superintendent on July 01, 2017.

Gilmer County board members believed pursuing a candidate with a strong background in all positions in the education system, as well as familiar with the challenges needing immediate attention was very important.

Gilmer County was under state control for several years. In January 2017 the control was returned to local board.

Mrs. Lowther will replace state appointed superintendent Gabriel DeVono.

The new superintendent and the local board are looking forward to working together to address and fix all the issues which were created due to bad decisions when the county was under state control.

Finally—maybe—Charleston and GC politics have been removed from the picture?

Maybe now the educational emphasis will be placed back on the children and their outcomes.  We can hope.

Pray we will see the local board and superintendent reintroduce “common sense” decisions that have been so very, very obviously lacking while under the ‘direction’ of WVBOE, Blankenship, and Devano. No leadership observed.

Maybe we can even get some sort of report in the paper or on Free Press? Instead of the bs press release from the board office?  Something honest even?

We have high hopes for this lady to lead our schools, children, staff, parents and community in a thoughtful honest direction, while working closely with our local board.

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