Jim Was Right: New Study Shows WV Schools Rank Terribly

WalletHub ranks WV 49th in public education
The Free Press WV

Governor Jim Justice responded to a study from WalletHub that shows West Virginia at the bottom of the barrel in public education.

During the legislative session, the Governor wanted to increase teacher pay and avoid painful cuts to higher education. However, the Legislature failed to take action and the net result is NO 2% pay raise for teachers and more cuts to West Virginia’s colleges and universities.

“This analysis confirms what the people already know: West Virginia needs a new playbook because all we do is keep pitching 50th,” said Governor Jim Justice. “We’ll always be dead last if we don’t make changes, that’s why I fought so hard for a teacher pay raise so we can fill the 700 vacant teaching positions across the state, but the Legislature killed that plan. I also did everything in my power to stop cuts to higher education, but the Legislature made cuts that were totally unnecessary. If we don’t invest in education we’ll continue to be dead last.”

Justice added, “We are too blooming good to accept this. Our teachers are good people and they work hard, but we are losing them to other states due to low pay. If all the Legislature wants to do is turn their back on students and teachers then West Virginia will stay stuck at the bottom. It’s real simple, if we don’t give our schools the tools to compete then we’ll never improve.”

The Governor challenged the people of West Virginia to ask their Delegates and Senators why we don’t invest in our schools or pay our teachers better.

~~  Governor’s Office ~~

The problem with primary and secondary education in West Virginia isn’t lack of money, it’s cultural rejection of education, grade inflation, lack of enforceable standards, lack of classroom discipline, interfering parents, state Dept. of Education interference, dishonest reporting of educational standards, and the teachers unions.

It’s gonna’ take a long time to fix that.


Pat McGroyne

Comment by Pat McGroyne  on  08.03.2017

What is wrong in Gilmer County when 2017 k-12 scores are not released to citizens?

Lewis County released theirs already and steps are underway to improve future scores throughout their school system.

Citizens here are taxed to the hilt and they deserve to know returns on their education dollars. Continuation of the excess levy next year is DOA unless things change for the better

We want our teachers to come forward with their recommendations for what needs to be done to make improvements here, and we must back them 100% so they are freed up to do their jobs. Enough Polly Anna pumping from the higher ups!

Comment by Release Gilmer Student 2017 Scores!!!  on  08.21.2017

The 2017 student proficiency scores indicate that an education crisis exists in Gilmer County.

After 5.5 years of State control the scores prove urgent need for a well thought out determination of why scores for English, math, and science equate to Fs by the time students graduate.

No matter what other WV counties did, this is Gilmer County. With our small school system we can be a leader in WV for the quality of k-12 education if we commit to that goal.

We expect the school board under Mr. Minigh’s leadership to take measures necessary to correct proficiency problems.

After a comprehensive master plan is developed to correct problems it should be disclosed to the public with time tables, and necessary resources must be provided to our teachers to enable them to make Gilmer’s school system WV’s best.

Gilmer needs to come together to solve education problems with full participation of parents, businesses, GSC, and others to prepare our children for success in the world. Anything less would be a gross disservice to our children.

Comment by Concerned Parents  on  08.22.2017

Correct me if I am wrong. At the Gilmer County High School 37% of the 11th graders cannot read, 65% cannot do math, and 63% do not know science. We need to do something quickly to verify reasons and to develop a professionally done improvement plan with assistance from qualified school turnaround experts.  How is the County’s school board addressing the challenge? It is in charge now and we deserve to hear from the officials.

Comment by Angry Parent  on  08.22.2017

At the doctors office discussion centered around the financial situation/condition,  the state appointed superintendent left Gilmer.

I remember the videos where the board members were requesting information.

Has there been some fraud committed or just poor fiscal management?

Comment by rumor chatter  on  08.22.2017

Before we vote on another excess levy there should be an independent itemized audit of how the County’s school money was spent by the State, who got it, and what we have to show for it.

Time for the audit should go back to expenditures at Leading Creek, the auction barn misstep, Cedar Creek, and everything spent for the Gilmer County Elementary School.

We understand that we went from a surplus of money to being close to running out.

Comment by Account For Public Money!!!!  on  08.23.2017

A new page was supposed to be turned with Devono leaving. How about the new superintendent giving the County an update on exactly what has changed for a new way of doing business?

Information access, involvement of the whole board in making important decisions the way it is supposed to be, the plan for improving education outcomes for our children etc. Citizens are paying the bills and it is their right to be kept fully informed.

Comment by Opportunity For New Superintendent  on  08.23.2017

Student proficiency scores.  ALL belong to the WV State Board of Education.  Good or bad.  THEY were the ones running the GC School District for the past 6 years.

Our local board has only had control back since Devano left June 30.  They will not be able to undo those 6 years overnight.

Best wishes to the new superintendent and the local BOE!

Comment by You Should Realize This  on  08.23.2017

Sagged student achievement from the State’s 6 years of mismanagement cannot be eliminated overnight.

This underscores why a formal high quality school system-wide improvement plan should be designed and put in place immediately to get us out of the mess.

Continual pointing fingers to blame Charleston is a waste of time. To pretend that everything is rosy as was done is even worse.

It is crucial for the new superintendent to assume a high profile lead in solving student proficiency problems in science, reading, and math. We look forward to her leadership in making badly needed improvements.

Comment by Beaten Down Employees  on  08.23.2017
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