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Our son and granddaughter from Taylor, Michigan, were home for a couple days after Christmas. Shelby only had four days off work and it took one day to drive down and a day to drive back, so that only left them two days here to visit.  We were glad that the weather cooperated though and they were able to come home. Last year, they didn’t make it because of bad weather and bad roads. They didn’t get down until July, so we had Christmas in July.

Anyway, we enjoy having them here anytime they can come and this time we enjoyed our gift exchange and good food in December.  I had crockpot macaroni and cheese with hamburgers waiting on them the first evening. For breakfast, our son likes sausage gravy, biscuits and eggs and our granddaughter likes fried potatoes, bacon and homemade applesauce. I fixed it all and Myron ate some of all of it. He also likes hot peppers in sauce with his breakfast, but we still haven’t gotten into that project. We are running late on that one this year. Duane has been sick for a month with bronchitis. He is over it but having trouble getting his strength back.  That pepper project takes both of us working on it, to get it all done in one day.  We will get to it, yet.

My husband and son got into a conversation about options on cars nowadays and Duane said he could remember when the radio and heater were options. I thought back and I don’t remember a radio on Dad’s first car, the grey Studebaker that looked like an airplane. I don’t remember getting cold in winter, so he must have had a heater. I was about five when Dad got his first car. My grandparents took us places before that.  I can’t imagine riding around in a cold vehicle with no heater, but our son said he went one whole Michigan winter like that. Something went wrong with the blower in his van that he had at the time and it wasn’t blowing enough heat out. It is always cold and windy up there in winter.  You would have to really dress warm with no heater.

Our weather here has been milder than usual with lots of rain. Old Farmer’s Almanac has us for a mild, wet winter for our region. We were thankful for the sunny days that we got this past week, today being one of them. We went to church this morning in the sunshine and it was sunny when we came out. Most of us need more Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, this time of year.  We sometimes would go for two months with no sunshine in Michigan and people were getting depression from it. Doctors were advising people to sit under a sun lamp to get that heat and light that was needed. Until next time try to stay away from sick people, wash hands often, and if you get flu, stay home and don’t spread it. It is supposed to peak here next month.

Take care and God bless!

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