Jeanette Riffle: Fall is Coming On

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The weather man is calling for rain this whole weekend and as I type this, the wind is bringing down a shower of leaves outside. We hope September will bring more comfortable temperatures. Autumn is my favorite season. The beautiful changing of the leaves to brilliant colors, fall color tours, and we were married in October. Our son was born in October and so was our granddaughter. We celebrate both their birthdays when we get together. When I was growing up, Dad took us on trips in the fall to the scenic places of West Virginia. Mom would spend one whole day fixing picnic food and the next day we would take off. We liked the State Game Farm. The name has been changed to West Virginia Wildlife Center. We went to Holly River State Park, Helvetia, went to see the fire tower in Elkins and many other places.  Dad liked to take trips to the mountains. He was always talking about a camping trip but we never did get a tent and go. Dad’s company picnic, the Hope Natural Gas one,  was held at Jackson’s Mill every year, but I remember a time after I was married that it was at Camden Park in Huntington.

My Grandpa Warner was always the first there and the first one to leave wherever he went.  One time when I was young and had spent the night with them,  I rode with Mamaw and Papaw Warner to Jackson’s Mill and the gate wasn’t unlocked yet.  Papaw started blowing his car horn and finally someone came and opened the gate. He saw everything he wanted to see, ate some picnic lunch that Mom had brought and was the first to leave that day. I stayed and went home with Mom and Dad. Mom said they open the gate at a certain time and Papaw just got there too early.

This time of year the canning is almost over and many a housewife is getting ready to start the fall cleaning after a long summer of gardening and then the big canning project. Serious cleaning gets laid aside until fall. The pressure washer sure helps with the outside cleaning jobs and there are handy cleaners and cleaning products to work with nowadays. I remember a time when it was vinegar mixed in a bucket of water and some crunched up newspaper to wash windows, a bucket of soapy water and a rag to wash down walls, the old wringer washer for laundering curtains, rugs and couch& chair covers. Mom had a bottle of furniture oil to clean the wooden things. It makes me tired to think of all that hard work and then in spring, you had to do it all over again.

Until next time take care and God bless!

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