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Bats in the belfry and one got in the church and was hiding under the organ bench when I went up to my organ last Wednesday night. We are into revival and I play organ before church and after. I yelled for my husband to come and get it before the service turned into a Mississippi Squirrel Revival.In this case a West Virginia bat revival. I thought there was something wrong with it because when I put my cane up to it, it just spread it’s webbed wings but didn’t move. He said they fly at night and sleep in the daytime, so maybe it was just sleepy.

Bats like to get in the bell tower of churches because they like darkness. They do eat insects that fly at night but we don’t like them getting in our houses or the church. One got in my parents house one night and Mom said she batted it all over the bedroom with a broom and finally got it. One other time a chipmunk got in their house and was making noises and keeping them awake at night, when it would go in their bedroom. She had to set a trap for that one.  It was too quick and kept getting away from her. We used to have chipmunks and ground squirrels here, but I haven’t seen any since we took the pan of dog food off the back porch.  That’s what was drawing them. Everything likes dog food.

The last time I wrote a story it was raining, but today it is hot and we have had sunshine all day. We heard on the weather report last night that we had a dry day ahead, so Duane jumped out before 6:30 this morning, started weed eating, and then did trimming on the little riding mower. He came in for coffee and breakfast and then went right back out again to mow with the big mower. Everyone is behind with outside work because of all the rain we have had.

Tomorrow, he has to do more garden work. A friend of mine told me that the weeds got so high in her garden , she had to go in on them with a weed eater. That’s the way Duane has been doing my flower garden for several years, now. A few flowers have come up missing but I’m justglad to get the help as I am not able to go pull weeds anymore.  What will July hold? We will take whatever we get, huh?  Temps in the 90’s are supposed to return this weekend.

This past week we have had sunshine and rain all in one day. First one and then the other all day long as the storms went through. Tonight is the last night of revival at Rosedale Baptist. It’s been a good week.  Enjoy your family and friends and get out to attend the church of your choice.

Until next time, take care and God bless !

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