Governor Justice Issues Statement on Passage of Roads to Prosperity Bond Referendum

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Governor Jim Justice issued the following statement after West Virginia voters overwhelmingly voted to approve the Roads to Prosperity Bond Referendum on Saturday, October 07, 2017.


“I am grateful to the people of West Virginia for sharing my vision to jump start our economic engine. While this will start the process of fixing our state road system, the most important mission I have is to help find and create jobs for the working men and women of our state.

“As I traveled from panhandle to panhandle, through the coal fields, along our rivers, and from all over the beautiful valleys of our majestic state, the CITIZENS of West Virginia were clear that new jobs, safety for their families and good roads in their home counties were critical to improving their lives and giving them a chance to share the AMERICAN DREAM.

“We will start the process Monday to put in motion the Bonding process, the bidding process and the plan to make better roads and bridges a reality in West Virginia. One important part of the bidding process will be to take every step possible so that our contractors hire West Virginians FIRST. We are also going to work with all of our educational institutions to start training programs for this workforce.

“I am also going to appoint an oversight committee to make certain we eliminate waste and any other shenanigans during the contracting, bidding and construction process.

“Again, my heartfelt thank you goes out to the voters who passed this referendum. It’s an historical day because now we have the vehicle in place to truly move our state forward.“

What a scoop!  One county gets 18% of pie!

Mon County wins!  Everyone else looses.

Comment by nepotism will rule the day!  on  10.09.2017
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