Governor Justice, DOT Sec. Smith Announce First GARVEE Bond Sale for Roads, Bridges

Largest Transportation Bond in state history to have 2.145% interest rate, closes on Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Free Press WV

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice and Secretary of Transportation Tom Smith are pleased to announce that the interest rate for the first GARVEE bond sale of $260 million, the largest transportation bond in state history, is set at 2.145% and will close on Thursday, October 26, 2017.

“This is another win for West Virginia,” said Governor Justice.  “As a businessman, I know how important it is to aggressively pursue low rates for wise investments and we thought that the interest rate would be in the neighborhood of 3.5%. To get a 2.145% interest rate is great news. I am encouraged by the strong investor demand and these attractive borrowing rates for my Roads to Prosperity Highway Program. West Virginians voted October 7 to climb out of the ditch and stop being 50th and this first bond sale is a fantastic start. We’re on the move.”

“This is a crystal-clear confirmation of the need for wise investment while rates are extremely attractive,” said Secretary Smith.  “A rate of 2.145% is significantly less than the cost of construction inflation and sets us moving exactly in the right direction for the delivery of Governor Justice’s infrastructure program.”

This first of three GARVEE sales will target 18 bridge replacement projects and 13 interstate rehabilitation projects across the State.

Hold on Gub’ner Justiss….
The juery stil’ be outs on yer barrering’ game….

Ways to er’ly ta be countin’ hens an roosters….

Comment by no chickens yet...  on  10.21.2017

It doesn’t seem like Gilmer County Law Officials seem to care about the murders in the area. In my opinion. We don’t hear anything from the law on Any of the pertinent local situations.  Why IS that?  We know MUCH more about national news that we know about the goings on in Gilmer. Crimes, drug busts, investigations and Answers to those investigations.  Why don’t we Ever hear any news from the Sheriff’s Department??  Still wondering why Deputy Wheeler was reassigned to school patrol officer and who took over his murder investigative duties.  Can’t get anyone to pick up the phone or an answer when I call.  Maybe someone on the Gilmer Free Press can shed some light?

Comment by Where is the Law?  on  10.23.2017
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