Governor Justice Announces New, Bold Ideas To Put Coal Miners Back to Work

Plan would create a Homeland Security incentive to guarantee Appalachian coal’s availability to keep power grid operational on Eastern Seaboard in times of emergency
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Governor Jim Justice has developed a new revolutionary plan to put tens of thousands of coal miners back to work in West Virginia and across Appalachia while providing a critical addition to national security and the stabilization of the Eastern Seaboard’s power grid.

Governor Justice has met with Donald Trump and has presented his plan, that calls for $4.5 billion annually in federal funding to power companies that burn steam coal mined in Northern and Central Appalachia. The incentive would guarantee that Eastern coal would be available to keep the power grid up and operational in the event of any type of emergency shutdown that would impact power plants utilizing natural gas or coal produced in other areas of the country.

“Keeping our Eastern coalfields and our miners working is critical to national security,“ Governor Justice. “All it is going to take to shut the power grid down to the entire Eastern half of the country is a bomb being placed at a key natural gas pipeline or on a major highway artery to the West. Chaos would ensue, just look at the mayhem that took place in New York a few years back when the grid shutdown for a night. Think about what would happen if the power grid was shutdown for 60 to 90 days in the dead of winter. We could lose hundreds of thousands of people.“

“I’m working as hard as I can for West Virginia and its people to continue to provide the coal that keeps the lights on in our country,“ Governor Justice added. “When the power grid gets compromised the coal from Appalachia can be trucked to our power plants so they can be put back on line as quickly as possible. If we don’t do this and protect our Eastern coalfields we will be putting the country at great risk. We should not be willing to gamble and roll that dice, I’m not.“

“In the world we live in today, unfortunately, what I’m talking about here isn’t far-fetched, people need to awaken to what could happen. It’s a matter of being prepared,“ said Governor Justice.

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