Gilmer County High School Graduation 2017

At 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 26th, Gilmer County High School’s Class of 2017 will take their next step into the journey to tomorrow as they receive their diplomas in the annual Commencement Ceremony. The Commencement Ceremony will be held at Glenville State College’s Waco Center, followed by a brief reception honoring the Class of 2017. The public is cordially invited to join the celebration to commemorate the achievement of this milestone in the lives of these students.

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This year’s Valedictorian is Brian Tyler Moore.

Tyler is the son of Brian and Lisa Moore of Glenville, West Virginia. Tyler initially plans on attending Glenville State College where he anticipates studying biology and chemistry in preparation to continue his academic career in the medical field.

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The Salutatorian for this year is Lucas Tanner.

Lucas is the son of Thomas and Lisa Tanner of Rosedale, West Virginia. Lucas plans on attending West Virginia University where he anticipates studying political science in preparation to continue his education and enter law school, with the ultimate goal of attaining a position in the political arena.

The following students are also graduating with Highest Honors:

Alex Jones

Carly Somerville

Chandler Ferguson

Dalton Law

Janeeva Jenkins

Kerri Swiger

Lauren Hardman

Madisyn Furr

Nathan Pritt

Riley Fitzwater

Tristan McNeely

The following students are graduating with High Honors:

Caleb Wine

Carter Springer

Chelsea Goodrich

Jacob Arden

Lukas Sirbaugh

Lydia Cottrill

Patrick Roberts

Trey Shuff

Whitney Rader

The following students are graduating with Honors:

Abigail Cogar

Brittany Duskey

Brittany Wiant

Colleen Watkins

Herbert Dickey, IV

Jason Montgomery

Kylie Shuff

The following students are also graduating this year:

Asia Moss

Brandi Moss

Brent Fisher

Brody Gumm

Bryan Duskey

Caleb Gibson

Caleb White

Cole Haley

Dakota Radcliff

Daniel Hedges

Danielle Marks

Danny Helmick, II

Dillon Allison

Donovan Rose

Dylon Helmick

Eric Watkins

Frederick Jenkins

George Hardman, IV

Jacob Butler

James Donaldson

James Dorsey

Jared Luzader

Jessica McVay

Johnnie Lattea

Justin Frame

Kala Wood

Maggie Waddell

Misty Mathess

Morgan Crouch

Noah Aviles

Ryan Page

Ryan Singleton

Sarah Aviles

Shawn Skeens

Shayna Maxwell

Starla King

Steven Lowe

Sylis Sealey

Tiffany Copeland

Tyler Meadows

Zachary Roberts

Congratulations to all the graduates!

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