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  • Why they kneel..   Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players started sitting or taking a knee before football games to protest what they perceive as racial inequities in the nation’s criminal justice system.    The New York Times

  • Here is a look at the outcomes of 15 high-profile case in the past few years in which black people were killed by the police or died in police custody.  The New York Times

  • The weekend when kneeling became a movement.  The Atlantic

  • Which is the greater danger to the ideals embodied by the American flag, a few football players’ taking a knee or the most powerful man in the world demanding that they be fired?    National Review

  • Free speech for me but not for thee.   Jeff “Sessions believes professional athletes should be conscripted into rituals of militarized patriotism that imbue their owners with a patriotic gloss, but that college students must enjoy unfettered expression.”    New York Magazine

  • Twitter Faces Questions Over Election Role:  Can you sway the electorate in 140 characters? Trump’s favored social media platform will brief congressional committees today on the role Russian Twitter accounts and bots played in sowing division among voters during the 2016 election. Often posing as Americans, the Russia-linked accounts pushed false stories during the campaign — and researchers say that not only are they still active, but they’re now promoting content related to Trump’s battle with the NFL. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg admitted remorse for calling Facebook’s ability to influence the election a “crazy idea.”  BBC

  • Trump’s Truth-Telling May Be at an All Time Low This Week:  The Leader of the United States isn’t even trying to hide his lies anymore.  ESQUIRE

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