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  • Democrats launch economic agenda ahead of 2018 campaign:    “Democratic leaders in the House and Senate will unveil a broad economic agenda Monday, hoping to unite the disparate wings of their caucuses and win back working-class voters who fled the party last year. The party’s messaging strategy is the culmination of months of internal meetings and polling after a disappointing 2016 election that left Democrats reeling and many complaining they had no message to offer the public other than being against Donald Trump.”    Politico

  • Senate healthcare bill appears headed for failure:    “Senate Republicans plan to vote this week on revised healthcare reform legislation, but a number of serious problems mean that the chances of getting that bill passed are slim to none. The latest wallop of bad news for Republicans came Friday when the Senate parliamentarian announced that key provisions of the revised bill would not pass muster under the special budgetary rules that Republicans are using to pass the legislation with a simple majority instead of 60 votes.”    The Hill

  • Connecting McCain’s tragic diagnosis to Trumpcare ‘Is the Goddamn Point’:    “‘The personal hell that John McCain and his loved ones are walking through right now is the point of it all,” (Jon Pavlovitz) wrote Thursday in a blog post that started to go viral over the weekend… While acknowledging that McCain is one of the nation’s most recognizable political names and someone who holds a powerful position, Pavlovitz explains why his privilege and status exposes the inequality and shortcomings of a healthcare system that works for the haves, but not for the have nots.”  Common Dreams

  • Universal health care would save $17 trillion:  “Health care costs in the United States are estimated to grow at an average annual rate of 5.6 percent from 2016 to 2025… If we apply this growth rate over 10 years, and add up the costs, our current healthcare system will cost $49 trillion. $49 trillion (current system) — $32 trillion (single payer) = $17 trillion in savings. Over a 10-year period, universal health care or a single-payer system would save $17 trillion. Yes, you read that right … universal health care would cost $17 trillion less over 10 years. A universal health care system would save us $1.7 trillion a year.”    DailyKOS

  • Trump has no one but himself to blame for Mueller’s investigation.   And blaming Sessions “is a foolish bit of revisionist history.”    National Review

  • We are all “public interest lawyers” now.    Slate

Remember 30 years ago when mandatory auto insurance was going to save drivers big money?  Well, how did that carnival ‘barker’ deal work out for you?

Now we are told single-payer health insurance will save 17 trillion dollars.  Believe the government shills if you want. 

You forgot how Obamacare was going to save you 2500 dollars too?  didn’t you?

Comment by SOME PEOPLE REMEMBER  on  07.25.2017
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