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  • Bullies on the Rise:  Yes, Trump-inspired bullying at school is a thing. And there have been scores of incidents across the country. Here are some of them.  BuzzFeed

  • Scientists Encode GIF Into Bacteria:  Talk about viral video. Scientists at Harvard University have successfully encoded information corresponding to pixels on an image, and even an animated GIF, into the genome of E. Coli bacteria. Using the gene-editing technique called CRISPR-cas, the researchers were able to implant the bacteria with five frames of Eadweard Muybridge’s famous galloping mare and then extract them. The researchers say they hope that in the future, the technique will allow cells to act as a type of video camera and serve as continuous monitors of how our bodies function.    Nature

  • The #WomenWhoWork for Ivanka Trump Can’t Afford to Take Care of Their Kids:        The Washington Post published an in-depth report on the ways that Ivanka Trump’s clothing brand has failed to…    FUSION

  • ‘WALKING DEAD’ TRAGEDY:  Stuntman Killed After Just Missing Safety Cushion.  Stuntman John Bernecker died during production of ‘The Walking Dead.‘ Learn more about Bernecker and his career.    HEAVY

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