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  • Free market, not-so-free clients:    Giving people a choice of their public defenders can lead to better representation.    National Review

  • ‘Pro-Life’ Senator Joe Manchin Poses in Support of Planned Parenthood:  Senator Joe Manchin – who has claimed in the past to be pro-life – appears now to be supporting abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood.  BREITBART

  • The truth about cashback versus points credit cards:    The myriad of credit cards available can make choosing the right one seem like an impossible task. If you’re considering a travel points card, a 2016 NerdWallet study found domestic travelers need to spend at least $8,600 to save more with a travel card than a cashback one. But there’s more, ....
  • No actual legislation yet:    ” GOP aides and some lawmakers say it seems doubtful the deal … could win approval in the House. They also note that there is not even legislative text yet to mark a deal, which makes the prospect of holding a vote next week even more unlikely … ‘There’s no deal,’ said an aide to one moderate House GOP lawmaker.”    The Hill

  • Trump executive order will direct Treasury to review tax rules and financial regulation:    “Under President Barack Obama, Treasury sought to rein in U.S. companies’ attempts to shift their profit offshore by proposing rules that would curb so-called ‘earnings stripping’ and inversions — mergers in which U.S. companies transfer their tax address overseas to low-tax countries like Ireland to cut their tax bills … [Trump also] will require a review of the Financial Stability Oversight Committee’s designation process for systemically important banks [and] orderly liquidation authority … Dodd-Frank established a so-called orderly liquidation authority under which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is empowered to untangle and wind down the biggest banks.”  Bloomberg

  • 13 factions battle over tax reform:    “The huge number of players in tax reform will complicate any effort to overhaul the tax code. Cut just one break and lawmakers risk the anger of well-funded interest groups or coalitions, which inevitably try to position their tax goodie as the one singlehandedly responsible for boosting the economy or helping the middle class. That’s why taking on the tax code in a meaningful way hasn’t happened since President Ronald Reagan’s landmark overhaul of 1986.”  Politico

  • Trump lawyers argue that protesters don’t have First Amendment rights:  “Donald Trump’s lawyers argued in a Thursday court filing that protesters ‘have no right’ to ‘express dissenting views’ at his campaign rallies because such protests infringed on his First Amendment rights. The filing comes in a case brought by three protesters who allege they were roughed up and ejected from a March 2016 Trump campaign rally in Louisville, Kentucky, by Trump supporters who were incited by the then-candidate’s calls from the stage to ‘get ’em out of here!‘”    Politico

Great article from BREITBART NEWS.  So good of Senator Manchin to show his support of Planned Parenthood.  Joe is supported by anti-gunner Mayor Bloomberg who held a fund raiser for him.  We know Joe is pushing gun control.  He has also stated to the effect that he can work with President Trump to facilitate gun control.  Now we know he supports abortion, loud and clear for all to see.  I personally do not think West Virginians support gun control or abortion.  We will find out for sure when Joe runs for election again.

Comment by reader  on  04.24.2017
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