Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center Holds Senior Appreciation Night

~~ by Kris P. Snyder - Environmental Technology - CGCC ~~

To begin the Senior Appreciation Night activities at the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center, a reception was held for the 2009 seniors, post graduates, GED graduates and their guests prior to the awards program held at the school May 14, 2009.  The ProStart Culinary Arts program prepared the refreshments and the Criminal Justice program prepared a slide show of senior photos for the reception.  The theme for this year was “Take the Next Step”.

Yanni Scholarship - (L-R) Samantha Loudin, Karen Blankenship, John Bennett

At 6:30 PM, Director John Bennett welcomed the seniors and their guests to the school.  He introduced members of the Administrative Council and other special guests.  Faculty Senate President Patricia Cain introduced the faculty as they presented their students with a souvenir C-GCC key chain. 

C-GCC Scholarships - (L-R)David White, Karen Kirby, Hannah Wilson, Emily Wright,
Jennifer Papouschek, not pictured Jesse Har

Seniors and Post Graduate students included:

Automotive Technology:  Justin Bailey, Mitchell Bedree, Jason Hardman, Dustin Howes, Nicholas Kerby, Derek Minney.

Building Construction: Weston Hershey, Frederick Marks, James Miller, Travis Moss.

Business Education:  Chris Lane.

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Gainer Award - (L-R) Roger Propst, Weston Hershey   GED Award - (L-R) Linda Jones, James Jones


Criminal Justice Technology:  Shebeck Barbe, Kristi Bennington, Bradley Benson, Carrie Graffius, Gregory Myers, Jennifer Papouschek, Kayla Peggs, Sierra Powell, Barbara Richards, Noah Sweeney, Ceterika Waddell.

Environmental Technology: Ashley Starcher, Emily Wright.

Health Occupations: Crystal Bell (PG), Adeana Cottrill, Kayla Eller, Michaela Grogg, Amber Huffman (PG), Samantha Loudin, Rebecca Stump, Kristina Townsend, Hannah Wilson.

Oshoway Award - (L-R) John Oshoway, Jennifer Papouschek, Sue Oshoway

Networking Technology:  Bradley Carpenter, Sean Gungle, William Heath, Daniel Husk, Stanley McLaughlin, Christina Neal, Brandon Nelson, Rafael Shaffer, Dustin Simmons.

ProStart Culinary Arts: Autumn Bloom, Keith Burgess (PG), Brittany Delaney, Zachary Farrell, Krista Goodrich, Jessie Keedy, Tiffany Richards, Stephanie Wood.

Welding Technology:  Curtis Carr, Ethan Collins, Zechariah Cosner, Cody Cunningham, Tyler Hall, Jesse Hardman, Dustin Junkins, Brandon McCoy, Joshua Parsons, Roman Rader, Chad Richards, Jonathan Roberts, Nicholas Stevens, Zachary Yeager (PG).

Alternative Learning Center:  Shebeck Barbe, Nicholas Beasley, Kristi Bennington, Dominique Gachassin, Ryan Greenlief, Zachary Farrell, Dustin Junkins, Nicholas Kerby, Frederick Marks,
James Miller, Derek Minney, Anthony Swisher.

GED Graduates:  Amber Boak, Andrew Butta, Nicholas Carroll, Jesse Couch, Amanda Drake, Carolyn Eller, Jacquelyn Hannah, Nikkii Herner, James Jones, Shannon Marks, Lorrie McCune, Daniel Minney, Lyle Richards, Joseph Smith, Britney Sticklen, Nicholas Thompson.

Mrs. Linda Jones, GED instructor, presented James Jones of Big Springs with the award of GED Student of the Year.  Mrs. Jones also nominated him for West Virginia’s GED Student of the Year for his hard work and perseverance in the three year quest to attain his GED. 

Mr. David White, counselor and National Technical Honor Society advisor, presented Weston Hershey, Samantha Loudin, Stanley McLaughlin, Joshua Parsons, Barbara Richards, Hannah Wilson, Stephanie Wood and Emily Wright with their honor cords, tassels and diploma seals.  New inductees also received a certificate, letter of recommendation and NTHS pin.

Whipkey Award - (L-R) Dustin Howes, Mike Whipkey, Nancy Whipkey, Jim Pierce

Mr. Bennett and Ms. Rosemary Williams, Gilmer County High School guidance counselor, presented Tech Prep Honor Cords to seniors and post graduates who successfully completed four core classes in their career and technical program.  The seniors and post graduates listed above along with the following seniors, who completed their program as juniors, received their cords:  Tiffany Boggs, Brandy Bonnett, Whitley Church, Charlie Collins, Patrick Cundiff, Brittany Ferguson, Amanda Freeman, Cora Freeman, Dennis Husk, Jesse King, Johnny King, Harold McCumbers, Kristi Messenger, Michael Skaggs, Brian Sprouse, Andrew Stump, Zachary West.

Career Readiness Certificates, a system certifying the basic skills necessary for success in typical jobs, has become popular nationwide.  Governor Joe Manchin’s office is now awarding such certificates based on ACT WorkKeys test scores in reading for information, locating information and applied mathematics.  Tests are scored on a scale of one through seven, seven being the highest score.  A bronze certificate is awarded to those who score threes or above on the assessments.  Students receiving a bronze Career Readiness Certificate were:  Bradley Carpenter, Adeana Cottrill, Brandon McCoy, Kristina Townsend and Stephanie Wood.  Silver Career Readiness Certificates are awarded to those who score fours and above on the ACT WorkKeys.  Students receiving a silver certificate were:  Justin Bailey, Crystal Bell, Bradley Benson, Autumn Bloom, Ethan Collins, Zechariah Cosner, Cody Cunningham, Kayla Eller, Krista Goodrich, Michaela Grogg, Sean Gungle, Jesse Hardman, Amber Huffman, Jennifer Papouschek, Joshua Parsons, Barbara Richards, Rafael Shaffer, Ceterika Waddell and Hannah Wilson.  A gold certificated is awarded to those who score fives and above on the tests and certifies these people possess core employability skills for approximately 90% of the profiled jobs.  Emily Wright was the only student to receive a Gold Career Readiness Certificate.

Self Award - (L-R) Chef Annette Benson, Stephanie Wood, Keith Burgess

Mrs. Karen Blankenship, Health Occupations instructor, presented a certificate to Samatha Loudin for receiving the Albert Yanni Scholarship.  Established in 1989 by the West Virginia State Board of Education, the Albert Yanni Scholarship is awarded to outstanding vocational-technical students who plan to pursue post-secondary education or training in a related career or technical field.  There are only 20 statewide scholarships awarded annually in the amount of $2000.00.

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