An Eye for An Eye (or 25:1) Is Our Policy, Mr. President?

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The crisis in Gaza is horrific and the conflict between Israel and Palestine is ongoing. Yet the latest killings seem to be so heinous and out of proportion that the U.S. must consider our part in this. The dominant media narrative is that Hamas kidnapped and killed three Israeli settlers and for that reason, people in the Gaza Strip must be punished.  The not-so-mainstream narrative is that there was no proof that the kidnappings and/or killings were instigated by Hamas, who has denied involvement, when the bombing began.

But let us assume for the sake of this discussion that the kidnappings and killings were the result of Palestinians. This act is thought to justify the killing of 1,650 people, many hundreds of them women and children. When did we as a country start to believe that the killing of children is an acceptable response to violence?  When did slaughtering civilians become justifiable?  That is the “eye for an eye” mentality, but in this case, the killing is actually 25 sets of eyes of Palestinian men, women and children, for one set of Israeli eyes (1,650 Palestinians/ 66 Israelis).

As of August 02, 2014, 40% of Gaza is in rubble, and it was already one of the most densely populated pieces of land on the earth. When you, Mr. President, say that Israel has a right to defend itself, did you mean to give the IDF permission to bomb UN schools?  Did you think the Israeli military would target young children on the beach?  Did you consider that the peace protesters in the West Bank would be met with IDF live fire? Did you think an Israeli Captain would shoot an unarmed 13-year-old girl in the Rafah Refugee camp?  Israel says that it dropped leaflets telling people to leave their homes. Where are they to go? The Egyptian border is closed; the Israeli border is closed. Are they to swim? Most have gone to schools and hospitals which have been mercilessly bombed.

Killing is wrong, of course, no matter who does it. But do killings of Israelis justify our complicity in the same kind of behavior? Even if we do not consider the problems with the formation of Israel in 1948 or the war in 1967 that pushed the borders, and even if we do not remember that Israel has more than 50 Human Rights Violations recorded at the United Nations–more than all other countries combined–we must acknowledge that people in Gaza have been locked in the world’s largest open-air prison for six years. There is not enough food, water, health supplies or electricity for the population. Freedom Flotillas carrying humanitarian assistance have been denied entrance and some of the peace activists on the boats were killed.

You have tried to have a more balanced approach to the conflict than those before you, and so many in this country want to portray you as pro-Islam at the expense of Israel. However, the U.S. must do more to stop this violence. The U.S. gives Israel three billion dollars each year in military aid, so we must accept some responsibility in this slaughter. There is a difference between home-made rockets and F16 fighter jets. Are we about revenge and retribution, or about peace and equality? Is “an eye for an eye” what we believe? 

~~  Ellen Lindeen ~~

This is hilarious.  I am by NO means a Hamas supporter as their tactics are disgusting. But, the Israelis are by no means saints.  We might not be looking at an occupation there, but we are simply looking at years and years of U.S. sponsored oppression.  Look at the map of Israel from 1947 to now.

Comment by US government run by jews  on  08.12.2014

Negotiations?  Those settlements have grown tremendously over the years.  The UN drew those lines in 47 and while I understand the war changed those lines I do not see how anyone thinks that “negotiations” justifies the continuous shrinking and occupation of Palestinian lands by Israeli settlers.

Comment by disgusted  on  08.12.2014

One might think that at least one journalist somewhere in the American media would ask why bombing hospitals and civilian housing closes underground tunnels into Israel. But that is too much to ask of the “whores” for Washington that comprise the US media.

Comment by Junior  on  08.12.2014

Congress is as guilty. Don’t expect them to do the right thing either. Both the House and Senate have passed resolutions supporting Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians. Two Republicans–the despicable Lindsey Graham and the disappointing Rand Paul–and two democrats–Bob Menendez and Ben Cardin–sponsored the Senate resolution backing Israel’s premeditated murder of Palestinian women and children. The resolution passed the “exceptional and indispensable” people’s Senate unanimously.

Comment by Jeff R  on  08.12.2014

Members of congress play lapdog to Isreal becaise almost every one of them is bought and paid for by AIPAC or other Isreali based lobbyists.
We’re not their ally, we’re their proxy,and it would please them greatly if we spend the next hundred years warring with the Islamic nations. They were one of the strongest proponents of our destruction of Iraq, they pushed for us to bomb Syria, and they regularly start drumbeats against Iran.
Of course they can count on us to nix ANYTHING they don’t like in the UN.
Check out “USS Liberty” to see what kind of “ally” they are.

Comment by G Werder  on  08.12.2014

Remember President Reagan’s famous speech to korechoff? “Tear down this wall” in Germany?
If it was bad in Berlin then it should be bad anywhere else. US has watch Israel creating a concentration camps by building so many walls around Palestinians. Why doesn’t U.S. oppose those walls too? They have been built under Democrat and Republican presidents. Israel is one of the richest nations in the world. But they get hefty aides in form of military equipment from U.S. while we have starving people in the world including in US. Just think about it, all the wars in Middle East is always created by Israel and US. It seems like they don’t want anyone of those countries get ahead. However, their oil is always good enough. What US and Israel are doing to people in Middle is nothing but genocide. They installed democracy in Egypt and people elected a president. Then US and Israel decided they did not like the elected president and CIA set them up for a military coup. Doesn’t it seem like what US and Israel do are always OK, but anything someone else does they are considered terrorists. Let think and define terrorists. And then think how all the innocent people and children feel and then decide who is creating terror with heavy duty weapons, tanks, planes, helicopters, heavy duty supposedly smart missiles vs guns and dumb missiles. Take a look at the number of victims for each side. And then decide who keeps crying the blues all the time as well. See who is knowingly killing people in hospitals and schools. What do you call it when Israel builds walls around people, cut off their food source, bomb their only electric generating power plant, and so on? Genocide?

Comment by G. Dodd  on  08.12.2014

How can anyone who sides with an aligned supporter of Al Queada call themselves an “American Patriot”?

Comment by Patriot!  on  08.12.2014

But nevertheless, not an excuse for disgusting Hamas tactics.  I just get frustrated when people seem to characterize Israel as saintly victims.  While I establish that no one deserves terrorism in their lands, their actions do NOTHING to stem the pattern of violence.

Comment by Ali Boc  on  08.12.2014

For in truth, biased US-UK journalism is empowering the Israeli government’s effort to terrorize the Palestinian people into accepting gradual genocide as their land and resources are stolen. The hidden backstory is that this land grab cannot be conducted under conditions of peace. It requires Perpetual War; a phony, one-sided ‘war’ dominated by Israel’s perennial trump card: high-tech military power supplied by the United States.

Comment by pi**ed off jew  on  08.12.2014

Israel is committing war crimes and murder.’s PBS NewsHour reported that the Israeli’s shelled a United Nations run school in northern Gaza Strip, killing at least 15 people and injuring at least 150 more.  Murdering innocent kids at school - I’m sorry, there is absolutely no justification for that in today’s world.  Israel wants genocide, not peace.

Comment by modern genocide  on  08.12.2014

What civilian casualties?  Hamas fires rockets into Israeli air space and the Iron Dome shoots them down.  The ones that aren’t shot down fall to ground.  How many Israeli civilians have been killed in the last two months?  None?  Just those three teenage boys?  How many hundreds of civilians has Israel murdered?  Why did those four boys on the beach in Gaza have to be murdered by the IDF? Why do devalue the lives of Palestinian civilians, especially children?  In American’s mind are Israeli’s worth more than Palestinians? Do they?

Comment by Brian17  on  08.12.2014

Israel mess sure has got GFP readers eyes off the ball.
Don’t you know its just a distraction to keep your attentions off all the scandals of the American Government?

Comment by Look N. See  on  08.12.2014

It is campaign season and the candidate will do anything to get money from Jews for their campaign. My apologies, but American are so stupid allowing their government keep borrowing money to pay for all the wars it creates and has no business to be there. America keeps falling for British and Israeli’s dirty works. Just look back in past two decades. To be patriotic does not mean to be stupid. Wake up patriots.

Comment by James - Costa Rica  on  08.13.2014

To- Modern Genocide
We agree that news reports clearly state the United Nations is operating the schools that were bombed.  Correct?
That very fact makes the UN complicit in these actions I’m sure you would agree?
Now a lot of reports are confirming the schools and hospitals are being used to store the bombs and missiles that are being shot into Israel.

Comment by Plenty of Dirt for all  on  08.14.2014

To Plenty of Dirt for all
By no means I am in support of Hamas. I am talking about the people in Gaza in concentration camp. Let’s take a look,

U.S. has:
-Fighter Jets
-Smart equipped military vehicles
-Spy Satellites
-Smart missiles
-Nuclear weapons
-Chemical weapons
-CIA and Secret Intelligence
-weapon and guns
-Smart and well equipped arm forces
-and more

Israel has:
-Fighter Jets
-Equipped military vehicles
-Spy Satellites
-Smart missiles
-Nuclear weapons
-Chemical weapons
-Secret Intelligence
-weapon and guns
-Well equipped arm forces
-and more

Hamas has:
-Dumb missiles
-Maybe some secret intelligence

Gaza has:

Now tell me weather the killing of innocent children, woman and men by Israelis backed by US is justified. Israel and US should be able to pin point and get Hamas rather than dumb assly bomb places. What is the excuse for the school full of children and women run by UN and other helping agencies that was bombed by Israel? Especially when Israel was told about it?
We have to think smart. Let’s put the bible aside and look and see who are the big terrorists and killers. Israel always wants sympathy for what Hitler did to them and that is all we hear. There were more gays killed at the same time but we never hear about that! What about all the genocides in Africa and Bosnia and other places in the world? We never hear about them, why?

Comment by let us be real  on  08.14.2014

How many times in history has US given weapons and aid to the wrong side of the conflicts because US did not like the other side? Who do you think created Al-Qaeda, ISOL, Syrian Rebel who became ISSIS, Rebels in Africa, in Egypt, in Libya, in Ukraine, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Malaysia, in Iraq, and so on. All of them were called freedom fighter. When US was done these group got screwed by US and then US calls them terrorist.

Comment by Akbar  on  08.14.2014

U.S. = Smart
Israel = Smart
Hamas = Stupid
We have two smarts and one stupid. Do we do things stupid or smart? Get it?
Just watch the news when they show the families who have escaped from ISOL and walking and climbing while there are many big trucks right in their vicinity and beside them. Why aren’t they using the trucks to take the women and children to safe places? That is too easy isn’t it? If they do that then there is nothing to justify their existence there. That would make the military supply providers unhappy. Why do you think the price gasoline has come down in spite of the fact there are so many conflicts in Middle East? Answer: on purpose. Just to keep the American from complaining about the wars.  Taxpayers are paying the price for the oil companies which make billions of dollars in profit.

Comment by Nancy Prine  on  08.14.2014

So many opinions could go on all day. We can not win the war here on the comments of the GFP, so can we all just get along?  I like to see what’s happening in the local area and keep the war and peace talks over on CNN.  Peace.

Comment by Get your popcorn  on  08.14.2014

To Get your popcorn
Ok, let talk about the gasoline prices in your town. How much you are paying for it? Can you do without it? Where did it come from? And I can go on and on. Someone said American just don’t care. As long they get what they want, they don’t care how it got to them and what is took and how many people got killed. I like this site. I use the translate feature on top of the page and read it in my language. I have read you don’t like your local rulers and your schools why? I love to read it.

Comment by Reza Bahari  on  08.15.2014

How about coming close to home and talk about the military style forces which are used against American and journalists right now. What is happening to this country? Since GW every citizen is treated like a terrorist. The scare tactics started after 9/11. Remember the fake anthrax scares that were used to just scare the congress so they can go with their agenda? Who is the terrorist now?

Comment by JWK - San Fran  on  08.15.2014
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