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New 4-H Office in Glenville

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The Gilmer County Parks and Recreation are busy with upgrades and improvements to our facilities ever growing further use for our customers.

This will be the new home of the WVU 4-H office .

We were able to purchase one of the double wide from Gilmer County Board of Education this past September.

Thank you Gilmer County Board of Education for the purchase .

Help to make this project possible are the fine young men and women from Gilmer County’s High School Ag-Mechanics class under the direction of Mr. Nick Cox.

They started digging the footers last week and we hope to pour concrete on Tuesday .

Again thank you to both entity’s for your support for our community recreation center for without groups as yours we would have to dig a little harder to make this happen in the time frame given.

Thank you
Darrel Ramsey/Director

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GCEDA Broadband Public Meeting Notice

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As the lead economic development arm of the the Gilmer County Commission the GCEDA’s President Jeff Campbell provided the following information at last weeks County Commission meeting:

The Gilmer County Economic Development Association will be making an application, on behalf of the County, for a West Virginia Development Office Community Development Block Grant for Broadband Planning.

The WVDO has set aside $700,000 of funds for this year with grants due by October 31, 2017. 

A broadband planning grant for a county may be between the amounts of $50,000 to $75,000. 

The GCEDA has budgeted for the 2017 Fiscal Year - $10,000 to pursue a broadband grant/project a portion of which will be used for a consultant to handle the grant application and the remainder as a match on the grant to ensure we receive one. 

The majority of the county has negligible broadband, with the exception of those areas around the College or where Shentel has service. 

The planning grant would be used to create a engineering design for a wireless broadband project for Gilmer County, like Upshur/Randolphf/Barbour consortium.

The Upshur/Randolph/Barbour consortium was awarded a grant from the USDA for $3.0M for a fixed wireless solution which will serve 9,000 residents and businesses with between 10 and 100 megabyte downstream service from tower based wireless internet.

The application is currently underway with an initial public meeting on Wednesday, October 11th at 6:00 pm at the Glenville Inn. 

This is one of two mandatory meetings required by the CDBG process and will inform the public of the grant opportunity and take public comments. 

We would request all the Commissioners make the meeting if possible, but at least one attend. 

A second mandatory public meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 25th at 6:00 pm at the Glenville Inn where the application will be presented and further comments taken. 

Additionally the County Commission will need to adopt a Resolution at its second October meeting on October 20th in support of the grant application.

Jeff Campbell
President GCEDA

New Roof at Gilmer County Parks and Recreation Center

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The Gilmer County Parks and Recreation are so happy to have the help from this Glenville Boy Scout Troop.

They came and put on a new metal roof on a leaking building that needed attention badly.

Without there volunteering to do this I’m not sure when enough funds would have been raised to get it done.

It also helps one of the scout members to earn his Eagle Scout badge.

Thank you Glenville Scout Troop for all your hard word at the recreation center.

Thank you Darrel Ramsey / Director

CommunityImprovement™: GCFRN: Youth Mental Health First Aid

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On January 27, 2017 the Gilmer County Family Resource Network hosted a Youth Mental Health First Aid training program for our local public servants, including representatives from the Gilmer County Board of Education, Gilmer County High School and Gilmer County Elementary.

The training is designed for those who have regular interactions with our community’s youth.

The over goal of the training is to be able to identify, provide assistance, and help seek treatment for our youth that might be struggling with a variety of issues from simple frustration to more serious mental health conditions.

This training highlighted our community’s commitment to providing the best environment possible for our local youth.

The FRN wishes to express its gratitude to all that attended, and commends them for taking an active role in the healthy development of our community’s youth.

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

CommunityImprovement™: Gilmer County EDA Removes Abandoned, Dilapidated Building in Glenville

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The Gilmer County Economic Development Association (GCEDA), led by President Jeff Campbell, completed the demolition of an abandoned, severely dilapidated building in Glenville, on Tuesday.

“The removal of this property had been identified by local citizens as one of the highest priorities in town. It attracted crime, created a blind intersection, and was highly visible to residents,” said Jeff Campbell.

The GCEDA put a bid on the property in July at a public tax auction after the property had been vacant and abandoned for several years. After receiving a title deed proving their ownership in December, the GCEDA moved quickly to conduct asbestos testing and prepare for demolition.

“Glenville State College and the Gilmer County Unsafe Buildings & Lands Enforcement Agency were major partners in this effort. We worked with the Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center’s BAD (Brownfields, Abandoned, Dilapidated) Buildings Program to identify priority dilapidated properties and understand the legal and financial process to address them,” said Jeff. “Now that the GCEDA secured funding from its members with matching LED funds, and demolished the structure we plan to work with the community to reuse the property. Possibilities include a river access point, additional public parking, and working with the Department of Highways to widen River Street to make the area safer for drivers and pedestrians.”

“Seeing a severely dilapidated building come down and returned to a use that benefits the community is the goal of our work with organizations like the GCEDA all across the state,” said Luke Elser of the Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center. “Pointing toward tangible change in a community is very powerful and can spur significant investment. Glenville has the information and momentum needed to continue removing its blighted buildings and improving its town through partnerships with the GCEDA, Glenville State College, and local citizens and property owners.”

The Gilmer County Economic Development Association’s mission is to foster, promote, further and advance the social, cultural, agricultural, commercial, industrial, civic, economic, and general interest of Gilmer County, West Virginia, and its surrounding territory.


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CommunityConcernstrade;: Slide at Gilmer County Elementary School

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Submitted Photo

CommunityImprovement™: Crew Installing Field Grass on Sue Morris Sports Complex Baseball Field

CommunityImprovement™: Sue Morris Sports Complex in Glenville

Happening Now….

G-Eye™: Streets Getting Paved in Glenville

G-ComminityImprovement™: Duck Run Bridge Cleanup by LKRT

Duck Run Bridge in Glenville, WV
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Before Cleanup

The Free Press WV
After Cleanup

G-Eye™: Net installed at Glenville Golf Club

Net installed on Glenville Golf Club # 2 Tee on 04.25.16
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G-Eye™: Gilmer County Elementary School Under Construction

Gilmer County Elementary School in Glenville, WV on 04.20.16

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G-Eye™: Sycamore Road in Glenville, WV

Sycamore Road in Glenville, WV with New Paving‏
The Free Press WV

G-Eye™: Sycamore Road in Glenville, WV

Workers getting Sycamore Road ready to pave on 04.04.16

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