Lewis County

Lewis County

Zuccaro Ordered Back to Sharpe Hospital to Remain in Leg Shackles; Creating Frustration for Some

The Gilmer Free Press


The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources has collaborated with Brooke County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Barki to file a motion which will seek to move Rocco Zuccaro to a facility in South Carolina instead of back to Sharpe Hospital.


The West Virginia State Police will be adding up what it cost the agency to conduct a nearly two-day search for an escapee from Shape State Mental Hospital who will likely soon be returned to that same hospital.

Accused murderer Rocco Zuccaro, who took off from the Sharpe Hospital in Weston on Monday by climbing a 15-high brick wall and scaled a fence on his way off the property was captured Wednesday night about 15 miles away near Lost Creek in Harrison County.

West Virginia State police brought in troopers from different parts of the state to conduct the search and used the West Virginia State Police helicopter.

Zuccaro, who allegedly murdered a man in Brooke County in 2013, was ordered back to Sharpe Hospital by Brooke County Circuit Judge Ronald Wilson Thursday.

Brooke County Prosecutor Joe Barki said the judge had few options because Zuccaro had been ordered there previously for competency restoration.

Judge Wilson’s order said Zuccaro would be required to wear leg shackles at all times at Sharpe Hospital.

The exact return date will be worked out by regional jail and hospital officials.

Brooke County Sheriff Chuck Jackson said the decision to send Zuccaro back to Sharpe was frustrating.

“He just escaped Sharpe. Do I like him going back to Sharpe? Absolutely not. Would I rather have him in a regional jail setting? Absolutely.”

Prosecutors still hope to have Zuccaro on trial this June.

Governor Tomblin Announces Transportation Alternatives, Recreational Trails Program Grants

More than $5.6 million to assist with 42 projects across West Virginia
The Gilmer Free Press

CHARLESTON, WV – Governor Earl Ray Tomblin today joined representatives from the West Virginia Division of Highways and the Federal Highway Administration’s West Virginia Division Office to award over $5.6 million in Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) and Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grants to 42 projects across West Virginia. 

“Today’s grant presentations are the start of many anticipated infrastructure improvements in cities and towns across the Mountain State,” Governor Tomblin said. “These projects will not only help make communities safer, but also more accessible and enjoyable for the people who call them home.” 

The total grant funding was allocated as follows: 

The West Virginia TAP grant is administered as part of a federal program held in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It is a federal-aid program of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Recipients of the TAP grants include:


Martinsburg Train Station Corridor 2014 - $154,000


Madison Main Street Streetscape 2014 - $120,198


Beech Bottom Sidewalk Improvements 2014 - $144,000


Huntington Old Main Corridor 2014 - $350,000
Huntington Paul Ambrose Trail for Health Pedestrian Bridge 2014 - $500,000


Lewisburg Elementary School Safe Routes Project 2014 - $80,000
Lewisburg Feamster Road Sidewalk 2014 - $200,000
Rupert Sidewalk 2014 - $99,084
White Sulphur Springs Main Street Streetscape 2014 - $259,200


Romney Sidewalk & Streetscape 2014 - $214,720


Lost Creek Train Depot Renovations 2014 - $40,000
Shinnston Rail Trail Restoration 2014 - $184,206
West Milford Sidewalk Improvements 2014 - $96,000


Charleston Sidewalks in South Hills 2014 - $160,000
Dunbar 12th Street Streetscape 2014 - $205,344
St. Albans Streetscape 2014 - $245,000


Pleasant Valley Sidewalks 2014 - $160,000


Mason Sidewalk Improvements 2014 - $179,976


Morgantown City-wide Bicycle Signage & Facilities 2014 - $96,000


St. Marys Sidewalk Improvements 2014 - $152,000


Kingwood Sidewalks 2014 - $143,200


Poca Sidewalks 2014 - $119,429


Cairo Sidewalks 2014 - $100,000


Spencer Streetscape 2014 - $200,030


Paden City School Sidewalk Improvements 2014 - $80,000


Vienna Grand Central Avenue Streetscape 2014 - $127,881


Pineville River Drive Sidewalks 2014 - $200,000

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is also an assistance program of the FHWA and allows states to develop and maintain recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both non-motorized and motorized recreational trail use. Recipients of the RTP grants include:


Confederate Cemetery Recreational Trail - $80,000
Rainelle Recreation Trail: Phase II - $48,000


Trail Relocation - $24,200


Nature Trails-Phase II Trail Maintenance Equipment - $56,320
Kanawha County Trail System - $80,000
Kanawha County Trailhead Facility - $40,000


Golf Course Ridge Trail - $32,947


Wayne County Trailhead Facility - $40,000


Wellness Trails - $120,000


Mon River/Caperton Trail Connector-Star City River Landing - $96,000
Collins Ferry Road: Mon River Trail Connector - $60,000
Foundry Street Linkage-Downtown to Rail-Trail - $34,320


Deckers Creek Trail Surface Repair Project - $101,376


Tucker County Rocks! - $120,000

Wayne/Kanawha/McDowell/Mingo/ Wyoming 

Wayne County Trail System - $80,000

The Escapee from Weston Sharpe Hospital Is Captured

The Gilmer Free Press

BRIDGEPORT, WV – The accused murderer from Pennsylvania who escaped from Sharp Mental Hospital in Weston, Lewis County, WV earlier this week is back in police custody.

West virginia State Police said Rocco Zuccaro, age 30, of Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, was apprehended in the McWhorter area of Harrison County on Wednesday night.

State Police said Sgt. J.M. Menendez found Zuccaro hiding in tall grass near a natural gas facility.

Law enforcement officers from across West Virginia were searching the McWhorter area because of multiple reports from people who had spotted Zuccaro.

Zuccaro, who is being held on the North Central Regional Jail, will be charged with felony escape Thursday morning.

The search for him started Monday afternoon when he escaped from William R. Sharpe, Jr. Hospital in Weston where he was undergoing a psychological evaluation ahead of a possible trial for the 2013 shooting death of a Brooke County man, Jason Pratz.

In addition to West Virginia State Police, the West Virginia National Guard, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Police, the Weston Police Department, the U.S. Marshal Service and other law enforcement agencies were part of the search for Zuccaro.

2015 WV Counties’ Health Ranking

The Gilmer Free Press

SAND FORK, WV – Pendleton County ranked healthiest in West Virginia, according to the 2015 County Health Rankings.

The report was eleased Wednesday, by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

The five healthiest counties in West Virginia, starting with most healthy, are Pendleton, Jefferson, Monongalia, Pleasants, and Upshur.

The five counties in the poorest health, starting with least healthy, are McDowell, Wyoming, Mingo, Logan, and Mercer.

The rankings are a comparison of health in nearly every county in the United States.

The counties in each state are compared among 30 factors that influence health including education, housing, violent crime, jobs, exercise, and diet.

This year’s rankings showed that the healthiest counties in each state have higher college attendance, fewer hospital stays, and better access to gyms and parks.

he least healthy counties have more smokers, more teen births, and more alcohol related car crash deaths.

Area Counties Health Rankings (Better to Worst)
4th——-  Pleasants
5th——-  Upshure
11th—— Ritchie
12th—— Wirt
17th—— Barbour
26th—— Tyler
27th—— Braxton
30th—— Calhoun
33rd—— Wetzel
34th—— Harrison
37th—— Roane
40th—— Clay
43rd—— Webster
45th—— Lewis
46th—— Nicholas

Click H E R E to see the Entire Detailed Report/Data

Make It Shine Day Saturday, April 04, 2015;Cleanup in Weston is April 06-10, 2015

The Gilmer Free Press

Volunteers will meet at 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 04, 2015 at Garton Plaza to begin cleaning up during Weston’s Make It Shine day.

There are several dozen people volunteering for the cleanup.

The event is done in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Protection’s state-wide cleanup efforts.

It is also done in preparation for Weston’s 5K Walk Run on Saturday, April 11, 2015.

Volunteers will pick up trash along Brown Avenue, and through the route of the annual Walk Run.

Normally, it takes the morning to clean up along the route. 

Organizers also suggest that it would be helpful to the effort to sweep sidewalks, which are dirty from winter cinders.

The Weston Street Department will start sweeping the streets but having sidewalks cleaned provides easy walking for residents.

This year volunteers will be expanding their efforts to work on Arnold Avenue and the Old City Cemetery.

This will be done as a project coordinated by the Weston Better Buildings Committee.

The Arnold Avenue area is one of those neighborhoods noted in the Better Buildings survey as having a multitude of bad buildings.

As a benefit to our Weston residents, the Weston Street Department will also be picking up refuse at Weston residents’ home April 06-10, 2015.

Residents must call the City Building at 304.269.6141 by Friday April 03 to make a reservation for pickup.

There are a few restrictions on the pickup.

The Street Department can only make one trip to a household and only one small truckload per household can be picked up.

The department will not pickup up items which the trash company will not pick up either.

Mountain State Waste is also helping the City on this project.


The Gilmer Free Press



The State of West Virginia will forever be indebted to those pioneer families who sacrificed to create farms from the daunting wilderness, producing the products so essential to the existence of the State’s residents.

Today, descendants of many of these first families continue to produce food on the same land as their forefathers, contributing significantly to the State’s economy.

The State of West Virginia is further indebted to the generations of farm families who have maintained the farms throughout the centuries following those original agricultural enterprises.

A major portion of our current culture, traditions, and values stems from this agricultural heritage.

To honor those families who have continuously farmed the same tracts of land for at least one hundred years, the West Virginia Association of conservation Districts has initiated the West Virginia Century Farm Program.

To qualify as a Century Farm:

    (1) the same family must have maintained ownership (title of the land) for a minimum of 100 consecutive years,

    (2) the farm must consist of at least ten acres of the original land holdings,

    (3) the farm must gross at least $1,000.00 annually from farm products, and

    (4) a family member must live on the farm or be an integral part of the day-to-day operation of the farm enterprise.

Those agricultural operations selected as Century Farms will receive a plaque and an outdoor sign for display.

Application forms for the West Virginia Century Farm Program are available at the West Fork Conservation District, 87 Ollie Lane Suite 104 , Mt. Clare, WV 26408, 304.627.2160.

** Completed applications must be submitted to the District no later than April 01, 2015

Search Continues for Escaped Accused Killer, Some Area School on Code Yellow

The Gilmer Free Press

Weston, WV – The search continued Tuesday for the Pennsylvania man and accused murderer who escaped from the William R. Sharpe, Jr. Hospital in Lewis County, one of two state mental hospitals.

Rocco Jesse Zuccaro, age 30, of Burgettstown, PA, was last seen after 4:00 PM Monday at the Weston facility where he was undergoing a psychological evaluation ahead of a possible trial for the 2013 murder of Jason Pratz, age 30, in Brooke County, WV.
Rocco Zuccaro

“He scaled a brick wall that was 12 to 15 feet high, then darted across a parking lot and climbed a chain link fence and then got into the wooded area around the hospital,” said Lt. Michael Baylous, State Police spokesperson.”

Area Counties police officials suspect might be in the area.

Brooke County Sheriff Chuck Jackson suspects Zuccaro might be fleeing in his area as well.

Zuccaro was considered armed and dangerous.

“We don’t know the circumstances here. We don’t know if he had help. Someone could have very easily helped him and had a weapon for him somewhere or he could have broken into a house and gotten a weapon. We just don’t know,” Baylous said.

“There’s a lot of unanswered questions so, to be safe, it’s best to consider him dangerous.”

There are no indications of where Zuccaro could be.

“All we could do is start out with a narrow focus and then expand from there,” Baylous said.

Anyone with information about Zuccaro’s location can contact their local State Police detachment or call 911.

“He is very capable of cognitive thought. He is very capable of planning. If he’s out on the run, he’s very capable of making his way through the woods, and stealing clothing, or whatever he needs to do,“ Jackson said.

Zuccaro is accused in the 2013 shooting death of Jason Lee Pratz, age 30.

Last month he was found incompetent to stand trial.

He is about six feet tall, weighs 175 pounds and was last seen wearing ripped black pants, a dark blue or black pullover shirt and glasses.

He has dark hair and a mustache.

In Gilmer County the schools operated on a code “Yellow”.

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

Get your facts straight, please—this ignorance is very dangerous.  He has not been found guilty, he was not carrying a weapon, and speculation is not fact. He was refused mental help long before this shooting. He has been denied medical treatment for his illness while imprisioned and denied a fair and speedy trial for the past two years. He wants to go to trial to prove his innocence, but it doesn’t appear that is on the agenda for our Legal system.

By Dinda - Weirton, WV  on  03.25.2015

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WV State Police Is Search for Runaway Accused Killer from Weston Sharp’s Hospital

The Gilmer Free Press

WESTON, WV – West Virginia State Police are looking for an accused murderer Monday night after he walked away from a State Mental Hospital in Weston, Lewis County earlier in the day.

Rocco Jesse Zuccaro, age 30, of Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, is believed to have escaped at 4:20 PM from the William R. Sharpe, Jr. Hospital.

“He’s been described as a white male, six foot tall, about 170 pounds, wearing black pants that had a rip on the left pant leg and a dark blue or black pullover shirt, glasses. He has dark hair and a mustache,” Lt. Michael Baylous with the State Police said. “We’re unsure of what direction he took off when he escaped.”

Police believe Zuccaro to be dangerous and warn not to approach him, rather, call West Virginia State Police or 911 if he is encountered.

He is supposed to be wearing both a dark shirt and dark pants with a rip in the left leg.

Zuccaro is accused of murdering Jason Lee Pratz, age 30, who was found shot to death inside his home in February 2013 in Brooke County.

Late in February of this year, he was found mentally incompetent to stand trial, and was admitted to a mental institution.

“He has ties to [Burgettstown and Brooke County], but he could be anywhere,” Baylous said. “The most important thing is if anyone encounters him, they need to contact the West Virginia State Police by phone or in person immediately, or dial 911.”

Crystal Devon Sipe

The Gilmer Free Press

Crystal Devon Sipe

Age 43, of Wright Street, Weston, WV passed away at 6 PM on Tuesday March 17, 2015 in the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital in Weston.

She was born in Clarksburg, WV on July 20, 1971 a daughter of the late Clifford Barker and Linda Hitt Ables of Weston.

On August 25, 2006 she married Robert Wayne Sipe and they celebrated eight years of marriage.

In addition to her husband, she is survived by one son Tucker Wade Barker; stepdaughter, Whitney Sipe; two brothers: Robert Wilson Barker of England and Robert Lynn Smith II of Weston; two sisters: Rachel Barker of VA and Sarah Barker of Charleston.

In addition to her father, she was preceded in death by two sons: Dillion and Dakota Barker.

Crystal was employed by the Dairy Queen in Weston. She enjoyed reading and watching movies.

Crystal’s request for cremation has been honored.

Friends and family will gather at the Pat Boyle Funeral Home and Cremation Service at 144 Hackers Creek Rd. in Jane Lew from 1-2 PM on Sunday March 22, 2015.

A Memorial Service will follow at 2 PM with Reverend Wease Day officiating.

The Pat Boyle Funeral Home and Cremation Service is honored and privileged to serve the family of Crystal Sipe.

Audra Bell Vannoy

The Gilmer Free Press

Audra Bell Vannoy

Agge 90, of Walkersville, WV passed away Wednesday, March 11, 2015, at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital in Weston.

She was born July 27, 1924, at Orlando, WV: a daughter of the late James Orvil and Ertha Deltha Bennett Blake.

She was preceded in death by one sister and four brothers.

Surviving are her daughter, Iva Jane White of Walkersville; sister, Madelene (Steve) Sovolewski of Rachel; two brothers, Robert Arnold (BEtty) Blake of Weston and Homer Lewis (Mary) Blake of Walkersville; and four nieces and four nephews.

She was a homemaker and enjoyed gardening, canning and sewing.

Funeral services were held at 2 PM Sunday, March 15, at the Alkire Funeral Chapel in Ireland, with Rev. Jay Burkhart officiating.

Interment was in the Mitchell Cemetery.

The Alkire Funeral Chapel of Ireland, is in charge of the arrangements.

G-Eye™: Leading Creek Governance Board Meeting - 03.10.15

A MUST Watch Meeting

This meeting is very important to watch because it clears a lot of misinformation in the communities
and answers a lot of question regarding:

Troy Elementary School in Gilmer County, Alum Bridge Elementary School in Lewis County
and the first inter-county elementary school in West Virginia, the Leading Creek Elementary School

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

Lovely little meeting. A well orchestrated piece of fluff proving there has been absolutely no effort on the part of President Simmons to stop the long bus rides for Gilmer County students or to look out for rural communities.

Gabe Devono tells everyone we don’t have to send children to that Leading Creek school.  To just send him a letter asking for your child to attend Gilmer County School.  If he means it then how can they talk about how many Teachers will be hired over there? He says he doesn’t know how many will go there to parents and citizens but gives Heinline exact numbers???

Why would he send Bill Simmons to Charleston for two weeks and how much did that cost us? When did he ask or even tell the Gilmer County BOE?  At least Joe Mace said he had to take everything back to his five member board.Devono’s already on the payroll, why didn’t he go?

The real truth was in the last line. All this preening has to be approved by the Lewis County BOE.Gilmer just makes suggestions. BTW, when did Berkhardt get to be Lewis County BOE President? Thought it was Mr. Dericho?

By What Misinformation? The Truth Comes Clear  on  03.18.2015

No help for the rural Normantown, Rosedale, Stumptown, Perkins, Orton, Cox’s Mills, Orma, Auburn, Burnsville, Hubcap Corner, Forks of Ellis, Indian Run, Bloody Run, Tanner and so on.  As long as Charleston wants it then it appears to be fine with your board president. He tells it everything is fine with the Gilmer County board. Is that so?  Over in Lewis County the board is happy according to Beth B. and Gabe are old friends. Another new school with all the staff they want just makes their day.Sounds good but who will pay for what’s above formula? Maybe they’ll just RIF. Gilmer paid for the architect.

Brent Boggs went to school under Mace did you hear that? Some feel bad for what Brent Boggs did to Gilmer.  Not everybody’s as happy about this school in Linn as they want you all to think. Most refused to send their fifth and sixth graders forcing Mace to change his mind. Four months from now we will see how it all shakes out.

By Count on It  on  03.18.2015

Over 50 views of this meeting but only 2 comments?
Come on - go ahead say what you are thinking.
More of GC on the same page than you think.

By JK  on  03.18.2015

Been hearing that Lewis County wanted a new school closer to Weston, even had the site chosen, just west of Camden.  Then the Linn school deal came along and Lewis County was told if you don’t go along with this Linn School, you might not get anymore school dollars.
Coerce? Force? Cajole?
So now, the Linn School will have 5th & 6th grades, but none of those students will be from Lewis county.
The 5th & 6th grade will only be the children from Gilmer county.
I would say the state planners cannot plan.

By behind the sceens say  on  03.18.2015

This is some great news Mr. Devano, that we will be able to keep our children in Gilmer schools with their friends. 
It will save a lot of driving for some of us parents who have to work, drop off and pick up our children.
We were dreading all the extra running out to Linn with our kiddies in school there.
Thank you Mr. Devano.

By concerned parent  on  03.18.2015

This is not inter-county governance.  It’s a state conceived, state run meeting. When were the tax payers asked anything about it? Only state approved players have a voice when it comes to Gilmer County schools. Sounds like Lewis County has the final word on everything anyway.

By Sybil T.  on  03.18.2015

Mr. Devono makes it seem there is not much incentive to work at this school. Go in with zero seniority so no upward mobility possible and if an employee leaves without the blessing of Lewis County there’s none to take with them? If Lewis lets them go then come back here and bump someone if they can? Since all that seems to matter is a new building then there should be a long list of success stories when it comes to education throughout the state. There’s not. Maybe the Governor’s new Teachers with no degrees will do better.

By Wow  on  03.19.2015

Spending money to make a favored few richer is the State’s mission.

Where is the evidence that what has happened in intervened counties resulted in any better educations for students?

The evidence is simply not there and the Governor, the WV Legislature and the WVBOE know it. All of them are parties to the mess.

By Corruption Is Alive and Well  on  03.19.2015

The widespread anger in Gilmer County and in other counties where intervention has occurred is caused by lack of trust in the State.

The reset button should be hit for a fresh start.

Will that happen. No, it won’t because the State does anything it wants to do, and there is no real say in anything at the local level.

By Preston County  on  03.19.2015

It all deals with power, money and greed.

Keep all the kids in Gilmer County to go to the Hays City school and there will be more vehicle traffic out there to benefit local businesses along the way.

It has nothing to do with doing what is best for children. Intervention never has been and never will be designed to benefit children.

By Mike B.  on  03.19.2015

All of what equipment? How many kids have IPODS or Kindles to take home?  Mr. Blankenship didn’t pass much around. Some want to know how much he gave away.  Remember, he left here with a car radio after buying new ones for the buses. Anybody going to hold him accountable?

By Oh There's a Need  on  03.19.2015

Mingo, Logan, Gilmer, Fayette and any other counties that have had to deal with state intervention.  You need to join forces.  There is power in numbers. 
You all ready know the interventionists do not and will not listen to you.
They believe they are the all mighty themselves.
But you have enough information and have enough sense to work with the legislators to do something.
That 2016 election is not far off.
A LOT of the education problem belongs to just one family name.
Keep this kicked up and stirred up and put these politicians running education away.  You can collectively do it.
You can know the Republican takeover of the Legislature was due in a large part to all of our education problems.  West Virginia is sick of poor education and of *them*.
This battle is not over.  Its just begun.

By think about it  on  03.19.2015

Bus radios, telephone systems, kindles, I-pods, computers and what more?
Radios to friends. Missing computers.  Who & where are the I-pods.
Select students given kindles?
Where is all of the taxpayer purchased equipment?

Thousands of dollars spent just since state appointed superintendents in charge.
It continues.  Is superintendent #2 covering for superintendent #1?

School employees know well what has happened to the equipment.  Please speak up.  Its your tax dollars too!

By Harold R.  on  03.19.2015

There is no doubt that WV’s lingering education mess contributed to the political upheaval last November.

My question for someone to hopefully answer, is what did the new WV Legislature do to contribute to meaningful improvements?

Another question is can we get names of Delegates and Senators and what they did to hold WV back in education improvements so we can begin to get that information out to voters for the 2016 election?

This war for WV’s children will not be won with a single decisive battle. Instead, it will be a war of attrition for citizens to win.

By R. D. Smith---Logan County  on  03.20.2015

School system employees know about missing equipment and equipment never used. They know lots of things in need of correction, but they are forced to keep quiet.

They know about the long lag time in getting technical help, if it ever comes, when something needs fixed, upgraded or installed.

If you are in the right place in the peck order you get help when needed. If not, you have to try to get by.

If you want to speak out you feel threatened. The County’s school board is muzzled so it won’t get involved.

There is no place to turn to try to get any of the situation improved while the County’s money is wasted and children pay the price for the mismanagement.

By Fear Drives The School System  on  03.21.2015

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Charles Edward “Eddie” Morris

The Gilmer Free Press

Charles Edward “Eddie” Morris

Age 84, of Weston, WV passed away at 3:15 PM on Saturday March 14, 2015 in the Crestview Manor Nursing Home in Jane Lew following an extended illness.

He was born in Clarksburg, WV on December 05, 1930 a son of the late Aubrey Morris and Lorree Dodson Morris Oldaker.

On December 17, 1962 he married the former Louise Clark and they celebrated 42 years of marriage before her passing on June 14, 2005.

He is survived by two children: Pamela Morris of Buckhannon and John C. Morris and wife Deena of Weston; foster daughter, Rosie Carder and husband Denny of Sassafrass; two grandchildren: Tamber Dawn Morris and John Tyler Morris; three step grandchildren: Brandace Sellers and companion Frank, Charla Sellers Chipps and husband Eric, and Chelsea Sellers Jones and husband Bubby; stepfather, Elza Oldaker, who raised him; and Jordan, his German Shepherd, who misses him dearly.

Ed was an honored veteran of the United States Air Force and served in the Korean War. He was later employed by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department then retired from Craig Motor Company/Fisher Auto Parts in Weston with 42 years of service.

Friends and family will gather at the Pat Boyle Funeral Home and Cremation Service at 144 Hackers Creek Road in Jane Lew from 11 AM -12 Noon on Tuesday March 17, 2015.

Funeral Services will follow at 12 Noon from the Pat Boyle Funeral Home Chapel with Reverend Roby Dukish officiating.

Interment will follow in the Friendship Cemetery in Berlin.

Full military honors will be accorded by the United States Air Force and the Lewis County Honor Guard.

The Pat Boyle Funeral Home and Cremation Service is honored and privileged to serve the family of Ed Morris.

Kenneth R. Cottrill

The Gilmer Free Press

Kenneth R. Cottrill

Age 86, of 543 Berlin Road Weston, WV passed away on Sunday, March 15, 2015 in Crestview Manor Nursing Home of Jane Lew following an extended illness.

He was born in Lewis County, WV on September 05, 1928: son of the late Wayne Cottrill and Anna (Gum) Cottrill.

On August 20, 1949, he married Mildred I. (Waugh) Cottrill, who survives.

Mr. Cottrill is also survived by three daughters: Margie (Lowell) Smith of Buckhannon, Susie (Chuck) Landsettle of Calcutta, OH and Ronda (Steve) Osburn of Buckhannon, 4 grandchildren: Chad Landsettle, Stephanie Groves, Whitney Chapman and Breanna Smith and six great grandchildren: Kasey Davis, Danner and Stevie Groves, Logan and Marisa Landsettle and Lakelyn Chapman.

In addition to his parents, Kenneth was preceded in death by one brother: Roger Cottrill, two sisters: Margaret Morrison and Madeline Gordon and one infant brother.

Mr. Cottrill retired as linesman with C & P Telephone Company with 33 years of service and after his retirement was a consultant with Thomas and Betts. Earlier he worked with B & O Railroad.

Kenneth was a member of the Stonecoal United Methodist Church of Weston.

He was a charter member of the East Weston Lion’s Club, member of the Telephone Company Pioneers and an honorary lifetime member of the Jaycees. Kenneth was a member of Weston Lodge #10 AF & AM and the Nemesis Shrine of Parkersburg. He also was a driver for Meals On Wheels at the Lewis County Senior Center of Weston, WV.

Family and friends will be received at the Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home 730 N. Main Avenue Weston on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 from 4-8 PM.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday at 11 AM from the Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home chapel with Reverend Bob King officiating.

Interment will follow services in the Weston Masonic Cemetery of Weston, WV.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Stonecoal United Methodist Church 1251 Old Route 33 Weston, WV 26452or the Lewis County Senior Center 171 W. 2nd Street Weston, WV 26452.

Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home of Weston is honored to serve the family of Kenneth R. Cottrill.

Pauline Whelan Kurtz

The Gilmer Free Press

Pauline Whelan Kurtz

departed this earthly world on Friday, March 13, 2015, with her loving husband of 63 years, David H. Kurtz, by her side.

Born May 30, 1933 in Weston, WV to Paul Joseph and Mabel Nixon Whelan, who preceded her in death, she was also preceded in death by her older sister Mary Catherine Chapman and younger brother Dannie Paul Whelan.

Mother to Constance S. Kurtz of Weston and Laura Kurtz Kuhns of Fairmont, who survive along with son-in-law Donald, she was beloved grandmother to Sarah Virginia (Boyd) Fallon and great-grandmother to Abigail, Emily and Joshua, all of Weston. Also surviving are her nieces and nephew, Melissa Whelan Woody (husband David) of Weston, Susan Chapman Daugherty of Parkersburg, and Randall Chapman (wife Carol), along with several grand-nieces and nephews, and sister-in-law and her husband, Sheila and William Hicks of Jane Lew.

A graduate of Weston High School Class of 1951, Pauline lived briefly in Germany with Dave during his stint in the US Army, and later accompanied him throughout his adventures in stock car racing in the 1950s. Later they became state skeet champions and enjoyed fishing, camping and golfing together. She worked with Dave at his gun shop, Dave’s Sport Shop, throughout the sixties and seventies, and later worked for the local cable company in Weston and Sutton. After closing the sport shop, she and Dave spent time in Marco Island, Florida, where they enjoyed fishing and boating.

In the early 1990s, she and Dave opened a popular local restaurant and bar, Eli’s, which they operated for 10 years. She also worked with him later in his most recent business in Weston, and after retiring in recent years, greatly enjoyed spending time with her great-grandchildren and other family members and Peg, her devoted Boston Terrier (her other Boston, Buster preceded her in death).

A Catholic by faith, Pauline’s life will be celebrated with a graveside memorial on Monday, March 16,2015 at 1:00 PM at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens of Jane Lew, WV with Reverend J. Stephen Vallelonga as celebrant.

Interment will follow services.

Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home of Weston is honored and privledged to serve the family of Pauline Whelan Kurtz.

Glen David Burkhammer

The Gilmer Free Press

Glen David Burkhammer

Age 65, of Weston, WV passed away on Friday, March 06, 2015 following an extended illness.

He was born in Weston on July 12, 1949: a son of the late Glen Burkhammer, Sr. and Pauleen (Tomey) Burkhasmmer.

Mr. Burkhammer is survived by one brother: Steven Burkhammer and wife Elsie, one sister: Betty Griffith and husband Ron, three sons: Glen Junior Burkhammer and wife Christina and John Henry Burkhammer both of Wooster, OH and Jason David Burkhammer of Mount Vernon, OH and one daughter: Betty Sue Weimer of Weston. He is also survived by several grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

He was thrice married: first to Edna Sue Garrison, who preceded him in death, second, Phyllis (Rupe) Burkhammer, and third: Tammy Montgomery who both survive.

Mr. Burkhammer was a self -employed mechanic and cut right-of-ways for oil and gas companies. He worked as a custodian for the Lewis County Board of Education and worked at the Lewis County Senior Center as a van driver. He also was a custodian and groundskeeper for the Lewis County Park and drove taxi for the city of Grafton.

Mr. Burkhammer was a veteran serving in the United States Navy with the Seals. He loved the outdoors: hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and nature walks. He loved to dance and riding motorcycles. He was always willing to lend a hand to help those in need. He was a loving father, grandfather, brother and uncle. He was a hard worker and good provider for his family and touched many hearts with his kindness and generosity.

At Mr. Burkhammer’s request, he will be cremated.

At a later date, an interment will be held at the West Virginia National Cemetery of Pruntytown, WV.

Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home of Weston is honored to serve the family of Glen David Burkhammer.

Larry G. Metz

The Gilmer Free Press

Larry G. Metz

Age 77, passed away March 13, 2015 at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, Pittsburgh.

He was born December 05, 1937 in Braxton County, WV a son of the late George Metz and Hallie Steele Metz.

He was preceded in death by brothers, Rex Metz and Bobby Bailey, and sisters, Marie Thompson and Lucille Bailey.

Larry is survived by his wife of 56 years, Helen Whitesel Metz; sons, Trent Metz and wife, Lisa of Sutton and Brent Metz and wife, Connie of Raleigh, NC: daughter, Kelli Metz Norman of Parkersburg, sisters; Ethlene Duckworth of Gassaway, Judy Pumphrey and husband, Bert, Peggy Kniceley and husband, Charlie, Jeannie Burke and husband, Steve; brother, Sammy Bailey and wife, Janice all of Weston.

Grandchildren; Broc Metz of Sutton, Cord Metz and wife, Kelsey of Burnsville, Josh Metz and wife, Amory of Raleigh, NC, Courtney Metz of Raleigh, NC, Codi Norman and wife, Abby of Parkersburg, and Caleb Norman of Parkersburg; 4 great grandchildren, Ava Adams and Brantley Norman of Parkersburg, Teagan Metz of Sutton, and Monterae Metz of Burnsville. Also survived by several nieces and nephews.

He retired from CSX Railroad with 33 years of service. He was a sergeant in the Army National Guard. He was the owner of Western Steer, Sports Connection, Sears Catalog Service and Helen’s Fabric.

He was a member of the Gassaway Masonic Lodge for 50 years and a member of Gassaway Baptist Church.

Service will be 2 PM Monday, March 16, 2015 at the Gassaway Baptist Church with the Reverend Mark Stump officiating.

Burial with military rites will be in the Metz Family Cemetery at Chapel.

Friends may call from 6 to 9 PM Sunday, March 15, at the Gassaway Baptist Church.

Arrangements by Richard M. Roach Funeral Home, Gassaway.

Lincoln Wright Griffith

The Gilmer Free Press

Charles and Brittany Griffith of Weston, WV announce the birth of their son, Lincoln Wright Griffith.

He was born Saturday, February 21, 2015 at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital of Weston.

The little boy weighed 7-pounds, 8-ounces.

He has one sibling, Rhylee Morgan Griffith.

The mother is the former Brittany Lee and is an OB RN at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The father is chief administrative officer at Maple Grove Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center.

Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. James T. Lee of Augusta, WV.

Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mr.s Paul Griffith of Vienna, WV.

Brooklyn Paige Davisson

The Gilmer Free Press

Brian Davisson and Daisy Montgomery of Weston, WV announce the birth of their daughter, Brooklyn Paige Davisson.

She was born Sunday, January 11, 2015 at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital of Weston.

She is the couple’s first child.

The little girl weighed 7pounds, 11-ounces.

The mother is a medical assistant and father is a mechanic.

Maternal grandparents are John Montgomery and Tammy Eagle, both of Weston, WV.

Paternal grandmother is Peggy Davisson. of Weston, WV.

Andrea Leigh Spore

The Gilmer Free Press

Calvin Spore of Buckhannon, WV and Joyce Mayo of Horner, WV announce the birth of their daughter, Andrea Leigh Spore.

She was born Monday, January 05, 2015 at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital of Weston.

The little girl weighed 6-pounds, 14-ounces and is the couple’s first child.

Area Closings and Delays on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Status of Area Closings and Delays on Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Glenville State College    
Gilmer County Board of Education    
Gilmer County Courthouse    
Gilmer County Health Department    
Gilmer County Senior Center  
Gilmer County Schools 2 Hour Delay  
Braxton County Schools    
Calhoun County Schools 2 Hour Delay  >>TO  >> All Closed  
Doddridge County Schools 2 Hour Delay  
Lewis County Schools    
Ritchie County Schools 2 Hour Delay  
Barbour County Schools    
Clay County Schools    
Harrison County Schools    
Nicholas County Schools    
Pleasants County Schools    
Roane County Schools 2 Hour Delay  
Tyler County Schools 2 Hour Delay  
Upshur County Schools 2 Hour Delay  
Webster County Schools    
Wetzel County Schools    
Wirt County Schools    
Wood County Schools    

Please Send us your closings and delays:    or   304.462.8700

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