Doddridge County

Doddridge County

2017: WV High School Football Scoreboard: First Round of Playoffs

The Gilmer Free Press

Area High School Football Scoreboard
First Round of Playoffs
#16 South Charleston (4-7) 14 #16 Robert C. Byrd (6-5) 40 #16 Williamstown (5-5) 10
#1 Huntington (11-0) Saturday 44 #1 Mingo Central (11-0) Saturday 76 #1 East Hardy (11-0) Friday 14
#15 Morgantown (4-7) 0 #15 Braxton County (7-4) 14 #15 Richwood (6-5) 19
#2 Martinsburg (11-0) Friday 61 #2 Bluefield (11-0) Friday 46 #2 South Harrison (10-1) Friday 58
#14 Spring Mills (5-6) 7 #14 Weir (7-4) 12 #14 Fayetteville (6-5) 75
#3 University (11-0) Friday 37 #3 Bridgeport (10-1) Saturday 35 #3 Midland Trail (10-1) Saturday 35
#13 George Washington (5-6) 0 #13 Keyser (7-4) 12 #13 Pocahontas County (7-4) 29
#4 Spring Valley (9-2) Friday 31 #4 Fairmont Senior (10-1) Friday 34 #4 Tug Valley (10-1) Saturday 30
#12 Cabell Midland (6-5) 28 #12 Sissonville (7-4) 28 #12 Doddridge County (8-3) 14
#5 Musselman (8-3) Saturday 18 #5 Wayne (10-1) Saturday 54 #5 St. Marys (9-1) Saturday 44
#11 Wheeling Park (6-5) 21 #11 Winfield (8-3) 29 #11 Summers County (7-4) 28
#6 Capital (8-3) Friday 63 #6 James Monroe (8-3) Friday 0 #6 Webster County (9-2) Friday 0
#10 John Marshall (8-3) 42 #10 Philip Barbour (8-3) 14 #10 Wheeling Central (7-4) 34
#7 Parkersburg (7-4) Friday 35 #7 Point Pleasant (9-2) Saturday 63 #7 Cameron (9-2) Friday 20
#9 Hurricane (7-4) 52 #9 Nicholas County (8-3) 7 #9 Sherman (9-2) 37
#8 Hedgesville (7-4) Friday 21 #8 Liberty Harrison (9-2) Friday 27 #8 Madonna (8-3) Friday 14

2017: The Final High School Football Playoff Ratings from the WVSSAC


4SPRING VALLEY12.6823901669630
10JOHN MARSHALL8.7733252007215
11WHEELING PARK8.5643242586916
12CABELL MIDLAND7.8554033406018
13GEORGE WASHINGTON7.2552251775715
14SPRING MILLS7.1552112566011
16SOUTH CHARLESTON5.8461312614810
17ST. ALBANS5.646023332045
20PARKERSBURG SOUTH4.137019828536
24PRESTON HIGH SCHOOL2.928014734221
25GREENBRIER EAST2.528016233324
27WOODROW WILSON1.419011138412


1MINGO CENTRAL13.61005632029046
4FAIRMONT SENIOR12.2913811348438
6JAMES MONROE10.1823541747823
7POINT PLEASANT9.9824161527227
8LIBERTY (Harrison)9.6823512436927
9NICHOLAS COUNTY9.6823411566333
10PHILIP BARBOUR9.1822731886625
15BRAXTON COUNTY8.1732842046318
16ROBERT C. BYRD8643492715426
19NORTH MARION764037827557
23BERKELEY SPRINGS6.264032024145
25SHADY SPRING5.755020318245
26CLAY COUNTY5.364022316345
26OAK HILL5.355022528939
30HERBERT HOOVER3.237018134527
32WYOMING EAST2.328012730618
34RIVER VIEW2.128013636515
38OAK GLEN HIGH SCHOOL1.828018845918
39Lewis County1.319015930112
40EAST FAIRMONT1.11901283379
41MAN HIGH SCHOOL11901212819
42ROANE COUNTY001001523430
42LIBERTY (Raleigh)00100953730


1EAST HARDY10.91003961216940
2SOUTH HARRISON10.5914381135748
3MIDLAND TRAIL9.4913831346331
4TUG VALLEY9.3913191006033
5ST. MARYS9813761235130
6WEBSTER COUNTY8.9913221725732
10WHEELING CENTRAL7.3642791934528
11SUMMERS COUNTY 7.1642602003932
12DODDRIDGE COUNTY7.182397834823
13POCAHONTAS COUNTY6.2732691774517
18TYLER CONSOLIDATED4.855036126730
20VALLEY (Wetzel)4.764017521636
23MOUNT VIEW4.246026234230
24WIRT COUNTY3.755023627730
25NOTRE DAME3.646024338824
28MEADOW BRIDGE2.937012429718
29VALLEY (Fayette)2.837016728621
30TUCKER COUNTY2.337013426218
31PENDLETON COUNTY2.237024630218
32GREENBRIER WEST2.128018030812
33GILMER COUNTY237015131218
36TYGARTS VALLEY1.428015035812
36PADEN CITY1.428016737712
38RITCHIE COUNTY1.228012935212
40CALHOUN COUNTY00100744680

2017: High school football playoff pairings and times

Dates and times announced for the high school football playoff opening round games.



Friday, November 10 at 7:30 PM

# 15 Morgantown (4-6) at # 2 Martinsburg (10-0)

# 14 Spring Mills (5-5) at # 3 University (10-0)

# 13 George Washington (5-5) at # 4 Spring Valley (8-2)

# 11 Wheeling Park (6-4) at # 6 Capital (7-3)

# 10 John Marshall (7-3) at # 7 Parkersburg (7-3)

# 9 Hurricane (6-4) at # 8 Hedgesville (7-3)

Saturday, November 11 at 1:30 PM

# 16 South Charleston (4-6) at # 1 Huntington (10-0)

# 12 Cabell Midland (5-5) at # 5 Musselman (8-2)


Class AA Pairings

# 16 Robert C. Byrd (6-4) at # 1 Mingo Central (10-0)

# 15 Braxton County (7-3) at # 2 Bluefield (10-0)

# 14 Weir (7-3) at # 3 Bridgeport (9-1)

# 13 Keyser (7-3) at # 4 Fairmont Senior (9-1)

# 12 Sissonville (7-3) at # 5 Wayne (9-1)

# 11 Winfield (7-3) at # 6 James Monroe (8-2)

# 10 Philip Barbour (8-2) at # 7 Point Pleasant (8-2)

# 9 Nicholas County (8-2) at # 8 Liberty Harrison (8-2)


Class A Pairings

# 16 Williamstown (5-4) at # 1 East Hardy (10-0)

# 15 Richwood (6-4) at # 2 South Harrison (9-1)

# 14 Fayetteville (6-4) at # 3 Midland Trail (9-1)

# 13 Pocahontas County (7-3) at # 4 Tug Valley (9-1)

# 12 Doddridge County (8-2) at # 5 St. Marys (8-1)

# 11 Summers County (6-4) at # 6 Webster County (9-1)

# 10 Wheeling Central (6-4) at # 7 Cameron (9-1)

# 9 Sherman (8-2) at # 8 Madonna (8-2)

2017: Area High School Football Scoreboard: Week 11

The Gilmer Free Press

Area High School Football Scoreboard
2017: Week 11 Games
Gilmer County (3-7) 18 #11 Braxton County (7-3) 27
Meadow Bridge (3-7) 34 Sissonville (7-3) 34
Roane County (0-10) 20 #7 Parkersburg (7-3) 27
 Independence (6-4) 24 Parkersburg South (3-7) 24
#12 Robert C. Byrd (6-4) 20 Tyler Consolidated (5-5) 14
#13 Philip Barbour (8-2) 21 #5 St. Marys (8-1) 55
#8 Doddridge County (8-2) 67 #7 Cameron (9-1) 65
Parkersburg Catholic (0-8) 6 Hannan (2-8) 0
Wirt County (5-5) 8 Tolsia (2-8) 0
#10 Sherman (8-2) 55 #16 Williamstown (5-4) 42
Notre Dame (4-6) 14 Valley (Wetzel) (6-4) 45
Tucker County (3-7) 12 Paden City (2-8) 6
#2 South Harrison (A) (9-1) 40 #6 Webster County (A) (9-1) 8
#6 Liberty Harrison (8-2) 0 Clay County (6-4) 6
#14 Lincoln (6-4) 21 Buckhannon-Upshur (AAA) (3-7) 14
#4 Bridgeport (9-1) 56 Elkins (5-5) 47
#13 Richwood (A) (6-4) 7  
#10 Nicholas County (8-2) 42
BYE WEEK:  Calhoun County, Lewis County, Ritchie County

2017: Area High School Football Scoreboard: Week 10

The Gilmer Free Press

Area High School Football Scoreboard
2017: Week 10 Games
Gilmer County (2-6) Cancelled East Fairmont (1-8) 7
Parkersburg Catholic (0-6)   Saturday Cancelled  #11 Braxton County (7-2) 48
Clay County (AA) (6-3) 42 #7 Liberty Harrison (8-1) 35
Calhoun County (0-10) 6 Lewis County (1-9) 7
Ritchie County (A) (2-8) 15 #9 Lincoln (6-3) 6
Berkeley Springs (6-4) 57 Philip Barbour (7-2) 27
#1 South Harrison (8-1) 20 #5 St. Marys (7-1) 20
#2 East Hardy (9-0) 41 #13 Ravenswood (5-4) 10
Montcalm (3-5) 7 #7 Cameron (8-1) 52
#6 Webster County (8-1) 39 Bridgeport, OH 6
Notre Dame (3-6) 34 #11 Summers County (5-4) 14
#16 Clay-Battelle (6-3) 20 #15 Richwood (6-3) 28
Tygarts Valley (2-7) 6 Paden City (2-7) 20
Wirt County (5-4) 42 Beallsville, OH 35
#13 Nicholas County (7-2) 45 Mount View (4-6) 16
#12 PikeView (7-3) 14 Meadow Bridge (2-7) 22
North Marion (5-4) 46 Tyler Consolidated (5-4) 51
#15 Robert C. Byrd (6-3) 68 Valley (Wetzel) (5-4) 8
Ripley (AAA) (3-6) 44 Riverside (4-6) 30
Roane County (0-9) 14 #10 Parkersburg (6-3) 44
Parkersburg South (3-6) 28 Preston (2-7) 24
#14 Wheeling Park (5-4) 35 Buckhannon-Upshur (3-6) 3
BYE WEEK:  Bridgeport, Doddridge County, Williamstown

2017: Area High School Football Scoreboard: Week 9

The Gilmer Free Press

Area High School Football Scoreboard
2017: Week 9 Games
Hannan (2-6) 6 #12 North Marion (5-3) 28
Gilmer County (2-6) 46 #12 Braxton County (6-2) 30
Calhoun County (0-9) 18 #11 Valley (Wetzel) (5-3) 7
#6 Webster County (7-1) 53 #10 Doddridge County (7-2) 35
Wirt County (4-4) 40 Williamstown (4-4)  
Ritchie County (2-7) 6 Parkersburg Catholic (0-6)    Saturday  
#1 South Harrison (8-0) 43 Magnolia (3-6) 43
#3 St. Marys (6-1) 15 Tyler Consolidated (4-4) 21
Roane County (AA) (0-8) 14 Paden City (2-6) 12
#14 Ravenswood (5-3) 35 Van (4-5) 66
#4 Midland Trail (A) (8-1) 29 Beallsville, OH 25
Nicholas County (6-2) 34 #8 Cameron (7-1) 58
#4 Liberty Harrison (7-1) 14 Valley (Fayette) (3-6) 8
Robert C. Byrd (5-3) 48 Richwood (5-3) 41
#9 Keyser (5-3) 0 Elkins (3-5) 44
#5 Bridgeport (8-1) 30 #11 Lincoln (6-2) 45
Shady Spring (4-4) 31 #8 Hurricane (4-4) 7
Clay County (5-2) 6 #12 Parkersburg (5-3) 35
Philip Barbour (6-2) 24 Buckhannon-Upshur (3-5) 7
Lewis County (1-8) 22 Brooke (2-6) 28
Greenbrier East (1-7) 12    
Parkersburg South (3-5) 29    
BYE WEEK:  Notre Dame

Fall Foliage Report: Colors Approaching Peak

The Free Press WV

Fall color is approaching peak in parts of southern West Virginia, just in time for Bridge Day, which is scheduled for Saturday.

The state Division of Forestry along with the state Tourism Office released their fall foliage report Wednesday:

In the higher elevations, wind, rain and frost have brought many of the leaves of all species except oaks to the ground. Limited viewing opportunities remain in the eastern mountains as the oaks change to yellow. Most of the remaining color can now be found in southern and central West Virginia, along with parts of the Eastern and Northern Panhandles.

West Virginia counties and regions showing good color:

Berkeley (70%) — A good range of color can be found at Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area off Hampshire Grade Road.

Doddridge (75%) — U.S. 50 from Parkersburg to Clarksburg is a recommended drive.

Mercer (75%) — U.S. Route 19 from Princeton to Gardner is scenic.

Mingo (30%) — King Coal Highway is showing quite a bit of color.

Monongalia County (65%) — Coopers Rock State Forest on the Preston-Monongalia border is still colorful.

Morgan (60%) — Color is approaching peak just in time for the Berkeley Springs Fall Studio Tour—a driving tour of local art studios Oct. 21-22. The three-state panorama off W.Va. Route 9 and Detour Road is another good view.

Logan (40%) — Blair Mountain is showing quite a bit of color.

Nicholas (70%)— W.Va. Route 39 from Summersville to Gauley Bridge is a recommended drive.

Ohio (55%) —The maples along W.Va. Route 88 through Oglebay Resort are showing good color.

Ritchie (60%)—U.S. 50 from Parkersburg to Clarksburg is approaching peak color.

Taylor (65%) —Tygart Lake State Park is beautiful now. The oaks are still green but other trees are showing oranges, yellows and reds.

Featured #AlmostHeaven Road Trip: New River Gorge

Color is at 75% along U.S. Route 60 from Gauley Bridge to Ansted, where Hawks Nest State Park offers scenic overlooks of the New River Gorge. Some leaves have dropped from the higher elevations but the lower elevations are showing good colors in pockets. Spectators at this weekend’s Bridge Day festivities should see some fall colors in the gorge. This is a good time of year to visit Babcock State Park as well.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to continue sharing their favorite fall photos, moments and memories using #AlmostHeaven.

2017: Area High School Football Scoreboard: Week 7

The Gilmer Free Press

Area High School Football Scoreboard
2017: Week 7 Games
#14 Doddridge County (5-2) 38 #15 Nicholas County (4-2) 20
Gilmer County (0-6) 6 Braxton County (4-2) 28
#1 St. Marys (5-0) 61 Tyler Consolidated (3-3) 54
Calhoun County (0-7) 8 Ritchie County (2-5) 6
Roane County (0-6) 44 #15 Van (3-3)  
#3 Liberty Harrison (6-0) 59 Richwood (2-3)  Saturday  
Southern Garrett, MD 56 Parkersburg Catholic (0-5) 6
Notre Dame (1-6) 7 #4 Madonna (6-0) 43
#3 South Harrison (6-0) 57 #8 Webster County (5-1) 35
Tygarts Valley (1-5)  Thursday 0 Meadow Bridge (0-6) 14
Buffalo (1-5) 0 #10 Cameron (5-1) 58
Williamstown (3-4) 41 Conotton Valley, OH 0
Ravenswood (4-2) 38 #13 Clay-Battelle (5-1) 32
Wirt County (3-3) 14 Paden City (1-5) 7
#5 Bridgeport (6-1) 40 Hundred (0-6)     Forfeits due to lack of players 0
#10 North Marion (4-2) 22 Valley (Wetzel) (4-2) 1
Grafton (3-3) 21 Philip Barbour (5-2) 41
#16 Lincoln (4-2) 42 East Fairmont (0-6) 14
Robert C. Byrd (4-3) 28 Woodrow Wilson (1-6) 8
Elkins (3-3)   Thursday 24 #10 Parkersburg (4-2) 34
Parkersburg South (2-5) 28 Lewis County (AA) (1-6) 6
Brooke (1-5) 7 Buckhannon-Upshur (3-3) 14
BYE WEEK:  None in the Area

2017: Area High School Football Scoreboard: Week 6

The Gilmer Free Press

Area High School Football Scoreboard
2017: Week 6 Games
#7 Midland Trail (5-0)   #3 Liberty Harrison (4-0)  
Gilmer County (0-4)   #13 Braxton County (3-1)  
Calhoun County (0-5)   #14 Wirt County (3-1)  
#13 Clay-Battelle (3-1)   #16 Doddridge County (3-2)  
Ritchie County (2-3)   Williamstown (2-3)  
Ravenswood (2-2)   #1 St. Marys (3-0)  
Tolsia (1-4)   #15 Summers County (2-2)  
#4 South Harrison (4-0)   #5 Webster County (4-0)  
#14 Buckhannon-Upshur (AAA) (2-2)   Paden City (1-3)  
#6 Bridgeport (4-1)   #11 Cameron (3-1)  
#9 Mount View (3-2)   Parkersburg Catholic (0-3)  
Notre Dame (1-4)   Valley (Wetzel) (2-2)  
Robert C. Byrd (2-3)   #6 James Monroe (4-1)  
Lewis County (1-4)   #5 Nicholas County (4-0)  
East Fairmont (0-4)   Clay County (4-1)  
Lincoln (2-2)   Independence (1-4)  
Petersburg (2-3)   #12 Point Pleasant (AA) (4-1)  
Philip Barbour (3-2)   Parkersburg South (1-4)  
#14 Parkersburg (2-2)      
#12 Wheeling Park (3-2)      
BYE WEEK:  Richwood, Roane County, Tyler Consolidated

2017: Area High School Football Scoreboard: Week 5

The Gilmer Free Press

Area High School Football Scoreboard
2017: Week 5 Games
Calhoun County (0-5) 0 #15 Braxton County (3-1) 37
Tyler Consolidated (2-3) 63 Roane County (0-5) 16
Liberty Raleigh (0-4) 14 Ritchie County (2-3) 0
Clay County (4-1) 38 Doddridge County (3-2) 61
Moorefield (0-5) 3 #16 Ravenswood (2-2) 14
#2 South Harrison (4-0) 48 Williamstown (2-3) 52
Notre Dame (1-4) 26 #7 Cameron (3-1) 12
#4 Webster County (4-0) 48 Shenandoah, OH 28
#4 Liberty Harrison (4-0) 24 Richwood (2-3) 28
#14 Grafton (3-2) 21 #12 Pocahontas County (3-2) 13
#8 Bridgeport (4-1) 34 Paden City (1-3) 54
Robert C. Byrd (2-3) 20 Hundred (0-5) 6
Tucker County (A) (2-3) 6 Buckhannon-Upshur (2-2) 25  (2OT)
Philip Barbour (3-2) 35 Greenbrier East (1-4) 23
Marietta, OH 10 John Marshall (3-2) 40
Parkersburg (2-2) 45 Parkersburg South (1-4) 14
Lewis County (AA)  (1-4) 35    
 Preston (1-4) 14    
BYE WEEK:  Gilmer County, Lincoln, Meadow Bridge, Nicholas County, Parkersburg Catholic, St. Marys, Valley (Wetzel), Wirt County

Opioid Abuse Prevention Games of The Week

The Free Press WV

Attorney General Morrisey Announces Gilmer – Wirt As Opioid Abuse Prevention Game of The Week

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced his office will feature the Gilmer County vs. Wirt County and Calhoun County vs. Doddridge County gridiron matchups as an Opioid Abuse Prevention Games of the Week.

Throughout each week the initiative engages with student athletes, coaches, school officials and communities across West Virginia. Field representatives discuss the dangers of opioid use with the respective coaches and provide educational material for display and distribution in the schools to foster more discussion of the issue.

The week culminates with the Attorney General’s Office staffing an information booth at each of the select sporting events to distribute opioid abuse awareness materials.

“Alleviating the opioid scourge is vitally important to making our state the best it can be,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “This epidemic has taken too many of our young people and left children without parents. As long as we work together, we will make a difference.”

The initiative, now in its second year, is part of a broader partnership to tackle opioid use in high school athletics. It involves the Attorney General’s Office, West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission and the West Virginia Board of Medicine.

“I am excited to be partnering with the Attorney General’s Office to raise awareness for opiate abuse,” said Eric Cheeseman, athletic director at Wirt County High School. “It is my hope that through this initiative we can make students, parents, and our communities aware of the devastation that drug abuse brings.”

Opioid painkillers may temporarily relieve pain, but do nothing to address the underlying injury and can have serious side effects. The medication also carries striking similarities to heroin.

The Attorney General and his partners worry the unnecessary usage of opioid painkillers to treat athletic injuries could lead to increased dependence, abuse and addiction.

This initiative pushes other forms of pain management. Alternatives include physical therapy, non-opioid painkillers, acupuncture, massage therapy and over-the-counter medication.

Parents and caregivers are urged to discuss alternative treatment plans with their child’s healthcare provider. If an opioid proves necessary, they are encouraged to strictly use the medication as directed, closely monitor their child’s use, safely dispose of any unused pills and talk about the inherent dangers of misuse, abuse and sharing.

Attorney General Morrisey Announces Calhoun – Doddridge As Opioid Abuse Prevention Game of The Week

30 Counties Included in Severe Thunderstorm Watch

The Free Press WV

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center issued a severe thunderstorm watch at 12:40 p.m., an upgrade on a hazardous weather outlook issued Monday.


“We’ve got a strong cold front baring down over the area,” Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Bob Larson said. “The front has triggered storms that’ll be moving through. Any thunderstorm is likely to bring very heavy rainfall at the risk of flash flooding. There’s also the potential for damaging wind gusts as the storms move through.”

“They are fast moving, so we’re not expecting storms to linger through the night. After early evening storms, just a couple of leftover showers.”

Further south, the watch includes the counties of Barbour, Doddridge, Gilmer, Harrison, Lewis, Ritchie, and Upshur. In total, 30 West Virginia counties are listed under the watch, which expires at 9:00 p.m Tuesday night.

“It is a large watch area that extends 30 counties,” Larson said. “It also extends from here north through all of Western Pennsylvania. And north of there it becomes a tornado watch across western New York state. ”

“So, widespread area of severe weather today as this strong cold front moves through. The front dropping down from Ontario. It’ll be moving across New York state, Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and, of course, here through West Virginia.”

Larson said the rain will be heavy and the winds could be damaging, but said widespread flooding isn’t expected.

“There’s going to be heavy downpours, and there’s often the risk of flash flooding when this occurs,” he said. “The one saving grace is that the storms will be fast moving. It’s not the type of situation where storms stall and linger over a given community for hours on end. That’s when we have the real high risk of flooding. That’s not the case with these storms.”

Additionally, Larson said the speed with which the storms are likely to move will help avoid the risk of widespread flooding — but said the risk of flash flooding does exist.

“Quick downpours, certainly flooding in poor drainage areas, certainly the risk of flash flooding, but I don’t think we have rain lasting long enough for there to be widespread flooding,” he said.

It remains unclear exactly how strong wind speeds are projected.

Welcome Back to School and College - Students, Teacher, and Staff - 2017-2018

The Gilmer Free Press
The Gilmer Free Press
The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press
The Gilmer Free Press
The Gilmer Free Press

West Virginia News

The Free Press WV

►  County board of education proposes e-cigarette ban

A West Virginia board of education is listening to public comments on a policy revision that would ban e-cigarettes and all substances containing nicotine from property that the school system owns or operates.

The Kanawha County Board of Education put the changes out for public comment Monday. School system General Counsel Jim Withrow says concerns were raised regarding e-cigarettes or vapes that don’t contain tobacco, but have nicotine.

The school system currently has a 1997 policy in place, banning tobacco. The proposed changes would add nicotine and e-cigarettes to the existing tobacco prohibition policy. It would also ban substances containing nicotine from all property that is owned, leased or operated by the school system.

►  Ex-West Virginia highway gets prison for fraud conspiracy

A former West Virginia Division of Highways employee has been sentenced to 21 months in prison after pleading guilty to wire and tax fraud, admitting he used his position to funnel work to a South Carolina business and received secret payments of almost $200,000.

Bruce Kenney III, of Norfolk, Virginia, has admitted to his role in a conspiracy from 2008 to 2014 to bypass normal state procedures and steer $1.5 million of inspection work to Dennis Corp. of Columbia.

The 61-year-old Kenney, who pleaded guilty in federal court to two charges, worked in the Traffic Engineering Division.

Kenney was ordered to pay $34,714 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service to forfeit $162,536.

Three others have also been prosecuted in the case.

►  Postcards to 130,000 WV registered voters seek to confirm current address

More than 130,000 West Virginia voters will soon be getting a postcard from the Secretary of State’s office.

“These postcards are nothing more than a request for you to update your address,” said Donald Kersey, Director of the Elections Division and Deputy Legal Counsel for the Secretary of State.

The mailings are largely routine to bring voter registration information up to date in West Virginia.  West Virginia, as a member of a national network, receives notice from other states when it appears somebody may have moved and failed to transfer their registration information to their new home.  The mailing is an effort to help county clerks update the voter roles.

“If you have moved, confirm it and sign the card and we’ll take appropriate action,” Kersey said. “These post cards will NOT result in the immediate cancellation of any registration, with the one exception if the voter checks the box that requests cancellation of their registration since they moved out of state.”

The cards will be directed to voters who have relocated from the voting precinct where they originally registered.

“What we’re doing is making sure our voter roles are as accurate as possible,” Kersey explained. “So on Election Day when the poll clerk checks the poll books, they’ll know the person is eligible to vote and can feel confident that person should be eligible to vote.”

►  Governor says he has “no regrets” after changing registration back to Republican

Governor Jim Justice said Wednesday on MetroNews “Talkline” he is “perfectly comfortable with the staff” after his decision last week to switch his registration from Democrat to Republican.

Justice said he doesn’t expect wholesale turnover but there will likely be some casualties beginning with administration Press Secretary Grant Herring.

“Grant has done a great job and he’s a good young man but Grant’s personal feelings are entrenched in the Democratic Party through and through. I do not think Grant is going to survive with me,” Justice predicted.

Herring joined Justice during last year’s gubernatorial campaign as the campaign spokesman and then was hired to stay on with the administration.

Justice said Chief of Staff Nick Casey, a former West Virginia Democratic Party chairman, is not in the office this week but that was time off that was previously planned. Justice did not offer a guess Wednesday on what Casey’s ultimate decision would be.

Justice said he gave similar messages to his staff and cabinet in separate meetings after the party switch announcement.

“I said, ‘If you feel the least bit uncomfortable in the direction we are going–because I know exactly what direction we’re going here. If you feel the least bit uncomfortable in your loyalty to me then you’ve got to go,‘” Justice said.

Justice said state Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Austin Caperton stood up and pledged his support.

“Austin’s family has been Democrats forever and Austin stood up and said, ‘Listen governor, I truly believe the people of West Virginia elected you to get something done and I understand totally what you’re doing and I’m with you 100 percent. I’m not going anywhere,‘” Justice said.

Justice also said Wednesday there’s been very little “backlash” from his decision.

“I don’t have any regrets whatsoever. I’m excited about working with the Republicans and I’m hoping I can still work with some of the Dems. What I’m hearing from everybody is good stuff,” Justice said.

Justice announced his decision last week during a rally in Huntington featuring Donald Trump. He signed the papers Friday. Justice was a registered Republican until 2015 when he switched to Democrat. He ran the following year for governor.

►  Justice companies settling suit for flood cleanup

Three businesses owned by West Virginia Governor Jim Justice and his family have agreed to settle for $551,420 a lawsuit that claimed they had not paid for $771,268 of cleanup work after the Greenbrier resort was hit by severe flooding last year.

The consent judgment filed Monday in federal court says the Greenbrier Hotel Corp., James C. Justice Companies Inc. and Justice Family Group LLC will pay post-judgment interest of 7 percent until it’s paid in full.

The December lawsuit by Texas-based BMS CAT followed a mechanic’s lien against the Justice companies in October for the unpaid bills.

The flood remediation was done on the resort’s chapel, ballroom, PGA tournament office and other buildings following the June flooding.

Company officials said last year they were awaiting compensation from their insurance carrier.

►  West Virginia state fair opening Thursday

West Virginia’s State Fair opens Thursday and fair officials say they will offer various admission discounts during its 10-day run in Lewisburg.

On opening day, gates open at 2 p.m. with $5 admission tickets and $20 ride passes until 11 p.m.

Other specials include $1 admission from 9 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, August 16.

Children 12 and under can enter free every day. Daily adult tickets at the gate cost $11.

The fair’s concert series begins Thursday evening with Aaron Lewis. Other shows include Martina McBride and Josh Turner on Friday.

►  DOH Assessing Flood Damage in Twelve Counties

The West Virginia Division of Highways continues to make repairs and assess damages in twelve counties hit by heavy rains and flooding July 28-29.

July 28-29 Flooding

Update: 08.09.2017



Estimated Damage Costs







































►  County Democratic Chairman Resigns Following Justice Switch

A Democratic Party executive committee chairman from Greenbrier County has resigned following Governor Jim Justice’s flip from Democrat to Republican.

Paul Moya has resigned, telling the Charleston Gazette-Mail that Justice’s change back to the Republican Party is indicative of weak party leadership at the state level.

Moya says he won’t give up, but he’s out and he’s tired of it.

He announced his resignation on Facebook, where he calls Justice’s claim that the party left him a “lame a—excuse.“

The party leadership backed Justice in the Democratic primary he won in 2016 against state Senator Jeff Kessler and former federal prosecutor Booth Goodwin.

Moya says he believes the party leadership should be neutral in primaries.

Public School Start/End Dates for 2017-18 Across the Area

The Free Press WV

Barbour County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Tuesday, August 15

Last Day of School for Students: Wednesday, May 23

Braxton County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Thursday, August 10

Last Day of School for Students: Wednesday, May 16

Calhoun County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Monday, August 14

Last Day of School for Students: Tuesday, May 22

Clay County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Thursday, August 17

Last Day of School for Students: Wednesday, May 30

Doddridge County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Monday, August 14

Last Day of School for Students: Friday, May 25

Gilmer County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Monday, August 14

Last Day of School for Students: Tuesday, May 22

Harrison County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Tuesday, August 15

Last Day of School for Students: Thursday, May 24

Lewis County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Monday, August 14

Last Day of School for Students: Tuesday, May 22

Nicholas County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Monday, August 21

Last Day of School for Students: Friday, May 25

Pleasants County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Thursday, August 17

Last Day of School for Students: Thursday, May 31

Ritchie County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Thursday, August 17

Last Day of School for Students: Thursday, May 31

Roane County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Wednesday, August 16

Last Day of School for Students: Friday, June 01

Tyler County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Thursday, August 17

Last Day of School for Students: Friday, June 01

Webster County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Monday, August 14

Last Day of School for Students: Friday, May 25

Wetzel County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Monday, August 21

Last Day of School for Students: Thursday, June 07

Wirt County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Thursday, August 17

Last Day of School for Students: Friday, June 01

Wood County Schools

First Day of School for Students: Wednesday, August 16

Last Day of School for Students: Friday, June 01

NWS Puts Most of State Under Flash Flood Watch Through Friday Evening

The Free Press WV

The National Weather Service in Charleston has issued a Flash Flood Watch for its entire coverage area in West Virginia through Friday at 8 p.m.

“Rounds of showers and thunderstorms with very heavy rain are expected through Friday,” the NWS message said. “This rainfall, coupled with rain that has already fallen, could produce flash flooding, especially along small streams, creeks, low spots and poor drainage areas.”

Counties under the watch include: Barbour, Boone, Braxton, Cabell, Calhoun, Clay, Doddridge, Gilmer, Harrison, Jackson WV, Kanawha, Lewis, Lincoln, Logan, Mason, McDowell, Mingo, Fayette, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Raleigh, Randolph, Webster, Pleasants, Putnam, Ritchie, Roane,Taylor, Tyler, Upshur, Wayne, Wirt, Wood and Wyoming.

The National Weather Service Office in Pittsburgh issued a similar Flash Flood Watch for the Northern Panhandle, Eastern Panhandle and north central counties from 6 a.m. Friday through 1 a.m. Saturday.

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