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ICYMI™: Gilmer County’s 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report

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The Free Press WV

What is the quality of your drinking water?

What are new developments and initiatives conducted by the Gilmer County Public Service District?

Where does your water come from?

How is it treated?

The answers to these questions and more are included in the 2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, the latest report issued by GCPSD.

Click HERE to review and print the report.

Little Kanawha Trail Group Hopes To Shine Big Light on Little Kanawha River

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The evolution of the kayak and the exploding popularity of the personalized craft for fishing is a perfect fit for West Virginia.  Public interest groups are using the groundswell of kayak activity as a catalyst to spotlight some of West Virginia’s smaller rivers which for years had been hidden and largely neglected.

We’ve reported in recent months on MetroNews about the successful efforts to resurrect the Coal River, the Tug Fork, Tygart, and Cheat Rivers.  Others are following suit with great work happening in places like the Guyandotte and the Little Kanawha.

“I know some of these other river trails have definitely been a huge inspiration to us,” said Kathy Gilbert, Executive Director of the Little Kanawha River Trail. “They have definitely given us great guidelines with their cleanups and some of them have really nice amenities like campgrounds and access.  It’s definitely increased the use of the river.”

Kathy is a native West Virginian and for many years left the state to work.  She’s home now and saw the opportunity to create a tourist attraction in her hometown of Glenville and decided to get involved.

“We formed to increase tourism and usage of boaters on our river,” she said. “From I-79 coming toward Glenville there are four public access points already. We designed a brochure to guide kayakers and boaters down the river.”

The organization formed two years ago with high ambitions.  The group has already started volunteer cleanups of the waterway and is working on a major access point int he town of Glenville.   An old building along the river was purchased and razed by the local Economic Development Authority.   The goal now is to create a major access point in town to draw visitors.

“We wanted a nice place for the boaters to get on the river, rather than just an eyesore of a building,” she said.

The project has become more ambitious with the interest from a growing number of volunteers.  The local economic development authority has put some more money into the access project and the plan is to create not only a walk down access, but also a ramp for motorized craft as well.

Fishing on the Little Kanawha River is strong, the waterway recently produced a new state record musky.  The river also has an added bonus that other volunteer organizations haven’t enjoyed, the water quality is already in good shape.

“We have a nice, healthy river,” Gilbert explained. “Our biology students at Glenville State have partnered with us and done baseline tests on the water quality.  We want to keep the river clean and keep it healthy and open for fishermen and tourists.”

The growing organization started in Gilmer County, but hopes to expand to the entire length of the river from Burnsville to Parkersburg in the coming years.    You can learn more about the Little Kanawha River Trail on their Facebook page. 

~~  Chris Lawrence ~~

No Tuition Hike for 2017-18 at Glenville State College

Despite another year of appropriation cuts to higher education in the Mountain State, Glenville State College announced Thursday that it would not be increasing student tuition and fees to offset the difference. Backed by the College’s Board of Governors, alumni, faculty, staff, students, and community members, incoming Glenville State College President Dr. Tracy Pellett made the announcement at GSC’s Waco Center.

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With incoming Glenville State College President Dr. Tracy Pellett at the podium, Delegate Roger Hanshaw (R-Clay), GSC student Justin Woods, Board of Governors Chair Greg Smith, Student Government Association President Cameron Woods, and Delegate Brent Boggs (D-Braxton) listen to his announcement

“Someone has to stand up for West Virginia families. Someone has to show them the way to student success. Glenville State believes that, as a public institution, standing up for taxpayers is our responsibility. Therefore, on behalf of the Glenville State Board of Governors, on behalf of the people of this great state, I am here to say that Glenville State College will not cover state cuts by raising tuition and fees this fall. Indeed, we will make a symbolic tuition cut by $1 to promise our parents and students that we are dedicated to creating the best value by enhancing both affordability and quality,” said Pellett.

The new budget, which will automatically go into effect July 1 without the signature of Governor Jim Justice, slashes about $270,000 from what GSC received last year.

“We’re not ranked one of the top ten public colleges in the south by accident. We have improved our retention of first year students more than any other college in the state. Our graduation rate has improved more than any other college or university in West Virginia this past year. In addition, Glenville State has cut average student debt more than any other college or university in West Virginia in the past five years, more than a 20% decrease,” Pellett added.

The announcement followed a special Board of Governors meeting that was held to discuss the College’s budget and tuition and fees for the next academic year.

Glenville State College History Book Now Available

A full-color photo and history book about the last twenty years at Glenville State College has recently been completed. The book, Preserving and Responding, can be purchased from the Glenville State College Foundation or at the campus Bookstore for $24.99 (shipping included). The book is a companion to Nelson Wells’ and Charles Holt’s Lighthouse on the Hill, which chronicled the College’s history from 1872 through 1997.

Throughout the over 100 pages of the book, the tenures of five different college presidents are detailed including major projects, initiatives, challenges, and more. The text contains several noteworthy listings including inductees into the College’s Curtis Elam Athletic Hall of Fame, former Board of Governors members, past Pioneer mascots, emeriti faculty, and more. The book begins with a timeline which provides readers with a ‘quick history’ of the institution from its founding in 1872 through the subsequent 125 years and ends with an afterword from outgoing President Dr. Peter Barr.

The Free Press WV

Working over several months, two Glenville State College staff members completed the project. Authoring the work was Jason Gum, the Staff Librarian and Archivist in the Robert F. Kidd Library. Assisting him was Dustin Crutchfield, a Public Relations Specialist in GSC’s Marketing Department.

“As a new incoming president, I can’t think of a better resource to understand the recent past of the institution. While we continue to face new and unprecedented trials and challenges, it is clear that we stand on the shoulders of giants. It is also heartening to know that the DNA of the institution and the individuals who have worked here and continue to do so have created a solid foundation for a bright future,” stated incoming President, Dr. Tracy Pellett.

“I could not be happier regarding the end-product that Dustin and I were able to develop and owe many other campus personnel my gratitude for their guidance. GSC alumni, employees, students, and friends will enjoy this review of the past 20 years. I especially want to thank outgoing First Lady Betsy Barr for recognizing the need for such a history book to further document campus happenings since Wells’ and Holt’s Lighthouse on the Hill was published in 1997. Betsy has been a devout supporter of the campus archives and my subsequent efforts throughout her tenure,” said Gum.

“If you are a Glenville State College history maven like I am, you will be very impressed with the efforts these two young men have made to encapsulate the last twenty years of our great institution. This surely deserves a prominent spot on your coffee table so that your family, friends, and neighbors can share in our story of service to central West Virginia, our state as a whole, and the many states and nations where our alumni work and live,” said Dennis Pounds, Vice President for College Advancement.

An on-campus book signing is being planned for the fall.

To purchase a book by phone, call 304.462.6380.

G-BizBuzz™: Sand Fork Diner

The Free Press WV
The Free Press WV

A new eatery in Sand Fork, WV is getting quite the welcome from the community.

The new Sand Fork Diner on WV Highway 5 opened April 1st of this year, and a lot of people who have come out to the restaurant say they are glad to see another place to eat pop up.

Throughout the day people come to the Diner to grab a bite to eat inside or carryout. The community has been waiting for a place to dine and many say the wait was worth it to get something different and great.

“I moved to Sand Fork about a year ago from Charleston, and so it’s awesome to see that a town the size of Sand Fork can have some opportunities for some restaurants that are known to bigger cities,” said a customer.

The want to open a restaurant came from the couple, Ben and Shannon Donaldson already having an existing business with a deli inside.

Since they live in Sand Fork, it was easier for them to open something closer to home and where there was a need for business activity.

The restaurant is in the heart of the city, and an easy stop for families to pick up something to eat when they get off work.

The Free Press WV

Timing is right with it being summer time, people go out to eat more.

“It’s a lot more convenient and faster,” said a resident.

She added something different is a plus.

“We eat the same thing all the time and it gets boring sometimes so variety is always good.”

Some Glenville State College students, say they are in the same boat and go out to eat all the time.

“This is another one [restaurant] college students can enjoy,” said Johnny, a student.

He said he is glad this option is now offered very close to the college.

Ashley, who is also a student at GSC, said there are several choices in Gilmer County so another option is always good.

In the short two months that the restaurant has been open, Ben and Shannon Donaldson have had many compliments on not only the food, but the want for something outside of Glenville for shorter drives.

The couple will continuously be adding new items all the time and will be looking to add delivery service in the near future.

They are always looking for new food ideas and suggestions, so feel free to let them know what you think.

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West Virginia Folk Festival in Glenville This Weekend

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The Free Press WV

Go Catfishing in June at West Virginia State Parks

Ten West Virginia state parks waters were stocked with nearly 2,000 pounds of catchable-sized channel catfish the first week of June as part of a West Virginia Division of Natural Resources stocking program designed to enhance fishing opportunities for individuals and families at state parks.

“Catfishing is an activity people of any age can enjoy, and it is especially suitable for families,” said Brad Reed, deputy state parks chief. “Catching a catfish can create a lasting memory, especially for a first-time angler.”

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State park areas included in the early June stocking program are:

  • Babcock State Park in Fayette County
  • Cacapon State Park in Morgan County
  • Cedar Creek State Park in Gilmer County
  • Chief Logan State Park in Logan County
  • Little Beaver State Park in Raleigh County
  • Moncove Lake State Park in Monroe County
  • Pipestem State Park in Summers County
  • Tomlinson Run State Park in Hancock County
  • Watoga State Park in Pocahontas County

In addition to fishing, overnight and day-use visitors can take advantage of hiking, biking and camping.

Areas with lakes typically offer kayaks, canoes and other water-based rental services.

Learn more at

Gilmer County Farmers’Market Kids’ Day

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The Gilmer County Farmers’ Market invites families to come out for its second annual Summer Kids’ Day on Saturday, June 24, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at 720 North Lewis Street in Glenville.

Kids of all ages can look forward to hands-on crafts, silly games and prizes, and learning fun, including a look at ancient petroglyphs and the opportunity to create their own petroglyph art.

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The Gilmer Public Library will be on hand to share the joy of reading.

Members of the Glenville State College sorority Alpha Theta Xi will be assisting in arts and crafts.

Girl Scouts Troop #32394 will provide free hot dogs, chips, and beverages (donations are appreciated to support the Scouts’ summer activities).

Fun door prizes will be awarded, and vendors will have special Kids’ Day items on hand. Stay updated on all GCFM events on Facebook at

For more information on the GCFM, email or call the Gilmer County Economic Development Association. 


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Glenville City Council Minutes

The Free Press WV
May 01, 2017
7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Fitzpatrick with Council members Wiant, Taylor, Huffman, Walters, and Fisher present.

Pledge of Allegiance

I. Call to Order

II. Public


A. Approval of Minutes – April 03, 2017, 2017

Minutes for the April 03, 2017, were reviewed and corrections were noted and placed on file for audit. The April 18, 2017 minutes to Lay the Levy were reviewed with no corrections and placed on file for audit.

III. Reports

B. Financial

The book keeper noted that a letter from the state auditor’s office had been received stating we are in compliance and approved our budget to begin July 01, 2017. The budget is currently at 83.29% of fiscal year with revenue at 100.0% and expenditures at 75.06%. Coal Severance fund is near 100% of budgeted amount and will only be used for minor expenses for the remainder of the fiscal year. Gilmer Management payments will be deducted from the Treasurer’s Office line item through the remainder of the fiscal year.

The auditor’s office cited the omission of the carryover amount in the budget, however, it is difficult to determine the amount to carry over to next fiscal year early in the budget.

Mayor Fitzpatrick noted that paving could begin this month or in June.

Councilman Huffman made a motion to approve the financial report as presented. Councilman Fisher seconded the motion. Motion passed.

C. Street report

Mayor Fitzpatrick provided the street report and stated a new garage door was needed on the new addition and would be paid from Street Fund. Councilwoman Huffman made a motion to allow the purchase of a new garage door at an approximate cost of $700. Councilman Walters seconded the motion. Motion passed. Councilwoman Huffman complimented our street department for their excellent work with projects around the city.

D. Police

Mayor Fitzpatrick provided the police report in Chief Huffman’s absence. The new officer will come on duty on May 16 and will work approximately one month before going to the Academy.

E. Glenville Utility

Mayor Fitzpatrick attended the April 25 meeting. Three minor service line leaks on water side with a 2” leak near McDonald’s area which resulted in a boil water advisory. Nothing on sewer side. Mentioned paving to Utility Board and they have purchased water meter rings for adjustments before paving.

F. Recorder

Nothing to report.

G. Mayors Comments

- Citywide Yard Sale June 09-10

Mayor Fitzpatrick suggested June 09-10 as tentative dates for the FREE Citywide yard sale. Councilman Walters made a motion to set the citywide yard sale for June 9-10. Councilwoman Taylor seconded the motion. Motion passed.

- Thank you to GSC football Team (clean up)

Mayor Fitzpatrick noted that more than 60 team members volunteered to assist with the citywide cleanup for Make It Shine Day and wanted to thank all for their help.

- Lions Club Carnival set upon May 21 and runs through Saturday May 27th

Carnival is set for May 24-27 at Foodland lot.

- Reminder to public (keep grass cut)

Reminder for citizens to keep grass cut on their property. The city has cut grass for vacant areas in Camden Flats and invoiced the owners. Councilwoman Taylor mentioned an area below her house that may need mowing. Mayor Fitzpatrick will look into this.

- 2017 Paving Update

The remaining areas needing paving were measured and estimated $40K -$50,000 to finish the paving project. A quote has been received from JF Allen and quotes from WV Paving and North Central Paving should be submitted this week. Councilwoman Huffman made a motion to allow Mayor Fitzpatrick to accept the lowest bid for paving in the amount of low $40,000 or below. Councilman Walters seconded the motion. Motion passed.

- Paint the town blue April 27th at 5:30

Officers from the City, County, State Police, Fire Department, FCI Gilmer, and Glenville State College participated in this event in its second year.

IV. Unfinished Business


V. New Business


VI. Other Business to come before Council


VII. Next council meeting – June 05, 2017 at 7:00 PM

VIII. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 7:18 PM

Glenville State College Recognizes Several Outstanding Alumni

Alumni and friends of Glenville State College gathered on campus for Alumni Day on Saturday, April 22. In addition to other events throughout the weekend, visitors enjoyed the annual alumni banquet which saw several alumni and friends of the college honored by the GSC Alumni Association.

The Free Press WV

John Westfall received the Community Service Award.

After three years at GSC, he was accepted to the West Virginia University School of Dentistry and received his D.D.S. degree in 1975.

After graduation, Westfall returned to Glenville to practice dentistry and retired in May 2016 after 41 years of service.

He is a lifetime member of the American Dental Association.

During his time in Glenville, Dr. Westfall has remained active in the community and has made significant contributions through his time, actions, talents, and dedication.

John and his wife Pat reside on a farm in Glenville, where he enjoys taking on new projects.

They have two children; Chad, an orthodontist in Abingdon, Virginia, and Lauren, an oncologist in Houston, Texas who will be returning to work in West Virginia in July.

The Free Press WV

Katie (Murray) Ogle received the Outstanding Young Alumna Award.

She graduated from GSC with honors in May 2008 and earned a Juris Doctorate from the Appalachian School of Law in May 2011.

Ogle is a member of the Knoxville Bar and is a contributing editor for the Knoxville Bar Association magazine.

She is currently an associate with McDonald, Levy and Taylor Law Firm of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Her prior legal employment includes three years with Haynes, Meek and Summers, PLLC, also of Knoxville, as well as a year in that city in private practice.

While at GSC Katie was involved with the educational sorority Kappa Delta Pi and other volunteer organizations, all of which honed her desire to make positive community contributions.

She currently serves on the greater Knoxville CASA Executive Board, the Knox County Foster Care Review Board, and Susannah’s House Executive Board.

Katie is the daughter of Bob and Janet Murray of Ripley.

She and her husband Nathaniel Ogle, JD reside in Knoxville, Tennessee and are the proud parents of an infant daughter, Alexandra Claire.

Katie, her mother, and two of her aunts are all proud alumni of Glenville State College.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Glenville State College. Glenville is truly amazing because of the people and the one-on-one education program,” she said.

The Free Press WV

Justin Griffith received the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award. Griffith, a native of Christiansburg, Virginia, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science from Glenville State College in 2006.

While at GSC, he was active in the community and played varsity football.

Griffith was GSC’s WVIAC Scholar Athlete of the Year in 2006.

He attended the Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Griffith was admitted to the Virginia State Bar in 2010.

He has made his life’s work serving and protecting his community.

Griffith is currently in his fifth year as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Pulaski County, Virginia.

He has successfully prosecuted numerous violent felonies from indictment through jury trials, thus keeping the commonwealth of Virginia safe.

Justin and his wife Rebecca have a year old daughter, Genevieve.

They recently relocated to Radford, Virginia.

The Free Press WV

Professor Emeritus Dr. H. Gary Gillespie received the Alumni Chapter Award. After graduating from GSC in 1959, Gillespie taught English and civics at Green Bank High School from 1959 to 1962.

He married Anna Belle Sheets ‘60 in 1961 before the pair moved to Logan, Ohio.

In 1963 he completed an MA in English at WVU, and in 1973 he earned a Ph.D. in Comparative Arts at Ohio University.

Dr. Gillespie returned to GSC in 1967 where he taught English and fine arts from 1967 to 2000.

He chaired the GSC Division of Fine Arts from 1978-1996.

In 2001 Gillespie completed an MA in art history at WVU.

He was interim chair of the Art Department in the College of Fine Arts at Marshall University during the 2004-05 academic year.

The Gillespies’ have a son, Daniel Sheets ‘Fritz’ Gillespie ‘93, who is a fire marshal in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Dr. Gillespie is a volunteer recruiter for GSC in a five county area surrounding Milton, where he currently resides.

He has helped organize a GSC Alumni Chapter for grads living in the Greater Teays Valley area which includes Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, Mason, and Putnam Counties, in addition to parts of Kanawha County.

The Free Press WV

Kristee Allen received the Outstanding Alumna Teacher Award. After graduating from St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont, she spent several semesters at community college before applying to schools around the country and finally choosing Glenville State College as the place to finish her teaching degree, and graduating in December 1996.

Allen has worked in classrooms from kindergarten through high school in her years of teaching, although teaching high school holds a special place in her heart.

She is a member of the Texas Council for the Social Studies and the National Council for the Social Studies.

Allen was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2016 by the Texas Council for the Social Studies, a statewide honor.

She was also recognized by her coworkers by being selected as the North Crowley High School Teacher of the Year for 2016.

Allen currently makes her home in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Free Press WV

John M. Brown received the Outstanding Alumnus Teacher Award. Brown graduated from Glenville State College in 2011, earning a bachelor’s degree in Math/Science Education 5-9.

He taught seventh grade science and eighth grade math for two years at Robert L. Bland Middle School in Lewis County before taking a position at John Adams Middle School in Kanawha County in 2013.

Now, in addition to teaching seventh grade science, he leads a Technology Explorers class which focuses on engineering, electronics, robotics, programming, and app design.

Outside the classroom he coordinates an after-school hands-on science program at Oakwood Terrace Apartments in Charleston.

In 2014, WSAZ News Channel 3 designated Brown as a Home Town Hero for his work coordinating this program.

Also in 2014, he was recognized as a V-100 Modern Woodsmen of America Teacher of the Month. In 2014 and again in 2015 he was a Top 10 Finalist for Kanawha County Secondary Principals’ Teacher of the Year.

Brown is currently working on a Masters in Special Education from Concord University.

He is a member of the National Science Teachers Association and an honorary lifetime member of the WV Academy of Science.

During the awards banquet Brown commented, “I get to wake up and do what I love, and that’s being a teacher.”

The Free Press WV

Betty (Wagner) King received the Alumna Achievement Award. As a student at GSC, King did work-study in the music department for Dr. Gary Gillespie ‘59, formatting programs and coordinating senior recital receptions.

In May of 1985 she was awarded Student Teacher of the Year after completing elementary and secondary music placements in Roane County Schools with former GSC Professor Ed Vineyard and Stephanie Poole ‘78.

Her lifelong love of playing for musical theater productions began while working with Ed ‘61 and Linda ‘62 McKown on ‘The Music Man’ and ‘Hello, Dolly!’

She graduated from GSC in 1985 and has since played flute in over 60 different musicals as a volunteer with the Charleston Light Opera Guild and other Charleston-based theater groups.

This spring, she celebrates ten years with the West Virginia Symphony where she served as Education Manager before being promoted to Vice President of Education and Operations.

One of two flutists/educators born to Bill and Mary Wagner of South Charleston, she met Kirk King at GSC when they were freshmen.

She accepted his proposal on the Danube River just before her senior year and married him in July 1985.

They are proud parents of Billy who lives in San Francisco.

The Free Press WV

Dr. Jack H. Albert, Jr. received the prestigious Alumnus of the Year Award.

Albert is currently serving as the 16th president of St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy, in Delafield, Wisconsin. 

Dr. Albert has more than 30 years’ experience leading secondary military schools and has been president of St. John’s Northwestern since 2004.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history and social studies from Glenville State College in 1970 and a Master of Education in counseling degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

He also holds a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia and a Doctorate of Ministry for Educational Leadership from the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria.

Dr. Albert is a United States Army veteran with service from 1970 through 1976.

He is a direct descendant of Revolutionary Soldier, Jacob Allen Albert, Sr. and is a member of the Society of the Descendants of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge.

He serves on several boards, was recognized as a Distinguished Mountaineer by then-Governor Joe Manchin, and has also written several educational articles.

Dr. Albert and his wife, Betty, have two adult children, both of whom are graduates of military academies.

Albert stated, “I came to Glenville because I wanted to.

I was told that it was a suitcase college, though I never went home.”

During the banquet retiring professor of English Wayne de Rosset, retiring college President Dr. Peter Barr, and National Coach of the Year Dave Walker ‘88 were all given special recognitions. Additionally, former GSC First Ladies Dora (Morgan) Heflin ‘34 and ‘53 and Dolores (Hutton) Simmons ‘61 and Rev. William E. Richards ‘51, were all honored in memoriam.

Nominations are being accepted for next spring’s Alumni Association awards which will be presented at the 2018 Alumni Banquet, on Saturday, April 28. Contact for additional information.

Gilmer County Students Graduate from GSC

The Free Press WV

Fifteen students from Gilmer County were awarded degrees during the Glenville State College Commencement Ceremony held on Saturday, May 06, 2017.

  • Anthony K. Aviles of Glenville received Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Management with a minor in Mathematics.

  • Jonathan E. Clark of Glenville graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science and a minor in Criminal Justice.

  • Teayria G. Cool of Sand Fork received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Social Work.

  • Conner T. Ferguson of Glenville graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Marketing with minors in Nonprofit Leadership and Political Science.

  • Landon P. Gumm of Glenville received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Management and Marketing.

  • Meghan Harubin of Normantown received a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in Early Education (PreK-K) and Elementary Education (K-6).

  • Christina L. Jenkins of Glenville received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science with minors in Behavior Disorders and Social Work.

  • Brandon S. Nelson of Glenville received a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree.

  • Amber J. Richards of Troy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science and a minor in Social Work.

  • Brett M. Rinehart of Sand Fork graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Management and a minor in Accounting.

  • Jason D. Rosenburg, II of Glenville received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Field Forensics.

  • Tiffany D. Somerville of Linn received a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree in Early Education (PreK-K) and Elementary Education (K-6).

  • Zandel M. Sponaugle of Cedarville received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Criminal Justice.

  • Alexus C. Sprouse of Normantown received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Social Work.

  • Brianna R. Yost of Glenville received a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in History.

Founded in 1872, Glenville State College is a public liberal arts college located in Glenville, West Virginia. The college offers a variety of four-year degree programs and several NCAA Division II athletic teams.

The Free Press WV

Glenville State Athletics Welcomes New Weight Room

Glenville State Director of Athletics Marcal Lazenby is pleased to announce that the Pioneers will be receiving a new state-of-the-art weight room after a generous donation from the 2016 GSC Curtis Elam Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Mr. Ike Morris.

The new weight room will be placed in the Waco Center and will be a huge upgrade in equipment which will benefit the 17 athletic teams here at Glenville State.

“The GSC strength and conditioning program is an important part of the preparation for Pioneer student-athletes.  The new weight room will add-on to the already impressive athletics facilities here on campus.“ said Lazenby. The strength & Conditioning program is under the direction of Coach Devin Cain. The program utilizes several different aspects of training in order to serve over 350 student-athletes.

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

The state-of-the-art weight room is through The Equipment Guys which are based out of Columbus, Ohio. They are the exclusive manufacturer of Stray Dog Strength equipment, a premium brand geared specifically towards the needs of the sports performance market.

They have installed and produced new weight rooms for: Hillsdale College, Youngstown State University, Walsh University, Virginia Military Institute, Notre Dame College, Kent State University, and many others.

The weight room is scheduled for install June 26th.  The Pioneers look forward to utilizing this new facility this coming fall.

Students Named to Spring 2017 Honor Lists at GSC

The Free Press WV

The names of students who attained the Glenville State College President’s and Vice President’s Honor Lists for the Spring 2017 semester have been announced.

To be named to the President’s Honor List, a student must have a 4.0 grade point average on a minimum of 12 semester hours.

The students making the President’s Honor List are listed as follows according to their county of residence:

Berkeley County: Brianna D. Caison

Boone County: Tiffany D. Muller

Braxton County: Coleden R. Belknap, Bridget D. Carr, Amber N. Hyre

Calhoun County: Danielle N. Kendall, Cassandra D. Lamont

Clay County:  Dalton M. Holcomb

Doddridge County:  Dennis M. Bowling, Jr., Joshua M. Pitcock

Fayette County: Matthew H. Hackworth

Gilmer County: Anthony K. Aviles, Jonathan E. Clark, Michaela L. Gumm, Christina L. Jenkins, Amanda R. Lamb, Brett M. Rinehart, Wesley A. Self, Hilari E. Sprouse, Halee N. Wildman

Grant County: Larissa A. Henry

Jackson County: Chelsey Hager, Evan D. Merical, Clayton Swisher

Jefferson County: Taylor L. Corey, Jasmine N. Tarman

Kanawha County: Austin Broussard, Rebecca E. Wiseman

Lewis County: Jennifer M. Eiler, Justin P. Raines, Kelly L. Weaver

Logan County: Matthew A. Zachary

Marshall County: Logen M. LeMasters

Mason County: Anthony ‘AJ’ Howard

Mercer County: Lindsey R. Compton

Morgan County: Colton L. Brandenburg, Michael I. Pracht

Nicholas County: Lindsey S. Butcher, Kaitlyn D. Peyatt, Mark H. Sanson

Pocahontas County: Steven L. Casto

Preston County: Madison H. Null, Josiah D. Nuse

Putnam County: Joshua L. Brennan, Jessica A. Layne

Randolph County: Chad E. Cook, Daniel T. Crawford, Christopher D. Varner

Ritchie County: Brianna N. Ratliff

Roane County: Georgia B. Bing

Tucker County: Wiley T. Raines

Upshur County: Skylar A. Fulton, Belinda L. Lewis

Wayne County: James M. Egnor

Webster County: Samuel A. Canfield, Amber N. King, Chelsea E. Rule

Wirt County: Mary M. Strong

Wood County:  Taylor A. Broadwater

Out of State: Chere Y. Davis, Jacqueline T. Deary, Raven P. Fatool, Raven C. Greer, Jake Hensell, Momi P. Lievan, Allison A. Parski, Victoria L. Peterson, Brian S. Williams


To be named to the GSC Vice President’s Honor List, a student must have a minimum 3.5 grade point average on a minimum of 12 semester hours.

The students making the Vice President’s Honor List are listed as follows according to their county of residence:

Berkeley County: Alexander R. Miller, Logan M. Renner

Boone County: Andrew K. Boktor, Gregory I. Lail, Mackenzie R. Smith

Braxton County: Jordan D. Batton, Tyler K. Cunningham, Larissa E. DeLuca, Garrett E. Hacker, Sean R. Hawkins, Jacob D. Haymond, Tonya L. Lyons, Christian M. Pritt, Joshua L. Rexroad, Teddy J. Richardson, Randy A. Stiers, Andrew R. Tefft, Erica N. Toler, Kelsie R. Tonkin, Andrea B. Vidal, Elania N. White, Shanna S. Wine

Calhoun County: Moriah J. Creelfox, Sr., Jared B. Fitzwater, Amber N. Frymier, Chelsea R. Hicks, Kelsey E. Jett, Erica N. Jones, Devon T. Toppings

Clay County: Jessica M. Beckett, Julie A. Gross, Carrie G. Huffman, Caitlyn M. Rogers, Kristie D. Taylor

Doddridge County: Ryan M. Mizia, Megan J. Sheets, Lindsey G. Travis

Fayette County: Breanna N. Bennett, Anthony J. Murdock, II, Travis C. Myers, Trevor D. Wood

Gilmer County: Katelyn S. Benson, Madison L. Campbell, Janessia S. Cool, Teayria G. Cool, Sara B. Coombs, Tara S. Evans, Conner T. Ferguson, Samantha L. McCune, Matthew M. Montgomery, Cody M. Moore, Dawn R. Moore, Hannah M. Moore, Hunter Moore, Zaon A. Starseed, Lexsey A. Wagner, Timothy G. Wine, Carrissa M. Wood, Trevor D. Wright

Greenbrier County: Sarah Brunty

Hardy County: Faith V. Smith

Harrison County: Hannah J. Barron, Abby S. McCarty, Hannah M. Mick, Lia Runyan, Megan E. Ruppert, Amy A. Weiss, Bettie M. Wilfong

Kanawha County:  McKenzie M. Edmonds, Kayli N. Hudson, Jacob T. Lutsy, Jeri D. Potter, Bethany N. Spelock

Lewis County: Haley R. Biller, James Z. Browning, Mariah L. Daniels, Abigail E. Jerden, Michael W. Marion, James W. Martin, III, Daniel M. Pascasio, Mitchell D. Queen, Torie A. Riffle

Logan County: Kristin A. DesRocher

Marion County:  Emily A. Stoller

Mason County:  Kaylee M. Howard

Monongalia County: Hunter A. Given

Morgan County: Michaela A. Munson, Brady A. Tritapoe

Nicholas County: Zachary G. Dotson, Madison R. Frame, Kimmy K. Little, William Z. Lyons, Elizabeth M. Messer, Eric W. Peyatt, Autumn Siminski, Brooke A. Spencer, Joshua ‘Cameron’ Woods

Pendleton County: Virginia L. Bruce, Brittany L. Huffman, Chase M. Simmons, Raven D. Turner

Pleasants County: Bethany G. Mote

Pocahontas County: Lucas W. Fuller, Isaac C. Hise, Brooke A. Riffe

Putnam County: Tori L. Ward

Raleigh County: Jordan B. Coalson, Jacob Coots, Michael A. Layne, Matthew Welch

Randolph County: Jerome W. Smith

Ritchie County: Madison E. Cunningham, Olivia D. Goff, Valerie E. Ogle

Roane County: Bonita J. Schreckengost, Cassidy M. Taylor, James D. Williams

Tucker County: Catherine Chambers

Tyler County: Jessica L. Fiber

Upshur County: Heather A. Gregory

Webster County: Richard M. Burns, Tonya N. Sahl, Danielle Williams

Wetzel County: Colton L. Ring, Brandon M. Smith

Wood County: Brooke N. Radabaugh

Wyoming County: Kaci M. Mullins

Out of State: Ali P. Capobianco, Jr, Brianna T. D’Angelo, Jessica D. Digennaro, Sarah M. DiSpaltro, Alex E. Gilmore, Tanner B. Helms, Cedric J. Johnson, Justin S. Koogler, Julia E. Lindberg, Art’om T. Rank, John F. Routzahn, Isaiah R. Sattelmaier, Asiya B. Smith, Tayana L. Stewart, Johnni M. Tillman

Gilmer County Students Honored at GSC Hidden Promise Dinner

Thirteen Glenville State College Hidden Promise Scholars (HPS) were recognized as prospective graduates of the Hidden Promise program at a ceremony held on April 27. Among those students were Gilmer County residents Teayria Cool, Landon Gumm, and Brandon Nelson.

GSC President Dr. Peter Barr welcomed the students and congratulated them on their accomplishments. “We acknowledge the hard work and stamina that will be celebrated as a milestone in your personal and professional lives - your college graduation. I hope that the Hidden Promise Scholars program has been purposeful to your achievement. This ceremony formally joins this year’s students with 75 earlier graduates of the program,” said Barr.

Following a special dinner in their honor, the students gave brief remarks recalling their times at GSC and in the Hidden Promise program.

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(l-r) Hidden Promise Program Interim Director Stacy Adkins, Teayria Cool, and GSC President Dr. Peter Barr

Cool, from Sand Fork, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science degree. During her time at GSC she was a member of the sorority Alpha Theta Xi and worked in the External Relations and Off-Campus Programming offices as a student assistant. She plans to continue working at GSC and further her education. During her comments to those in attendance, she praised the opportunities that the Hidden Promise Scholars program provided her.

The Free Press WV
(l-r) Hidden Promise Program Interim Director Stacy Adkins, Landon Gumm, and GSC President Dr. Peter Barr

Gumm, from Glenville, West Virginia, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. While a student at GSC he was a member of Phi Beta Lambda, participated in the Student Government Association, and worked as a student assistant in several offices around campus. After graduation he plans to work in marketing or public relations. In his remarks, he expressed his gratitude for the opportunities the HPS program provided him and lamented that the years “have flown by faster than I could have imagined.”

The Free Press WV
(l-r) Hidden Promise Program Interim Director Stacy Adkins, Brandon Nelson, and GSC President Dr. Peter Barr

Nelson, from Glenville, West Virginia, graduated with a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree. While at GSC he was a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Guild and theater honor society Alpha Psi Omega, in addition to being an active participant in GSC Theatre. He plans to obtain employment with the Department of Justice or as a technical computer security specialist. In his comments he stressed the importance, and difficulty, of acquiring a college degree. “That’s one of the best things about the Hidden Promise program; that you have peers and staff who you can talk and relate to, and not fall through the cracks,” he said.

In addition to accepting a plaque and commemorative class ring, the students also inscribed the Hidden Promise Book. In signing the volume, Hidden Promise Scholars commit to ‘always accepting the obligations and the challenges of guiding the young to education, knowledge, and love of the human spirit; to demonstrate respect for all people, and cultivate the trained, yet free, minds appropriate to sustaining and advancing a democratic way of life; and to striving to become knowledgeable, ethical, caring citizens who embody the qualities that the Hidden Promise program fosters.’ The students were all eligible to participate in GSC’s Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 6.

Along with the graduating students, two other recognitions were made. Current Hidden Promise Scholar AJ Howard, introduced First Lady Betsy Barr and HPS Program Director Teresa Sterns to be recognized with honoris causa standing. “You have both shown undaunted perseverance and unflagging loyalty from the very beginnings of the Scholars program. You have given selflessly to a program that has fashioned a vital pathway to higher education for untold numbers of students. For many of us, you have been mentors, sponsors, friends, and role models,” he said.

The Hidden Promise Scholars program is a component of GSC’s Hidden Promise Consortium. The program is an alliance between Glenville State College and county school districts throughout West Virginia and in Ohio and Connecticut aimed at improving communication between higher education and teachers, staff, and students in grades eight through 12. Other goals include increasing the number of high school and college graduates as well as aligning the curricula of K-12 and higher education.

Students are often inducted into the program while still in high school after being chosen by their school counselors, teachers, and principals. The scholars mentor with current college students and take part in campus visits and annual summer camps. Upon high school graduation, HPS students who opt to attend GSC receive a $1,000 scholarship which is renewable annually throughout their enrollment as a full-time student.

For more information on the GSC Hidden Promise Scholars Program, contact Interim Program Director Stacy Adkins at or 304.462.6054.

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