GSC Awards Scholarships to Gilmer County Students

The Gilmer Free Press

Three Gilmer County High School graduates have been awarded scholarships from Glenville State College for the 2012-2013 academic year.

•  Jessica Montgomery of Linn was awarded the Helen Shaw Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was established by Carl Shaw in honor of his late wife Helen Shaw to provide an annual award to an outstanding freshman.

This annual scholarship is given to a student from central West Virginia who is completing his or her freshman year at Glenville State College.

The recipient is selected by a committee composed of professors from the GSC English Department from a pool of applicants based upon faculty recommendations and a short essay.

Montgomery will be a sophomore majoring in Chemistry/Biology.

•  Corri Phillips of Glenville will receive the Helen E. Hunter and Alice M. Singleton Scholarship.

This scholarship was established by Helen E. Hunter and Alice M. Singleton in 1997.

As alumni of Glenville State College, their wish was that the scholarship, endowed in 2005, be established in appreciation of the education they received from the College.

The scholarship is awarded to students who are entering or already enrolled in the teacher education program at Glenville State College with academic promise and financial need.

Phillips was also awarded the John C. Shaw Scholarship. Established in 1985 by John C. Shaw, President of Glenville State College from 1901-1908, this scholarship is awarded to academically talented freshmen from West Virginia. Phillips will be a freshman majoring in Physical Education and Health.

•  Jessi Smith of Cedarville was also awarded the John C. Shaw Scholarship.

In addition, she will receive an Academic Tuition Assistance Scholarship.

Smith will be a freshman majoring in General Studies.

For more information about Glenville State College scholarships, contact the GSC Foundation office at 304.462.6380.

Rock Grove Baptist Church Vacation Bible School - June 11-15, 2012 - Starting Monday


Rock Grove Baptist Church announces this year’s Vacation Bible School.

Where: Rock Grove Baptist Church, U.S. Highway 33 East & Sleeths Run Road Linn, WV.

When: June 11-15, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Theme: “Sky , Everything is possible with God”

Come join us for music, stories, mission, snacks, and loads of fun!

All ages welcome.

Our mission this year is to purchase enough mosquito nets to cover the children of the Malaria ravaged country of Malia and “Lets squash Malaria”

Contact persons:  Cherri West Youth Ministry @ 304.462.7125 after 6:00 PM or leave a message.  Micki Rose @ 304.462.5130.

Daily G-Eye™: 06.09.12

The Gilmer Free Press
Twin Rainbows over Linn, Thursday evening, June 07, 2012

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Rock Grove Baptist Church Vacation Bible School - June 11 to 15, 2012


Rock Grove Baptist Church announces this year’s Vacation Bible School.

Where: Rock Grove Baptist Church, U.S. Highway 33 East & Sleeths Run Road Linn, WV.

When: June 11-15, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Theme: “Sky , Everything is possible with God”

Come join us for music, stories, mission, snacks, and loads of fun!

All ages welcome.

Our mission this year is to purchase enough mosquito nets to cover the children of the Malaria ravaged country of Malia and “Lets squash Malaria”

Contact persons:  Cherri West Youth Ministry @ 304.462.7125 after 6:00 PM or leave a message.  Micki Rose @ 304.462.5130.

Gilmer County Residents Graduate with Honors from GSC

Thirty-four members of the Glenville State College Class of 2012 are honor graduates and wore gold honor stoles at the GSC Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 05, 2012.

To receive this honor, students must graduate Cum Laude with a grade point average of 3.50 – 3.69, Magna Cum Laude with a grade point average of 3.70 – 3.84, or Summa Cum Laude with a grade point average of 3..85 – 4.00.

The honor graduates received their stoles at a reception hosted by GSC President Dr. Peter Barr and wife Betsy at their home on May 03, 2012.

The following Gilmer County residents were recognized as honor graduates:

The Gilmer Free Press
GSC President Dr. Peter Barr (L) and GSC Provost Dr. John Peek (R) presents Justin Brown
with their gold honor stoles at the GSC Honor Graduates Reception

Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Management/Marketing degree recipient Justin Brown from Linn, West Virginia;

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management degree recipient Marilynn Burkowski from Glenville, West Virginia***;

Associate in Arts and Science in Business degree recipient Harold Carter from Glenville, West Virginia ***;

The Gilmer Free Press
GSC President Dr. Peter Barr (L) and GSC Provost Dr. John Peek (R) presents Brian Griffith
with their gold honor stoles at the GSC Honor Graduates Reception

Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Management degree recipient Brian Griffith from Winfield, West Virginia in Putnam County who now resides in Glenville, West Virginia;

The Gilmer Free Press
GSC President Dr. Peter Barr (L) and GSC Provost Dr. John Peek (R) presents Mackenzie Langman
with their gold honor stoles at the GSC Honor Graduates Reception

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education degree recipient Mackenzie Langman from Glenville, West Virginia;

The Gilmer Free Press
GSC President Dr. Peter Barr (L) and GSC Provost Dr. John Peek (R) presents Rachel Ramezan
with their gold honor stoles at the GSC Honor Graduates Reception

Bachelor of Science in Management/Marketing degree recipient Rachel Ramezan from Sand Fork, West Virginia;

The Gilmer Free Press
GSC President Dr. Peter Barr (L) and GSC Provost Dr. John Peek (R) presents Lori Rosenburg
with their gold honor stoles at the GSC Honor Graduates Reception

and Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Sociology degree recipient Lori Rosenburg from Troy, West Virginia.

“We are so proud of all of our honor graduates. Betsy and I congratulate them on their academic success during their time at Glenville State College and wish them the best in their future endeavors,“ said Glenville State College President Dr. Peter Barr.

** Marilyn Burkowski and Harold Carter did not attend the event but were also recognized as honor graduates (not pictured).

Bridge Named For Hero of Vietnam War

The West Virginia Legislature has passed a resolution naming the new bridge from U.S. Route 33/119 East crossing Leading Creek to Sleeth Run Road, near Pickle Street, in honor of the late SP 5 Lynn Waitman Peters.

Lynn Waitman Peters was born and raised on December 22, 1938 at Pickle Street, Lewis County.

He attended Troy High School in Gilmer County. His father (Floyd) was the mail carrier at Linn, WV and that is why he and his brother Carl and sister Mary Ann attended Troy School.

Lynn played trumpet in the band during high school. He always had a love for music and also played fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. Lynn and his family attended the Rock Grove Church all of their lives and in fact his great-great-grandfather, W. W. Yerkey, was a preacher at the Rock Grove in the past.

The Gilmer Free Press

Lynn shot his first deer on the ridge above Rock Grove Cemetery and before he went to Vietnam he told his father that he wanted to be buried there because it was so peaceful and beautiful there early in the morning. He would become the first of his family to be buried in this cemetery after losing his life while in service to his country in the Vietnam War in 1965.

Lynn was married to Mary Baker on January 12, 1962 in Alexandria, VA. Mary was ,born in Tennessee and raised in Texas but she always enjoyed coming to West Virginia and made sure their daughter spent time here with Lynn’s family every summer. Mary worked until she retired from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Their daughter, Sheila Lynn Peters, was born on September 04, 1963 and was not quite two years-old when her father was killed in Vietnam. Mary ended up raising her alone.

Lynn is currently survived by not only his wife Mary, daughter Sheila and grandson Scott, but by three brothers including Richard, Jon and Michael Peters, and two sisters, Mary Ann Hardbarger and Sharon Radcliff. He is also survived by ten nephews and five nieces.

The resolution, adopted by the Legislature reads as follows:


(By Delegate Peggy Donaldson Smith)

“Requesting that bridge number 21-119/1-0.01 on County Route 119/1 in Lewis County, West Virginia be named the ‘SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters Memorial Bridge.’

Whereas, SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters was born to Floyd F. Peters and Loretta Self Peters on December 22, 1938, at Pickle Street, LewisCounty. He attended schools in Gilmer County throughout his youth leaving Troy High School to join the military. His father was the mail courier at Linn, which is why he attended Troy High School.

In high school he was a member of the Future Farmers of America and played trumpet in the band. He always had a love for music and also played fiddle, mandolin and guitar; and

Whereas, SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters’ lifetime dream was to become a Green Beret and to proudly serve his country. After leaving high school he entered the Army in 1957, volunteering for Special Forces and was a demolition expert. He attended parachute training school at Fort Benning, Georgia and Special Forces school at Fort Bragg, North Carolina earning the rank of Specialist Five; and

Whereas, SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters, served at Fort Knox, Kentucky from March 20, 1957 to November 1959, in Korea in September 1960, at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia from 1960 to 1963, at Fort Benning, Georgia from August 1963 to September 1963, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina from September 1963 to February 24,1965 in the 7th Special Forces Group (Abn), and in Vietnam from February 24, 1965 to May 25,1965; and

Whereas, SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters was killed May 25, 1965 by sniper fire m Tay Ninh Province, South Vietnam while accompanying a convoy. He was a member of the DET A-324 (NUI BA DEN) 5th Special Forces Group, U.S. Army; and

Whereas, SP5 Lynn Wait-man Peters received the Purple Heart-with one Oak Leaf Cluster, the Bronze Star, the Vietnamese Military Merit Medal, the Vietnamese Military Merit Medal, the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Palm, the Parachute Badge, the Sharp Shooter (pistol), the Good Conduct Medal and the Special Forces Tab; and,

Whereas, SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters was a young man who loved his family, his community and his nation. He was affiliated with the Rock Grove Baptist Church and is buried in the family plot in the Rock Grove Cemetery. His parents, along with two of his brothers, Carl F. Peters and Ronald J. Peters and his sisters Nina L. Pyles are now buried near him; and

Whereas, SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters served his country and his state with honor and distinction and gave the ultimate sacrifice; therefore, be it,

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That the Division of Highways is hereby requested to name bridge number 21-119/1-0.01 on County Route 119/1 in Lewis County, West Virginia the “SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters MemorialBridge”; and, be it

Further Resolved, That the Commissioner of the Division of Highways is hereby requested to erect signs at both ends of the bridge containing bold and prominent letters proclaiming the bridge the “SP5 Lynn Waitman Peters Memorial Bridge”; and, be it

Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates, forward a certified copy of this , resolution to the Commissioner of the Division of Highways; his wife, Mary A. Peters of Fayetteville, North Carolina; daughter Sheila Lynn Peters Baker of Fuquay-Varina, NorthCarolina; grandson Scott Waitman Baker of Fayetteville, North Carolina; brothers, Richard Peters, John Peters and Michael Peters; and sisters, Mary Ann \Hardbarger and Sharon Radcliff.“

Bridge-naming ceremonies will be held in June 2012.

~~  The Weston Democrat ~~

Rock Grove Baptist Church Vacation Bible School - June 11-15, 2012


Rock Grove Baptist Church announces this year’s Vacation Bible School.

Where: Rock Grove Baptist Church, U.S. Highway 33 East & Sleeths Run Road Linn, WV.

When: June 11-15, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Theme: “Sky , Everything is possible with God”

Come join us for music, stories, mission, snacks, and loads of fun!

All ages welcome.

Our mission this year is to purchase enough mosquito nets to cover the children of the Malaria ravaged country of Malia and “Lets squash Malaria”

Contact persons:  Cherri West Youth Ministry @ 304.462.7125 after 6:00 PM or leave a message.  Micki Rose @ 304.462.5130.

Daily G-Eye™: 05.22.12

The Gilmer Free Press
Karen & Ken Pennebaker house sign on Little Cove over at Linn, WV

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Mr. Heinlein From The WV Department Of Education Briefed Gilmer’s Citizens About School Takeover


Mr. Charles Heinlein From The WV Department Of Education Briefed Gilmer’s Citizens About School Takeover

On April 26, 2012 Mr. Charles Heinlein, Dr. Jorea Marple’s deputy, attended a meeting sponsored by the Gilmer Schools Coalition.

He addressed the State’s takeover of our schools, but he forcefully refused to elaborate on justifications for the takeover.

There was clarity that like it or not the State has control.

Also, Mr. Heinlein stated that our duly elected school board was rendered essentially powerless by the State’s decree and Mr. Blankenship represents the State.

The consequence is that normal checks and balances, essential elements for survival of a democracy, are suspended at the County level.


The Board’s authority to deal with issues including personnel actions, school facilities, finances, and other functions with the exception of responsibilities involving student discipline, expulsions and school trips were summarily removed.

Mr. Heinlein did not disclose the time line for returning the school system to local control or specifics regarding exactly how the Board can remove its deficiencies.

Other notable omissions included a failure of Mr. Heinlein to define specifics about how the State would work with the Board to provide needed services from Charleston to enable the Board’s authority to be restored expeditiously.

Numerous questions and concerns surfaced at the meeting.

The focus was opinions about the State’s failures including problems with honesty, deliberate avoidance of transparency, behind the scenes activity of a select few leading to the takeover, the State’s failure to give the County a chance to solve its problems prior to a takeover as was done for other counties, and the State’s deliberate blockage of information to keep citizens uninformed while secret takeover activities were underway.


One citizen asked Mr. Heinlein to cite one example of what Mr. Ron Blankenship had done during his tenure to be something which would not have been done otherwise and the question was unanswered.

There seemed to be a pervasive feeling among meeting attendees that what was cited as the State’s justification for taking over our school system was pure camouflage.

It was expressed that true reasons probably dealt with a long-term plan to consolidate counties.

That would result in regionalized court houses, law enforcement, K-12 schools, and other functions normal for a sovereign county.

The question is what can we do about our plight?

Our elected officials failed us miserably and our recourse as responsible citizens is to take decisive action at the ballot box.

Instead of complying with demands of the bosses for how we should vote, we can judge candidates on their proven ability, honesty, commitments to transparency, and their firm pledge to keep lines of communication open to prevent future deal making behind closed doors.

Jesse James Marks Jr.


Jesse James Marks Jr.

Age 68 of Ellis Rd. Linn, West Virginia, departed this life at 8:30 PM, Sunday April 15, 2012 at his residence following an extended illness.

He was born April 10, 1944 in Gilmer County, son of Phyllis M. Frashure Marks of Glenville, West Virginia, and the late Jesse J. Marks Sr.

Jesse retired from Mon Power with 16 years of service. He owned and operated an over the road Tractor and trailer, formers employee of 4-D Manufacturing for several years, drove truck for Appcon, and was an Army Veteran of the Vietnam War.

He was a member of the Church of God of Prophecy at Sand Fork, WV.

He enjoyed hunting, fishing, golfing, softball, bowling, and loved to sing and pick the guitar.

On June 26, 1966 he was united in marriage to Barbara Langford Marks who survives at their Ellis Rd. home.

Surviving are 2 sons; Jesse James Marks III and wife Lenora of Glenville; and Justin Lee Marks and wife Becca of Nettie, West Virginia.  1 brother; Lynn Marks of Glenville.  1 sister; Iris Ann McCartney and husband French of Wood County. 1 brother-in-law; Jennings Law of Glenville. 2 grandchildren; Autumn Jade Marks and Jesse James Marks both of Glenville.

Along with his father, Jesse was preceded in death by 1 sister Phyllis Jane Law in March 2010.

Funeral Services will be conducted at the Church of God of Prophecy, Sand Fork, West Virginia, at 1:00 PM, Saturday April 21, 2012 with Pastor Bryan Groves officiating.

Burial will follow in the Hiney Cemetery on Ellis Road.

Friends may call 4:00 to 8:00 PM Friday at the Church of God of Prophecy.

Ellyson Mortuary Inc. is assisting the family of Jesse James Marks Jr. with arrangements.

G-Comm™: Inter-County School Project Could Open Doors To More Change


A high school English teacher years ago warned me to be careful when using the word “unique” to describe an event or even an idea. And my most memorable example of extremely poor usage of this word was a newspaper colleague years ago who described something as “very unique and quite different.“

But Executive Director Mark Manchin of the state School Building Authority was justified in his usage of the word “unique” to describe a proposed inter-county elementary school planned by the school boards of Lewis and Gilmer counties. At last week’s SBA meeting, Lewis County School Superintendent Joe Mace and Gilmer County School Superintendent Ron Blankenship presented a plan to merge two elementary schools they described as “decrepit” into a new consolidated inter-county school that would straddle the border between the two central West Virginia counties.

There are seven potential sites for the school intended to replace Troy Elementary School in Gilmer County and Alum Bridge Elementary School in Lewis County. The initial cost estimate for the new inter-county school is $11.1 million.

It is one of 23 proposed construction projects submitted to SBA for the next bond issue for new school construction that would require a total expenditure of about $170 million if all 23 were to be authorized. However, the proposed bond sale in May will only provide about $40 million for this latest round of statewide public school construction.

Lewis County’s population is more than twice that of Gilmer County and since most of the 20-acre site that is the preferred location for the new school would be in Lewis County, that county would be the financial agent for the project. But the two counties would split the cost of purchasing the property for the new school.

According to a staff member of the state Board of Education this is the only inter-county plan currently under consideration. There was one similar agreement previously between Logan and Lincoln counties.

The economics of this idea are compelling. The two counties estimate this proposal would result in an annual savings of more than $500,000 and another $500,000 in current expenses that could be avoided. That’s probably why Manchin said last week that he “fully anticipates” the SBA will award some of the $40 million bond sale planned for May to this inter-county project.

The SBA will make final decisions on which of the many deserving school construction projects will be funded at an April 23 meeting. One of the other projects is a $14 million proposal for a different elementary school to be constructed in Gilmer County.

Some people hope this is the first step toward “regional school management” and elimination of the 55 separate county boards of education, replacing them with so-called “regional school management areas.“ It’s unlikely this single inter-county elementary school project can do that. But the opportunity to be more user-friendly to youngsters and their parents along the border of these two counties is a worthwhile move.

So much for the high profile attempt to woo a $2 billion cracker plant to West Virginia by providing a property tax break of as much as $25 million to $30 million a year for the next 25 years. The plant will be built in neighboring Pennsylvania, just a few tantalizing miles from this state’s northern panhandle border.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin had the signed bill in his hand when he flew to Texas to make his pitch to Shell Oil Co. in late January but the company decided to locate the new facility in another state. There is still hope for a small cracker plant somewhere in the Kanawha Valley but it will not reach the $2 billion minimum cost required to take advantage of this lavish tax incentive.

The consolation prize may be a $300 million ethane catalytic “cracker” plant that would provide new jobs for as many as 200 people at the Institute Industrial Park in western Kanawha County by 2015.

An announcement on this project, originally planned for last week, apparently has been postponed for a few weeks, according to state Commerce Secretary Keith Burdette. But he insists that he is “very optimistic” about the smaller facility planned by Aither Chemicals. The more certain aspect is that state officials apparently can expect this company to request a similar tax break from West Virginia as a condition to make this happen.

Good grades are always appreciated, whether it’s your child or even state government. And in the case of West Virginia, the state’s ranking for providing online information about how the state’s tax revenues are spent has gone from the basement to the penthouse, according to a study released by a national public interest group’s rankings of the 50 states.

The report, entitled “Follow the Money, 2012: How the 50 States Rate in Providing On-Line Access to Government Spending Data,“ indicates West Virginia has jumped from a dismal failing score of 28 to a score of 91 in one year, which ranks the Mountain State as sixth in the country. This state’s improvement can be traced to its decision to copy the example of Texas, which ranked first both in the 2011 and 2012 reports, and set up the website.

~~  Tom Miller - Retired State Government Reporter for The Herald-Dispatch – Huntington, WV ~~

Eileen Doris Dixon


Eileen Doris Dixon

Age 74, of Hemlock Road, Linn, WV departed this life at 8:04 PM, Sunday, March 18, 2012 at her residence following an extended illness.

She was born June 25, 1937 in Jersey City, NJ a daughter of the late Michael Joseph and Lottie Sosnowski Sciretta.

When she first arrived in WV in 1988 from Houston TX, she worked with the Adult Literacy program in Ravenswood.

After moving to Linn in 1989 she began working as a Library Assistant at Robert F. Kidd Library at GSC and remained there until retirement in 2002.

She attended St Johannes Lutheran Church in St. Clara, where she served several years on Church Council and as Treasurer.

She was an avid reader and spent time after retirement at the Gilmer County Public Library with the Friends and the Book Club. She also spent some time as a Hospice Volunteer. She was a member of the Gilmer Gadabouts Red Hat Society.

She always enjoyed travelling with, and visiting with family and friends, both here and in Europe. Many of her travels in recent years were associated with the launch and commissioning of USS Jason Dunham, of which her nephew, Commander Scott Sciretta was captain.

On May 02, 1983 she was united in marriage to John Dixon who survives at their Linn home.

Two daughters and two sons survive:  Linda Kirkpatrick, husband Richard of Rocky Mount, NC; Karen Toth, husband Michael of Warwick, England; Kenneth Lasiewski of Rocky Mount, NC and Leonard Lasiewski, wife Leslie of Georgetown, TX.

Seven grandchildren:  Ryan Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Sheton, Claire Lasiewski, Ava Lasiewski, Katy Toth, Amy Toth and Britney Lasiewski and one great-grandchild Hayden Shelton survive.  One nephew survives, Scott Sciretta of Memphis, TN.

She was the last surviving member of her immediate family having been preceded in death by one brother, Michael Sciretta.

A memorial service will be conducted at St. Johannes Lutheran Church, St. Clara (Doddridge County) at 11:00 AM, Saturday, April 21, 2012 with Pastor Linda Muhly officiating.

Family request in lieu of flowers donations be made to Hospice Care, PO Box 323, Burnsville, WV 26335 or donate blood to the American Red Cross.

Ellyson Mortuary, Inc. is assisting the family of Eileen D. Dixon with arrangements.

Barbara June (Lamb) Stanczak


Barbara June (Lamb) Stanczak

Age 77, of 11213 Longshore Way West, Naples, Florida, died at 2:30 AM Friday, March 16, 2012 at Avow Hospice in Naples, Florida, following an extended illness.

She was born in Lewis County, West Virginia, June 19, 1934.

Barbara was the daughter of the late John Aubrey Lamb and Ina Melinda Lamb. She was preceded in death by her sister, Delores Marlene “Susie” Lamb Lewis.

On November 06, 1954 she was married to John R. Stanczak, who survives her.

Barbara is also survived by one son; Stephen P. Stanczak of Palm Desert, CA, three daughters; Cheryl A. Horbal of Naples, FL, Karen M. Cline of Lawrenceville, GA, Diana S. Greer of Memphis, TN, one brother; John A. Lamb of Weston, and two maternal nieces; Christy D. Woods and Nina R. Calvert.

She had seven grandsons and four granddaughters, and one great-grandson; Bradley L. Horbal, Bryan D. Horbal, Abby L. Horbal, Christopher D. Cline, Jason M. Cline, Kaley M. Cline, John D. Stanczak, Scott A. Stanczak, Jordan G. Greer, Jackson W. Greer, Aubrey M. Greer, and Weston S. Cline.

Visitation and funeral will be held at Hardman Paletti Funeral Home, 730 N. Main Avenue, Weston, West Virginia on Friday, March 23, 2012.

Visitation will begin at 12:00 Noon, followed by the funeral service at 2:00 PM from the Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home chapel officiated by Reverend Carolyn Nettles.

A graveside ceremony follows at Rock Grove Cemetery, Linn, WV and a dinner at Rock Grove Church.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Avow Hospice at 1095 Whippoorwill Lane, Naples, Florida 34105, 239-261-4404.

Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home of Weston is in charge of arrangements for Barbara June (Lamb) Stanczak.

G-FYI™: Proposed School Crosses County Lines


Charleston Daily Mail Reports:

To avoid lengthy rides to school and costly building repairs, officials from Gilmer and Lewis counties want to create an inter-county elementary school.

If funding for the plan is approved, the school would be the only one of its kind in West Virginia, Gilmer Superintendent Ron Blankenship said.

“It’s very exciting,“ Blankenship said. “It’s a great opportunity for students in both counties.“

According to the plan submitted to the state School Building Authority, Gilmer County would consolidate Troy Elementary School with Lewis County’s Alum Bridge Elementary School at the new building, tentatively plotted in the border community of Linn.

The plan anticipates more than $500,000 in annual savings and more than $500,000 in avoided costs for the counties.

Each school caters to about 100 students, but the new school would house 240 children, Blankenship said. Troy serves students in pre-kindergarten programs through sixth grade, while Alum Bridge only serves students up to the fourth grade, Blankenship said. Lewis County officials have agreed to send students through the sixth grade to the new school.

Both schools received “poor” ratings from the authority staff for different parts of their facilities. Problems included site access, parking, restrooms and food service facilities.

The report said Troy “is in very deplorable condition and has been cited for several health and safety violations.“

A new school will let each county affordably provide a better learning opportunity for students, Blankenship said. It will also cut down on transportation times for children who live far away from school, he said. 

“Parents should be able to send their children to the closest school,“ Blankenship said.

Although a combined school will lead to some duplication of duties, Blankenship expects few jobs to be lost. Teachers at Troy are already forced to teach several different grade levels, so the new school could allow them to focus on one particular group, he said.

The actual employees who are retained for the school is up to the state Board of Education, Blankenship said. Each county must submit a list to the board with the names of current employees who would like a position at the new school. New positions will be filled from the list before the board looks elsewhere. 

A location hasn’t been chosen yet, Blankenship said. The counties have agreed to split the cost.

The state took over operations of the Gilmer County school system in June 2010. In the wake of that decision, a group calling itself the Gilmer County Education Coalition organized to “restore credibility” to the school system, spokesman William Simmons said.

He said there is some concern now among group members over a possible conflict of interest within the group.

One of the group’s 35 members owns a parcel of land that is among those being considered for the new school site. 

Blankenship said he could not comment on where the final site might be.

The counties are eyeing properties that straddle the county line, he said. Whichever most of the school falls on will be the side responsible for the building.

Both counties have agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding stating that each needs to take part in the direction of the school. A group comprised of people from both counties will have some say in what happens at the school.

Apart from the site dispute and what Simmons described as a lack of openness in the selection process, he said the coalition was excited about the new school.

“It’s probably the wave of the future,“ he Simmons, adding that he has worked in education at various levels throughout the state for years.

Mary Scott, principal at Alum Bridge, said both counties have been very cooperative thus far but declined further comment. Messages left with Lewis County Superintendent Joseph Hale were not returned by press time.

There are no other plans for other inter-county schools associated with Gilmer County, but Blankenship thought the idea could serve as a model for other rural schools looking to provide similar services.

Liza Cordeiro, spokeswoman for the state Board of Education, said the tentative plan would be the only of its kind currently under consideration. Lincoln and Logan counties once had a similar agreement though, she said. 

Gilmer and Lewis counties are relying on the authority to fund the school as a part of its 2012 needs projects requests. The counties will need a little more than $11 million from the authority in order to build the school, according to the report. Blankenship would not commit to an exact cost estimate, but said the plan was for the authority to cover all construction costs.

There are 22 other requests before the authority, including a roughly $14 million bid from Gilmer County to construct a different elementary school. The authority is slated to discuss the projects during a meeting Monday, and will render final decisions for which projects to fund at an April 23 meeting, Blankenship said.

Dave Boucher 304.348.4843 - “david.bouc…”  ~~

Basketball: LKC Girls Night of Champions


Taylor Bragg of Braxton County made a perfect 10-of-10 free throws to become the first repeat winner of the foul-shot competition at the LKC Girls Night of Champions at Parkersburg Catholic Saturday.

Runner-up was Tristin Toman of Ritchie County with 9 of 10 free throws made.

Capturing the Top Gun 3-point shoot-out was Amber Wilford of Calhoun County who sank 12 of 25 shots from behind the arc for the Red Devils’ first winner of the event since Brandi Richards in 2001.

Second behind Wilford was a three-way tie between Jacee Markle of Clay County, Taylor Youell of Ravenswood and Liz Flowers of Williamstown with 11-of-25 marks.

Also recognized were the LKC girls basketball Scholar-Athlete winners from each conference school.

They were:

•  Braxton - Montana Flint

•  Calhoun – Wilford

•  Clay - Montana Barker

•  Doddridge County - Holly Curtis

•  Gilmer County - Olivia Somerville

•  Parkersburg Catholic - Liz Ruscitto

•  Ravenswood - Taylor Treadway

•  Ritchie County - Maria Webber

•  Roane County - Brooklyn Pavalok

•  St. Marys - Audra Clark

•  South Harrison - Erica Eddy

•  Tyler Consolidated - Sydney Yoho

•  Williamstown - Megan Albertson

•  Wirt County - Hannah Nichols

Gilmer County Family Court Report – 01.27.12


Helen Spade (64) of Normantown, WV Divorced Benjamin Spade (69) of Oberlin, Ohio on January 27, 2012.

Erlina Singleton (47) of Normantown, WV Divorced Basil Singleton (52) of Buckhannon, WV on January 27, 2012.

Traci Montgomery (20) of Normantown, WV Divorced Jeremy Montgomery (23) Of Linn, WV on January 27, 2012.

Flora Alice Turner


Flora Alice Turner

Age 71, of 1447 US Hwy 33 W Weston, went to be with the Lord on Friday, January 20, 2012 at the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital of Weston following a sudden illness.

She was born in Jane Lew on May 30, 1940: daughter of the late Lawrence Messenger and Gladys (Rogers) Messenger.

On August 30, 1963 she married Denver R. Turner, who survives.

Also surviving is one daughter: Kim Brown and husband Boone of Jane Lew and two grandchildren Devin and Breanna Brown. Also surviving are two brothers: Tom and Dave Messenger both of Jane Lew and several nieces and nephews. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death be one brother: Henry Messenger.

Mrs. Turner was a retired Instructional Aide for the Lewis County School System with 18 years of service. Flora was a graduate of Weston High School with the “Class of 1960.” She attended the Waldeck United Methodist Church, where she was the Adult Sunday School Teacher and Secretary of the WSCS. Mrs. Turner was a member of the Lewis County Farm Bureau, WV Farm Bureau, where she served as chairperson of Region V Women’s Leadership Committee and was secretary of Lewis County Livestock Association. She was a member of the Teresa Snaith Auxiliary of Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital of Weston, was a founding member and board of director of the Lewis County Fair Association and was a member of Chapter# 40 Order of the Eastern Star of Weston. Flora was a volunteer for the Central WV and Lewis County Shrine Clubs.

She was a member of the “Pins and Needles Club” of the Rock Grove Baptist Church of Linn, WV.

Family will receive friends at the Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home 730 North Main Aveune, Weston on Monday, January 23, 2012 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM and 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 1:00 PM from the Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home chapel with Reverend Russell Furr officiating.

Interment will follow services in the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens of Jane Lew.

Hardman-Paletti Funeral Home of Weston is in charge of the arrangements for Flora Alice Turner.

Carl James Luzader


Carl James Luzader

Age 85 of Joe’s Run Rd. (Sand Fork Community), departed this life Sunday morning, January 15, 2012 in the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Weston, following an extended illness.

He was born August 29, 1926 in Gilmer County, a son of the late Raymond and Melvie Danley Luzader.

Mr. Luzader was a member of the Sand Fork Baptist Church

He was a coal miner, and retired from the West Virginia Department of Highways as a heavy equipment operator. He also proudly served his country in the United States Navy during World War II.

On April 15, 1950 he was united in marriage to Doris Jean Lowther,  who survives at their Joe’s Run Rd. home.

Surviving are: (2 Daughters) Kathy Chapman and husband Darrell of Mt. Olive, North Carolina, and Diana Langford and husband Jim of Chloe, West Virginia; (2 Sons) Billy Joe Luzader and wife Shae of Grafton, Ohio and James “Randy” Luzader and wife Sherry of Sand Fork, West Virginia; (5 Grandchildren) Kristi Bailey and husband Chris, Meagan Luzader, Steve Chapman and wife Lynn, Chris McVaney and wife Torie, and Aaron James Langford and wife Heather; (5 Great-Grandchildren) Chesney Best, Alexis McVaney,  Destiny Langford, Shawn and George McVaney; (1 Brother) Tom Luzader of Glenville WV; (1 brother-in-law) Harold Lowther and wife Rebecca of Sand Fork WV. There are also several nieces and nephews surviving.

Along with his parents, Carl was preceded in death by siblings Roscoe, Aaron, Raymond, Danley, and Jennings Luzader,  Evelane Miller, Annabell Luzader, and Catherine Williams.

Funeral Services will be conducted at the Ellyson Mortuary Inc. Glenville West Virginia, on Thursday January 19, 2012 with Pastor Bryan Groves and Pastor Phil Wilson officiating.

Burial will follow in the Hiney Cemetery, Linn West Virginia.

Friends may call from 6:00 – 8:00 PM Wednesday evening at the mortuary.

The family would like to thank Dr. Snuffer and the nursing staff in the Intensive Care Unit at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital for their care and compassion. The Family would also to thanks everyone for their prayers and act of kindness.

Ellyson Mortuary Inc. is humbled to serve the family of Carl James Luzader with arrangements.

GFP - 01.18.2012
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Freddie D. Helmick


Freddie D. Helmick

Age 62 of Cedar Creek Road, Glenville, WV departed this life at 1:05 PM Saturday January 07, 2012 in Ruby Memorial Hospital, Morgantown WV following a one week illness.

He was born October 16, 1949 in Gilmer County, son of the late Irene Helmick.

Freddie was a graduate of Burnsville High School and was a heavy equipment operator. He worked in the oil fields and just recently retired from the Gilmer County Board of Education as a school bus driver. He was a Marine Veteran during the Vietnam War, and then joined the National Guard Military Police Branch.

Fred was a member of the Gilmer County Fire Department and E.M.S. for 30 years. One of his favorite pass times was running sideline chains for the Gilmer County High School and Glenville State College football. He was an avid hunter and fisherman, but Freddie’s purpose was helping others and anyone who knew him, knows that.

He also faithfully attended the Church of God of Prophecy at Sand Fork.

On July 21, 2009 he was united in marriage to Helen Williams Helmick, who survives at their Cedar Creek Home.

Two daughters survive; Michelle R. Gum and husband Jim and Jennifer D. Fallo and husband Chuck both of Weston WV, ( 1 step daughter) April Fridley and Fiancee Kieth Tibado of Frostproof Florida, (6 grandchildren) Maddysen Parsons, Leah Fallo, Brayden Fallo, Erin Jenkins, Toby Fridley, and Kameron Tibado.

Also surviving is (1 brother) Larry Joe Helmick of Cleveland Ohio, (1 sister) Doris Jean King of Glenville,  (2,  1/2 brothers) Kenny Conrad of High Point North Carolina, Ronnie Conrad of Glenville, (2,  1/2 sisters) Linda Rowh of Parkersburg West Virginia, and Kathy McCune of Glenville.

Funeral Services will be conducted at the Church of God of Prophecy, Sand Fork West Virginia at 11:00 AM Wednesday, January 11, 2012 with Pastor Bryan Groves officiating.

Burial will follow in the Hiney Cemetery, Linn WV.

Friends may call 4:00 – 8:00 PM Tuesday at the church and one hour prior to services on Wednesday.

Ellyson Mortuary Inc. Glenville WV. is humbled to serve the family of Freddie Helmick with arrangements.

Attention all Teachers, Parents and Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County - 12.29.11


Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 6:00 PM at Audrey’s (Common Place) there is a meeting of the Gilmer Schools Coalition in coordination with any and all interested parties willing to organize and stand as one voice, united, to take back Gilmer County Schools.

This is an opportunity for each individual to have your voice heard, choose a spokesperson via true democratic process and move forward with honest efforts to end this nightmare.

It is an opportunity to show that we will put the children and their future before the political well-being of others.

Let us set the example showing that we will, as a community, stand up and be counted when it comes to their future.


Daniel L. Hill


Daniel L. Hill

Age 44 of Glenville West Virginia departed this life at 8:32 PM Wednesday December 14, 2011 at the United Hospital Center following a sudden illness.

He was born February 06, 1967 in Pontiac Michigan, son of the late Charles W. Hill and survived by his mother Alia Adams Hill Pinto of Mikado Michigan.

Daniel was a block layer and general handy man in the construction industry.

He was a member of the Glenville 1st Baptist Church.

Surviving are; ( 3 children) Isaiah Hill of Glenville West Virginia, Clora Hill of Pontiac Michigan, and Teresa Hill of Baltimore Maryland, ( 6 siblings) Debra Furney of Pontiac Michigan, Charles Hill of Hudson Florida, David Hill of Ypsilanti Michigan, Robert Hill of Oscoda Michigan, Mary Pinto Fuller of Clinton South Carolina, Jason Pinto of Hammond Indiana, and Christine Welker. He is survived by his step father Ronald Pinto of Mikado Michigan. He is also survived by many nieces, nephews, and great nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be conducted at 10:30 AM Monday December 19, at the Ellyson Mortuary Inc. Glenville West Virginia with Rev. Kenny Fisher officiating.

Burial will follow in the Rock Grove Cemetery in Linn West Virginia.

Friends may call from 9:30 AM until the time of the funeral.

Ellyson Mortuary Inc. humbled to serve the family of Daniel Hill with arrangements.

Shelia Annette Weaver


Shelia Annette Weaver

Age 73 of Cox’s Mill departed this life at 8:50 AM, Monday, November 21, 2011 in the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, Weston following an extended illness.

She was born April, 18, 1938 in Gilmer County a daughter of the late Delford and Mildred Miller Westfall.

Shelia retired for Holiday Inn Hotels in Atlanta, GA where she was supervisor of housekeeping.  She loved being a homemaker and taking care of her family.

She enjoyed singing gospel songs and attended the Chestnut Grove Baptist Church.

She was united in marriage to Hayward D. Weaver on July 16, 1957 and he preceded her in death October of 1984.

Five children survive:  Brenda Minney of Normantown; Donald Weaver (wife Shirley), Lois Darlene Prosser and Christopher Weaver all of Cox’s Mill; and Sandra Weaver (husband Scott Beck) of Linn, WV.

One brother survives:  Don Westfall (wife Judy) of Grantsville.

There are 12 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren surviving.

Shelia was preceded in death by one son, Randy Weaver in January 1993, one grandson, James Ary Prosser; two sisters, Gaytha Lockard and Jeanie Sawyer and two brothers, Robert and Billy Westfall.

Funeral services will be conducted at the Ellyson Mortuary, Inc., Glenville on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 11:00 AM, with Pastor Phil Wilson officiating.

Burial will follow in the Chestnut Grove Cemetery.

Friends may call 6:00 – 8:00 PM, Friday at the Mortuary.

Ellyson Mortuary, Inc. is assisting the family of Shelia A. Weaver with arrangements.

Evelyn N. Brown


Evelyn N. Brown

Age 88, of Linn, WV, and a longtime resident of Trevorton, Pennsylvania, went home to be with her Lord on Thursday, November 17, 2011.

Born October 24, 1923 in Trevorton, PA, she was the daughter of the late Cloyd C. and Florence G. (Miller) Crissinger.

On June 29, 1946 she married Willard J. Brown who preceded her in death on November 01, 1988.

She was also preceded in death by a daughter, Donna Danner, a grandson, John Kahler, a great-grandson, Jason Kahler, one brother, James Crissinger and two sisters, Jean Wooten and Naomi Crissinger.

Survivors include two daughters and sons-in-law, Doris and Roy Hoffman of Millmont, PA and Debbie and Dean Kahler of Bellevue, OH; two sons and daughters-in-law, Dale and Debbie Brown of Land O’Lakes, FL and Duane and Rachel Brown of Linn, WV; 16 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren; two sisters, Pauline Lahr of Sunbury, PA and Lois Schankweiler of Bethlehem, PA.

Mrs. Brown graduated from Trevorton High School in 1941. She was co-owner of Brown’s Store in Trevorton from 1950 to 1972. She was a homemaker and was known for her crocheted baby sweater sets.

She was a charter member of Wayside Mission Church in Dornsife, PA where she faithfully attended for 47 years.

Rev. James Sampson will conduct the funeral service which will be held at the Wayside Mission church, Dornsife, PA on Wednesday November23, 2011 at 11:00 AM, with visitation from 10:00 AM to time of service.

Friends may call from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at the Robert Foust Funeral Home, 841 West Shamokin Street, Trevorton, PA.

In lieu of flowers the family requests that you consider contributing to the Evelyn Brown Memorial Fund to be used for missions.

Contributions can be mailed to the Evelyn Brown Memorial Fund, God’s Missionary Church World Missions, 109 Evergreen Ln, Spring Mills, PA 16875.

Denzil Lee Sprouse


Denzil Lee Sprouse

Age 58 of Crooked Creek Rd., Glenville departed this life at 6:25 PM, Monday, November 14, 2011 at his residence following an extended illness.

He was born November 04, 1953 in Gilmer County a son of the late Ernest and Hazel Carpenter Sprouse.

Denzil retired from Schlumberger cement crew as an operator and trainer with 29 years of service.

He loved fishing, hunting and camping.  This was only surpassed by his love for his family and extended family.

He was a Baptist by faith and was a born again Believer.

Denzil was married to Debbie Collins Sprouse July 22, 2007 who survives at their Glenville home.

Survivors include a son and daughter :  Nicky Sprouse and girlfriend Lisa Leadbetter of Pricetown; April Fridley and fiancée Keith Tibado of Frostproof, FL;  step-son Steve Palmer Jr. and wife Deanna of Weston; 6 grandchildren:  Erin Jenkins, Toby Fridley, Wesley Palmer, Kameron Tibedo, Summer Sprouse and Maxwell Palmer.  Eight brothers and sisters survive:  Rondal Sprouse of Normantown; Larry Sprouse (wife Beverly) of Normantown; Carolyn Johnson of Elkins; Loretta Swinerton of St. Albans, WV; Norma Bagley (husband Bob) of Cox’s Mills; Neal Sprouse (wife Becky) of Normantown; Kelvin Sprouse (wife Vicky) of Linn and Mike Sprouse (wife Anita) of Glenville.

Several aunts, uncles, numerous nieces, nephews and a host of cousins survive.

He is also survived by his father-in-law Roy Collins of Pricetown and brother-in-law Jerry Collins (wife Faye) of Cumberland, MD.

He was preceded in death by infant sister Anna Lou Sprouse.

Funeral services will be conducted at the Ellyson Mortuary, Inc., Glenville, 11:00 AM, Friday, November 18, 2011 with Pastor Mike Sprouse officiating.

Burial will follow in the Turner Cemetery, Lockney, WV.

Friends may call 5:00 – 9:00 PM, Thursday at the Mortuary.  Denzil requested in lieu of flowers donations be made to the family.

Ellyson Mortuary, Inc. is assisting the family of Denzil Sprouse with arrangements.

Missing Lewis County Girl’s Search Focused on Gilmer County Area


The continuing search for a missing child in Lewis County has crossed county lines.

WAJR-FM in Clarksburg reports the FBI has moved its mobile command center in the hunt for three-year-old Aliayah Lunsford from the Weston area to a remote part of Gilmer County.

The new search point is in the community of Vadis, nearly ten miles north of Glenville.

The move is reported based on what federal investigators call “valuable information” received from public tips.

The young Lunsford disappeared from her home in the Lewis County community of Bendale on September 24, 2010.

Members of the community held balloon launch earlier this week to mark the one-month disappearance.

They say they hold out hope for a miracle.

FBI investigators said recently there’s likely little chance the young girl is still alive.

The girl’s mother, Lena Lunsford, was arrested earlier this month on a federal fraud charge.

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Upper Ellis Church: 2nd Annual Community Weiner Roast - 10.08.11


The Upper Ellis Church will have their 2nd Annual Community Weiner Roast Saturday October 08, 2011 starting at 5:00 PM in the evening at the church on Ellis Rd.

Everything will be furnished by the church.

Everyone from the Linn Community is invited to come.

Bring a lawn chair and join us for good food and great fellowship.

Hope to see everyone there.

Kaylee Marie Tomey


Kaylee Marie Tomey was the name chosen for the daughter born to Jamie McKay and Howard Tomey of Linn.

The little girl was born August 17, 2011, at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital of Weston.

She weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces.

She has two brothers, Jayden and Dalton, and one sister, Sabrina Tomey.

Her mother is the former Jamie Freeman and is a homemaker.

Her father is employed by Energy Contractors/Nabors Wells Service.

Maternal grandparents are Jerry Freeman of Linn and Mary Dennison of Sand Fork.

Paternal grandparents are Bonnie and Charles Tomey of Sand Fork.

Gilmer County Commission Meeting Report – 09.06.11


The Gilmer County Commission started their regular monthly meeting at 9:00 AM with Dave Hess, the Commission President; Commissioners, Brian Kennedy and Darrell Ramsey; Jean Butcher, County Clerk; and Connie Osentoski, Commission Administrator present.

The Following business was conducted:

•  (Item NOT on Agenda) – The Gilmer County Prosecutor at the start of the meeting presented to the Commission with information regarding the past due taxes by Oil and Gas Companies.

The commissioners had asked him to check into the back taxes by oil and gas companies and he reported that multiple letters have been sent and ignored by the companies and now he has to pursue the next step of filing with the magistrate court.

About 50 gas companies are delinquent on their taxes.

Prosecutor said since there are steps involved in collecting the taxes, he is going to need more help.

He said a law school graduate can do the work and he can monitor the process.

Commissioners did not make any decision about his suggestion since the item was not on the agenda.

•  Commission approved the minutes of the August 2011 meeting.

•  Commission reviewed the invoices presented and approved them for payment.

Discussion was made with Sheriff Mickey Metz about the invoice from Dog Catcher and a question was asked as why some animals are being kept for about 12 days.

Commissioner Kennedy indicated the animal should not be kept that long and they should be taken either to Ritchie or Roane County animal Shelters.

Sheriff Metz was asked to check into it and make the necessary correction.

Later in the meeting, after looking at the details and explanation by the County Bookkeeper, it was explained the reason was because the large number of animals that were seized and the fact they had to be kept longer before the matter was settled.

•  There were no Board Appointments and/or Resignations at this meeting.

•  Commission approved Exonerations and/or Consolidations.

•  Commission approved Estate Qualifications and Estate Settlements.

•  Leisa Dean with the Assessor’s office – flood plain insurance discounts/CRS program:

Leisa Dean talked about flood management.

She said, there are steps that can be taken to save the citizens money on their flood insurance.

The saving will be 20% to 30% to maximum of 50-60%.

The County earns points for each step it takes in the program which determines the amount of savings.

One step is to have a computer with internet access and all the flood plain maps to be accessible for use.

To do this a dedicated computer is needed which the County Clerk Jean Butcher said, can be used by getting a computer for the bookkeeper and use her computer for this project.

The funding for the computer will come through a grant funding in Gilmer County Clerk’s office. Commissioners approved the project.

•  Frontier Communications:

Frontier Communications presented a brief program about the company and the steps being taken to improve the service.

Mike Sims, the General Manager for the Mountain Lake Region in West Virginia which includes Gilmer County along with Anthony Rome, Patrick Marozzi, and Trevor Clark – Gilmer County Manager presented the program.

Frontier is currently spending over $500,000 in Gilmer County.

Their engineers are identifying the bad copper lines and replacing them with new improved lines.

Sand Fork, Stouts Mills, Tanner Area, WV Hwy 5 W, Linn, WV Hwy 47 have been done which increased their total DSL ports by 626.

Grass Run, Little Bull Run, WV Hwy 5E/Gilmer Station, Hyers Road, Orlando, U.S.Hwy 33/119, additional Hwy 5, Blackburn, Cox’s Mills, Sinking Creek, and secondary Rt. 17 are in the works.

This will increase the DSL service to 828 households.

Normantown Area is under plan.

The representatives indicated Gilmer County was neglected for a long time by Verizon and Frontier is repairing the mess and plans to have everyone on DSL.

According to Mr. Sims, the DSL project is ahead of schedule.

Right now Frontier responds to service calls within 72 hours and the plan is to change it to 24 hours.

Frontier said they are fixing a lot of lines which were neglected by Verizon and they are finding a lot of places where the lines are covered with plastic bags.

On the business side, they offered a program for the Courthouse which saves the County a lot of money. The rates offered, which are lower, are negotiated with the State, and the County can benefit from it if it switches the service.

One feature of the service is that there is no contract and the County can opt out anytime it likes.

Rome reported the Centrex Service Frontier offer is cheaper than what is currently paid.

Lewis County has recently just converted to Frontier service.

Sims said the changeover is fast and trouble free.

If the County decides to go with Frontier it will eliminate multiple contacts/vendors the county is currently dealing with.

Frontier offered to sit down and go over all the details for the system.

Commissioner Hess said they have to contact all the elected officials to see exactly what they need.

One feature Frontier offered is personal contacts instead of calling an 800 number and deal just with anyone.

•  Kevin Means and Kathrine Blankenship with Doddridge County Community Correction:

Mr. Means reported the grant has been obtained for the project and presented the Commission with a copy of it.

The grant is to be shared by several counties.

He said the goal is to regionalize the program.

Any salary for this program is paid by the grant except the matching portion by each County.

The program is an alternative to putting people with minor offenses in jail.

The program allows the offender to be busy doing something rather than sitting in jail or at home.

The program can include community service, GED program with supervision.

Kevin Means said the program has decreased the jail expense for Doddridge County when Commission President Dave Hess asked about it.

Means said there is going to be a forum/meeting in Doddridge County on September 12, 2011, where everyone can ask questions and all the Doddridge County elected officials can answer.

The matching portion of the program is $12,000 for each County.

Commissioner Kennedy said the program sounds good and the commission will look into it.

Commissioner Kennedy talked about a program which is practiced in other states.

The program hires a deputy and the judge assigns offenders to work with this deputy.

Doing so has proven to save a lot of jail expenses.

Commissioner Kennedy said in this program the community will present their project and after approval offenders in this program can be assigned to them.

He suggested they need to explore the possibility and talk to judges about it.

County Clerk Report

•  The check has been received for the amount of $809.00 from REIP Program request.

•  The contract for voting equipment has run out and needs renewed.

State is no longer covering the maintenance and County has to cover the cost.

The company who has the contract now is making a presentation at 2:30 PM on Thursday, September 08, 2011.

EMS Request for Financial Assistance

•  The Commissioners approved the cost of 5-year Audits conducted by WV State Auditor’s Office for Ambulance Service.

The cost is about $23,310.00 and the County will cover the cost.

Jack Heater – OES Deputy Director – hourly wage when covering for OES Director

•  Jack Heater asked to be paid for the time he has to cover for OES Director Susie Kirkpatrick.

The Commission approved to pay him $12.50 per hour.

Bookkeeper – Budget Control Report and Revisions

•  Budget revision was made by the Bookkeeper for the Community Participation and Recreation Grant obtained by the Gilmer County Recreation Center.

•  A budget revision was made for the Dog Warden for the extra help in previous months.

•  A budget revision was made to separate out the overtimes.

•  A budget revision was made to jail fund.

•  A budget revision was made to Extension Service for fund received.

Region VII – Projects and Points for CEDS List

•  Commissioner decided to remove the Airport project on WV Hwy 5 W, Industrial Park, and Industrial Shell Building from Region VII initiative.

They noted the priorities are Water System Improvements in Allis Road/Cox’s Mill and other places in addition to Sewer System in Sand Fork.

Doing so will help to get the funds for these projects.

Courthouse Improvement

•  Daniel Loftis from L&L has quoted about $100,000 each for two sides of roof in the Courthouse.

•  Commission decided to put the project for bid.

•  Courthouse renovation is also on the list for Region VII.

OES – Purchase Used Vehicle

•  OES is planning to buy a used vehicle to be used instead of using personal vehicles and turning in mileage.

The vehicle will be used only during emergencies.

The LEPC project will pay for half of it.

A 4-wheel drive vehicle is desired.

Commissioner Ramsey thought to get a vehicle from State Auction like a Durango for about $1,200.00.

Commissioner Kennedy thought taking into account the maintenance on the vehicle, it might be better if they use their own vehicle.

Commissioner Ramsey said, the idea came about since there is a grant available for it and this was the way to use it.

Commissioner Kennedy said there are a lot of things that County needs to do, but the Commission has to be careful in trying to take care of everything.

He said Commission should have funds on hand and be prepared to take care of emergency situations.

Commissioners agreed that they definitely did not want to get in bad shape like some other counties are in.

County Administrator’s Report

•  Application and resolution for $3,000.00 Grant – Alzheimer’s Transmitters for Sheriff Department was presented and signed by the Commission.

•  Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority Grant was presented and signed by the Commission.

•  The Commission meeting date in October was changed from the 4th to the 11th because of the special election.

•  There will be a Special Commission meeting on September 14, 2011 at 5:00 PM to conduct a public test of the ivotronic machine.

•  There will be a Homeland Security Department meeting at Stonewall Resort to go over the recent mock drill and for participating counties to get their grade.

Commissioner Ramsey along with the GCOES Director Susie Kirkpatrick will attend the meeting on September 21, 2011.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 AM.

Daily G-Eye™ : 09.07.11


~~  Linn, WV ~~

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Send your photo(s) to “”

Stephen M. Fealy


Stephen M. Fealy

Age 64 of Loveberry Community passed away on Tuesday, September 06, 2011 at 4:15 AM at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, WV from and extended illness.

He was born October 24, 1946 in Weston, WV, the son of the late Joseph and Rose Angela Stark Fealy.

He is survived by two sisters, Rose Ann (Steve) Frye of Linn, WV and Mary (John) McCloud of Lost Creek, WV, sister-in-law Sharon Fealy of Buckhannon, WV, 5 nieces and nephews and 9 great nieces and nephews. Also one uncle Wilber Cox of Camden and a special cousin & friend Tom Fealy.

He was preceeded in death by two brothers, Joe and Pat Fealy.

Steve worked for Western Union in Virginia before retiring to Loveberry. He also served in the United States Army from 1964 to 1967.

Friends my call from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Thursday, September 08, 2011 at the Boyle Funeral Home, 322 Main Avenue, Weston, WV.

Graveside services will be held 10:00 AM Friday at the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Weston with Father Steve Vallenaro. Military Honors will be provided by the Lewis County Honor Guard.

Boyle Funeral Home, Weston.

GCHS Lady Titans Bring Home Runners Up Trophy with Pettit & Bishop Winning Individual Honors

The GCHS Lady Titans travelled to Doddridge for the annual Doddridge Bulldog Bash on Saturday, September 03, 2011.

The Lady Titans battled their way through 4 matches, winning all four to leave them winners of their bracket.

Their first match against Williamstown saw the Titans lose their first set 17-25 to defeat the Jackets 25-22 and 15-3 in their remaining sets.

Lady Titans wore their “Breast Cancer Awareness” uniforms for this tournament

The second match against St. Mary’s went 26-24, 22-25 and 16-14.

Calhoun was no problem for the Titans, with scores of 25-15 and 25-6.

Titans’ final bracket game of the day was South Harrison, 23-25; 25-10 and 15-5.

In the championship game, the Lady Titans went up against Philip Barbour and lost 24-26 and 20-25, winning Runners up in the Doddridge Bulldog Bash and bringing home a large trophy.

•  Senior Jordan Morris led the day in scoring with 63 points and 8 aces.

Other Scorers Were:

•  Mann -  50 points/4 aces

•  Bishop - 49 points/10 aces

•  Knicely - 45 points

•  Simmons - 44 points/5 aces

•  Pettit 27 points/2 aces.

Others Stats:

•  Pettit - 4 digs, 66 assists, 276 sets, 14 dinks/kills

•  Simmons - 8 digs, 5 kills; Mann 2 digs, 2 blocs, 1 kill

•  Morris - 2 digs, 1 block, 9 kills

•  Somerville - 7 digs

•  Bishop - 5 blocks, 7 kills, 1 assist

•  Knicely - 1 dig, 7 blocks, 6 kills

•  Gordon - 1 dig, 1 block


Sydney Pettit, the team’s senior setter and sophomore Julie Bishop were selected as members of the All-tournament team.

The tournament brings the Lady Titan’s record to 5-1.

The Gilmer County Titans will host Braxton County Eagles at home Tuesday, September 06, 2011 with the JV team opening at 6:00 PM.

Lawrence William Keith


Lawrence William Keith

Age 83 of Low Gap Road, Sand Fork, departed this life at 8:00 AM, Sunday, August 21, 2011 at his residence following an extended illness.

He was born October 21, 1927 in Gilmer County a son of the late Opha and Katie Campbell Keith.

Lawrence was an Army veteran of World War II, former employee of Cleveland Steel Mill and upon moving back to Gilmer County he went to work and retired from I.L. Morris Oil and Gas.

On August 13, 1951 he was married to Agnes Thompson Keith who survives at their Low Gap home.

One daughter survives:  Linda Feigenbaum of Columbus, OH.

Two grandchildren survive:  Shianne and Shannon Feigenbaum of Columbus, OH along with 3 great-grandchildren:  Devon, Austin and Shyler Feigenbaum.

One brother survives:  Asa Keith of Stouts Mill along with several nieces and nephews.

Lawrence was preceded in death by one daughter, Linda Keith, 2 brothers, Orville Lee and Opha, 4 sisters Eula Mae, Helen, Goldie and Marie.

Funeral services will be conducted at 11:00 AM, Thursday, August 25, 2011 at the Ellyson Mortuary, Inc., Glenville with Pastor Bryan Groves officiating.

Burial will follow in the Hiney Hill Cemetery, Linn, WV.

Friends may call 5:00 – 8:00 PM, Wednesday at the Mortuary.

Ellyson Mortuary, Inc. is assisting the family of Lawrence W. Keith with arrangements.

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Man Entered a Guilty Plea for Stealing Postal Money Order in Linn, WV


United States Attorney William J. Ihlenfeld, II, announced that:

On August 17, 2011, in United States District Court in Clarksburg before Magistrate Judge John S. Kaull,  URIAH SCOTT CRISLIP, 37, entered a plea of guilty to one count of stealing and converting for his own use two blank postal money order forms on October 25, 2010, in Linn, West Virginia.

CRISLIP, who is in custody pending sentencing, faces a maximum exposure of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of $250,000.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Stephen D. Warner and was investigated by the United States Postal Inspection Service.

GFP - 08.22.2011
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Congressman Nick Rahall: Community Counts in Postal Closures


The U.S. Postal Service recently announced that it is considering closing 85 post offices in southern West Virginia.  These are among the 150 in West Virginia – and roughly, 3,700 nationwide – that the Postal Service has determined may be subjects of discontinuance studies, the first step in the closure process.

The potential closures would affect roughly one in four postal facilities in our region, and follow an aggressive schedule to consolidate mail processing and distribution operations that have impacted Huntington and Beckley, and now Bluefield. These additional potential closures threaten further disruption of postal services, inconveniencing and burdening businesses and residents alike.

Needless to say, these announcements have caused a lot of concern.  I have heard from many constituents about how our towns and communities depend on the Postal Service as the only convenient and realistic option for safely retrieving and sending mail – whether a monthly benefit check, vital prescription medication, or a parcel pickup or mailing for a routine business transaction.

West Virginians know better than most that our post offices are neighborhood gatherings spots and can be the heart of communities. When the Postal Service schedules a public meeting in some areas, I think they are surprised to learn that the only place available to host such meetings is the local post office.

The Postal Service has considerable discretion in deciding whether to close a post office.  However, its authority is not unlimited.  The Postal Service must consider the impact on a community, on postal workers, and on mail delivery services.  Further, it is prohibited from closing a post office solely for operating at a deficit.

I have been active in opposing these closures and consolidations, meeting with the Postmaster General and garnering the support of the Members of the West Virginia and Virginia Congressional Delegations.  Recently, along with the other Members of the West Virginia Congressional Delegation, I wrote a letter to the Postmaster General, laying out my arguments against these postal closings, and echoing the concerns that I have heard from constituents in the past few weeks.

I also wrote, along with the rest of the Delegation, to the Postal Regulatory Commission, which exercises oversight of the Postal Service, noting the statutory protections for rural post offices.

Federal law requires the Postal Service to “provide a maximum degree of effective and regular postal services to rural areas, communities, and small towns where post offices are not self-sustaining,“ declaring that “no small post office shall be closed solely for operating at a deficit.”

The law also requires that there be “postal facilities of such character and in such locations, that postal patrons throughout the Nation will, consistent with reasonable economies of postal operations, have ready access to essential postal services.“  The Postal Service must “provide prompt, reliable, and efficient services to patrons in all areas and shall render postal services to all communities.”

In my letter, I asked that the Postal Service not look just at the foot traffic and financial balance sheets for each post office, but also at the impact of a closure on the community, on postal workers, and on mail delivery services.

These efforts will help but they may mean little unless the Postal Service hears from the public. There will be an opportunity for public comment and participation related to each potential post office closing and it is vitally important that we exercise that right.

The Postal Service needs to hear about the importance of our postal facilities to residents and businesses.  We need to tell them about mail theft in rural areas, requiring residents to have mailboxes at the local post office. They need to hear that it’s inconvenient, to say the least, to have to drive to the next town, 20 miles to 30 miles into the hills, just to pick up the daily mail or to purchase a money order.

And do not let them tell you these closings are necessary in order to balance the Postal Service’s budget.  Closing these post offices nationwide is projected to save $200 million annually, while the deficit for the Postal Service is projected to be $8 billion in this year alone.  I keep telling Postal officials that no matter how hard they look, they are not going to find $8 billion in our little post offices.

These potential closures are not a done deal.  In the coming weeks and months, I will continue my strong and vocal opposition to postal consolidations and closures in our area.  I hope you will join me.


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