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Gilmer County Schools March-April 2017 Newsletter

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Gilmer County Family Court Report

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Gilmer County Family Court Judge Steve Jones heard cases in Family Court in Glenville today, February 01, 2017.

•  One divorce was granted with Bridget Freeby (58) of Sand Fork, WV divorcing Douglas Freeby(49) of Kunkletown, PA.

•  Guardian ad litems were appointed in 2 domestic violence cases and they were continued.

•  One domestic violence petition was terminated.

•  Temporary orders were entered in 2 divorce cases.

•  No order was entered in a case scheduled for contempt.

G-Eye™: Gilmer County Board of Education Regular Meeting - 01.17.17

Here is the video of the Gilmer County Board of Education Meeting on January 17, 2017.

In this meeting there were fabulous presentations by Gilmer County Elementary School students which you should watch.

At this meeting nominations were held to fill two Board Member vacancies due to resignations per WV Code 18-5-2.  After due consideration the following nominations passed by unanimous vote of the Gilmer County Board:  Mike Triplett and G. Dave Ramezan

Other topics were: Available programs through Gilmer County Extension Service, Use of Normantown Elementary School, Possible Purchase of one of Outdoor Buildings in Normantown and .....

The video shows the entire meeting:

Sand Fork Town Council Notice of General Election

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Filing Dates—January 10—January 28, 2017

Area Closings Delays and Early Dismissal on Thursday, January 05, 2017

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Status of Area Closings Delays and Early Dismissal on Thursday, January 05, 2017
Closings and Delays
Early Dismissal
Glenville State College  
Gilmer County Board of Education  
Gilmer County Courthouse  
Gilmer County Health Department  
Gilmer County Senior Center  
Minnie Hamilton Health System, Glenville Office Clinic 
Gilmer County Schools   Closing at 12:30 PM
Braxton County Schools   Closing 1 Hour Early
Calhoun County Schools   Closing at 12:00 PM
Doddridge County Schools   Closing 2 Hours Early
Lewis County Schools   Closing 2 Hours Early
Ritchie County Schools   Closing 3 Hours Early
Barbour County Schools   Closing 2 Hours Early
Clay County Schools   Closing 2 Hours Early
Harrison County Schools  
Nicholas County Schools  
Pleasants County Schools   Closing at 1:00 PM
Roane County Schools   Closing 3 Hours Early
Tyler County Schools   Closing 3 Hours Early
Upshur County Schools   Closing at 1:00 PM
Webster County Schools   Closing 2 Hours Early
Wetzel County Schools   Closing 2 Hours Early
Wirt County Schools   Closing 2 Hours Early
Wood County Schools  
Please Send us your closings and delays:  ‘’  or   304.462.8700

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Merry Christmas 2016


Goodrich Named Classified Employee of the Year at GSC

Carol Goodrich, who works as the Administrative Assistant in the Glenville State College Department of Business, has been named the 2016 GSC Classified Employee of the Year. GSC President Dr. Peter Barr presented the award to Goodrich during the annual employee holiday luncheon on December 16.

“Being an Administrative Secretary is one of the most satisfying jobs I have ever had. I enjoy working with the incoming freshmen and watching them go from their first year here to becoming a senior and graduating. The faculty at GSC make me feel like this my second home and I enjoy working with all of them. The secretaries in other departments have always been willing to help out whenever asked without question. Everyone at GSC has made me feel welcome and like part of a big family,” Goodrich said.

The Free Press WV
Glenville State College President Dr. Peter Barr (L) and
Classified Staff Council Vice President Rachel Adams (R) with
2016 Classified Employee of the Year Carol Goodrich

Nominations for the recognition cite Goodrich’s “warm, caring, and supportive nature,” her contagious enthusiasm, and note that she is always professional and respectful. Another nomination said, “Carol is always smiling and approaches every person with a kind heart and helpful attitude.” A Business Department professor noted her humility, stating, “She does not seek accolades and glory but throws herself fully into supporting our department.”

A true Gilmer Countian, Goodrich was born in Sand Fork, West Virginia and currently resides in Normantown. She graduated from GSC with an associate’s degree in 1997 and an RBA degree in 2007. During her over 17 years working at GSC she has served as Administrative Secretary for several academic departments including Land Resources, Business, Criminal Justice, and Social Science. She also worked in the Business and Finance Office for a short time.

Carol and her husband Dallas have a daughter, Carrie Mann, and a son, Dallas W. Goodrich (Jessica). Together they have four grandsons, five granddaughters, and one great-grandson.

When she isn’t at work, Goodrich enjoys spending time with her family, whether at home or while attending sporting events. She is also a Notary Public.

She becomes the 28th recipient of the award that has been presented at GSC since 1986.

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Gilmer County Family Court Report

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Family Court Judge Larry Whited held Court in Glenville and heard several matters:

  • One domestic violence was transferred to Braxton County.

  • Temporary orders were entered in 2 modifications with final orders to follow.

  • Two cases for paternity had genetic testing orders entered in them.

  • One divorce had a guardian ad litem appointed to represent an incarcerated defendant.

Two divorces were granted wherein:

  • Margaret Zinn (37) of Sand Fork, WV divorced Stephen Zinn (44) of Coxs Mills, WV

  • Rose Craig (54) of Sand Fork, WV divorced Freddy Craig (53) of Linn, WV.

GSC Concert Choir Performing at Sand Fork Baptist Church

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Members of the Glenville State College Concert Choir are preparing for their holiday concert. The event will take place on Wednesday, December 07 at 7:00 p.m. at Sand Fork Baptist Church.

“This is a beautiful concert of Lessons and Carols that will be presented by the GSC Concert and Chamber Choirs,” said GSC Choir Director Teresa Dody. “It is in the tradition of the renowned Kings College Choir in Cambridge, England.  It will be a wonderful way to celebrate the traditional music of the season!”

Everyone is welcome to attend this free performance and donations are accepted.

For more information, call 304.462.6340.

CommunityConcerns™: The State’s A-F Grading System Inflates Letter Grades For Schools

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Long awaited A-F grades for West Virginia’s schools were released by the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) on November 16, 2016. The new grading system caused considerable controversy and its vocal critics included teachers, the West Virginia Education Association, and county school system administrators.

After the grading system’s details and grades were made public more controversy is spreading throughout the State. A major criticism is that the WVBE’s grading system caused grade inflation with disclosure that measures were taken to improve A-F grades for public consumption.

Consider high schools as an example. For reading and math proficiency each of the two categories was allocated 250 possible points to potentially total 500 points.  A total composite score, to be used to determine a final letter grade, involved adding points for ten other categories of variables for a possible total score of 1500 points. Assuming that a high school got 500 points for reading and math that would mean that for the two academic areas that score would be 500/1500 possible points=33.3%  of a total score. The effect is that points for the 10 other categories have more weight in determining a final score as the basis for a high school’s letter grade.

Also, based on a standard grading scale used in education a high school can have F grades for reading and math and still get a C or a higher grade.

According to the WVDE’s adjusted A-F grading system with 1500 possible points for a high school and total scores expressed as percentages,  54.66% would be an A compared to 49.38% for a B, 41.43% for a C, and 36.21% for a D. This proves that the WVDE made adjustments to inflate A-F grades for high schools.

If the WVDE wants to be transparent with how the State’s high school students are truly performing in math and reading proficiency, a separate letter grade should be assigned for those subjects with use of the education profession’s long standing A-F grading system to avoid grade inflation and sending wrong signals to the public.

Regardless of what happens next the WVDE has legal authority to impose its school grading system on WV’s counties. The special challenge to counties is what to do next.

The obvious choice is to set their own standards for proficiency for reading, math and other subjects. Then, their elementary, middle, and high schools could be managed accordingly to prepare high school graduates to be career and college ready.

The Free Press WV
Click on each school to see the details:

Gilmer County

Grade - School - State Ranking

A - Normantown Elementary - 13 out of 401

C - Glenville Elementary School - 206 out of 401

C - Sand Fork Elementary - 274 out of 401

B - Gilmer County High School - 56 out of 118

Braxton County

Grade - School - State Ranking

C - Burnsville Elementary School - 321 out of 401

B - Davis Elementary School - 26 out of 401

D - Flatwoods Elementary School - 340 out of 401

C - Frametown Elementary School - 127 out of 401

D - Little Birch Elementary School - 364 out of 401

C - Sutton Elementary School - 164 out of 401

C - Braxton County Middle School - 66 out of 171

A - Braxton County High School - 25 out of 118

Calhoun County

Grade - School - State Ranking

C - Arnoldsburg School - 40 out of 401

B - Pleasant Hill School - 182 out of 401

D - Calhoun Middle/High School - 93 out of 118

Doddridge County

C - Doddridge County Elementary School - 150 out of 401

C - Doddridge County Middle School - 50

A - Doddridge County High School - 19 out of 118

Lewis County

Grade - School - State Ranking

D - Roanoke Elementary School - 319 out of 401

D - Peterson-Central Elementary School - 357 out of 401

D - Jane Lew Elementary School - 381 out of 401

C - Robert L. Bland Middle School out of 171

C - Lewis County High School - 89 out of 118

Ritchie County

Grade - School - State Ranking

C - Ellenboro Elementary - 254 out of 401

C - Harrisville Elementary - 216 out of 401

C - Creed Collins Elementary - 192 out of 401

B - Smithville Elementary - 128 out of 401

C - Ritchie County Middle 87 out of 171

B - Ritchie County High School - 64 out of 118

G-Eye™: Veterans Memorials in Gilmer County

Gilmer County Courthouse, Glenville, WV
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Sand Fork Community Town Hall, Sand Fork, WV
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If you have questions, contact any Town Council Member.


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GCHS: Honor Roll - 1st Nine Weeks - 2016-17

The Gilmer Free Press
1st Nine Weeks
7th GRADE    10th  GRADE
Bancroft, Trinity Barnhouse, Zeke
Beall, Ryan Bill, Jonathan
Black, Elizabeth Boggs, Maysen
Carr, Christopher Bossert, Morgan
Chapman, Avery Cole, Kendrick
Chapman, Jacob Facemire, Lucas
Conrad, Alex Frame, Joey
Gee, Shelby Frymier, Autumn
Hamric, Tristan Grove, Hannah
Hardwick, Jacob Huff, Hailey
Hess, Kathryn Klapka, Jaccob
Landis, Jesse Lake, Kevin
Marks, Geraka McCune, Clayton
Matheny, Matthew Moore, Cheyenne
McHenry, Taylor Page, Daydra
McVaney, Alexis Phares, Hailey
McWhirter, Keely Poole, Isaac
Minigh, Lilly Powell, Brianna
Morgan, Malaysia Rose, Dalton
Rice, Jailyne Sipling, Shayla
Self, Levi Steele, Chase
Stewart, Adam Wood, Sierra
Towner, Karma Yoak, Morgan
Wellings, Laurann
Williams, Destiny 11th GRADE
Young, Lucas Bennett, Rachelle
Black, Victoria
8th GRADE Brown, Jordan
Arbogast, Paige Glass-Hotch, Emmie
Burkhammer, Brianna Haley, Gunnar
Canfield, Logan Jedamski, Evan
Clark, Athena Jordan, Marea
Collins, Zachery Moore, Courtney
Frame, Christopher Murphy, Cynthia
Frymier, Allyson Nicholas, Taylor
Gibson, Autumn Nielsen, Christian
Gray, Jada Paxson, Devin
Greenlief, McKayla Persinger, Jacob
Grove, Corbin Price, Emily
Harubin, Aidan Self, Hunter
Lang, Rachel Skinner, Caleb
Law, Tierra Wine, Cassidy
Mathess, Taylor
Miller, Seaira 12th GRADE
Moss, Kyle Aviles, Noah
Newman, Joshua Crouch, Morgan
Ratliff, Landen Gibson, Caleb
Talbott, Brittany Gumm, Brody
Taylor, Dakota Helmick, Danny
Wellings, Thomas Lowe, Steven
Williams, Tori Maxwell, Shayna
Meadows, Tyler
9th GRADE Montgomery, Jason
Appleby, Elizabeth Roberts, Bryce
Finley, Rhea Shuff, Trey
Fitzwater, Brady Swiger, Kerri
Furr, Jagger Tanner, Lucas
Garcia, Savanna Watkins, Colleen
Harper, Jonathan Wiant, Brittany
Hinter, Hannah
Stewart, Christopher
Sumpter, Rebecca
Waddell, Harley
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