G-Eye™: Gilmer County Commission Regular Meeting Report - 08.21.15

The Gilmer Free Press
August 21, 2015 @ 9:00 AM
Gilmer County Courthouse – Commission Office
10 Howard Street, Glenville, WV

[x] This number indicates the order meeting was conducted.

[1]    I. CALL TO ORDER - All Commissioners + County Clerk + Dave Ramezan were Present.





[12]                  9:15   Cindy Wilson-Finalize the EMS Grants - She presented the last document she was contracted to work on for signature. This document was for the $10,000.00 EMS grant requesting the final payment. She indicated two checks for the amounts of $1,053.12 and $1,647.87 needed to be written to reimburse the EMS since they had paid for the project. Overall the total cost of the project was about $200 over the grant amount.

[21]                  10:00   Gary Wolfe and Karen Elkin & Attorney - Personnel Issues - Please watch the Video about the concerns over commission giving pay raise while eliminating positions for balancing the budget.


      Discussion and/or action on:

[4]                  1) Exonerations and/or Consolidations were approved.

[5]                  2) Approved Estate Qualifications and Estate Settlements

[6]                  3)  Board Appointments and/or Resignations: 

                    a)  Board Seats open on the:

                          i. ** Unsafe Buildings & Lands Enforcement Agency - Dekalb/Troy & Glenville Corporation

                          ii. ** Ambulance Service- DeKalb/Troy

Also there is an opening on the Health Center board of Trustees.

[7]                  4)  Budget Revisions - Angel Ball presented several revisions to the budget for approval. They were approved.

              5)  Budget Control Report: NONE

[19]                  6)  Approved Invoices for Payment - Invoices for total of $53,788.81 were approved for payment. Jail Bill for this month was $25,905.

[8]                  7)  Approved County Commission Minutes of August 07, 2015.

[9]                  8)  Receipt of County Board Minutes:

                    1. Lewis-Gilmer E-911 Yearly Totals - Commissioner Bennett reported that the E-911 meetings are bi-monthly now instead of quarterly. Month to month in each county (Lewis, Gilmer).


[10]                  1. Fire Alarm System - Camel Technologies - County Clerk Jean Butcher reported that the alarm system is fixed now, but still it does not call the E-911 in case of an emergency. She also reported problem with the security on the door in Annex Building. Commissioners decided to sleep on it for the time being.

[11]                  2. USERRA-Uniformed Service Employment Re-Employment Right Act Claim-Prosecutor Gerry Hough responded to claim - The Prosecutor has responded to the Commission.


      Discussion and/or action on:

[13]                  1. Designated Handicapped Areas - Gilmer County Recreation Center - They are being take care of at $104 each. President Chapman felt the commission should pay for them.

[14]                  2. Parking areas lines painted - Gilmer County Courthouse - County Clerk Butcher reported the lines are no longer visible. She said she would help with the work. Already have the paint and they just need to borrow the machine from the college.

[15]                  3. Assurance Agreement- USDA - This is a requirement so the available grants can be applied for.


[18]      Sheriff Gerwig indicated he has been doing the bailiff duty. He asked for a part time bailiff. The funding is needed in the budget.

[20]    IX. EXECUTIVE SESSION AS NEEDED - Executive session was called for concerning budget!

[22]    Another Executive session with Assessor Wolfe concerning personnel.

[16]    Clerk Butcher noted the waterline project at Cox’s Mill was finalized and the last check was just received.

[17]    Clerk Butcher said the rollers in the scanner in her office did not work. She had a quote from CSS for $390 - Approved. She also had a quote for fixing hand railings for $225.

[23]    X.    ADJOURNMENT

NEXT MEETING: September 04, 2015

GSC 2015 Football Team

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GSC 2015 Football Coaches

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G-Eye™: Gilmer County Board of Education Monthly Meeting Report - 08.17.15

The Gilmer Free Press
Gilmer County Board of Education
Gilmer County High School
Monday, August 17, 2015 – 6:00 PM

I. CALL TO ORDER - Roll Call by President

Meeting was called to order by President. All Members Plus Superintendent were present


Pledge of Allegiance was led by the President


Mr. David Dennison and his wife Mrs. Dennison(teacher) express dissatisfaction about a board member inquiry [Video]


    A.  Minutes: July 20, 2015

The Board of Education of the County of Gilmer
Monday, July 20, 2015 - 6:00 p.m.
Gilmer County High School

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by President, Dr. Williams Simmons.

Members present: Tom Ratliff, Dr. William Simmons, Carl Armour, Norma Hurley, Misty Pritt
and Gabriel J. Devono, Secretary.

Others Present: Nasia Butcher, Phyllis Starkey, David Dennison and David Ramezan.

Carl Armour led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Phyllis Starkey, David Dennison

A motion was made by Tom Ratliff and seconded by Misty Pritt to approve all items on the consent agenda. Motion passed 5-0.

There was no new business.

Superintendent distributed information concerning Monthly Financial Report, Financial Statement, Accounts Payable, Curriculum and 2015-2016 board Meeting dates.
The next regular meeting of the Gilmer County Board of Education will be August 17, 2015.

A motion was made by Norma Hurley and seconded by Misty Pritt to adjourn the meeting at 6:53 p.m. Motion passed 5-0.


    B.  Student Transfers

Question was asked about number of students in each school. Superintendent promised he would have them by September meeting.

2 Kindergarten Students from Sand Fork Elementary to Glenville Elementary

1 First(1) grade Student from Sand Fork Elementary to Glenville Elementary

1 First(1) grade Student from Troy Elementary to Glenville Elementary

1 Third(3) grade Student from Normantown Elementary to Sand Fork Elementary

1 Third(3) grade Student from Normantown Elementary to Glenville Elementary

1 Third(3) grade Student from Sand Fork Elementary to Glenville Elementary

1 Third(3) grade Student from Troy Elementary to Sand Fork Elementary

1 Fourth(4) grade Student from Normantown Elementary to Glenville Elementary

1 Fourth(4) grade Student from Sand Fork Elementary to Glenville Elementary

1 Fourth(4) grade Student from Troy Elementary to Glenville Elementary

1 Fourth(4) grade Student from Glenville Elementary to Sand Fork Elementary

1 Six(6) grade Student from Troy Elementary to Sand Fork Elementary

    C.  School Volunteers


    D.  Field Trips

1) Cedar Creek State Park (K-6) 08.14.15

2) Gilmer County Farm Show at Recreation Center in Glenville (FFA Students) 09.09.15

    E.  Policies


    F.  Curriculum





    A.  CGCC-Dr. Carl Armour – July 21, 2015

Dr. Armour reported on the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center [Video]

Calhoun-Gilmer Administrative Council
Official Minutes July 21, 2015

Members Present:
Mr. Timothy Woodwarcj, Presiding
Mr. Jason Hughes, State Dept.
Mr. Gabriel Devono, GilmerSupt.
Dr. Carl Armour, Gilmer
Mr. Bryan P. Sterns, Secretary

Others Present:
Mrs. Lisa Moore

Mrs. Jenna Jett, Calhoun

ITEM I-Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Mr. Woodward at 10:52 a.m.

ITEM II Agenda Adjustments

ITEM III-Delegations
Mr. Gene Coulson, Executive Director of Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education was present to inform council of an opportunity they might be interested in pursuing. Schools can be recognized if they prove they provided entrepreneurship education to every student in the building within one school year. Funding from the grant will be expended helping distressed counties implement the program. Calhoun and Gilmer have been identified as such counties by ARC. The award is intended to make all students aware of entrepreneurial career opportunities.

ITEM IV- Re-Organization of Administrative Council
Mr. Devono called for nominations for Administrative Council President and Vice-President. Mr. Hughes moved President and Vice-President stay the same, seconded by Dr. Armour. Motion carried and vote was unanimous. Mr. Woodward remains President and Mr. Devono Vice President by vote of acclamation.

ITEM V - Approval of Minutes
The minutes of June 16, 2015 were presented for approval. Mr. Devono moved to approve the minutes as presented; second by Dr. Armour. Motion carried. Vote: Unanimous.

ITEM VI - Reports
1.  Entrepreneurial Opportunities - See Delegations
2. Skilled and Professional Pathway
Mr. Sterns presented council a handout from Donna Burge-Tetrick regarding the discontinuation of the skilled and professional Pathway.

3. Acceptable Use Policy and Cyber Safety Training
Mr. Sterns let Council know that two CGCC Instructors would like to do the cyber safety training especially for all day Career Center Students. He felt that both schools would be supportive of this effort.

ITEM V- New Business
ABCD: Financial Matters: The list of bills, an additional list of bills, the financial statement, budget supplements, and the CGCC Individual School Financial Report for June were presented for approval.  Mr. Hughes moved to approve all financial items A through D, Seconded by Mr. Devono. Motion carried and vote was unanimous.

E. Personnel:

Employment:  Adult Basic Education Instructor - Linda Jones
Mr. Devono moved to approve the employment as recommended by Mr. Sterns; seconded by Mr. Hughes. Motion carried. Vote: Unanimous

Math Instructor-
Mr. Sterns informed council he had 4 applicants with two top choices. He stated that only one applicant was High School certified. He then discussed references with the council. After much discussion in regards to said applicant Dr. Armour moved to employ Kari Hamric as Math Instructor. Seconded by Mr. Hughes. Motion carried. Vote: Unanimous.

Substitute Lists Calhoun and Gilmer Counties
Mr. Hughes made a motion to allow CGCC to use the substitute lists from both counties for the 2015-16 School year. Seconded by Dr. Armour. Motion carried. Vote: Unanimous. (The lists are unavailable at this time)
Postings: Mr. Sterns presented Council with Postings for Substitute Custodian and Evening ALC Instructor. (See Attachment 7 and 8) Dr. Armour moved to approve the postings as recommended; seconded by Mr. Devono. Motion carried. Vote: Unanimous
Council also had before them postings for Building Construction Night Class Instructor, Welding night class Instructor, and Small Engine Repair Night Class Instructor. After some discussion, motion was made by Mr. Devono to post, pending adequate enrollment, at $18.00/hr. Motion carried. Vote: Unanimous.

F. General Discussion
Simulated Workplace Drug Testing Policy - The two Superintendents informed those present that they did not have a presentation from Dr. D’Antoni at their Superintendent’s Conference, nor did they have a chance to speak with her regarding the simulated drug place policy. After discussion, both felt they could get further information from other Superintendents with a policy already in place.

ALC Summer Support - Mr. Sterns mentioned the possibility of next summer employing an ALC Summer Support Instructor at an hourly rate to monitor those students working online throughout the summer.
Commercial Baking - Prostart Instructor, Annette Benson, is in the process of developing a new CTE Commercial Baking Program here at Calhoun Gilmer Career Center. Mr. Sterns informed Council members that this would be offered for 2nd year students.

NRM Modifications -Mr. Sterns discussed the SAE requirement and additional days for the Natural Resource Management Instructor. Five additional days were mentioned for the supervision and to monitor summer projects.

ITEM VI - Adjournment and Scheduling of Next Meeting

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Administrative Council will be Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. With no further business occurring, the meeting was adjourned.
Mr. Tim Woodward, Presiding
Mr. Bryan P. Sterns, Secretary


    B. RESA 7- Dr. William Simmons


    A. Monthly Financial Report

    B. Financial Statement

    C. Accounts Payable

    D. Curriculum & Summer School

    E. Strategic Plan Meeting

The next Regular Board Meeting is Monday, September 21, 2015.


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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

Thank you GFP for posting minutes for the Calhoun Gilmer Career Center. Comparing those minutes to ones for Gilmer County’s Board meetings is a study in contrast.

At the CGCC there is a focused mission everyone understands and supports, nothing including finances,  personnel, and details about instructional programs is kept secret from citizens, the meetings are structured to keep parents and everyone else fully informed, and you can tell from the minutes that emphasis down there is that every student is important to be treated accordingly.

No meaningless lip service. Demonstrated Center commitment to performance and student success instead.

Why the differences? They pertains to superior leadership and lack of censorship at the CGCC.

The later is one of the WVDOE’s intervention trademarks as Dr. Martirano peddles his community involvement pillar throughout WV.

You can’t have effective citizen involvement, support, and trust for common core or anything else, Dr. Martirano,  when information is purposely withheld from people.

By CGCC Student's Parent  on  08.27.2015

Too bad the Troy parents weren’t smart enough to send their kids to the new school instead of an overcrowded one.

By Ryder  on  08.27.2015

CGCC student parent has succeeded in showing everyone the difference.

The CGCC minutes professional and very well written.

Cannot say same for GC under state control.
Poor agenda.  Vote to approve what?  Then BS with the ever famous, no discussion, consent agenda ramrodded through.

The GCBOE meetings led by the state shill and state anointed superintendent Debone0h, its so dang plain.  The State Boys in Charleston have to be leading, planning, condoning these actions?

If not, why is it still happening?

The local board leader always talks, but never says anything?
Reminds of the old, once popular, soy-burgers.  Filled you up but left a bad taste in your mouth?

By Crooked County Crooks from Charleston  on  08.27.2015

Don’t try to call the Board office if you have a problem.  The phone rings and not even a recording picks up.  Could it be while they have Nationwide Moving and Storage trucks doing the job and all the cars are over at MH there is no phone service?
Mr Devono told his board the football team was moving the office and it wouldn’t cost a thing. It’s on video recording. Of course you haven’t been able to call him and ask about that or anything for the past two days. Seems the maintenance employees of Gilmer County could be used to move into Leading Creek but not here at home?

By How Much Will That Cost?  on  08.28.2015

Two young Teachers Minney & West extremely skilled in the classroom and wasted when pulled into the central office to run a program. Superintendent wants them to believe it is a step up.  In the end…

By The Children Lose  on  08.28.2015

I visited the Hays City school site this week with a hydrologist and a flood plain modeler.
How can any thinking person contend that it is not in a flood zone?

Consider aerial photographs, USGS topographic maps, local topographic conditions including flood plain filling, and communicate with citizens who were around Glenville when the last big flood occurred.

Would the U. S. Corps of Engineers sign off on the site for being out of a flood zone? Take it as a personal challenge to get Corps sign off by those who are advocates for the project.

Go to the science and math department at GSC to see if anyone there certifies that the site is out of the flood zone.

Charleston officials want to shut up everyone who says that the site was a mistake. I would want to censor local talk too if I had been a party to the laughing stock decision.

Shame on Governor Tomblin, Dr. Sneed the head of the WV School Building Authrity, Dr. Martirano, members of the WV Dept. ED., the WV Board, and finally Gabe Devono who brokered the deal after signing checks for Cedar Creek!

Members of WV’s Legislature who knew details about the project should not be left out of the criticism.

None of you will want to show this project off around the country as an outstanding example of WV’s technological competency.

A fund should be started to get a court injunction against the project.

By Ezra Palmer  on  08.29.2015

Would anyone in their right mind build at the Hays City location?
Who in their right mind would issue a building permit for that location?

Why would the State Board of Education approve that site for a school?
Why would the School Building Authority approve that site?  AFTER previously rejecting it?

Here is your answer. 
They must all be dumber than a box of rocks!

By payola & stupidity rule the day  on  08.29.2015

I have to wonder about the ability of the design firm for these schools.
Do they not do any sort of site inspection?
Do they just plop their favorite design in place?

Are there no location inspections performed?

The first site chosen in Lewis County is a site that is honeycombed with coal mine tunnels.

The second site was one up on a mountain with road access costs plum out of sight.

The third site is clearly in a flood zone.  Not to mention the many rumors of it previously being an unapproved dump location.

And to build an elementary school next to a river yet?

Is there anyone running this show?

By Reg. Dem.  on  08.29.2015

The WV State Dept. of Education has not restricted its campaign of spreading untruths simply to new school sites.

The worst injustice has been to mislead WV’s people to believe that the State’s schools were much better than evidence merited to purposely make Charleston look good.

Petrill and Pondiscio did not soften words in their August 23, 2015 Gazette-Mail article covering the alarmingly poor common core testing results.

They exposed the fact West Virginians had been lied too to make them believe that the State’s school system was doing a much better job than it actually was in preparing students for life.

They said, “only about a quarter of middle school children are on track in math and less than half are proficient in reading.“

Results were “even worse for high school students.“ They said too, “Unfortunately most states, including West Virginia, set a very low bar.“ The phrase “juked the stats” was used.

To reinforce the message they cited that 70% of the State’s freshmen community college students must take remedial classes to doom too many to be college drop outs.

Nothing was reported about disadvantaged students who elected to take career training while being deficient in math and reading.

The authors advocated for honesty in reporting test results to end the lies and and deliberate misinformation games played by the State.

Referring to the watered down grading system the State had been using, schools could get a Success rating although 50% or more of its students were not proficient in reading and math.

Game playing has ended. We must receive the raw truth about student achievement results in the County and to do what it takes to get our schools back on track.

Is there any mystery why accurate information including that for student achievement has been exceedingly difficult if not impossible to obtain under the State’s intervention’s policy?

It links to State-sponsored cover up with nothing to do with standard propaganda from Charleston of doing what is best for our County’s children.

By Hats Off Gazette-Mail!  on  08.29.2015

AS to Teachers we lost a good Principal in that move as well. They’ll do a good job wherever they are and Gilmer has been fortunate to say that of many.The students need them more than any administration.

However, we now have to read the Weston paper to find out when our RIF’s from schools other than Troy are gone.

They may include the information under a separate education issue but that Lewis Board is certainly informed of what’s happening and not hiding it from the public.

When her resignation from Leading Creek was made public found we had lost a Normantown 5/6th grade Teacher.

From the job posting it was discovered a NES Title I Reading Teacher was no longer there.

At the grocery found out the NES Secretary was also RIF’d.

Would never know that from any Gilmer Board of Education meeting.

Gilmer suffers like any county under state control. After a time the Board becomes no-information officials apparently under directive of the State Board of Education.After all, they appoint the tyrants and bullies in charge. It is now widely understood Mr. Devono has developed the bad habit of yelling over the telephone. Who needs that?

Isn’t that true Martirano, Manchin, Green and Daniels? Aren’t you the ones who are running this dog and pony show called intervention?

By You May Correct If Wrong About That  on  08.29.2015

Dr. Michael Martirano.  $230,000. salary.  Compare that to other states.  wow!

Likely Dr. Martirano has by now has discovered he is just the new lipstick for West Virginia education.  Poor guy.

A diversion.  A distraction. A false hope.
A will and pleasure employee employed by a board.
He knows from where his check comes.

He most aptly could change the direction of WV education.  He will not be allowed.  The same broken bureaucratic system is still in control.  He knows that well by now.

The sad part of our WV education is it so badly broken, that even first small improvements would be easy to see.  When you are on the bottom as we are, it would be very easy to see improvement.

Won’t happen as long as the WV BOE has their death grip on the steering wheel and both feet on the brake.  Followed by the gov. and legislature with control of the ignition switch, gas pump and throttle.

By It's a Lost Cause  on  08.29.2015

Blunders.  Failures.  Incompetency. 
Bad financial decisions.  Jobs lost.
Property bought.  Cussing sessions at BOE meetings.
Twitching fingers.  Jumpy legs.  Crummy leadership at meetings.

Secret lease deals.  Secret land deals.
Secret meetings held.  Lack of transparency.
Refusal to give board members information.
The list goes on and on.  All of it under the direction of West Virginia Board of Education oversight and direction.


Gilmer County appreciates you more than you know!

By reader  on  08.29.2015

Neighboring Calhoun County schools have faced a 1.8 million dollar deficit since 2010. Despite best efforts, district administration there admits it could take “decades” to overcome. They are not the only WV county school system facing financial disaster.  This is why so many care what is happening here in Gilmer.  It’s too close to home and we are under state intervention

The Calhoun situation is what can happen when a county board simply follows the leaders without adequate oversight.  Under intervention, with little to no information, caring Gilmer County taxpayers are very concerned, very upset, and rightfully so.Will we be the next to go under?
These concerns could be easily addressed if complete freedom to information would be provided by a State appointed Superintendent to every elected official, every concerned citizen. Questions should receive honest and complete answers in a prompt and courteous fashion with absolute transparency and full accountability regarding all aspects of the education process . Policies and procedures must be established and followed consistently.

By WVBOE Can You Hear Us Now?  on  08.30.2015

Dr. Cindy Daniel, Gilmer County people understand that you are the new go to person with Mr. Heinlein gone.

We need many things to change for the better beginning with lifting of the strictly enforced information embargo.

Intervention has followed the WVBOE’s style of keeping Gilmer County uninformed. Pages could be written, but this message is restricted to a few questions for the new grade school. Much, much, more is coming.

What is the purpose of the large collecting basin dug into the raised area on the up-river side of the new school and the raised area itself? The raised area looks as if that part of the site was elevated to reduce chances for flooding.

Devono said that the move to Hays City would be seamless. Really? How many change orders have occurred to push up the costs and how will the bills be paid?

Finally, as the newly installed assistant to Dr. Martirano would you give your official assurances that the new school is out of the flood plain not to pose potential for a future disaster?

Some parties here scream that flooding concerns are unfounded and the site is totally safe. Do you agree 100%?

By Bill Becket  on  08.30.2015

The intelligence arm of the resistance movement intercepted a message that Dr. Cynthia Daniel from the WV Department of Education is coming to head a meeting to achieve a turn around in the way the State’s intervention has been run.

More power to Dr. Daniel and best wishes are extended to her. Will she field test her commitment to moral transformational leadership qualities?

The resistance movement understands that “moral transformational” relates to individuals who administer with clarity that they are responsible to a higher calling to practice morally responsible and principled leadership.

How much of that has been observed in Gilmer County under the State’s heavy intervention yoke?

By GC Resistance Movement Alert  on  08.30.2015

The injunction suggestion was good. There is a movement underway to try to get legal help from a public-minded outside organization focused on reversing Appalachian injustices.

Going thoroughly prepared before a judge would not be an easy task for lawyers because of the masses of documentations to go through.

Because the legal system in Gilmer County is notoriously crooked the injunction request would have to be taken elsewhere to have a chance of a favorable ruling.

If lawyers out there want to help please let your interests be known so contacts could be made.

By Eli Bowman  on  08.30.2015

Clever politicians running for office in opposition to the present botched system could use a picture of the Hays City School site with a narrative to symbolize what has happened with our broken State government.

Corruption, inept decision-making, no bid contracts, not listening to the people, incompetent people clogging payrolls, permitting high roller political campaign contributors to reign at will, lack of sensitivity to environmental issues as an extension of the mountain top removal mentality, and putting monetary gain for a select few over concerns for improving lives of children.

WV’s no excuse poor student test scores to rank us near the bottom for our top down one size fits all way of manacling the State’s teachers, and what we spend on K-12 education to rank us near the top nationally could be worked in too to address disconnects.

Icing on the cake could be a snippet of the Cedar Creek flop engineered by the State DE to be a prime example of unrestricted bureaucratic mismanagement of money with a County school system in intervention.

WV’s bloated K-12 bureaucracy in Charleston could be visualized to show how too much money goes to the scandalously high paid employees at the top of the pyramid instead of it being spent wisely to improve lives of children up the Mountain State’s hollows.

Yes, the Hays City School could be used to symbolize what needs to be fixed in WV when voters go to the polls next election. The WVDOE and the WVBOE represent a gift that keeps on giving for political campaign fodder.

Thanks to the social media and adeptness of West Virginians in using it, messages of the State’s gross mismanagement of our schools are already reverberating with voters.

By Whitey Mauck  on  08.30.2015

A first step in the right direction would be to promote, move, reassign Gabe or what you want to call it to bring us in a good superintendent. He will tell you that he does not work for Gilmer County which is painfully evident. Martirano, Green, and Daniel do you get our message?

By Wilke Brown  on  08.30.2015

Our community was sure the first appointed state superintendent was the worst possible choice.

When he left, we were all proved wrong.

By John R.  on  08.30.2015

How about a twofer for the GCHS principal by a buyout, promotion to another County, or reassignment somewhere to a non-administrate position?

By Fed UP Parents  on  08.30.2015

Don’t forget the ongoing disaster happening today at Leading Creek!

The WV School Building Authority school built for 240 students and it has fewer than 160 on opening days!

Principal Freeland says that ‘it will be addressed’.

Watch what happens next!  This disaster show isn’t over yet!

By REMEMBER Leading Creek!  on  08.31.2015

How about a fifth grade Teacher for Normantown and Sand Fork?  With all this technology money spent and administrative raises why can’t we afford a Teacher for every grade?

By Double Fed UP  on  08.31.2015

What about the injustice of Devono’s hiring a teacher to placate a person who lost a supreme court case against the County? This is another example of catering to those with money.

At the same time need for a 5th grade teacher at Normantown fell on deaf ears. This case is one Cindy Daniel should look at.

By No Justice Here  on  08.31.2015

We caught on already that spending money with WV at bottom place and our being at the top in education spending in the USA failed the State. The WVDOE and its crowd are too slow to catch on.

Charleston has the spin that spending on equipment is the way to go. It is the way Charleston wants to go alright, but not in the direction we need to be headed.

Check the money trail to see who really benefits. It is not our children.

By Progress Tracker  on  08.31.2015

You folks in Gilmer County lead the way in informing West Virginians of the puppeteers behind Charleston’s WVDOE screen.

A new player is Susan O’Brien who heads the WV OEPA. She allegedly made the motion at the last WVBOE meeting to punish your board for asking questions about the State’s spending of your school system’s money.

You know, the MH office move to help solve the County Commission’s money woes.

The vote result of Green and his WVBOE group removed that vestige of responsibility you had for finances which was merely a token amount anyway.

That meant that the WVBOE’s punishment did not amount to much except to demonstrate once again the power Charleston has over the local level.

Let us hope that the vote comforted Green and others in the WVBOE. It surely did not do anything positive for the remainder of WV, but to add more questions to the long list about the State’s competency to administer common core or something as uncomplicated as a 1st grade bake sale.

By WVDOE MOLE  on  08.31.2015

With the issues facing the Fayette school system, I wish they would send the school comments to Gilmer Free Press.  Many in our community would like to hear their issues as well.

Mr. Ramazan, would you consider giving your anonymous posts to include the Fayette County Schools too?

By send your comments Fayette!  on  08.31.2015

Flash——more info intercepted. Mr. Harold L. Hatfield will accompany Dr. Cynthia Daniel, a new high level WVDOE professional and a brilliant Marshall University graduate, to conduct a workshop for the Gilmer County School Board.

Hatfield is the Superintendent of Schools in Putnam County, a GSC grad, and considered by his peers to be the dean of WV’s county superintendents.

No word about the workshop’s overall purpose, agenda, outcome objectives, and its format.

This information lack is unusual for a professional level workshop designed for efficiency to maximize chances for the quantity and quality of results.

However, there is no prior evidence that this is another “in your face” manifestation of the WVDOE’s attitude that it does not have to provide any type of information whatsoever to Gilmer County.

Causes of intervention problems here relate to a State caused void of honesty, transparency, full information to the people, accountability, plus the incompetent supervision of the WVBOE’s disgracefully high paid superintendents.

Dr. Cynthia Daniel and Mr. Hatfield have our sincerest best wishes and we hope that they represent a genuine wind shift for the better from Charleston.

The Resistance Movement advocates that they should be given the full benefit of the doubt with full courtesy and respect they deserve.

By Resistance Movement  on  08.31.2015

Do not expect Charleston to follow the law.  They never have.
Going back several years.
FIRST: The entire Gilmer County takeover was based on a lie, politics, and personal multi-family influences.

The OEPA audit was a lie.  Revenge was taken in the form of a superintendent that GC had previously fired, then set in charge by Charleston.  Can you call that an “in your face” action?

Then Mr. Simmons was immediately recruited to walk hand in hand with Charleston.  Simmons has made many, many trips to Charleston.  Ever here him give a public report who he was working for?
Secret meetings with superintendents and elite members of the community.  Do Gilmer citizens any good?

Superintendent holding secret meetings.  Both of them.  Dragging their favorites with them.  Lies, lies, and more lies.

School levy meetings that were in violation of state law.  Lies to the public in those meetings.  Meetings that were not advertised.  Meetings that were not legally advertised.  Time notifications not met.

School closure meetings that were illegal.  Lies at those meetings.  Ask for the paid legal ads in the Glenville Democrat to back up what I am saying.  The ads are missing or time notifications are not met. 

What you have read in the Democrat and here on Gilmer Free Press is not even half of the story.  Not half.

Gilmer, you have been duped for over four years now.  Your money wasted.  Your children given away.  Much more to be revealed.

Those old Mercury’s from the college really do tell a big story.  More to come out.  Keep watching.

By ~Truth Seeker~  on  08.31.2015

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Gilmer County Circuit Court Report

The Gilmer Free Press

Chief Judge Richard A. Facemire was in Gilmer County on Friday, August 21, 2015.

•  He heard 7 juvenile cases.

•  He also granted an adoption.

•  One case involving an insurance settlement had to be rescheduled.

•  The case of State of West Virginia vs. Kristin Clowser will now be heard on Friday, September 11, 2015 at 9:00 AM in Braxton County.

•  In the case of State of West Virginia vs. Andrew Taylor his bond was reduced to $15,000.00 and he must reside with his sister if he makes bond.

Taylor was represented by Christopher Moffatt of Charleston.

Community Members Invited to BAD Buildings Discussion at GSC - 08.27.15

The Gilmer Free Press

GLENVILLE, WV - The Glenville State College Land Resources Department will play host to a presentation on the implementation of a Brownfields, Abandoned, & Dilapidated (BAD) Buildings Model. The event will take place on Thursday, August 27 at 12:15 PM in room 227-228 of GSC’s Waco Center.

The BAD Buildings Model is part of a program through the Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center which provides technical assistance and site analysis tools to help communities develop and enhance local abandoned/dilapidated buildings programs they may already have in place. The discussion at this meeting will show how this model provides a step-by-step plan for local volunteers and elected officials to begin making improvements to their communities.

Center officials define ‘BAD Buildings’ as structures and properties which are vacant, uninhabited and in a state of disrepair, whose owner is taking no active steps to bring the property back into functional use.

Presenters at the event will be Patrick Kirby, Director, and Luke Elser, Project Manager, from the Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center.

The West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Centers, which includes offices at Marshall University and West Virginia University, were created in 2005 by the West Virginia Legislature to empower communities to plan and implement brownfields redevelopment projects. Brownfield sites are defined as properties on which expansion, redevelopment, or reuse may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.

The two centers promote economic development and environmental and public health protection through innovative redevelopment of brownfield sites. The centers also promote and coordinate the development of brownfield property by providing training and technical assistance, facilitating site preparation efforts, engaging community involvement, as well as by helping communities with grant writing and leveraging project funding.

The Thursday event at GSC is open to the public, free of cost, and will include light refreshments at 12:00 PM.

Gilmer County Family Court Report - 08.19.15

The Gilmer Free Press

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Family Court Judge Larry Whited heard cases in Gilmer County.

•  One hearing on relocation was heard.

•  One domestic violence hearing was continued, 2 were granted and a parenting plan was filed in another allocation petition.

•  One contested divorce was heard, but no order has yet been entered.

CommunityConcerns™: Can Glenville State College’s Teacher Education Program Be Salvaged?

The Gilmer Free Press

We had Moody’s report about GSC’s lowered bond rating from its risky borrowing, exceeding $30,000,000, which was approved by the Gilmer County Commission. Next, we learned about GSC’s serious accreditation concerns from the iconic Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The WSJ reported that about 30% of an entering GSC freshman class does not graduate. The newest alarm is from the prestigious National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ). At the beginning of the 21st century and decades before that time the College had one of the finest teacher education programs in America.

Sadly, that prized status ended. The NCTQ applied an evaluation process containing 20 criteria referred to as standards to rank teacher education programs including GSC’s. Mr. Charles McElwee, a distinguished Charleston attorney reported the rankings in the Gazette Mail.

To quote Mr. McAlwee, “six institutions [in WV]) fell in the bottom half of fully evaluated undergraduate or graduate elementary programs, too low to qualify for a ranking.” Unfortunately GSC’s teacher education program was among the six bottom place WV institutions.

What happened at GSC to degrade its teacher education program?

We hear mostly about the College’s expansive building program as if it alone is the answer to all challenges. However, there is no evidence to verify that the huge loan for building, enabled by the County Commission, helped to improve the College’s academic standing including its discredited teacher education program.

Ax grinders spew venom that GSC’s teacher education program’s problems originated approximately 20 years when another College President served.  An evaluation of facts provides convincing evidence that true causes for the troubled program link to the College’s more recent presidents and boards of governors.

Members of governing boards are determined locally and the Governor of WV approves the decisions automatically. Presidents are hired by sitting boards. How should current governing board members be graded for demonstrated personal knowledge of how a vibrant college should function? Have they comprehended the urgent need to plan for success and to hold administrators accountable, and have they understood the urgent necessity of redirecting GSC?

Assurances regularly emit from the hill that everything is just fine with enrollment and all its programs. Should anyone disagree a member of GSC’s attitude adjustment team dispatches to try to silence concerned dissenters. Regardless, GSC’s faithful well wishers consider the reputation of its teacher education program to be the bell weather of the College’s overall academic health and viability.

The future of GSC and Gilmer County is inseparable. With reference to the triage analogy in medicine we are near or past the “patient can’t be saved” condition.

Governor Tomblin and Dr. Paul H. Hill, the administrator of the WV Higher Education Policy Commission, should form a blue ribbon team of renowned experts to advise the State of options for rescuing the College’s teacher education program.  WV Legislators who oversee higher education functions must involve themselves too in efforts to solve the serious emergency.

If an option still exists, a comprehensive plan should be developed for restoring the teacher education program’s reputation. Those who remember GSC’s program as it once was want a fresh start at this critical period when the State has a teacher education crisis.

Why not reposition GSC to have the premier teacher education program in West Virginia?  That development would be a great asset as our State struggles hard to brighten the tarnished image of its K-12 education system.

CommunityGilmer CountyGlenvilleEducationNews(9) Comments

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

GSC has the same failed mindset as the WVBOE.
Policies, programs, never ending experiments with the students.

Bells, whistles, baubles, glitz.  Unproductive and failing.

WVBOE believes that new, fancy, pretty buildings result in quality education.  Clearly GSC is stuck in the same rut.

By watcher  on  08.25.2015

It does not require geniuses to find one of the major reasons. Look at compositions of Boards of Governors.

Members of the same families have been represented since the BOG system started. The families control all other components of the College too.

Same families with strangle holds on the Court House, law enforcement, businesses to succeed and to fail, who gets jobs and who keeps them, who gets elected, what happens with our schools, who gets scholarship money, and everything else.

They like to portray appearances of watching out for us while the really watch out for themselves.

By Bob Gather  on  08.25.2015

A profession to be valued, certainly. But crucial shortages are widely reported to be in the areas of science, technology and special education.
There has been a downward spiral of the number seeking a Teaching degree nationwide for the past several years. Teach America recruitment is down.

Glenville State College should be valued as an asset for central WV, an area of this state historically ignored for infrastructure update by its Legislative body. Even more valued and protected during a troubled economy when even the largest colleges have seen decreased enrollment.

Can they afford to put all of their eggs in this basket? Can GSC afford expending all efforts and resources to be the education hero of West Virginia?

By Slippery Slope - Is It Practical?  on  08.25.2015

It seems to me that the emphasis at GSC is sports, not education. At least much more news coverage is given to sports than to academics.

By Skip Beyer  on  08.25.2015

We are already at rocky bottom of that slippery slope at GSC and other schools.

Teacher ed. is one of several programs of which WV has too many. Criminal justice is another. At last count there were 20+ CJ programs in WV’s colleges and universities.

Wanna thin them out? Have each one ranked in quality and demand that when a new student enrolls the list must be given out. Let the survival of the fittest function.

Something like that could be done for fields for which jobs are scarce to help cut the rate of college grads with huge college debts to pay off to have to work at fast food businesses to make a living.

When a new student enrolls in a program at an institution give out a fact sheet about chances for getting a job in that field and the pay prospects. That would cut down on getting degrees in poor opportunity fields.

If disclosure information is not required to be given out as a higher education version of truth in advertising, profs in the bottom fields will hold back because candidness would work against their personal interests in keeping their classes filled.

By Support The Winners  on  08.25.2015

GSC was once known far and wide for the quality of Teachers graduating.  Unfortunately with the current standings regarding the state of education in West Virginia how effective could such a program be?  It would take years to get a program off the ground and running, is there enough time?

Governor Tomblin is supporting the new State Superintendent of Schools agenda now. If the students sent to college aren’t ready then who will be trained as the high quality Teachers of tomorrow?

Begin at the beginning. There may not be a quick fix. It’s taken a lot of time and money to get where things are.

By AJ. Flack  on  08.25.2015

Sports does a lot to shore up the enrollment and the program has been very successful over the years. Team spirit is one thing GSC doesn’t lack.
That WACO center is a beautiful new facility and the Alumni and friend donate to keep the flag flying on the hill. What they want their money used for is up to the giver.

Online prisoner classes add to the count so there’s another contributor.

More community interaction would probably be a help. Thought they had a Teaching program but everything can always stand to grow.  How to get it done is the big problem. Do not see state revenues being the answer as the population statewide is on the down side. Didn’t the Governor have to cut all of the colleges in the states budget the last two or three years?

By Hang In There GSC  on  08.25.2015

Prisoners bring up a question. If they are subtracted out what is the full time (FTE)  enrollment beginning each fall semester on campus for the past ten years? The administration always side steps this question to cause suspicion that the trend is moving down.

By Ray Brown  on  08.26.2015

Continuing turmoil with the County’s intervened school system and GSC’s difficulties have something in common.

The same local individuals in total control took it on themselves to know what is best for the masses to result in our letting them have their way to cause the calamities.

That is what happens when citizens give up on constant vigilance to permit democracies to collapse.

By Democracy Died Here  on  08.26.2015

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Glenville Woman Among 7 Charged with Insurance Fraud

The Gilmer Free Press

Seven people, including one from Glenville, WV, have been charged with insurance fraud in related cases across the Pennsylvania.

Rhonda Anne Grooms, 52, of Glenville, WV, is charged with one count each of insurance fraud and criminal attempted theft by deception.

She is accused of falsely claiming damage to her vehicle from a hit-run accident, when it had occurred prior to her obtaining the insurance policy.

The charges were filed by the attorney general’s insurance fraud section.

Also charged were:

Jennifer Marie Lamer, 28, 2110 Keats Way, Indiana, one count each of insurance fraud and theft by deception. She is accused of filing a false claim that she struck a deer with one insurance company, when she had already filed the same claim with another company.

Jacqueline S. Fox, 37, of Philadelphia, is charged with two counts each of insurance fraud and one count each of theft by deception, criminal attempted theft by deception and forgery. She is accused of submitting forged pay stubs for a disability insurance claim.

James M. Clemson, 54, of Philadelphia, is charged with two counts of insurance fraud and one count each of theft by deception and criminal attempted theft by deception. He is accused of falsely he was in his parked car when it was struck by another vehicle, and filing claims for injuries.

Joshua L. Adkins, 23, of Ellwood City, Beaver County, is charged with one count each of insurance fraud and criminal attempted theft by deception. He is accused of falsely claiming an accident occurred after he had purchased a new policy, when it occurred before.

Glenville Woman’s State Fair Job Kept Her Hopping

FAIRLEA, WV—Trailers for hauling horses, cattle, sheep, hogs and other livestock are a necessity for those showing large farm animals at the West Virginia State Fair.

The animals spending the fair week in a building just down from the big barns don’t require such large traveling accommodations, however.

Unless perhaps they are one of Valeri Sprouse’s animals. Chances are the 21-year-old Glenville resident can’t fit the 100 rabbits she entered in the 2015 fair in just a single car. Or two. Or three.

Encouraged by her father, who had shown rabbits before she was born, Sprouse, a senior accounting major at Glenville State College, began showing rabbits at age 10.

“Originally, I wanted to show cattle, but Dad wasn’t too familiar with it and there’s a lot of cost that goes into it, so he said, ‘Let’s get you some show stock and let me show you my world,’” she said of her beginnings in the rabbit world.

The Gilmer Free Press
Valeri Sprouse shows off two of the 100 rabbits she brought
to the West Virginia State Fair in Fairlea.
Sprouse is also serving as superintendent of the rabbit building.
She and her staff of six, along with some volunteers, change the bedding
for each of the 410 rabbits and also feed and water them throughout each day.

Sprouse, whose younger sister Hillary also shows, started with two does and a buck, which she raised as pets.

Later, her dad purchased two Broken Mini Rex rabbits at the state fair and then had a friend purchase six more rabbits at a national convention in Indiana.

“That’s what we started from,” she said. “We’ve expanded off of that.”

In addition to the 100 rabbits she entered at the fair, Sprouse says she has another 140 at home, some of which are her broodstock and others that will be part of her new show line as she says she will be traveling from the end of August through November.

“I have about 20 shows to attend, mostly in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania,” she said.

Sprouse’s rabbits live in a three-sided barn outside her home and she is responsible for their care — something she said has taught her a great deal of responsibility.

“You know no matter what, if the weather is really bad, if it’s really hot or really cold and there’s 2 foot of snow on the ground, the animals must eat because they rely on you,” she said.

“I’ve had days when it’s in the negative degrees and I’m out there with all of these frozen solid water bowls thinking, ‘Why did I do this to myself?’ but then as soon as spring comes and the babies start coming, it’s totally worth it.”

Sprouse is also serving as the superintendent of the rabbit building, and has been charged with hiring judges, making appropriate sanctions and caring for the rabbits throughout the week.

She and her staff of six, along with some volunteers, change the bedding for each of the 410 rabbits and also feed and water them throughout each day.

Judging took place earlier in the week — her Blue Dutch Poof took first place junior doe and first place in class, and her Broken Mini Rex senior doe Tauriel won 2nd reserve, meaning she was judged third best rabbit overall.

“It was really exciting,” she said, adding she and her sister have both won best in show in previous years.

With judging out of the way, Sprouse spends her days caring for the rabbits, answering questions for the public as they come in to view the soft, cuddly favorites and collecting money for those who buy them.

Sprouse explains many of the rabbits are available for purchase and will leave with new owners.

So far, she says she has sold about 20 of her 100 rabbits. The money she earns from the sale will be going directly back to the bunnies.

“It’s used for feed, for sure!” she said. “We order it a ton at a time.

“It’s a lot of rabbit food.”

Bunny Tidbits

Sprouse says all rabbits, regardless of breed, eat rabbit pellets.

“Sparingly, every once in a while, they love bananas and Honey Nut Cheerios,” she said.

For those with rabbits at home or those thinking of getting a rabbit, Sprouse says there is one food that should always be avoided.

“Iceberg lettuce is the No. 1 killer of pet rabbits,” she said. “So many people say, ‘Oh, a salad is rabbit food, but there’s actually poison for rabbits in iceberg lettuce and it will kill them.”

Good news for Bugs Bunny fans though. Carrots are OK.

Michelle James - The Register-Herald

Are the Teacher Colleges Failing the Teachers?

The Gilmer Free Press

Teacher programs in colleges are accepting so many unqualified students. Additionally they are failing to educate them in the best methods of teaching reading, math and other subjects. The colleges are not training them in how to manage a classroom, or having them student-teach with well-qualified teachers.

And the problem has gotten only worse. The bar for public school students has been raised nationwide, through the Common Core education standards that states have implemented. The data show most programs are far behind in training teachers in Common Core subjects.

The problems with the American public education system are well-documented. Average student performance is falling, economic and ethnic disparities are growing, even as numerous foreign countries are making gains.

It is also well-documented that effective teachers are the most important factor in student success. Helping to build better teachers is in everyone’s interest. But what is being done about it?

The Gilmer Free Press
BE PREPARED—-Teacher Training and Another Negative Assessment
Charleston Gazette-Mail

What matters most in student achievement? Teacher quality is the recurrent answer.

“Having effective teachers rises to the top of every study as the most important factor in determining student success, and is the best predictor of student achievement,” according to West Virginia’s Education Efficiency Audit, January 03, 2012.

Studies confirm: The quality of an education cannot exceed the quality of its teachers, and getting the right people to become teachers is the thing that matters most in student outcomes.

In addition to getting the right people to become teachers, optimally preparing them has a significant role in student performance. Together, they are absolutely essential to achieving an exemplary public-school system.

In school year 2014-15, the West Virginia Board of Education approved 20 state college and universities (half state-supported, half private institutions) to offer one or more teacher-prep programs among 50 general, career/technical and special education subjects in various grade levels leading to a professional teaching certificate.

Marshall University had the most approved teacher-preparation programs, 44. Appalachian Bible College, the least, one (elementary education).

The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) is a nonpartisan research and policy organization which, among other things, seeks to achieve fundamental changes in the policy and practices of teacher preparation programs. The NCTQ makes an annual state-by-state analysis of higher-education-based teacher training programs, the latest being for 2014. It analyzed 788 elementary programs and 824 secondary programs. Among them were the teacher-prep programs of 13 colleges and universities in West Virginia. For some unexplained reason, six private institutions were not reviewed.

West Virginia stands out as an island among its surrounding states as not having a top ranked higher-ed based training program among its public and private colleges and universities offering teacher-prep programs.

Of the 13 colleges and universities in the state (10 public; three private) identified by the NCTQ as offering an undergraduate or graduate degree in an elementary or secondary program, six of them fell in the bottom half of fully evaluated undergraduate or graduate elementary programs, too low to qualify for a ranking.

For three, the data sought for their undergraduate elementary programs were insufficient to evaluate. For two, the data sought for their undergraduate secondary programs were insufficient to evaluate.

In fact, only four of the state’s colleges and universities identified by the NCTQ as offering an undergraduate or graduate degree in an elementary or secondary program were given a national ranking (that is, in the top half of fully-evaluated programs): Concord University, 78th in its undergraduate elementary program and 178th in its undergraduate secondary program; West Virginia Wesleyan College, 138th in its undergraduate elementary program; Marshall University, 188th in its undergraduate elementary program; and West Virginia University-Parkersburg, 345th in its undergraduate elementary program.

The ranking of West Virginia University’s graduate elementary program, although fully evaluated, fell in the bottom half, too low to qualify for a ranking. For some unknown reason, West Virginia University’s undergraduate elementary and graduate secondary programs were not listed among the institutions identified by NCTQ. Likewise, for Marshall University’s undergraduate secondary program. Its graduate secondary program, although fully evaluated, fell in the bottom half, too low to qualify for a ranking.

The NCTQ has provided a checklist for how to improve teacher-prep programs in West Virginia, in summary:

1. Require rigorous teacher prep programs admission tests.

2. Require an admission GPA of 3.0.

3. Consider requiring candidates to pass subject-matter tests as a condition into teacher programs.

In contrast to West Virginia, which had in school-year 2014-15 20 state-supported or private colleges and universities offering approved teacher-prep programs, Finland, with a population and a geographic area approximately five times that of West Virginia has only eight institutions (all universities) that offer teacher-prep programs.

In the 1980s and ’90s, Finland had an undistinguished education system. Starting in 2000, Finland has emerged as the top scoring nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on the international PISA assessments, causing an influx of researchers to study the “Finnish miracle.”

The Finnish marvel has been largely attributed to three factors: Teaching as the most admired profession; high standards and competition for admission to teacher-prep programs; and rigorous teacher-education requirements.

Getting the right people to become teachers and optimally preparing them to become teachers are essential to achieving an exemplary public-school system. Finland’s experience provides evidence to support that conclusion.

Another productive feature of Finland’s teacher-education policies is what it calls its “research-based teacher education.” It has been described as meaning “that educational theories, research methodologies and practice all play an important part in preparation programs. Teacher education curricula are designed to create a systematic pathway from the foundations of educational thinking to educational research methodologies and then on to more advanced fields of the educational sciences. Each student thereby builds an understanding of the systemic, interdisciplinary nature of educational practice. Finnish students also learn the skills of how to design, conduct, and present original research on practical or theoretical aspects of education.”

It seems to me that these educational research methodologies would assist in the development of inquiring, challenging and problem-solving minds among would-be teachers, minds that are unwilling to accept a pedagogical practice simply because of its age and that it has the approval of a textbook writer or a classroom teacher.

These are the kind of minds we need to develop in teacher-prep programs and among the students of these future teachers as opposed to learning and teaching by frequent repetitions and admonitions.

If Finland’s educational research methodologies or some version thereof should become a part of the state’s teacher-preparation programs, the question becomes can those methodologies be effectively executed in some 20 colleges and universities in the State?

~~  Charles McElwee - A Charleston lawyer with the firm Robinson & McElwee PLLC ~~

The Gilmer Free Press


Numeric ranking: Those programs that performed in the top half of all programs received a numeric ranking. In 2014, NCTQ analyzed 788 elementary programs, 824 secondary programs and 96 special education programs.

Rank not reported: The program falls in the bottom half of fully evaluated programs, too low to qualify for a ranking.


Data insufficient to rank: We were not able to fully evaluate the program due to insufficient data.

Not listed: We did not evaluate this program, typically because it graduates small numbers of teachers each year (<20)

Bluefield State College

» Elementary (UG) Rank not reported
» Secondary (UG) Rank not reported

Concord University

» Elementary (UG) #78
» Secondary (UG) #178

Fairmont State University

» Elementary (UG) Data insufficient to rank
» Secondary (UG) Data insufficient to rank

Glenville State College

» Elementary (UG) Rank not reported
» Secondary (UG) Rank not reported

Marshall University

» Elementary (UG) #188
» Secondary (G) Rank not reported
» Special Education (G) Data insufficient to rank

Shepherd University

» Elementary (UG) Rank not reported
» Secondary (UG) Rank not reported

University of Charleston

» Elementary (UG) Data insufficient to rank

West Liberty University

» Elementary (UG) Rank not reported
» Secondary (UG) Rank not reported

West Virginia State University

» Elementary (UG) Rank not reported
» Secondary (UG) Rank not reported

West Virginia University

» Elementary (G) Rank not reported
» Special Education (G) #42

West Virginia University - Parkersburg

» Elementary (UG) #345

West Virginia Wesleyan College

» Elementary (UG) #138
» Secondary (G) Rank not reported

Wheeling Jesuit University

» Elementary (UG) Data insufficient to rank
» Secondary (UG) Data insufficient to rank

G-FYI™: Office GCBOE Lease Document

Special Thanks to Gilmer County Health Center Operations for Providing This Document when asked for.
Thank You

The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

CommunityGilmer CountyGlenvilleEducationFeaturesG-FYI™NewsRegionPolitics | Government | ElectionLocalState-WV(11) Comments

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

Bottom of last page.
Tax I.D. #......same as the telephone number?  lmao

By funky deal  on  08.23.2015

This is another deal which the local board had nothing to do with including access to financial information to have accurate knowledge of new costs committed to the County by the State.

Article IV is telling. What will it cost for the remodeling and other changes? Were there competitive bids for the work and were all those costs figured in accurately before Gabe decided to move? Where is the documentation?

The most important concern is how the move and the extra expenses will translate into benefits to our County’s children. Martirano, Daniel, Green, and the remainder of Charleston crowd need to answer the concern.

They are in the catbird seat to be held accountable for how the school system’s was spent and we won’t let that involvement be forgotten.

Thank you GFP for being an instrument of truth.

By Max Stemple  on  08.23.2015

Whom ever is behind this deal of taking the school administrative monthly fee from $650. up to $3000. needs FIRED ! !

What more proof does anyone need of totally incompetent leadership from the West Virginia Board of Education ?

Would anyone in their right mind approve a lease that does this?

You have to conclude that incompetence and bribery rules the State Board of Education?

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Mr. Devano for handing us proof that will stand firm in court.  Thank you Mr. Devano.

By DO IT NOW  on  08.23.2015

Good grief!  If they cannot get the tax number right - - what else is wrong with this contract???

By reader4  on  08.23.2015

Was this lease reviewed by an attorney representing the board of education?

It has many problems.  Wonder who authored it?  Pretty much one sided.  Why would the state authorize this?

By Harrison County  on  08.23.2015

The evidence chain is a focus in our profession.It would be interesting to know if comprehensive information about the MH move was given in advance to Green, Martirano and Daniel.

Prior to approving the move did they have access to detailed documentation including a space schematic to use to defend why more space was needed and why the move was essential for school children?

If not, Charleston’s sign off was based on questionable evidence a jury would reject.

That type of administrative shallowness with making decisions explains why WV is last in education and at the top in spending.

Senator Cole should use Gilmer County as a source of information to prove why the WVDOE failed WV to make it essential for massive personnel and organizational changes in Charleston.

By Criminal Justice Prof  on  08.23.2015

Typo! It was XV with reference to the secret expenses for MH. Thanks Gabe.

By Max  on  08.23.2015

The state didn’t take finance away from the BOE until their July 8th meeting.  It’s in the minutes just approved.
How did this happen on July 1?  What Board meeting was it approved at and who ever gave an office employee the right to sign for the Board?
Only the WV Board of Education signs “in lieu of the Gilmer County Board of Education”.  Not even the Superintendent can do that.
What a tangled web you and the state hand holders have woven Gabe Devono.
There’s no mention of this lease in any of the state public records!

By NT  on  08.23.2015

I read where the know it all, give it all away, smug retiree throws shade on almost every one in a 50 mile radius.  Says the Hays City school is in the hundred year flood plain but trust the state will be on top of that. Guess they have a plan to airlift the building when it floods? Then has the nerve to say anyone that disagrees doesn’t care about the children. Was this person even here during the big one? There are pictures.

Who cared about the children with this document?  No one could agree to give more of the kids money away as rent that doesn’t have to be paid and sign it away for two years at that.

Would seem plenty of moonshine is going around.

By Bealls & Co  on  08.23.2015

Nice for the GC Health Center Trustees to provide the community with this information. 

Knowing that the money to build the Health Center was public funds, and that the building is to be ‘forever used’ for GC health services, what now?

This move means only one little corner gets used by Dr. Westfall now.  The rest is rented commercially? 

Surely having the school admin offices in there does not fit the original intent?

Would be very nice for the Health Board Trustees to provide insight and information as to their intentions?

Do I understand this correctly? 
The County Commission owns the Health Center.  The Commission ‘gives’ building/use at no cost to the Health Board. 
The Health Board then rents space for their income. 
Our local school board has been paying the Commission 600.00 per month and now will give the Health Board almost 3000.00 a month?
Cannot help but think we have a rather sophisticated shell game going here to make certain the public cannot keep track of all the moving money?
Someone please clarify for the community.

By taxpayer 2  on  08.23.2015

Understand this employee Brown is paid to account for where the money goes.  How desperate is this Devono to tell her to sign a rental agreement that obligates local BOE? The one in charge of handling the money can’t spend it too. How can that be right? The videos show Gilmer board of ed not even allowed to discuss it. Was it put in the budget?  Did the WVBOE approve it?  Was this why Devono, Simmons and Ratliff tried to force the other members into executive session?

By Seems So  on  08.24.2015

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G-Eye™: Gilmer County Elementary School

Gilmer County Elementary School Construction on 08.20.15
The Gilmer Free Press

The Gilmer Free Press

CommunityGilmer CountyGlenvilleEducationNewsRegion(6) Comments

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

Located the school almost to the river. Are the dams/dykes to keep the equipment from backing over the river bank?
How much will it cost to fence the school and keep the kids safe?
Those cement sections won’t do a thing when Stewarts Creek flash floods.

By State's Waiting Game  on  08.21.2015

Placed to block direct view of the river? When the big flooding returns could not do a thing to stop it.
Pushing a new building isn’t hard. Doesn’t change poor location choice.

Will never change the fact it closes 4 and replaces the newest school the county has moving it across the road and definitely does not meet the need for the majority of Gilmer families and their kids for access.

By History Does Repeat Itself  on  08.21.2015

I would like to see Martirano and Daniel come to a well attended public meeting and to stand there with straight faces to tell citizens that the school site is the best one in the County, and the way the decision chain occurred back to before the auction barn abort, a legitimate cross section of the County’s citizens were honestly involved.

The Hays City school is along the river because that is the place one man wanted it to be and we know it.

Democracy died a long time ago in Gilmer and the WVDOE and the WVBOE were active accomplices.

By Hector Wright  on  08.22.2015

Hey - high school staff and kids.
Hows that air conditioning working out for you this year?
The Devano contract says work doesn’t have to be complete for another 4 months.
The WV capitol gang doing their thing.

By from sweat to a shiver  on  08.22.2015

If, or maybe when is a better choice of words, the school floods.
The construction with hollow core blocks WILL take on water.  Soaking, coupled with minimal water pressures, is all it takes.
Which in turn WILL turn into a mold problem.
That then WILL be an expense born by local taxpayers.

By Retired from Out of WV  on  08.22.2015

It would be interesting to know how many change orders there have been to run up costs and how much more money Williamson and Shriver are reaping.

That type of wondering would not exist if the WVDOE would fully disclose financial information to the public.

Wait and see there will be some astonishing surprises and they won’t be good.

By Will Riggins  on  08.22.2015

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Glenville State College Baseball and Softball Teams Partner for Pioneer Project

Glenville, WV – The Glenville State College Baseball and Softball teams have partnered up for what they are calling ‘The Pioneer Project.‘

The Pioneer Project is designed to put forth 1,500 hours bettering the Glenville community while teaching student-athletes the value of making a difference. “As we better our programs from a win and loss perspective, and raise our respective grade point averages in the classroom, we believe teaching our student-athletes to give back in the community will give our program complete purpose,” stated Head Baseball Coach Jimmy Mullins.

The Gilmer Free Press

Together, the two teams plan to read to elementary school students, speak at area schools, keep roads clean by picking up trash, plant flowers throughout Glenville and surrounding communities, and donate to the underprivileged.

“We plan on putting these service hours back into our communities during the 2015-16 academic year. We want to use this as a resource to better our community and to teach our college athletes the value of making a difference,” said Head Softball Coach Kristen Tunno.

For more information or to share community service ideas/requests, contact Mullins by e-mail at or at 304.462.6239.

Gilmer County Commission Regular Meeting - 08.21.15 - Today

The Gilmer Free Press
August 21, 2015 @ 9:00 AM
Gilmer County Courthouse – Commission Office
10 Howard Street, Glenville, WV





              9:15 Cindy Wilson-Finalize the EMS Grants

              10:00 Gary Wolfe and Karen Elkin & Attorney - Personnel Issues


      Discussion and/or action on:

              1) Exonerations and/or Consolidations

              2) Approve Estate Qualifications and Estate Settlements

              3)  Board Appointments and/or Resignations: 

                    a)  Board Seats open on the:

                          i. ** Unsafe Buildings & Lands Enforcement Agency - Dekalb/Troy & Glenville Corporation

                          ii. ** Ambulance Service- DeKalb/Troy

              4)  Budget Revisions

              5)  Budget Control Report: NONE

              6)  Approve Invoices for Payment

              7)  Approve County Commission Minutes

              8)  Receipt of County Board Minutes:

                    1. Lewis-Gilmer E-911 Yearly Totals


              1. Fire Alarm System - Camel Technologies

              2. USERRA-Uniformed Service Employment Re-Employment Right Act Claim-Prosecutor Gerry Hough responded to claim


      Discussion and/or action on:

              1. Designated Handicapped Areas - Gilmer County Recreation Center

              2. Parking areas lines painted - Gilmer County Courthouse

              3. Assurance Agreement- USDA




NEXT MEETING: September 04, 2015

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