GSC Athletics Takes Part in Little Kanawha River Trail Cleanup

Glenville, WV – This past Saturday, April 23rd several Glenville State student-athletes took time out of their day to help participate in the Little Kanawha River Trail cleanup which took part in downtown Glenville on Brooklyn Drive along the river bank.

“It was great working with the community to help clean up the City of Glenville especially so close to Earth Day. It’s important to take care of our environment not just for us but also for the future,” said GSC Lady Pioneer Brittany Jackson.

The Free Press WV

The newly-formed Little Kanawha River Trail also had help from several community volunteers as well other groups and organizations at Glenville State College. Members of the GSC Science Fiction and Fantasy Guild helped clean up the river near Sand Fork, GSC Forestry students Michael Pracht and Zach White tested the water and provided a chemical baseline, and GSC Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Jeremy Keene floated the river to perform an analysis. Additionally, the GSC Kayak Club allowed helpers the use of their kayaks and canoes.

“It is a great opportunity to not only help clean up the city of Glenville but to also help clean up the state of West Virginia; two things that are really important to the Athletic Department and all of our teams. It also helps our athletes enjoy the great outdoors and teaches them about giving back to their communities,” stated GSC Athletic Director Marcal Lazenby.

The Free Press WV

Overall, 560 pounds of waste were collected on Saturday including 23 bags of trash, 13 tires, a rusty sewing machine, a heavy tent, and a hospital bed complete with motors.

The Little Kanawha River Trail has been developed for non-motorized boaters allowing users to enjoy the natural, historic, cultural, and scenic resources of the Little Kanawha River watershed. Using multiple entry sites along the river, boaters can view visual guides to learn about the area and access local businesses.


The Free Press WV
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Have often wondered if a large dumpster set near the stop sign, where roads come out of the hollows, if we would have this bad a river trash problem.  Doubt we will ever know if that would help.

By Resident2  on  04.29.2016

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Gift from WVU Grad Dr. Chad Westfall Creates Dentistry Endowment In West Virginia….

West Virginia University School of Dentistry alumnus Dr. Chad Westfall has established a new family endowment by pledging $25,000 to the School of Dentistry.  Dr. Westfall’s new fund, the Westfall Family Dental Endowment, supports the Departments of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics.

“I completed a general practice residency at the WVU School of Dentistry in 2009 and worked closely with the oral surgery program,” Dr. Westfall said. “My professor, Dr. Bryan Weaver, acted as a mentor to me during my residency, which greatly influenced my experience and time with the School.”

The Free Press WV
(L-R) Dr. Bryan Weaver, Dr. Chad Westfall, Dr. Peter Ngan

Dr. Westfall is also a proud graduate of the WVU Orthodontics program and calls department “one of the best in the country.” He said Dr. Peter Ngan, chair, and Dr. Tim Tremont, clinical associate professor, are both taking the program in the right direction.

“It is the support from alumni like Dr. Westfall that allow our School to keep moving in the right direction and lend support to our students, faculty, and patients,” said Dean Dr. Tom Borgia. “We are constantly striving to have WVU remain among the best dental schools in the country and appreciate any and all support from our alumni to maintain this level of excellence.”

A dedicated alum and Mountaineer, Dr. Westfall received his doctor of dental surgery degree in 2008, then completed a one-year general practice residency in 2009.  He was awarded a masters in orthodontics in 2013. Dr. Westfall currently has his own orthodontic practice in Abingdon, VA where he resides with his wife, Caitlin, and son, Jack. His endowment also honors his father, Dr. John Westfall, who earned his DDS from the WVU School of Dentistry in 1975, and his mother, Patricia Westfall, who received her masters in speech pathology from WVU in 1978.

“The education and degree I received from WVU has provided me and my family a wonderful opportunity,” Dr. Westfall said. “The least I could do is to give back.”

This donation was made in conjunction with _A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University.”  The $1 billion fundraising effort being conducted by the WVU Foundation on behalf of the University runs through December 2017.

G-Eye™: Net installed at Glenville Golf Club

Net installed on Glenville Golf Club # 2 Tee on 04.25.16
The Free Press WV

Pioneer Defense Prevails Over Offense in Annual Spring Game

Glenville, WV – The Glenville State Pioneer Defense (White Team) defeated the Pioneer Offense (Blue Team) 36-30 in the Annual Blue and White Spring game at I.L. and Sue Morris Stadium on Thursday night.

The Pioneer offense would find the endzone on their second possession as Quarterback Dante Roberts hit Isiah Scott for a 25 yard touchdown pass to take a 7-6 lead. Roberts would end up having a great day as he finished the game 12 of 15 for 115 yards and a touchdown.

The Free Press WV

Running Back Isiah Scott also had a good game as he rushed the ball nine times for 64 yards and a touchdown catch.

Also on the offensive side of the ball Austin Ratliff led the team in receiving as he hauled in six catches for 65 yards. Tight end Kareen Watson caught four balls for 32 yards while Eric Kyle caught two balls for 26 yards and Dante Absher hauled in one pass for 13 yards.

Kicker Chandler Carrera hit a 15 yard field goal for the offense in the game.

On the defensive side of the ball defensive end Javon Webster had several big plays he finished with four tackles and two sacks. Also upfront for GSC Austin Hill had two tackles for loss while Alex Robinson had three tackles on the night. Linebacker Tony Vasquez had several tackles on the night while safety Earon Settles had several good plays in the game.

The GSC football team also collected donations from the fans and all the funds raised during the game the Pioneers donated to the Gilmer County Fire Department. On the night the Pioneer football team helped raise $450.00.

The Pioneers open up the 2016 season on Thursday, September 1st at home against Urbana with kickoff set for 7:00 p.m.

Voting Begins Today for May primary

The Free Press WV

Voters will start going to the polls for the May primary election as soon as Wednesday in West Virginia when the early voting period begins in the Mountain State ahead of the May 10 primary election.

“If you’re ready to go, go vote then in West Virginia’s election,” said Secretary of State Natalie Tennant who is a fan of the early voting option.

“It allows a voter to determine themselves when Election Day is and fit it into their schedule.”

Early voting first launched in West Virginia during the 2002 primary election. That year, 14,000 people cast ballots ahead of Election Day.

By the 2014 midterm primary, early voting was up above 44,000, according to information from the Secretary of State’s Office.

During an appearance on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline,” Tennant did not make any predictions about how early voting would go ahead of the 2016 primary.

This year, West Virginians are nominating candidates for president, U.S. House of Representatives, governor, secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, agriculture commissioner, attorney general, state Senate, state House of Delegates

For the first time, judges are being elected on nonpartisan ballots.

Races for Supreme Court, circuit court, family court and magistrates will be at the end of the May ballots. The judicial races are split up by divisions and there is no nominating process. The judicial candidates elected will take their seats on January 01, 2017.

On Republican ballots, delegates to the Republican National Convention are also being selected. The judicial races come after the more than 200 possible GOP Presidential delegates.

At the local levels, there are also board of education races, which are nonpartisan, along with mayoral, city council and county levy elections in parts of West Virginia.

“Remember, this is a longer ballot. All of our offices are on the ballot except for U.S. Senate, so you really need to be doing some research right now,” Tennant advised.

As for unaffiliated or independent voters who are not registered with any particular political party, “When you go into the polling place, you have to ask for a ballot. You have to ask for Democrat, Republican or Mountain Party,” Tennant explained.

The poll workers cannot offer you a party ballot, she said. “You have to ask for a ballot otherwise you only receive (the ballot for) the nonpartisan election.”

The ten-day early voting period continues through May 07.

In addition to regular weekday hours, early voting is an option on two Saturdays, April 30 and May 07, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Early voting locations vary by county and are either at county courthouses, courthouse annexes or at other community voting locations.

On Tuesday, May 10, polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Throughout the election season, violations of election law can be reported to the Secretary of State’s Office at 304.558.6000.

Tennant, who was first elected in 2008, is again seeking renomination during the primary election. She is facing a primary challenge from Delegate Patsy Trecost (D-Harrison, 48), a former member of Clarksburg’s City Council.

The Republicans seeking the Secretary of State nomination are Mac Warner, a U.S. Army veteran, military officer and lawyer, and Barry Holstein, a Kanawha County native, U.S. Army veteran and operations management worker.

G-LtE™: Not a Popularity Contest - We Must Respect Each Other

The Free Press WV

Dear Gilmer County Citizens,

I have never been as involved in any political campaign and election season as I have been on both a national and local level as I have been with Election 2016. As I have quietly observed the “political turmoil” unfold the vast amount of candidate disrespect that takes place from all offices is shameful. I was raised in this county and MANY MANY years ago I was proud to be able to call it home. This county has changed drastically and that is not something that has happened in the last 4 years.

I believe that every individual running for office should have an equal opportunity to do so. I also believe that every citizen of the county has the right to be fully informed of the truth. Those individuals that seek out the truth deserve to know it. I give kudos to The Gilmer Free Press for providing well researched information. I have seen posts on social media of citizens expressing their dislike for specific candidate(s), though this may not be viewed in an appropriate fashion to some at least they are speaking up. Contrary to a candidate’s recent Facebook post claiming childish lies about own-self on Facebook, these individuals are speaking the truth. Dislike how they are getting their point across if you would like but don’t bury your head in the sand over the truth. It is so scary to think that our county does not care about the things that are so important in this world anymore. We need honesty. We need integrity. We need respect.

I am not saying such a person is not a good person, personally. I do not know the person, but I am saying I have taken enough time to know that this person has not been forth right and up front about the tasks he performed while he held the position of a Gilmer County as an Elected Official several years ago. This person may make a good friend. This person may have done a terrific other jobs, but this person did NOT however follow the codes established by the ethics committee on the expenditures of public funds. Please keep in mind that this is not a rumor. It is a fact and can be verified in the courthouse. This person began this campaign by disrespecting the opponent(s) and by being dishonest and to me that is not a representation of a good and honest person.

I hope that people in this county want a person in office to do the job this person is running for and not just looking for someone to be a yes person and say the fluffy words that they want to hear. Check the verifiable facts at the courthouse.

Start voting today and stop in the courthouse just like I did if you have questions about what is and is not true. This is not a contest on slander and disrespect this is an attempt to maintain progress in the county.

~~  A Gilmer Citizen - Information on File ~~

GSC Biology Professor to Present about African Violets

GLENVILLE, WV - Glenville State College Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Jeremy Keene will be one of two guest speakers at this year’s annual Spring Flower Swap that is being held at Little Birch Elementary in Braxton County, West Virginia on Saturday, May 07, 2016. His presentation will focus on how to grow and propagate gesneriads, the best known of which is the African violet.

The Free Press WV
GSC Assistant Biology Professor Dr. Jeremy Keene will speak at the
15th Annual Flower Swap, being held in Braxton County, on the topic of African violets;
he is pictured here with dried plant specimens

Keene, who is originally from southwest Missouri, has been an avid horticulturist and botanist for several years. He started growing plants, including African violets and orchids, as a child. The curious nature of those plants led him toward researching them and sharing that knowledge with others. His research focuses on the events that lead to speciation in several relatives of African violets from around the world. The close of the spring semester will mark the end of his first year of teaching at GSC.

“I am very happy to have been invited to the Flower Swap and look forward to this hands-on workshop. I will be teaching common methods to start seed and cuttings of African violets and their relatives,” said Keene.

This marks the fifteenth year of the swap, which is open to the public. Organizers note that the only rules for the event are that no money be exchanged, attendees bring at least one potted flower, vegetable plant, tree, shrub, seed, bulb, annual, house plant, or perennial to swap, and that any exchanges not begin before the official time. The Swap runs from 9:00-11:00 a.m. and Keene’s presentation is scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m.

For more information about the Spring Flower Swap, contact 304.765.2994. For more information about Keene’s research or biology programs at Glenville State College, contact 304.462.6313.

GSC Student Attends NCAA Leadership Forum in Arizona

GLENVILLE, WV - Glenville State College student-athlete Hunter Given has returned from the 2016 NCAA Student Leadership Forum that was held in Phoenix, Arizona April 7-10. He was selected by the Mountain East Conference (MEC) to represent GSC and the conference at the event. Given is a member of the Pioneer Men’s Basketball team and a senior marketing and sport management student.

The Leadership Forum brings together a diverse and dynamic group of student-athletes, coaches, faculty, and administrators from all across the country at one event. Student-athletes selected to attend can return to their campuses with additional leadership skills, the experience of exploring the relationship between personal values, core beliefs, and behavioral styles, and a thorough understanding of the NCAA as a whole, the different divisional perspectives, and the valuable role of Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC). There is no cost to the participants, institutions, or conference offices for attending the event.

The Free Press WV
GSC student Hunter Given at the NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum in Arizona

In addition to his responsibilities on the court and in the classroom, Given also represents GSC Athletics as the Vice President of the campus SAAC, has been honored by the GSC Department of Business at their Annual Business Recognition Event for the last two years, and has earned academic honor roll recognition several times during his college career.

Topics covered at the forum mainly focused on evolving leadership skills for the student-athletes and other attendees. Guest speakers at the forum covered topics ranging from life after sports to what not to do on social media and making yourself a brand. Given said the students also completed a community service project for local children, making around 2,000 jump ropes, lunch boxes, gym bags, and laundry bags.

“I made several connections with various people at the event and I made friendships that will last a lifetime. It was neat to hear all the different stories from the others because we were all from different parts of the country,” Given said.

The Free Press WV
Given (second from left, back row) with other members of the ‘Green Squad’ at the Forum

Before the end of the spring semester he plans on presenting about his trip at the MEC conference SAAC meeting.

“They separated the student-athletes into several different color groups and I was a part of the Green Squad. My favorite thing was hanging out with the other members of my ‘squad.’ Everyone bonded and we created friendships that will last forever. It was awesome getting to represent the MEC and GSC. I met the others that were also representing the MEC and they enjoyed the forum as well,” Given said.

“There was a quote that stuck with me that I plan on sharing, ‘you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you go after.’ To me, it just shows that you need to take action and go get what you want in life,” he concluded.

Given, a Cowen, West Virginia native, graduated from Webster County High School in 2013 and is the son of Samuel and the late Teri Given.

G-Eye™: Gilmer County Elementary School Under Construction

Gilmer County Elementary School in Glenville, WV on 04.20.16

CommunityGilmer CountyGlenvilleEducationFeaturesCommunityImprovement™G-Eye™NewsRegion(7) Comments

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

WVBOE’s monument to *incompetence*.

By Resident2  on  04.22.2016

Out shined only by Lewis County Leading Creek Elementary, model intercounty school, with 5 empty classrooms.  ROTFLMAO

By Troy parent  on  04.22.2016

Boat rentals out back.  Bring your own life jacket.

By Not Responsible For Accidents  on  04.22.2016

The State expects us to be enthralled with the facility as if it alone is the end result.

Tell us what is planed for the inside to improve educations of our children.

What is the plan Gabe? Is there a copy with specifics for the public to read or is it one of those mysterious WVDOE articles of faith deals?

The State doesn’t like specifics because they confer accountability for administrators.

Without specifics anything in the future can be heralded as a phenomenal success by the State.

We hear that all the time when 50% or more of our children are not proficient in school. Yet, a school can be declared a success. Some grading system!

People want to know about improvements in math, reading, English and other subjects compared to the baseline.

Gabe, this is management by objectives.

By B. Adams  on  04.23.2016

The WVBOE took precisely zero action on the Gilmer County OEPA agenda item in April.State Board members did not even vote to accept the report.  It is expected it will be addressed on their May agenda.

Reporters say G. Devono made a statement to the BOE that he wanted that report changed.

Several closed door unprincipled meetings were held the day of the meeting and thereafter. One question.

Will state actions reveal the State Board of Education and the OEPA are controlled by intervention county Superintendents? Will the truth finally come out as to why the State Board fails repeatedly to improve the status of education in West Virginia? Could a large part of the failure be because of this unlawful and unethical alliance which excludes lawful,local boards of education whom they should be working with as elected liasons?  Is the State Board of Ed more interested in creating a who’s who list for a silly Charleston clique than meeting the needs of the children?

By Time Will Tell  on  04.23.2016

More service building,gym and office area than classrooms. A whole lot of money for not much of anything to improve education. Not likely to see a fair shake from the WVBOE.  Not until every available dollar is spent and that excess levy gets voted down. When the ones who treat a public checkbook as their own are in power consider yourself in trouble.

By D Deal  on  04.24.2016

Gilmer County won’t get a fair shake any more than we did.  The only thing they listen to is a court case.

By Fayette Reader 43  on  04.24.2016

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GSC Concert Band Spring Performance Scheduled for Friday

The Free Press WV

Glenville WV – Members of the Glenville State College Concert Band will be performing their spring concert on Friday, April 22 at 7:00 p.m. in the GSC Fine Arts Center Auditorium.

“The concert will feature a night of band standards and Hollywood favorites,” said Dr. Lloyd Bone, GSC Fine Arts Department Chair, Concert Band Director, and Assistant Professor of Music. “We decided to dedicate a large portion of the concert to Hollywood as the past year was one of the more notable in Hollywood history due to the records that the new installment of the Star Wars franchise set and the popularity of Jurassic World.”

Works will include Gustav Holst’s Second Suite in F for Military Band, Percy Grainger’s Irish Tune from County Derry, and music from episodes IV, V, and VI of the Star Wars saga. The concert also will feature a large collection of blockbuster movie melodies and popular music and television tunes from the 1990s.

The concert is in conjunction with the 8th Annual GSC Honor Band and is attended by a very large number of high school and middle school students from around West Virginia.

Admission for GSC students will be free with IDs, and general admission will be by donation. For more information, contact Sheri Skidmore in the GSC Fine Arts Department at or 304.462.6340.

Public Notice from The Clerk of Gilmer County

The Free Press WV
The Free Press WV

                  Pursuant to Chapter 3, Article 4A, Section 26A of the West Virginia Code, notice is hereby given by the Clerk of the County Commission of Gilmer County, West Virginia, of the public test, Monday, April 25, 2016 at 1:00 PM for the iVotronic Touch Screen Voting Machine and the Optical Scanner to be used for voting for Early Voting, which will be conducted in the County Commission Room of the Gilmer County Courthouse, 10 Howard Street, Glenville, West Virginia.

                  The test is open to representatives of the political parties, candidates, the press and the public.

                  Due to not receiving election media until April 18, 2016, Monday evening I was unable to notify the public until now.

                                    Jean Butcher
                                    Clerk of Gilmer County

Glenville State Annual Blue and White Spring Football Game - Today

The Free Press WV

Glenville, WV – For now the sixth year in a row the Glenville State College Pioneer Football team is partnering with the Gilmer County Volunteer Fire Department (GCVFD) for the Annual Blue vs. White Spring Football Game which will be played Thursday, April 21 at 6:00pm at I.L. & Sue Morris Stadium. The game will feature the 2016 GSC Pioneer Offense against the GSC Pioneer Defense.

“The Gilmer County Volunteer Fire Department provides vital services to our community through the efforts of their volunteers. These members regularly risk their lives and take time away from their families for the benefit of our community. We wanted to take this opportunity to show them our appreciation for their dedication, and to help raise needed funds for them, over the last five years this has been a great event and we will for it to be even better this year for the GCVFD,” said GSC Head Football Coach David Hutchison.

The spring game is free to the public, but the Glenville State College Football team will be collecting donations at the game which will benefit the Gilmer County Volunteer Fire Department.

The spring game represents the culmination of spring practice. The Pioneers return one starter on offense and seven on defense from last year’s squad. Last season the Pioneers finished the season 7-4, (6-4) and finished in third place in the MEC.

The Pioneers will open preseason camp on Thursday, August 11th in preparation for the 2016 season. GSC opens the 2016 season on Thursday, September 1 as they host Urbana University at Morris Stadium at 7:00 p.m. in the MEC Game of the Week.

Anyone who cannot attend the spring game but would like to donate to the GCVFD may contact Coach Hutchison at or 304.462.6230.

Gilmer County Clerk: Notice to Creditors and Beneficiaries




The administration of the estates(s) of the following deceased is pending before the Clerk of the County Commission of Gilmer County, 10 Howard Street, Glenville WV 26351.

The names and addresses of the personal representative and the personal representative’s attorney are set forth below.

Notice is hereby given that the estate(s) of the following has been opened for probate.  Any interested person objecting to the validity of the will, the qualifications of the personal representative or the venue or jurisdiction of the court, shall file notice of an objection with the County Commission within ninety days after the date of the first publication or within 30 days of service of notice, whichever is later.  If an objection is not timely filed, the objection is forever barred.

All persons having claims against the estate(s) of the said following deceased, whether due or not, are notified to exhibit their claims, with the voucher thereof, legally verified, to the undersigned, at the County Clerk’s Office on or before June 20, 2016  otherwise they may by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate(s).  All beneficiaries of said estate(s) may appear on or before said day to examine said claims and otherwise protect their interests.

Claims against the estate must be filed in accordance with West Virginia Code 44-1-14a.


Millie S. Beall Hunter L Beall
Amy M. Self
2906 Sassafras Run Road, Weston, WV 26452
28 VanHorn Drive, Glenville, WV 26351
Lloyd Glenn “Buck” Stephens Sally Keefer 4433 Bradley Road
Huntington, WV 25704
Dianna Smith James Wright 91 Main Street
W. Alexander, PA 15376

Clerk of Gilmer County Commission
Jean Butcher
10 Howard Street
Glenville, WV 26351

The date of the first publication of this Notice is : April 21, 2016

G-Eye™: Sycamore Road in Glenville, WV

Sycamore Road in Glenville, WV with New Paving‏
The Free Press WV

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