Gilmer County Circuit Court Report

The Free Press WV

On Monday, August 22, 2016 Judge Richard A. Facemire held motion day in Glenville.

He heard 4 fugitives from justice cases, with all 4 waiving to return to their states:

•  Joseph Eli waived to return to Virginia

•  Wilfredo Cheverro-Abrego (who had an interpreter) waived to return to Maryland

•  Michael Huff waived to return to Ohio

•  Robert Morris waived to return to Mississippi.

Authorities in their states have until 4 PM on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 to pick them up or Central Regional Jail will release them.

All 4 defendants were represented by Clinton Bischoff of Summersville.

•  Six juvenile matters were heard.

•  State of West Virginia vs. Austin Biro

He was before the Court for revocation of his probation and admitted to the same.

Judge Facemire sentenced him to 120 days in Central Regional Jail with DOC to bear the costs, and then he will be readmitted to probation and must reside with his grandmother and have a 9:30 PM curfew.

He was represented by Bryan Hinkle of Buckhannon.

•  One adoption was granted.

•  One guardian petition and one expungement petition were dismissed for failure to appear.

•  One expungement was granted.

•  State of West Virginia vs. Angel Hart

She was also before the Court for revocation of her probation and asked for a full blown adjudicatory hearing which was set for Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 9:00 AM and she was admitted to home confinement in the meantime.

She was represented by Steve Nanners of Buckhannon.

Also the prosecuting attorney has until Friday, August 26, 2016 to file an amended petition with additional charges.

•  State of West Virginia vs. Charles Balliett

He was before the Court for reduction of bond, however the Judge modified his bond to either be $4,000.00 good and sufficient surety to be approved by the Clerk or to be on home confinement.

Later in the day his family retained B&B Bonding to post his bond.

He was represented by Christopher Moffatt of Charleston.

Gilmer County Family Court Report

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On Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Family Court Judge Larry Whited heard matters in Gilmer County.

•  One divorce was granted between Carol White (25) of Clarksburg, WV divorced Jaden Chance Morgan (26) of Fairmont, WV.

Gilmer County Schools August 2016 Newsletter

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Gilmer County Commission Regular Meeting - 08.23.16 - Today

The Free Press WV
August 23, 2016 @ 9:00 AM
Gilmer County Courthouse – Commission Office
10 Howard Street, Glenville, WV





              9:15-Wes Dobbins-Dobbins Cemetery Trustees

              9:30 – Wanda Cottrill-Rosedale Senior Center

              9:45-Dan Minney-Board of Education request for levy placement on November 08, 2016 –General Election


        Discussion and/or action on:

              1) Exonerations and/or Consolidations

              2) Approve Estate Qualifications and Estate Settlements

              3)  Board Appointments and/or Resignations:

                      a)  Board Seats open on the:

                              i. Unsafe Buildings & Lands Enforcement Agency - DeKalb/Troy & Glenville Corporation

                              ii. Board member appointments for Landmarks Commission

              4)  Budget Revisions

              5)  Budget Control Report-None

              6)  Approve Invoices for Payment

              7)  Approve County Commission Minutes

              8)  Receipt of County Board Minutes:

                      a)  Gilmer county Parks & Recreation Board Inc. minutes- May 15, 2016

                      b)  WesMonTy RC & D Board of Directors minutes-June 21, 2016



        Discussion and/or action on:

              a) Need to appoint a new Dog Warden




NEXT MEETING: September 02, 2016

Glenville State College

The Free Press WV

Jeff Dolan Named New Glenville State Men’s Basketball Assistant

Jeff Dolan has been named the new Assistant Coach for the Glenville State College Pioneer Men’s Basketball team.

Dolan grew up in Conifer, Colorado, where he attended Conifer High School.  Jeff played four years of Varsity and was the all-time leading scorer and assist leader in school history.  In his senior season he lead the Conifer Lobos to their best season in school history reaching the first elite eight state tournament appearance and was all elected as All State Colorado.  Upon graduation Dolan attended Western State College (2007-2008) and transferred Colorado Mesa University (2008-2011) where he played 2 years of college basketball.  While at Colorado Mesa University, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Administration.  In 2015, Dolan graduated from Canisius College with a Masters in Sports Administration and is currently getting Masters in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

The Free Press WV

Dolan started his coaching career with Shining Stars Basketball and Next Level Basketball AAU basketball associations in Denver, Colorado.  The teams traveled across the country and competed in national events and played against some of the best high school talent in the United States.  Jeff then continued his coaching career to Taos High school in Taos, New Mexico as an assistant coach under Daniel Trujillo where he helped lead the Tigers to their first district championship in twelve years and elite eight of the state tournament.  After Taos High School, Dolan was then hired as the Head Coach at his alma mater, Conifer High School.  He later resigned to take an assistant coaching position at Colby Community College in Colby, Kansas, under Head Coach Rusty Grafel. While at Colby, Dolan helped recruit across the country and create a positive learning environment for the Colby basketball program.

Dolan also has coached at Thomas Jefferson High School.  One of the best 4A schools in the Denver Metro Area. He was the varsity assistant under Coach Grant Laman.  Dolan helped Coach Laman lead the Thomas Jefferson Spartans to a Centaurus Tournament Championship, a second place finish in the 4A Denver Public School league, and first round 4A state tournament bid.

Dolan went to Lamar Community College from Colby when Head Coach Sercan Fenerci took over the program.  The team saw a very quick turnaround between the fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters. Under the guidance of Coach Fenerci and Coach Dolan, the team implemented a high pace style of basketball and improved from an overall record of 2-13 in the fall semester to an 8-5 regular season finish in the spring. They then took second in the Region 9 south finishing with a 19-11 record in the 2015-2016 season and placed every sophomore to a 4 year institution.

“It is an honor for me to have the opportunity to join the Glenville State Basketball program as the assistant coach. I am looking forward to getting to know and working with the coaches and players in the coming days, and I have great respect for Glenville State and the Mountain East Conference for its long-standing heritage and success,” stated Dolan.

“As a coach, winning is important. At the same time, I want to assure the Glenville State supporters that I will help continue the tradition that has been created by the coaching staff.  I am eager to get on campus and start the season,” said Dolan.

CommunityConcerns™: WVBOE Lost Millions for Gilmer County’s Children

The Free Press WVThe Free Press WV

Since intervention of Gilmer County’s school system in 2011 local checks and balances were eliminated by making the County’s School Board powerless. The latest evidence of results from the deliberate disablement was headlined in the Gazette-Mail on August 2011. The story related to Charleston’s financial mismanagement to result in failures to accurately distribute funds to the State’s school districts. The mismanagement resulted in Gilmer County’s school children being shorted by at least $800,000.

The Free Press WV

The $800,000 represents a fraction of what the WVBOE’s control has cost the County’s children.  For one example, the WVBOE provided the County’s school money to Lewis County to construct the highly controversial bi-county Leading Creek Elementary School (LES).

Counting money for Williams and Shriver the project’s architect, paying one half of the cost of land, site studies, and what is believed to be a contribution to fix the land slip, the total outlay of our school system’s money is estimated to approximate $1,000,000.  We know that because of the WVBOE’s role in failing to provide proper oversight, Leading Creek Elementary School was overbuilt to result in five empty classrooms. Information is becoming available to confirm that the new Gilmer County Elementary School was under-built to end up with too little classroom space. The full consequences of that serious WVBOE error remain to be determined.

The Free Press WV

Other losses to the County’s children resulted from no-bid contracts, excessive salary and benefit packages to the State-appointed superintendents, and unnecessary expenses from moving the school board’s office to the Minnie Hamilton building.

The Free Press WV

As part of its intervention policy the WVBOE blocked access to financial information from the County and elected school board members.  Regardless of the secrecy, based on information and belief, it is estimated that the WVBOE wasted millions of dollars of the County’s school system money that should have gone to benefit our children.

The Free Press WV

For some evidence consider what led to abandonment of the Crooked Run project. The expenses included money spent on Williamson and Shriver for consulting fees, site studies for the rejected auction barn site, money spent on purchasing Crooked Run land at an outrageous price of close to $450,000, site studies at Crooked Run to include a wetland study, land surveying, and other costs. Total costs are estimated to approximate $1,000,000.

When money is accounted for in normal circumstances involving accountability for administrative decisions, focus is on recoverable assets and return on investments. There were no recoverable assets or return on investments when the WVBOE decided that there was not enough money left to complete the Crooked Run project. In fact, there was a net loss with nothing to show for it in terms of benefits to children.

The Free Press WV

Had it not been for the philanthropic I. L. Morris family in purchasing the Crooked Run site and donating land for the new school at Hays City, the State would have had a far worse scandal.

The Free Press WV

Referring back to the $800,000 the County’s children were cheated out of by the WVBOE, a lawsuit was filed by shorted WV counties.

Gilmer County did not participate in the lawsuit because with intervention the State-appointed superintendent protected the WVBOE’s interests. To have done otherwise by joining other lawsuit plaintiffs the action would have been an unprecedented example of the State suing itself.

Defendants in the lawsuits include the WVBOE, Dr. Michael Martirano who is the State Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Joseph Panetta who is the retired chief financial officer for the WVDOE, and Mr. Michael Green, the WVBOE’s president.

The Free Press WV

In summary the WVBOE demonstrated its lack of financial management ability, competency with complex school system planning, and effective intervention oversight expertise to justify its continuing abuse of power control over Gilmer County’s school system. The solution to problems is the WVBOE’s immediate return of the County’s school system to local control to allow a return of doing the utmost to educate children. Get politics out of it!

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

If our superintendent had failed to take a meaningful attempt to get $800,000 we were supposed to have received from the State, he would have been fired for failing to exercise his fiduciary responsibility to our children and our county’s citizens.

The difference is that our superintendent serves our county, not the WVBOE and the WVDOE.

Is Susan O’Brien in the WVOEPA office silent about this?

Isn’t she the main WVDOE official with oversight responsibility over your intervened county?

By Where Is OEPA's Susan O'Brien?  on  08.22.2016

Here is something else worth exposing.

Gilmer County had its school system money seized by the WVBOE.

The result is that GD is not subjected to any local oversight for how your money is spent.

What citizens may not know is that your school board cannot use your county’s money to get legal advice.

The result with intervention is that your county has been purposely denied the right to due process which is a foundation of American justice.

By WVBOE Stops Due Process In Gilmer County  on  08.22.2016

Politicians routinely run to Gilmer County for votes to keep them in office.

When they get elected that is the last we hear from them until the next election cycle.

It is valid to ask what have they done to deal with the WVBOE’s intervention scandals?

The response would be stark silence from U.S. Senator Manchin, Delegates Boggs and Hanshaw, and State Senators Facemire and Romano.

All of them were kept informed all along of the State’s dishonesty, corruption, incompetence, and mismanagement.

When you talk to them now, they moan that they did not know anything about what was going on.

Our memories of neglect will enable us to address the problem at the polls.

A strong signal will be sent that we are tired of being taken advantage of by politicians who are supposed to serve us and our children instead of their handlers loaded with campaign cash.

By Politicians Abandoned Gilmer County  on  08.22.2016

GD can use Gilmer County’s school money to hire legal advice for himself.

This is something we understand from our sources to help shed light on it.

When the WVBOE removed your board’s authority for finances the last time, after you asked questions about spending for the board office move, GD was on the telephone with his lawyer before 8 in the morning the next day to speak with the WVDOE.

Were your board members involved with giving their side of what happened before you were punished by the WVBOE, and were they represented by a lawyer? Did not hear about it.

The lawyer was GD’s advocate and we believe that his input influenced the WVBOE’s decision to punish you for asking questions.

We do not like what goes on any better than the rest of you in Gilmer County.

Intervention hurt us too because WV people do not trust the WVDOE, the WVBOE, and they associate us with all the scandals just because we work here.

By WVDOE Imbedded Mole  on  08.22.2016

Do not look to Susan O’Brien for your help.
She is in with them.  Its about easy money.

Everyone should have figured out by now, that NO ONE in the WVBE system is held accountable for ANY botch or blunder.  No.  Never.  Ever.

By Kanawha Reader  on  08.22.2016

Gilmer County remember that Susan O’Brien who heads the WV OEPA reports directly to Mr. Green’s WVBOE.

The OEPA, with the WVBOE’s blessings, hampered legitimate concerns of Gilmer County’s school board from getting through to Charleston.

That was done by O’Brien ordering that all concerns of your board must be addressed to Gabe Devono instead of the WV OEPA.

With O’Brien’s order an element of anxiety was applied to suggest that anything with potential to be unfavorable to the WVBOE would never be elevated to Charleston so why take the risk?

Another glaring example of the WVBOE’s abuse of power and cover up. O’Brien’s order set a trap for your board too.

When things go wrong and Charleston learns about it later, the WVBOE’s rapid response would be that your board failed to exercise its obligatory responsibility by remaining silent.

That would set your board up for blame for being dysfunctional to delay the WVBOE’s restoring local control of your school system.

Want to read Susan O’Brien’s restraining order? You could get a copy through a Freedom of Information Act request.

By WVDOE Knows WVBOE's Treachery  on  08.22.2016

No matter what happens, the children in this county have been totally forgotten by the “education elite” at the state level…it’s all about control…not education.  Even if the money were returned to the county, just how do you make up for the rest of the debacle?? The voters were NOT consulted for any of this once they opposed consolidation.  Parents and taxpayers don’t count these days! Add some of the extraneous nonsense being taught, the long hours away from home and so on, how can anyone expect children to excel under such circumstances??

By Karen Pennebaker  on  08.22.2016

What about the $1,000,000 of bond money the WVBOE borrowed for the County to pay back without citizens having any say?

That abuse of power was a blatant form of taxation without representation by the WVBOE.

What do we have to show for that money?

What do we have to show for the $5,000,000 or so of excess levy money spent after intervention?

We need an accurate and independent accounting for how every penny was spent.

Whey do we need to extend the $1,000,000 excess levy for financially strapped taxpayers to pay when we went from four grade schools to one?

By Follow The Money  on  08.23.2016

WVDOE mole tells the truth.

No one with an IQ about 50 would trust the WVBOE or the WVDOE.

Governors appoint the WVBOE members.  This the cake they have baked for West Virginians.

But if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem?

By WVDOE Mole Tells Truth  on  08.23.2016

Hi—I was at the high school last year.  The steps were in bad condition.  Has anything been done in the line of repairs?  They were bad enough that’s its a wonder no one has fallen??

By high school steps question  on  08.24.2016

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Band Bash Featuring the Glenville State College Marching Band

Everyone is invited to the Band Bash at the Glenville Presbyterian Church on WV Highway 5 West on Friday, August 26 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

All food and activities are free.

The highlight of the evening is a performance by the Glenville State College Marching Band under the direction of Dr. Lloyd Bone at 6:15 PM.

The Band this year is 79 members strong!

The Free Press WV

Bring the kids and play games on the lawn led by Dawn and Devon Shackleford from the Gilmer County Senior Center.

Try your hand at a coin toss for prizes, corn hole, ring toss, rubber horse shoes, bubble wands, tattoos and a bouncy house.

You can also have free health checks.

Community organizations including the Gilmer County Public Library and the Gilmer County Literacy Coalition among others will be there to distribute free books and information.

The Free Press WV
Lindsey Travis, Field Commander and Kim Smith, Trumpet Section Leader

The Gilmer County Fire Department will be there with their delicious hot popcorn.

Picnic food includes grilled hot dogs, baked beans, pasta salad, drinks and dessert. 

Overflow parking and a free shuttle will be available at the Criminal Justice Center located on WV Highway 5 West just before the Presbyterian Church.

So bring your lawn chairs and invite your neighbors to come with you for a free fun family evening of food activities, and music.

For more information go to or call 304.462.7239.


The Free Press WV
July 11, 2016
7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Dennis Fitzpatrick with Council members Fisher, Wiant, Walters and Taylor present.  Councilwoman Huffman was absent.

Pledge of Allegiance

I. Call to Order

Public Comments

Samantha Cason – Genesis Healthcare Nursing Home

Ms. Cason requested approval to have 5K race as a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association on August 27 at 9:00 a.m.  The route would begin at the nursing home to VanHorn Drive, up 33 to Sue Morris Complex, and repeat back.  Mayor Fitzpatrick stated the state should be involved since this is a state road and get the county involved.  Councilwoman Taylor made a motion to approve the 5K run on August 27.  Councilman Fisher seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

A. Approval of Minutes – June 06, 2016
The minutes from the June 6, 2016 meeting were reviewed.  A correction was noted to add the line item numbers for the budget revisions.  Minutes were placed on file for audit.

II. Reports


The City is at 100% of fiscal year budget with expenditures at 97.4% noting this has been a good year with the budget.  She thanked the departments for their efforts in keeping the budget inline.  The paving invoice has not been received for payment, but will come out of the street fund.  Councilman Fisher made a motion to approve the financial report as presented.  Councilman Walters seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Street Report

Mayor Fitzpatrick reminded council to watch for street light outages in their wards and report the pole numbers to city office for repair.  The city will lose the two FCI camp workers at the end of August.

Police Report

Chief Huffman was absent.  Mayor Fitzpatrick provided the report.  The City is still looking for a third officer.  There might be a part time officer working 20 hours per week at $12 per hour from County.  The parking meter officer is working 20 hours per week.

Glenville Utility

Mayor Fitzpatrick attended the monthly utility meeting.  They had three leaks on the water side.  On the sewer side, they had to rebuild two pumps and will purchase a backup pump at $28,000.  He notified the board that City Council had approved the reappointment of June Evans to the Utility Board.


Nothing to report.

Mayor Comments

- Under consideration abandonment of alley

He received a request to abandon the alley between Hale and Walnut Streets between the residences at 895 and 987 Walnut Street.  Councilman Walters made a motion to abandon this alley.  Councilman Wiant seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

- Shentel Resolution

Shentel received their renewal of the cable franchise through Shenandoah Television.  Mayor Fitzpatrick read the resolution to council.  Shentel pays a $250 renewal fee to the City upon approval and is good for 1 year.  Resolution was adopted and approved by council on July 11, 2016 and signed by mayor.

- Folk Festival Update

Mayor Fitzpatrick has talked with David O’Dell, Folk Festival Committee President, regarding the use of the City Park for Folk Festival.  The City was given park but no revenue to maintain park.  He would like to establish a fee for the use of the park for the festival and other events to be used for maintenance and repairs, utilities, shelter, etc.  Discussion ensued.  Mayor will talk with Folk Festival Committee about pursuing a fee and will report to council next month. 

- Citywide Yard Sale (poor attendance)

We found that having this event at the same time as Folk Festival is not a good time.

- Bicycle Collection

Mayor has already collected eight bicycles to date.  He will work with CRI and FRN to find families with children to give the bicycles to.

- Curb painting and hot patching

The Street Dept. did some hot patching in Camden Flats on Whiting Ave., corner of 3rd and Dolliver Streets.

- Congratulations to Sada Wright and Nathan Stout

Mayor Fitzpatrick extended congratulations to Sada Wright and Nathan Stout for representing Gilmer County in the National Junior Olympics.

- Library Board

Bridgette Ryan, Library Director, stated they had received resignations from two board members, Betty Smith and Wanda Reed, and requested replacements for these two positions.  Their Recommendations for replacements to finish board members terms are Judy Meads to replace Wanda Reed with her term expiring on 6/30//2018 and Mary Bland Strickland to replace Betty Smith with her term expiring 6/30/2020.
Councilman Walters made a motion to approve Judy Meads to finish Wanda Reed’s term expiring on 6/30/2018.  Councilman Fisher seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Councilman Fisher made a motion to approve Mary Bland Strickland to replace Betty Smith to finish her term expiring 6/30/2020.  Councilman Wiant seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Ms. Ryan also extended their thanks to the two board members for their many years of service to the Gilmer County Public Library.

Councilman Wiant made a motion for council to move into executive session at 7:32 p.m.  Councilwoman Taylor seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Councilman Wiant made a motion to come out of executive session at 7:39 p.m.  Councilwoman Taylor seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Councilman Walters made a motion to approve an increase in pay for Officer Garrett to $14 per hour.  Councilman Wiant seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

III. Unfinished Business


IV. New Business


V. Other Business to come before Council

Councilman Walters noted the GSC Athletic Department, along with GCHS, would like to request permission to use the City Park on August 25 at 6:00 p.m. for a meet and greet of all the fall sports.  They would like to block off the street between bank and park and will serve hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. and give out t-shirts.  Councilwoman Taylor made a motion to approve the request to use the city park for the athletic meet and greet event on August 25.  Councilman Fisher seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

VI. Next City Council Meeting

The next council meeting will be August 01, 2016, at 7:00 p.m.

VII. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 7:42 p.m.

GSC’s President Barr Announces Final Year of Presidency at GSC

GLENVILLE, WV - Glenville State College President Dr. Peter Barr has announced that he will retire from the institution in June 2017. Barr will continue his service to GSC through the 2016-17 academic year.

The announcement was made Wednesday morning at the annual Fall Opening Meeting of Faculty and Staff.

“After extended and heartfelt discussion, Betsy and I have determined that our season at Glenville State College will end with the current school year. The past eleven years have been exceptional and could not have happened anywhere else. We have enjoyed the gracious hospitality, expansive tolerance, and generous friendship of the faculty, staff, students, and community at large. Nowhere else could we have learned so much, dreamed so much, and valued so much. Our years here have been an astonishing adventure,” Barr said at the meeting.

The Free Press WV
Glenville State College President Dr. Peter Barr in his office on campus

Dr. Barr was selected as GSC’s twenty-third president in 2006. From the outset of his tenure at Glenville State College, he was focused on increasing enrollment, improving student retention, coordinating a capital campaign with the GSC Foundation, and boosting economic development in the area.

His time at Glenville State College has seen efforts to boost enrollment even in the face of decreasing college-going rates nationwide and in West Virginia, the implementation of programs across campus to help students stay engaged, marked increases in private donations, and outreach into the community.

One of the crowning achievements of Barr’s presidency has been the implementation of the Hidden Promise Consortium, a program that seeks to increase high school and college graduation rates, better prepare students for college enrollment, encourage increased college attendance, and improve overall success in pursuits of higher education. The Consortium had humble beginnings – 13 central West Virginia counties – but is now accessible to students in all 55 counties. The program has over 2,000 participants throughout the Mountain State in grades 8-12 and approximately 200 current GSC students.

Barr holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Marshall and a Doctor of Business Administration from Louisiana Tech University. He is a Huntington, West Virginia native and called North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home before coming to Glenville State College.

He plans to stay as busy as ever in his final year. In addition to his day-to-day job at the helm of the College, Barr will be teaching two classes through the GSC Department of Business.

The Glenville State College Board of Governors will appoint a committee to spearhead a national search for a new leader of the college. The search is expected to get underway soon.

Preliminary District Assessment Results Released

As a follow up to the statewide assessment results released last week, the West Virginia Department of Education is releasing preliminary assessment results for each district in the state. Results reflect the aggregate percentage of students proficient in English language arts, mathematics and science for each of the 55 districts in West Virginia.

Results are considered preliminary because they do not include approximately 2,500 students who took the West Virginia Alternate Assessment and all data have not yet been certified. Final assessment results will be made available this fall and will include scores for the alternate assessment.

The Free Press WV
The Free Press WV


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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

Look at scores for Gilmer County after 5+ years of intervention. Hardly anything to brag about with Charleston’s experts in charge.

You would think that we would lead the State with all that horse power down there.

What is the WVBOE’s response? Put a police officer in our schools.

How can Dr. Martirano and Mr. Green explain why a police officer is our top spending priority to benefit our kids?

One thing for sure is that the WVBOE is consistent with its long string of botch.

By More WVBOE Botch  on  08.18.2016

54% of Gilmer County’s student are not proficient in reading and English, 70% cannot do math, and 61% are behind in science? What a disgrace!

How does the WVBOE explain this when before intervention occurred Gilmer County was holding its own with Annual Yearly Progress (AYP)?

Another example of “we are from Charleston and we are here to help you.“

Our children are victims from loss of local control of our schools. What other conclusion could be made?

By WVBOE Deserves The Blame  on  08.18.2016

What is the explanation, other than hiding information, for the new smarter balance test results to be kept secret by the State?

Calhoun County published all of theirs.

It seems that with kids from Normantown, Sand Fork, and GE being combined, teachers could use the results from the individual grade schools to their advantage in the classrooms.

All the results should be published the same way that they were in Calhoun County to help show weak spots in need of correcting.

By More State Hiding Information  on  08.18.2016

Let us look at this. Citizens understand that the State used the County’s seized money to purchase a no-bid new vehicle for the County’s school system from a Summersville dealer and the salesman up there received a commission.

If this is untrue the State should set the record straight.

GD is telling people that if the County Commission cannot come up with money for a policeman in our schools he will go to the City of Glenville to get it.

New no-bid police cruiser for the policemen to be purchased from the same Summersville dealer with a commission going to the same salesman up there?

Any nexus? Not necessarily, but that question is going around with everything else that happened with the WVBOE’s intervention.

Where we go with the policeman in the new GCE school will influence outcomes at the polls the next time. You betcha, Gilmer County’s politicians out there.

By Police Cruiser Linkage?  on  08.18.2016

We keep seeing West Virginia as being 46th or 47th rated in our country.
What else do we need to know?

This rating with really no good news, shows the WVBE groveling and scratching in a futile attempt to make themselves look good. Nothing more.

By WV education still fails  on  08.18.2016

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These Are The 10 Best West Virginia Cities and Towns to Work

The Free Press WV

While everyone hates going to work, there are at least some towns in West Virginia that offer a better experience than others.

These are the places that have a manageable commute, nice weather, and a good deli that doesn’t break the bank.

At Zippia, we aim to help you through all parts of your career, including finding the best places to spend eight hours of your day, five days a week, for over forty years.

With that in mind, we set out to determine which places in West Virginia are the best of the best when it comes to offering quality working conditions. We looked at the numbers and were left with this set of the ten best places to work in West Virginia:

  1. Vienna
  2. Williamstown
  3. Parkersburg
  4. Alum Creek
  5. Blennerhassett
  6. South Charleston
  7. Bethlehem
  8. St. Albans
  9. Glenville
  10. Charleston

How the Results were Detemined

There are certain things that everybody dislikes about work, not the least of which is the time it takes to get there.

So after some research into what people identify as the worst parts of their day, we decided upon the following set of criteria to determine places that provide the ideal work conditions:

    •  Commute time (Shorter is better)

    •  Cost of living (Lower is better)

    •  Crime (Lower is better)

    •  Weather/Comfort Index (Higher is better)

Basically, if it’s a short commute to work, your lunch doesn’t hurt your wallet, you don’t need to wear rain boots, and you feel safe, then it’s a nice place to have an office.

We got the data for the 100 biggest places in the satate and then ranked each place from one to 100 for each criteria, with one being the best in any given category.

Finally, we took the average rank across all criteria, with the place posting the lowest overall score taking home the title “Best Place In West Virginia To Work”.

The data comes from Sperling’s Best Places.

~~  Chris Kolmar ~~

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~~~ Readers' Comments ~~~

Glenville is a nice place to work.  That is IF you can find a job here.

Now, how many of the Federal Prison employees live in Gilmer County?

By Slim Pickins  on  08.18.2016

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