Gilmer County Democratic Meet Your Candidate Dinner - 04.27.14 - This Sunday

The Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County Democratic Meet Your Candidate Dinner - 04.27.14 - Sunday

The Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County Democratic Meet Your Candidate Dinner - 04.27.14

The Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County Democratic Meet Your Candidate Dinner - 04.27.14

The Gilmer Free Press

G-Hype™: Re-Elect Gary Wolfe for Gilmer County Assessor – 11.0612

The Gilmer Free Press

I Gary L. Wolfe am seeking your support in the upcoming election.

I have enjoyed serving and working with the citizens of Gilmer County and would appreciate the opportunity to continue doing so.

I really appreciate all the support over the years and getting to know the people of this great county.

G-Hype™: Darren Feit, Candidate for Gilmer County Commission – 11.06.12

The Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County is a great place to live. That doesn’t mean that things couldn’t be better. As a county commissioner I will bring another set of skills and abilities to the office. As a firefighter I know how important bringing 911 back is to improve service.

I will serve all of the people to address their problems. While I support holding public meetings such as the ones on the 911 center to keep people informed and get their input, I believe in working with people to get their ideas and input every day.

There are many things that can be done to further Gilmer County. I have the grant writing skills to ensure that Gilmer County gets its share of the monies available. Gilmer County has a lot of resources and talent. Working together can make a positive difference for the County and everyone living here.

If you have any questions give me a call at 304.462.4704. Your vote is important for the future. Your support is appreciated.

G-Hype™: Rosenburg for Magistrate - 11.06.12

The Gilmer Free Press

I am a recent December 2011 graduate of Glenville State College with a Bachelor’s of Behavioral Science Degree in Psychology/Sociology, with a minor in Criminal Justice – Cum Laude (with Honors). I have been a resident of Gilmer County since 2004 when my husband Jason and I purchased our home here in Troy, WV. I have been a West Virginia Notary Public since 2005. I have one son Cary Barlow, a promise scholarship recipient who currently attends Glenville State College (junior), who was recently accepted into the Teaching program at Glenville State College and is a member and Historian for their Education Academic Honor Fraternity Kappa Delta Pi and a mentor for both the Hidden Promise Scholar Program and at Glenville Elementary. My husband Jason has two children who live in Montana, Amber Rosenburg-Sipes who was married this summer and Jason David II who is a senior and football player at Manhattan High School; he plans to attend GSC next fall.

I am dual certified in both Corrections and Law Enforcement in the State of Florida and worked as a Correctional Officer for the Florida Department of Corrections. I also worked as an armed guard for the Wackenhut Corporation in Florida as well as in California and was on a global response team which gave me the opportunity to work at NASA in Florida after the 9/11 tragedy, guarding the Kennedy Space Center.

I had a Class A CDL and most recently worked as a contractor driving fuel tankers for the US Military forces in Fallujah, Iraq with my Husband Jason from November of 2007 until I was injured and had to return home in June of 2008. This summer I had major back surgery to repair the damage caused by my injury in Iraq and now feel like a new person; ready for the challenge at hand. My husband Jason, who has been working in Iraq since 2006, is currently based in Baghdad at the US Embassy and takes classes at GSC part time (online). He will soon return home in mid December and we look forward to his safe arrival. Jason supports me 100% in my choice to run for Magistrate and we together will pay all costs incurred for my campaign; we will not accept any donations or hold any fundraisers.

I would describe myself as “just a normal down to earth citizen of Gilmer County with no hidden agendas. I have been interested in The Criminal Justice System and how it works for many years, as a matter of fact when that dreaded letter comes in the mail that says “Jury Duty” most people frown, well I get excited. I have spent many hours sitting in on different trials just because I find it so fascinating. I have a passion for working within the Criminal Justice System, and I feel that holding the office of Magistrate of Gilmer County would be the most awesome experience of a lifetime and a job that I’m 100% suited for.

I am looking forward to running for Magistrate in this 2012 Election, because Justice and Equality in the Criminal Justice system are two things I feel are most important especially when it concerns our citizens. I promise to be “Firm, Fair, and Consistent; without Favoritism.” I feel that all of these things are essential when you are working for the people; the taxpayers and citizens. I would be honored if Gilmer County Citizens allowed me this opportunity to serve them in this important office and vow to follow the laws of our County and State with a level headed and honest approach.

G-Hype™: Skinner for Magistrate – 11.06.12

The Gilmer Free Press

Hello Gilmer Countians.

My name is Alton Skinner and this spring you selected me as your Democratic candidate for Magistrate of Gilmer County.

I live in the Sand Fork area and am a lifetime resident of Gilmer County. Many of you have known me from childhood and know what makes up my character. I grew up in Stouts Mill and attended Sand Fork Elementary, Gilmer County High School and then Glenville State College where I met my wonderful wife Teresa Kinder. We married in 1984 and have two sons, Seth, a junior at GCHS and Caleb who is in 7th grade also at GCHS.

We enjoy hunting, fishing, 4-H activities and attending many school sporting events together. I have helped coach pee wee football one year and helped coach or manage Little League and Babe Ruth Baseball numerous years.

We are members of the Sand Fork Church of God of Prophecy where I have a variety of duties. I am also a member of the WV Beekeepers Association and the Gilmer County Beekeepers Association.

I have been an elected public official for 7 1/2 years, during which time I attended many Continuing Education classes thru these years of service. Due to these classes I became well versed in State Code, State and Federal policies and their application and enforcement, and helped in the formation and implementation of County codes and policies.

For 18+ years I have been self-employed and am very familiar with the term “hard work”.

I ask everyone in Gilmer County to trust in the fact that I am hard working and well qualified.

I will diligently seek the correct response to all matters brought before the magistrate system.

Last but not least I will be dedicated to the preservation of the integrity of this office.

Thank you for your support.

Please, vote for ALTON SKINNER Magistrate of Gilmer County on November 06, 2012.

G-Hype™: Wolfe Seeking Re-election as Magistrate - 11.06.12

The Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County Magistrate and lifelong county resident, Carol Reed Wolfe, is seeking re-election in the November 06, 2012 General Election. Wolfe is running as one of two nominees of the Democrat Party for one of two Magistrate positions.

Magistrate Wolfe, who serves as Chief Gilmer County Magistrate, is one of West Virginia’s longest serving Magistrates, having first been elected in 1978.

She is a 1974 graduate of Gilmer County High School, earned her B.S. degree in Social Work from Glenville State College in 1978, and was awarded a Master’s degree in counseling from Marshall University in 1999.

She has undergone extensive training and testing throughout her career by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, and was twice selected by the Supreme Court to attend training courses at the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada.

During her term as Magistrate, she was appointed as Juvenile Referee and served a term as the Magistrate member of the Judicial Inquiry Commission. Wolfe has also served on several special committees formed by the West Virginia Supreme Court and West Virginia Legislature to explore such topics as juvenile justice, domestic violence, sexual harassment, court facilities and racial disparity.

Her work has also taken her to other counties to serve on special cases by appointment of the Supreme Court and she has been called upon by the Court to help train newly appointed and elected Magistrates.

Over the years she has been active in the West Virginia Magistrates Association, where her peers across the state have chosen her to serve in leadership capacities including the offices of President, Vice President and Secretary. She currently serves as Secretary of the statewide organization.

In 2005, she was honored by her Alma Mater, Glenville State College when she was selected for the college Pioneer Profile Series, with her profile and photo featured in the hallway of the Administration Building.

Magistrate Wolfe is also active in church and civic organizations. She currently serves as President of the Kanawha Drive CEOS, is active in the Gilmer County Democrat Women’s organization, has served as a Weight Watcher instructor for the Glenville area for twenty years and is a member of the First Baptist Church in Glenville.

Magistrate Wolfe resides in Glenville with her husband of 35 years, John, a news reporter for The Weston Democrat.

The Wolfe’s are the parents of one son, Jeremy, who resides in Ripley with his wife Ashley and two year-old son Brooks.

She enjoys spending time with her family, being a grandmother, gardening, making baskets and crafting, and trying to keep up with her golden retriever, Beau.

Magistrate Wolfe seeks the support of Gilmer County voters in her quest for reelection saying, “It has been an honor and privilege to serve the people of Gilmer County where I have lived my entire life. If elected, I will continue to work to ensure that all people are treated fairly before the law.”

Will Joe Manchin Vote For Romney-Ryan Ticket?

The Gilmer Free Press

Manchin Need To Come Clean With West Virginia Voters

Despite the fact that he was his number one cheerleader and endorsed him in 2008, Joe Manchin has steadfastly refused to tell West Virginians if he will vote for President Barack Obama in November.

Manchin, the consummate inside the beltway politician who will say or do anything to get elected, isn’t even going to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC out of fear West Virginians will remember the role he played in putting Barack Obama in the White House four years ago.

At the 2008 convention Manchin cast his vote as a super delegate for Obama even though his opponent Hillary Clinton won West Virginia’s primary by an astonishing 41 points.

Fast forward four years and Joe Manchin is running as far away from his friend Barack Obama, as fast as humanly possible.

This weekend Republican nominee Mitt Romney gave Manchin another opportunity to come clean with his constituents when he picked Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate.

So the question is: since Joe Manchin refuses to say if he will vote for Barack Obama again in 2012, does that mean he will vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan?

Ryan has crafted a budget plan that would put our nation back on the track to fiscal sanity and help save entitlements. Joe Manchin’s Democrats never miss an opportunity to demonize and distort Ryan’s budget plan in an effort to scare seniors.

“I know Senator Manchin thinks it is ‘embarrassing’ when his constituents ask questions of him and hold him accountable, but his sense of entitlement won’t deter us from holding his feet to the flame,” Raese for Senate spokesman Josh Sowards said. “Sen. Manchin was eager to make clear he supported Barack Obama in 2008 and we would just respectfully request he be as forthright in 2012 as he was four years ago.”

Even if Manchin continues to stonewall, West Virginia voters are fortunate enough to have Manchin’s record to tell them where he stands.

Manchin has perfected the art of talking out of both sides of his mouth. He has claimed he opposes the Ryan budget while also claiming to be opposed to Barack Obama’s budget. The problem is, this type of ineffective leadership is what has gotten our nation into the mess we are in right now.

Exhibit A: Joe Manchin and his fellow Democrat’s who run the Senate have FAILED TO DO THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY, going more than three years without passing a budget.

“We need people in Washington who will stop kicking the can down the road,” Sowards continued. “Joe Manchin and every other career politician have abdicated their responsibility. It’s time for the people to take their government back.”

Manchin likes to claim the contrary, but a quick look at his record tells the real story; Manchin has repeatedly voted with Barack Obama since going to Washington:

  • Voted against repealing Obamacare.
  • Voted supported Barack Obama’s failed $700 billion stimulus.
  • Voted to let Bush tax cuts expire and raise taxes on everyone and every small business in West Virginia.
  • Voted against cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • Voted to raise energy taxes.
  • Manchin has voted with his party nearly 90% of the time since he has been in Washington.


Manchin Voted Against Repealing The Health Care Law

In February 2011, Manchin Voted Against Repeal Of The Health Care Law.“McConnell, R-Ky., motion to waive the Budget Act and budget resolutions with respect to the Conrad, D-N.D., point of order against the McConnell amendment no. 13 that would repeal the 2010 health care overhaul law, which requires most individuals to buy health insurance by 2014, makes changes to government health care programs and sets new requirements for health insurers. The amendment would restore the provisions of law amended or repealed by the health care overhaul, and repeal certain provisions of the health care reconciliation law.” (S. 223, CQ Vote #9: Motion rejected 47-51: R 47-0; D 0-50; I 0-1, 2/2/11, Manchin Voted Nay)

Manchin On The Stimulus

Before The Inauguration, Manchin Said Obama’s Plan For A Stimulus Package Would Jumpstart The Economy

In December 2008, Manchin Said Obama’s Plan For An Economic Stimulus Package With Funding For Infrastructure Projects Would Jumpstart The U.S. Economy Immediately By Creating Jobs And Demand For Construction Materials. “After meetings with President-elect Barack Obama on Monday and Tuesday, Gov. Joe Manchin said he is convinced Obama will move quickly on economic stimulus packages for the states. Manchin said federal funding for highway construction and other infrastructure projects would jump-start the U.S. economy by immediately creating jobs and demand for construction materials. ‘With infrastructure projects, these jobs are ready to go tomorrow,’ Manchin said Tuesday afternoon, after Obama met with the Democratic Governors Association Monday evening and the National Governors Association Tuesday morning in Philadelphia.” (Phil Kabler, “Obama Will Help, Manchin Says,” The Charleston [WV] Gazette, 12/3/08)

Manchin Opposed A Bill Permanently Extending The Bush Tax Cuts, And Repealing The Estate Tax

Manchin Voted Against A Bill That Would Have Permanently Extended The Republican Tax Cuts For All Income Levels, And Permanently Repealed The Estate Tax. “DeMint, R-S.C., motion to suspend Rule 22 to permit the consideration of a DeMint substitute amendment no. 4804 that would permanently extend 2001 and 2003 tax rates for all income levels. It also would provide for the permanent higher exemptions from the alternative minimum tax and permanent repeal of the estate tax.”(H.R. 4853, CQ Vote #274: Motion rejected 37-63: R 36-6; D 1-55; I 0-2, 12/15/10, Manchin Voted Nay)

Manchin Voted Against Cutting Off Federal Funding For Planned Parenthood

In 2011, Manchin Voted Against A Resolution That Would Have Stripped Government Funding From Planned Parenthood. “Adoption of the concurrent resolution that would direct the House clerk to make a correction in the enrollment of a bill (HR 1473) to provide $1.055 trillion in discretionary funding for fiscal 2011, and insert a section that would bar the use of funds made available in the bill to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. or its affiliates.” (H. Con. Res. 36, CQ Vote #60: Rejected 42-58: R 42-5; D 0-51; I 0-2, 4/14/11, Manchin Voted Nay)

Manchin Voted To Raise Energy Taxes

Manchin Voted To Raise Taxes On Oil Companies. “Reid, D-Nev., motion to proceed to consideration of the bill that would repeal various tax provisions for oil companies that have gross annual receipts of more than $1 billion and that produce an average 500,000 barrels or more each day.” (S. 940, CQ Vote #72: Motion rejected 52-48: R 2-45; D 48-3; I 2-0, 5/17/11, Manchin Voted Yea)

G-Hype™: West Virginia Governor’s Race Has Obama Focus

The Gilmer Free Press

The TV ads aired so far in the West Virginia’s governor’s race have one thing in common: President Barack Obama.

The Republican Governors Association continues the trend with its new spot attacking the Democratic incumbent, Governor Earl Ray Tombin. The RGA ad that debuted last week compares the federal health care overhaul with legislation championed by Tomblin that tackles public retiree costs.

The GOP candidate, Bill Maloney, does not even mention Tomblin in either of his first two ads. One instead asks voters to “send a message to Obama.“ The other opens declaring, “Barack Obama promised our children change, but the change he promised has darkened,“ and has Maloney pledging to “repeal Obamacare” if elected.

But Tomblin is taking on his fellow Democrat as well. His pair of ads either decries federal spending or boast of fighting the Obama administration in court over coal.

“I won’t let anyone push us around,“ Tomblin intones in that ad.

With Obama’s lack of popularity in West Virginia well-documented, Tomblin’s effort to separate his campaign from the president makes sense, said pollster Rex Repass. His firm’s recent survey for the Charleston Daily Mail found former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney well ahead of Obama in the state. But that poll also found Tomblin leading Maloney.

“It does not appear that there is a coattail effect with Romney in the state,“ Repass said Friday. “There is not an alignment with Governor Tomblin and the Obama administration, at least at this point in time.“

The West Virginia Coal Association appears to agree. It endorsed Tomblin over Maloney last week, with President Bill Raney citing Tomblin’s career-long support of the industry. Raney said Tomblin, a former veteran lawmaker and state Senate president, has also helped coal through tough times such as the recent market downturn.

Raney also specifically rejected repeated attempts by Republicans, including Maloney, to link Tomblin to Obama on coal issues. The industry and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency remain sharply at odds over attempts to pursue water protection standards and the handling of mining-related permits. One of Tomblin’s ads refers to West Virginia’s lawsuit that led a federal judge to conclude in July that EPA overstepped its powers.

“There’s no common ground between the Tomblin administration and the Obama administration as it regards coal,“ Raney said.

The RGA ad seeks to Obama-ize another West Virginia issue: the health benefits promised public employees once they retire. Part of Tomblin’s legislative agenda this year, the relevant new law embraces a plan to close a funding gap between on-hand assets and the expected cost of these non-pension benefits.

As part of that plan, the legislation outlined a dozen ways that the Public Employees Insurance Agency, which oversees the health benefits, can cut costs. Those include increasing the percentage of prescriptions filled with the generic versions of drugs, coordinating care of enrollees with multiple chronic illnesses, and reducing “excessive use of emergency room visits, imaging services and other drivers of the agency’s medical rate of inflation.“

“Tomblin’s plan puts bureaucrats in charge of seniors’ health care, lets them ration health care,“ the RGA ad says. “Sound familiar?“

Critics of the health care law have long alleged that it includes rationing. Besides the now-debunked assertion that “death panels” lurk in its recesses, these foes have invoked the Independent Payment Advisory Board. The overhaul allows this yet-to-be-created panel to force Medicare cuts if costs rise beyond certain levels and Congress fails to act. But the law explicitly prohibits IPAB from rationing care, shifting costs to retirees, restricting benefits or raising the Medicare eligibility age.

Jason Haught, chief financial officer of the Public Employees Insurance Agency, does not consider the cost-saving provision of the retiree benefits law to be rationing.

“It didn’t really specify anything regarding rationing or how the health care plan is run,“ Haught said Friday. He added, “With or without this legislation, our agency is always watching for the over-utilization of the ER. It’s an efficient use of the limited resources that the plan has.“

As for Maloney’s vow to “repeal Obamacare,“ the Republican was referring to efforts to undo the federal law by seeking Obama’s defeat in November, campaign manager Seth Wimer said. Maloney also would have blocked any attempt to carry out the law in West Virginia, Wimer said.

Both Wimer and Tomblin campaign spokesman Chris Stadelman declined to comment specifically on future TV spots. Wimer promised a “fully-funded campaign” targeting Tomblin and touting Maloney’s proposals, while Stadelman said the governor’s ads will contrast the two candidates.

Tomblin narrowly defeated Maloney in a special election last year for an unexpired term. The office is up in November for a full, four-year term.

~~  Lawrence Messina ~~

G-Hype™: Candidate for Gilmer County Magistrate - Bill Stalnaker - Democrat - 2012


Bill Stalnaker is running for Gilmer County Magistrate.

He moved back to Gilmer County in 2003 after being employed in Nicholas County for 16 years.

He is the son of Bill and Betty Stalnaker of Baldwin.  He is married to Debbie Stalnaker, wife of 30 years.  They have two children, both residing in Gilmer County. Niki Ramezan, branch manager of United Bank and husband Jonathan; and Cody Stalnaker, field sales representative for Weatherford International and wife Kristin.  They have two grandchildren Greyson Ramezan and Mason Stalnaker and one more on the way.

He is self-employed as owner/operator of Stalnaker Oil & Gas LLC.  He has been a small business owner for 18 years.

He is a member of the Glenville First Baptist Church where he serves on the board of trustees.  He is also an active participant with the FBC Cancer Fund for Gilmer County.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, being a grandpa, golfing, hunting, fishing and just being outdoors.

Bill would like the opportunity to serve the people of Gilmer County.  He feels the citizens of this county deserve to be treated fairly.

“I will not be accepting any campaign contributions.  I will not be affiliated with any special interest groups, therefore if elected I will be able to treat each individual the same.  He is an honest, ethical hardworking citizen of the county and look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.”

“I would appreciate your vote for Bill Stalnaker as Gilmer County Magistrate.  Thank You.“


G-Hype™: John Moss for Gilmer County Commission -2012


Hello, I am John Moss and I am running for the office of the Gilmer County Commission.  I was raised in Gilmer County all my life and currently reside on Spruce Run off of Cedar Creek. I am married to Pamela Hickman Moss and we have two children together. My daughter,  Ashley, graduated from Glenville State College and currently works at Gil-Co Faith Pharmacy. My son, Travis, works in the Oil and Gas Industry.

I have been serving Gilmer County for the last twenty-three years in law enforcement and I am currently the Police Chief for the City of Glenville. The best part of my present job is meeting and talking with the public and assist them when they need help.  Therefore, my primary goal at being in the office of County Commission is to work with the people in our community and give them a voice for what could be done to improve Gilmer County.

Over the years, Gilmer County has developed a bad name and its about time we change it to bring back its good name. To do this, the office of County Commission needs to let the public know the decisions being made and the subjects that are up for review.

Also, our present County Commission has started a project of starting our own 911 center here in Gilmer County. Not only will this allow for better service, it will provide more available jobs for the people of our community. If elected to the office of the County Commission, I will continue to help the elderly, by helping the senior citizens, the EMS and all the Fire departments located in Gilmer County.

In conclusion, the primary reason why I am running for the office of County Commission is because I was raised here, and I want it to be a good place for my future grandchildren to be raised. I want the public to have a voice of what should or could be done to improve Gilmer County and bring back its good name.

Thank you for your support.

John Wm. Moss

Election 2012: Carol Wolfe Candidate for Gilmer County Magistrate


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