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G-Eye™: Gilmer County Board of Education Regular Meeting - 01.17.17

Here is the video of the Gilmer County Board of Education Meeting on January 17, 2017.

In this meeting there were fabulous presentations by Gilmer County Elementary School students which you should watch.

At this meeting nominations were held to fill two Board Member vacancies due to resignations per WV Code 18-5-2.  After due consideration the following nominations passed by unanimous vote of the Gilmer County Board:  Mike Triplett and G. Dave Ramezan

Other topics were: Available programs through Gilmer County Extension Service, Use of Normantown Elementary School, Possible Purchase of one of Outdoor Buildings in Normantown and .....

The video shows the entire meeting:

G-Eye™: Veterans Memorials in Gilmer County

Gilmer County Courthouse, Glenville, WV
The Free Press WV

Sand Fork Community Town Hall, Sand Fork, WV
The Free Press WV

G-Eye™: 2016 National Night Out in Glenville

08.05.2016 FeaturesG-Eye™NewsWest VirginiaRegionGilmer CountyGlenvilleUnited StatesWorldwide

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G-Eye™: New Fire Danger Sign in Glenville

The WV Division of Forestry erected new “Fire Danger Level” sign at the Gilmer County Fire Department in Glenville, WV.
The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

Bill Simmons Resigns from the Board of Education for Personal Reasons

The Free Press WV
Gilmer County Board of Education
Tuesday, July 05, 2016 – 6:00 PM


Roll Call was conducted by Superintendent Devono. Board members Norma Hurley, Dr. Carl Armour, Bob Minigh, Tom Ratliff, and Dr. Bill Simmons were present.


Devano called for pledge of allegiance.

Following the pledge Devano read the duties of each office. Superintendent was asked about the source of the information for each office. He was hesitant to say, but he admitted the source was himself.


Superintendent announced there could not be any delegation in this meeting, although the item was on the agenda!


A. President (two-year term): Bob Minigh was nominated by Norma Hurley and Bill Simmons by Tom Ratliff. After the vote Bob Minigh was elected as the president of the board.

B. Vice President (two-year term): Norma Hurley was elected as Vice-President


After discussion the following members were chosen for the committees:

      A. RESA VII: Norma Hurley

      B. Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center: Dr. Carl Armour

      C. Extension Service:  Tom Ratliff

      D. Committee of 55 Representatives: Dr. Bill Simmons was asked to be the representative for this committee. He declined. He said he had provided a letter of resignation effective at the end of this meeting. After discussion Norma Hurley was nominated to be the representative.

      E. Safety:  Bob Minigh

      F. Inter County Planning:  Bob Minigh


The following schedule was presented by the superintendent for approval. The schedule calls for one meeting per month. Board member Hurley suggested having two meetings per month (like before takeover). Superintendent DeVano said the idea can be put on the next agenda. She then asked the president.

July 18, 2016;  August 15, 2016;  September 19, 2016;  October 17, 2016;  November 14, 2016;  December 19, 2016;  January 17, 2017;  February 20, 2017;  March 20, 2017;  April 17, 2017;  May 15, 2017;  and June 19, 2017.


The next regular board meeting will be July 18, 2016 at 6:00 PM at the Central Office.

07.06.2016 EducationFeaturesG-Eye™NewsWest VirginiaRegionGilmer CountyGlenvilleUnited StatesWorldwide

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G-Eye™: GSC Bus

G-Eye™: WV State Folk Festival Parade 2016

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

The Free Press WV

G-Eye™: Putting Up New Flag Pole at the Glenville Golf Club

G-Eye™: Streets Getting Paved in Glenville

G-Eye™: Net installed at Glenville Golf Club

Net installed on Glenville Golf Club # 2 Tee on 04.25.16
The Free Press WV

G-Eye™: Gilmer County Elementary School Under Construction

Gilmer County Elementary School in Glenville, WV on 04.20.16

04.22.2016 EducationFeaturesCommunityImprovement™G-Eye™NewsRegionGilmer CountyGlenville

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G-Eye™: Sycamore Road in Glenville, WV

Sycamore Road in Glenville, WV with New Paving‏
The Free Press WV

G-Eye™: Meet Your Elected Officials Event at Gilmer County Courthouse

Gilmer County Elected Officials

Gary Wolfe - Assessor

Jean Burcher - County Clerk

Karen Elkin - Circuit Court Clerk

Larry Gerwig - Sheriff and Treasurer

G-Eye™: Gilmer County Commission Regular Meeting Report - 04.01.16

The Free Press WV
April 01, 2016 @ 9:00 AM
Gilmer County Courthouse – Commission Office
10 Howard Street, Glenville, WV

The Gilmer County Commission met on Friday, April 01, 2016. Commission President Larry Chapman as well as Commissioners Brian Kennedy and John Bennett and County Clerk Jean Butcher were present.

Here is a summary of the meeting (please watch the VIDEO for more details. The summary is in order the meeting was conducted):

  1. There were not any Exonerations and/or Consolidations to approve.

  2. There were not any Estate Qualifications and Estate Settlements for the commission to approve either.

  3. There were no Board Appointments and/or Resignations to approve. However there are board seats open for the Unsafe Buildings & Lands Enforcement Agency - DeKalb/Troy & Glenville Corporation.

  4. Angel Ball, the commission’s finiacial deputy clerk presented the commission with several budget revisions which were basically moving funds between accounts. The commission approved the revisions.

  5. County Commission Minutes for past three meetings were approved.

  6. The commission achknowledged the receipt of the following boards minutes (The minutes are available at the County Clerk’s Office for review.):

    • Gilmer County Board of Health minutes-February 16, 2016

    • WesMonTy RC& D Board minutes- February 16, 2016

    • Region VI LEO Board minutes-December 2015

    • Gilmer County Public Service District minutes-February 08, 2016

  7. President Chapman indicated that he like to have a sitdown meeting regarding the Court Security Fund Grant-WV Supreme Court Floor Plan. He asked the Clerk to try to schedule a meeting with them for the April 15th meeting.

  8. There is still a need for representative for the Red Cross to represent Gilmer County. There has been some interest but no commitments. The issue of the Laptop which was purchased for Red Cross use was brought up. After purchase last year, a program needed for Red Cross use could not be installed on the laptop. The laptop was sent to Todd Wine (Red Cross) immediately and it has not been returned yet. County Clerk is to check on this matter.

  9. The Commission did not have any new business scheduled in this meeting.

  10. Under other business West Virginia Risk Pool Proposal-Coverage was discussed. Clerk Butcher explained the breakdown of the insurance. The workman Compensation portion of the insurance is payable quarterly and the rest is paid in one payment. The total was about $6,165.25.

  11. Jessica Greenlief from Gilmer FRN presented the commission with Proclamation for Child Abuse Prevention & Alcohol Awareness. She asked for commissioners’ signature. All the commissioners signed the Proclamations.

  12. The Free Press WV

    The Free Press WV

    The Free Press WV


  13. Pam Starsick from HOPE Inc. asked the commission to declare April the Sexual Assault Awareness month. Commissioners signed the document.

  14. The commission approved Invoices for Payment totaling $48,031.50. An invoice for Animal Cruelty for the amount near $600 was questioned. The invoice was for Horse Abuse. The Clerk indicated once the commission pays the invoice they will be re-imbursed by the Magistrate Court.

  15. Question was asked about the WVDEP Tire Clean Up. The answer: nothing has been planned at this time. Needless to say there nothing scheduled for junk or electronic collection either. <

  16. Next meeting is scheduled for April 15, 2016 at 9:00 AM.

  17. There will be a meeting on April 19, 2016 at 9:00 AM for the Levy.

G-Eye™: Sycamore Road in Glenville, WV

Workers getting Sycamore Road ready to pave on 04.04.16

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