Last Month in Death Valley Was Hottest Month Ever Recorded on Earth

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Death Valley, well known for its often record high temperatures, has set a new one: Last month in Death Valley was the hottest month ever recorded on the planet Earth. The average temperature—over day and night—was 108.1 degrees, putting July 2018 about a half-degree ahead of July 2017, which was previously the hottest month ever measured. On 21 days of the month, the high temperature hit at least 120 degrees; for one four-day stretch, it hit 127 degrees. The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes one visitor died due to the heat.

As the Washington Post reports, July saw record-high temperatures on every continent in the Northern Hemisphere, and much of the western US was hit particularly hard, with other California locations setting heat records. The state’s extreme heat—“the likes of which it has never seen in the modern historical record,“ per the LA Times—is contributing to its worst wildfire year on record.

Internet Comment Led to the Complete Upending of Her Life

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In July 2014, an Alabama news station posted an article on Facebook about a teen who visited Auschwitz and tweeted a smiling selfie from the former concentration camp; commenters, not surprisingly, were split on whether the act was appropriate. Monika Glennon defended the girl, accusing the mass internet condemnation of being “the same judgmental and senseless pack mentality that led to this horrific time in history to begin with.“ Mollie Rosenblum, who is Jewish, disagreed, responding to several commenters including Glennon. Glennon, who is Polish, engaged with her, arguing that Auschwitz “belongs to all and was a former killing zone of all,“ including Polish people. Glennon quickly forgot about the exchange—but more than a year later, the fallout from it upended her life. It took her months and $100,000 in legal bills to figure out what had happened, as Kashmir Hill reports in a compelling Gizmodo longform titled, “When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life.“

Rosenblum was angry about her exchange with Glennon for a week. She researched Glennon online and then submitted a fake story about her to the website She’s A Homewrecker alleging that Glennon, a realtor, had sex with a client’s husband on the floor of a home Glennon was scheduled to show the couple. The story didn’t go live until more than a year later, at which point another stranger found it, posted it to the Facebook page of Glennon’s employer, Re/Max, and sent it to many of Glennon’s Facebook friends, including professional contacts. It was posted to other sites and soon became the No. 1 search result when Googling Glennon’s name. She estimates the bad publicity has cost her $200,000 in lost business since 2015. She had to go to court to unmask Rosenblum and attempt to get the false stories taken down—but that was far from the end of her trouble. Read the full article for more, including what happened when Glennon and Rosenblum met in person.

Dehydrated? Your Cognitive Function Could Be Impacted

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Dehydration can impact more than just your physical health, a new study finds. Researchers found that at a “mild to moderate” level of dehydration—the loss of fluid equal to 2% of their body weight—athletes experienced problems with attention and decision-making, Reuters reports. And those problems got worse as the level of dehydration got worse. In particular, tasks that require motor coordination and executive function suffered; the latter includes tasks like map reading, mental math, and proofreading, among others. “We’ve known that physical performance suffers at a threshold of 2% of body mass ... so the question was, what happens in the brain with the same amount of loss, which is pretty common with people who are active or work outside in the heat,“ says study co-author Mindy Millard-Stafford.

Earlier research on how dehydration impacts cognitive functioning utilized small numbers of subjects and yielded mixed results; this study is a meta-analysis, combining data from 33 studies involving a total of 413 adult subjects. It confirms what researchers long believed, according to a professor who was not involved with the study: “The more dehydrated you are the less sharp you are.“ So how easy is it to lose 2% of your body weight in fluid? Another professor tells NPR hiking at moderate intensity for just one hour during the summer heat could get a person there or close to it; running hard in the heat could get you there in just 30 minutes. “Most people don’t realize how high their sweat rate is in the heat,“ he says. Fatigue, muscle weakness, decreased urine output or dark-gold urine, and confusion are all signs you need to drink more fluid. The current recommendation is that women take in about 91 ounces of water a day and men 125 ounces, though that includes all sources (including food and beverages other than water).

Homeless Man Hands Out Resume on Corner, 200 Companies Call

David Casarez, an engineer and web developer, moved from Texas to California’s Silicon Valley in the hopes of working in the tech industry. But when he used up all his savings and was still without a job, he found himself homeless, sleeping in parks and stairwells. That’s when he decided to stand on a street corner in Mountain View—not to ask for money, but to hand out copies of his resume. “Homeless. Hungry 4 Success. Take a resume,“ his sign read. When Jasmine Scofield, who works in tech, drove by and saw it, she snapped a photo and tweeted it to her followers with his permission, asking for retweets to help Casarez out. What happened next blew both of them away.

The tweet was retweeted more than 138,000 times; some on social media even started using the hashtag #GetDavidAJob, KRON reports. “So I called him and I was like, it’s going viral. I hope you’re OK with that,“ Scofield recounts to KTVU. Since then, Casarez, who graduated from Texas A&M University in 2014 with a degree in Management Information Systems, says he’s been contacted by more than 200 companies including Apple, LinkedIn, and Netflix, and is scheduling job interviews. One company has offered to put him up in a hotel during the interview process. “I didn’t expect it to have turned out this way. The support has just been so overwhelming, very positive,“ he says. He’s sharing updates on his story on Twitter.

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