She Keeps Getting Tested for Drugs. Now She’s Mad

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Serena Williams is getting tested for performance-enhancing drugs a lot. And Williams, who’s prepping for Wimbledon, is getting annoyed. The US Anti-Doping Agency versus Serena situation came to a head on June 14 when a tester for the USADA went to Williams’ home in Florida at 8:30am for an unannounced test and Williams was unavailable, reports Deadspin. The tester reportedly refused to leave, but a test was never conducted. The seven-time Wimbledon champion believes she is being unfairly targeted and complained to USADA CEO Travis Tygart. Williams, who has been tested five times in 2018, according to the USADA database, is by far the most tested player in US women’s tennis. Other top US women’s players have been tested once or twice in that time, if at all. She’s also been tested more than any of the top five US male players.

The USADA conducts tests based on a dozen factors, among them, the players’ performance and ranking, training schedule and competition dates, information received about a player’s possible doping practices, and injury data. A spokesperson for Williams, who is seeded No. 25 for her return to Wimbledon after having a baby, per the AP, tells Deadspin that in Williams’ 23-year career she has never tested positive for drugs and she has always willingly complied with testing. “There is absolutely no reason for this kind of invasive and targeted treatment,” the rep said. When asked if there is any reason to suspect Williams of doping, USADA rep Brad Horn said, “Absolutely not.”

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