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►  Kobe Bryant Tweet Gets High-Schoolers Out of Final

Truly, tweets and US government are hopelessly intertwined these days. WRTV reports a high school senior in Indianapolis got his entire US Government class out of their final—thanks to a retweet from Kobe Bryant. William Pate was told by his teacher, Mr. Belser, the final would be canceled if he got a retweet from the basketball superstar. “Please if you retweet this we don’t have to take the final,“ Pate tweeted at Bryant on Thursday. Despite having more than 11 million followers, Bryant somehow got the message, retweeting Pate along with the message, “Hope you have an A in this class.“ Belser, true to his word, canceled the final. LAist notes it was Bryant’s 6,164th career assist. Even the superintendent of Pate’s school district was impressed, calling it a “great lesson in the power of social media.“

--> Monday, May 22, 2017
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