NFL QB power rankings: The best and worst starters going into Week 15

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 32. Bryce Petty, New York Jets

Ranking after Week 12: N/A (replacing Josh McCown, No. 21)

Record as starter: N/A

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Most fans thought that Petty would eventually get a chance to start this season, but it took an injury to Josh McCown to make it really happen. The Baylor product came in near the end of last week’s game, completing just two out of nine passes for a 39.6 rating. In four games last year, he threw a whopping seven interceptions.


31. T.J. Yates, Houston Texans

Ranking after Week 12: N/A (replacing Tom Savage, No. 31)

Record as starter: N/A

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: The Texans can’t be feeling good about their chances with Yates under center, but at least he isn’t much of a downgrade from Tom Savage. The UNC product hit under 54% of his targets in Week 14, and despite throwing for two touchdowns and going interception-free, the result was a 26-16 loss. It would be highly optimistic to expect a better performance this week.


30. Trevor Siemian, Denver Broncos

Ranking after Week 12: 28

Record as starter: 4-5

DYAR rank: 31

QBR rank: 31

One thing to know: Siemian didn’t do much for Denver in the first half of the season, and it has been the same old story since his Week 12 return from a month-long stay on the bench. Broncos fans can’t be happy with his performance, but after watching Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch start games, they’re fully aware that he gives them the best chance of anyone in the quarterback room.


29. Blaine Gabbert, Arizona Cardinals

Ranking after Week 12: 24

Record as starter: 2-2

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: The Cardinals have a history of stashing effective game managers on their bench, and Gabbert has been exactly that since taking over for the injured Carson Palmer, leading them to a .500 record with an 80.8 passer rating. He’s not going to set the league on fire, but Arizona is still reportedly interested in bringing him back next season.


28. DeShone Kizer, Cleveland Browns

Ranking after Week 12: 30

Record as starter: 0-12

DYAR rank: 32

QBR rank: 30

One thing to know: Kizer delivered an up-and-down performance in Week 14. He completed over 71% of his passes and threw for 3 touchdowns, both career highs, but he also lost the game in overtime with a lazy floater that was picked off in Browns territory. It was a good indication of what to expect the rest of the way — there will still be growing pains, but Kizer is now a much better quarterback than the one we saw in the first six weeks of the season.


27. Mitch Trubisky, Chicago Bears

Ranking after Week 12: 29

Record as starter: 3-6

DYAR rank: 26

QBR rank: 32

One thing to know: Trubisky certainly hasn’t been the best rookie quarterback of this season — that title belongs to the injured Deshaun Watson — but he has demonstrated enough talent to inspire hope among Bears fans. With a 97.3 passer rating on third down, he seems to get better as the pressure grows.


26. Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis Colts

Ranking after Week 12: 25

Record as starter: 3-9

DYAR rank: 29

QBR rank: 28

One thing to know: It’s tempting to write off Brissett’s terrible Week 14 performance as a snow-induced aberration, but the reality is that he has been mired in a slump for three weeks now. After a 2-3 start, the Colts have gone just 1-7 in their last eight games. The final month of the season could be a long one, even with their easy schedule.


25. Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles

Ranking after Week 12: N/A (replacing Carson Wentz, No. 2)

Record as starter: N/A

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Foles was electrifying the last time he took the field as the Eagles’ midseason replacement under center, posting 9.1 yards per attempt and a 118.7 passer rating en route to the 2014 Pro Bowl. No one is expecting that kind of performance this time around, but if he can be even half the quarterback Carson Wentz was, Philadelphia will be in decent shape.


24. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

Ranking after Week 12: 27

Record as starter: 7-6

DYAR rank: 30

QBR rank: 26

One thing to know: The 2012 Super Bowl MVP has been ineffective across the board this year, but believe it or not, the Ravens’ offense has exploded for a combined 82 points over the past two weeks, their best stretch of the season by a wide margin. That dominance could continue against the Browns in Week 15.


23. Eli Manning, New York Giants

Ranking after Week 12: N/A (replacing Geno Smith, No. 32)

Record as starter: 2-10

DYAR rank: 24

QBR rank: 22

One thing to know: Without a competent line to protect him, Manning just doesn’t have what it takes to power an offense — and it certainly doesn’t help that the Giants receiving corps has been ravaged by injuries this year. The Ole Miss product isn’t the worst signal caller out there, but with only tenuous job security, there’s not much reason to give him a bump on this list.


22. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Ranking after Week 12: 18

Record as starter: 5-8

DYAR rank: 22

QBR rank: 24

One thing to know: Dalton posted a 59.7 passer rating against the Bears in Week 14, leading head coach Marvin Lewis to put in backup A.J. McCarron for the last few snaps. Dalton is clearly good enough to start in the NFL, but whether his skills are worth building an offense around is a much more difficult question. The Bengals will be on the hook for just $2.4 million if they release him after this season, so they may want to come up with an answer soon.


21. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Ranking after Week 12: 16

Record as starter: 8-4

DYAR rank: 25

QBR rank: 16

One thing to know: Mariota may be having a disappointing season, but he still ranks among the league leaders when it comes to politeness. After being scolded by his mother, he apologized for his “rude” behavior during a Week 14 press conference, in which the worst thing he said was that he was “###### off.“


20. Jay Cutler, Miami Dolphins

Ranking after Week 12: 26

Record as starter: 6-5

DYAR rank: 21

QBR rank: 25

One thing to know: This Vanderbilt product was far better than Tom Brady on Monday night, throwing for 263 yards and 3 touchdowns en route to a huge 27-20 win over New England. It looks like the Dolphins are going to miss the playoffs, but even if the Cutler experiment goes bust, Week 14 will be remembered as a true highlight.


19. Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills

Ranking after Week 12: 15

Record as starter: 6-5

DYAR rank: 23

QBR rank: 18

One thing to know: At 7-6, the Bills are still alive in the playoff hunt, so it seems more likely than not that Taylor will start on Sunday. If his injured left knee doesn’t improve enough, we’ll see either the backup Nathan Peterman, who remains in concussion protocol, or the third-stringer Joe Webb, who just threw his first pass in a game since the 2011 season.


18. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Ranking after Week 12: 22

Record as starter: 2-0

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Four starts into his NFL career, Garoppolo’s winning percentage sits at a shiny 1.000. It seems that he brought some of the Patriot Way with him to the Bay Area, as the 49ers have now taken back-to-back games for the first time since 2014. The late-season success won’t help them in the draft, but it’s hard not to get excited about their young quarterback’s future.


17. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Ranking after Week 12: 17

Record as starter: 9-4

DYAR rank: 18

QBR rank: 19

One thing to know: Newton has failed to top 200 passing yards on seven occasions this season, a high number even for a quarterback who does his best work on the ground. On the bright side, he has a chance to post his highest rushing total since 2012 — but that doesn’t mean you should expect to see him at the Pro Bowl come January.


16. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ranking after Week 12: 19

Record as starter: 2-8

DYAR rank: 13

QBR rank: 23

One thing to know: Winston hasn’t appeared in a Buccaneers victory since Week 4, but that isn’t entirely his fault — he’s actually been pretty good since returning from a shoulder injury, completing 67.1% of his passes for 555 yards in two games. But with three brutal division matchups ahead, Tampa Bay could easily finish the year at 4-12. They will have a lot to think about this offseason.


15. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Ranking after Week 12: 20

Record as starter: 9-4

DYAR rank: 16

QBR rank: 13

One thing to know: Jaguars fans have to be pinching themselves. Just as the league was beginning to wonder how in the world Jacksonville was going to survive in the playoffs without a legitimate quarterback, Bortles led them to back-to-back wins, posting a 70.97 completion rate and a 121.5 passer rating in the process. Perhaps most surprisingly, he did it without throwing a single interception.


14. Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

Ranking after Week 12: 12

Record as starter: 6-6

DYAR rank: 11

QBR rank: 20

One thing to know: Carr was wholly ineffective during last week’s crucial division matchup against the Chiefs, completing just 58.5% of his passes and making terrible decisions under pressure, which led to two interceptions. At least one of his predecessors was alarmed — the former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon described the performance as “terrible.“


13. Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins

Ranking after Week 12: 6

Record as starter: 5-8

DYAR rank: 15

QBR rank: 12

One thing to know: Several of the Redskins’ top skill players have underachieved or become injured this season, and while Cousins has done a good job of making the most of his limited arsenal, he doesn’t have much to show for it in the past few weeks. That’s too bad, because his upcoming opponents — the Cardinals, Broncos, and Giants — would have provided a cake walk to the playoffs. At least they’ll give him a final opportunity to show what he can do before Washington makes a decision on his future.


12. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Ranking after Week 12: N/A (replacing Brett Hundley, No. 23)

Record as starter: 4-2

DYAR rank: 17

QBR rank: 6

One thing to know: Rodgers spent much of the fall impressing fans and teammates with his quick recovery from a broken collarbone, and he has finally been cleared to return for Week 15. His sterling reputation aside, we can’t expect too much in his first game back in action, especially against the Panthers’ tough defense. But if nothing else, the Cal product will be among the most intriguing players of the final three weeks of the season.


11. Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs

Ranking after Week 12: 14

Record as starter: 7-6

DYAR rank: 10

QBR rank: 10

One thing to know: In just 13 games, Smith has already set a new career high in passing yards, and he’s on pace to lead the league in interception rate for the second time in his career. With Patrick Mahomes waiting in the wings, there’s still a good chance he’ll be out of a job after this season, but at least he’s set himself up for a healthy payday.


10. Case Keenum, Minnesota Vikings

Ranking after Week 12: 9

Record as starter: 8-3

DYAR rank: 5

QBR rank: 2

One thing to know: The Vikings can practically taste the NFC North crown, and with 2,983 passing yards and a 96.2 passer rating, Keenum has been a huge part of that success. Per ESPN, he has also posted a 120.6 passer rating from outside the pocket, far ahead of the next signal caller on the list. A free agent at the end of the season, he should be in line for a contract that will set him up for life.


9. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

Ranking after Week 12: 7

Record as starter: 9-4

DYAR rank: 7

QBR rank: 15

One thing to know: In a clash of breakout stars — as well as the top two picks in the 2016 draft — Carson Wentz and the Eagles defeated Goff and the Rams by a score of 43-35, a thrilling outcome for a much-anticipated matchup. We’ll soon see if the big-game atmosphere helped Goff prepare for this Sunday’s showdown with the Seahawks, who trail Los Angeles by a single game in the NFC West.


8. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Ranking after Week 12: 13

Record as starter: 7-6

DYAR rank: 14

QBR rank: 4

One thing to know: While Prescott struggled in his first few games without Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield, he eventually figured things out and has been back to his old self over the past two weeks, going interception-free to post a 118.6 passer rating. Jerry Jones rewarded him with heaps of praise, saying, “We’ve got a better future because he’s gone through this period of time without Zeke.“


7. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Ranking after Week 12: 8

Record as starter: 8-5

DYAR rank: 12

QBR rank: 8

One thing to know: Wilson will very likely receive MVP support, and his case is heavily reliant on his skills as a rusher — his 482 yards on the ground are more than double the next man on Seattle’s roster. As far as advanced stats go, the passing numbers just aren’t quite there, especially when compared to those of Tom Brady.


6. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Ranking after Week 12: 11

Record as starter: 7-6

DYAR rank: 9

QBR rank: 7

One thing to know: Stafford played with his fingers taped in Week 14, throwing a pair of interceptions, but there isn’t much concern about his status going forward. With Chicago, Cincinnati, and Green Bay on tap, the Lions will face an easy schedule as they make a last-ditch playoff push.


5. Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

Ranking after Week 12: 10

Record as starter: 7-6

DYAR rank: 2

QBR rank: 14

One thing to know: With four straight victories, the Chargers are quietly surging, and Rivers has been nothing less than the architect of that success, squeezing as much as he can out of his weapons. He’s put up an amazing statline over their latest winning stretch: 1,348 passing yards, 8 touchdown passes, a 119.2 passer rating, and not a single interception.


4. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Ranking after Week 12: 3

Record as starter: 8-5

DYAR rank: 8

QBR rank: 5

One thing to know: Ryan hasn’t been at his best over the past two weeks, completing 55.4% of his passes for three interceptions and just one touchdown. Luckily for the Falcons, he’ll get another week to steady himself before a pair of incredibly important matchups against the Saints and Panthers, which should play a major role in deciding the division.


3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Ranking after Week 12: 4

Record as starter: 9-4

DYAR rank: 3

QBR rank: 11

One thing to know: The Saints suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Falcons in Week 14, but don’t blame Brees. The future Hall of Famer completed nearly three-quarters of his passes for a 103.4 rating, numbers that are completely in line with his season-long standards. He won’t reach 5,000 passing yards, but this could still be New Orleans’ best season in six years.


2. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ranking after Week 12: 5

Record as starter: 11-2

DYAR rank: 4

QBR rank: 9

One thing to know: While he hasn’t really elevated his game, Roethlisberger is holding steady as one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. He’s never going to get over his habit of throwing interceptions, but his corps of skill players, one of the best in the league, can pick him up when he stumbles. Roethlisberger threw for 506 yards in Week 14, and he’ll need every bit of that momentum for his showdown with Patriots on Sunday.


1. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Ranking after Week 12: 1

Record as starter: 10-3

DYAR rank: 1

QBR rank: 3

One thing to know: Brady has been hindered by a lingering Achilles injury in recent weeks, but back-to-back lackluster games against Buffalo and Miami weren’t nearly enough to dethrone him from the top spot on this list. The Patriots still have the best passing game in the league, and it’s not particularly close. Their veteran signal caller could soon add another MVP award to his trophy case.

Strong Second Half Leads Glenville State Past Point Park

The Free Press WV

The GSC Lady Pioneer basketball team went on the road Thursday night and picked up their eighth straight win as they defeated the Point Park Pioneers 91-78.
Glenville State (9-1) had three players score in double figures and forced Point Park (7-5) into 30 turnovers as they picked up the 13 point victory.
Point Park would score the first six points of the game as they took an early 6-0 lead over Glenville State. However the Lady Pioneers went on a 16-7 run lead by Kristin DesRocher with 12 points as GSC took their first lead of the game at the 3:55 minute mark of the first quarter 16-13.
The Pioneers of Point Park came right back and took a two point advantage after one quarter 21-19.
In the second quarter with the scored knotted up at 24 all Point Park went on an 11-0 run as they took a 35-24 lead with 5:35 to play till intermission.
But the Lady Pioneers made a run of their own as they outscored Point Park 19-8 in the last 5:35 and went into halftime tied at 43-43.
In the first half Glenville State shot just 35 percent from the floor going 17-of-48 while Point Park shot 46 percent as they hit 15-of-32 from the floor. GSC really struggled from deep early as they hit just 6-of-28 for 21 percent while Point Park went 6-of-10 for 60 percent.
In the third quarter GSC made some separation as they outscored Point Park, 27-18 in the quarter as they took a 70-61 lead.
In the fourth it was all Lady Pioneers as they outscored Point Park 21-17 as they won their eighth straight and improved to 4-1 on the road this season.
Glenville State finished the game shooting 35 percent from the floor (33-of-92) but shot just 25 from behind the arc (15-of-59) while Point Park shot 38 percent from the floor (24-of-62) and 36 percent from deep (7-of-19).
The Lady Pioneers defense forced 30 turnovers and scored 33 points off of them. However GSC gave it away themselves 19 times and allowed Point Park to score seven points off of them.
Glenville State won the battle on the boards out rebounding Point Park by 10 at 55 to 45.
Emily Stoller scored career high tonight as she poured in 26 points as she went 16-of-26 from the field. Stoller also had a game high four assists in the victory. Kristin DesRocher chipped in with 17 points, with 15 of them coming in the first half, and Erkia Toney scored 10 points and grabbed 13 rebounds as she posted her first double-double of the year and third of her career.
Point Park had three players in double figures with Kaitlyn Smith leading the way with 14 points and Michelle Burns scoring 13 points.

Glenville State (9-1, 6-0) will host Johnson C. Smith this Tuesday, December 19th at 1:00 p.m. from the Waco Center.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 14

The Free Press WV

Each week, national NFL writer Mark Maske ranks the league’s 32 teams.

This week, the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrate yet another dramatic win by climbing over New England to reach No. 1. The Patriots, who saw their eight-game winning streak and 14-game road winning streaks snapped in a “Monday Night Football” defeat in Miami, fall one spot. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles spiral out of the top five thanks to Carson Wentz’s season-ending injury. And the Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons all make big moves up the list on the heels of important home victories.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-2) — Last Week’s Rank: 2

Remember when QB Ben Roethlisberger wondered aloud whether he just couldn’t get it done any more? No one was wondering that about Roethlisberger after his 506-yard passing performance in Sunday night’s triumph over the Ravens.

2. New England Patriots (10-3) — Last Week’s Rank: 1

Bill Belichick was outmaneuvered by Adam Gase. Tom Brady was outplayed by Jay Cutler. Nothing was very Patriot-like for the Patriots on Monday night in Miami and they suffered their nearly annual loss there. But it really makes little difference in the big picture. If the Patriots go to Pittsburgh and win Sunday, they will leapfrog the Steelers for the top seed in the AFC playoffs based on the head-to-head victory.

3. Carolina Panthers (9-4) — Last Week’s Rank: 8

The surgically repaired foot of TE Greg Olsen continues to be a concern. There is room to wonder whether the Panthers can be a Super Bowl team without a healthy and productive Olsen. But their win over the Vikings was impressive, especially given the way Carolina churned out yards in the running game.

4. Minnesota Vikings (10-3) | Last Week’s Rank: 3

Case Keenum remains the starter at QB despite throwing two interceptions in the loss at Carolina. Keenum’s performance against the Panthers was an issue. So, too, were the performances of an offensive line that allowed Keenum to be sacked six times, and a defense that permitted the Panthers to run for 216 yards.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-4) — Last Week’s Rank: 12

The crowd’s behavior at the end of Sunday’s game was not acceptable. It’s the Jaguars’ responsibility to ensure that things like that don’t happen in their stadium, and they must keep their fans under control. As for the game, beating Seattle counts as a very good win for a team that looks more promising all the time.

6. Atlanta Falcons (8-5) — Last Week’s Rank: 13

Matt Ryan’s non-MVP-like season continued with his three-interception performance Thursday night against the Saints. But the Falcons still found a way to win a game they had to have. They’re hanging around the NFC South race and they close the regular season with games against the Saints and then the Panthers.

7. New Orleans Saints (9-4) — Last Week’s Rank: 6

The late-game mistakes by QB Drew Brees and Coach Sean Payton on Thursday night in Atlanta were as surprising as they were damaging. Payton needed to worry a lot less about the performance of the officials and a lot more about controlling his own emotions.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (11-2) — Last Week’s Rank: 4

It remains a very good team around the fill-in QB, Nick Foles. But you can’t believe on one hand that Carson Wentz was the NFL’s MVP and then believe on the other hand that his absence due to a torn ACL doesn’t threaten to undo the Eagles’ season. He was the MVP for a reason.

9. Los Angeles Rams (9-4) — Last Week’s Rank:  5

The Rams are 1-2 thus far during their four-game, late-season test against the Vikings, Saints, Eagles and Seahawks (with a victory over a lesser team, the Cardinals, thrown into the mix). That stretch concludes Sunday in Seattle. If the Rams lose to the Seahawks, there will be little choice but to conclude that they aren’t quite ready yet to be on even terms with the NFC’s other top contenders.

10. Los Angeles Chargers (7-6) — Last Week’s Rank: 10

Could there actually be an argument by season’s end about which of L.A.’s two winning NFL teams is better? Few could have seen that coming at the outset of the season.

11. Seattle Seahawks (8-5) — Last Week’s Rank: 7

Seahawks players receive their share of the blame for the chaos at the end of the loss in Jacksonville. The fans should have behaved better. So, too, should have Seattle’s players. The Seahawks’ on-field performance wasn’t so great, either.

12. Baltimore Ravens (7-6) — Last Week’s Rank: 9

The Ravens cannot afford to waste an offensive performance such as the one they got Sunday night in Pittsburgh. Even the passing game was productive. They might find a way to sneak into the playoffs. But if they do, don’t expect anything more.

13. Dallas Cowboys (7-6) — Last Week’s Rank: 16

The Cowboys finally figured out how to play without suspended RB Ezekiel Elliott, winning their past two games. Unfortunately, it took them three losses without Elliott to figure it out. Facing the Redskins and Giants in the two victories didn’t hurt, either.

14. Green Bay Packers (7-6) — Last Week’s Rank: 17

The Packers most likely are not reaching the NFC playoffs, with or without Aaron Rodgers back at QB. The wise move might be to protect Rodgers from himself and keep him safely on the sideline for the remainder of the season. But there will be great pressure to allow Rodgers to play Sunday at Carolina if he’s given medical clearance to return from his broken collarbone.

15. Detroit Lions (7-6) — Last Week’s Rank: 19

It’s fair to question whether Matthew Stafford has played to the level demanded by his monstrous contract. But don’t ever question the QB’s toughness or late-game mettle. Both were on vivid display in Sunday’s gritty victory in Tampa.

16. Kansas City Chiefs (7-6) — Last Week’s Rank: 20

The Chiefs got back into the win column, but they had plenty of help from the Raiders. The competition should be far tougher Saturday night against the Chargers, who are the one team in the division actually playing well.

17. Tennessee Titans (8-5) — Last Week’s Rank: 11

There’s no excuse for the feeble loss in Arizona at a time when the Titans should be making a stretch-drive push for the playoffs.

18. Buffalo Bills (7-6) — Last Week’s Rank: 22

The Bills found the perfect cover for playing rookie QB Nathan Peterman: Have it snow so hard that even if Peterman throws an interception (or five), no one can actually see it.

19. Miami Dolphins (6-7) — Last Week’s Rank: 23

The Dolphins played well and earned their win Monday night over the Patriots. QB Jay Cutler was superb. RB Kenyan Drake was a workhorse. The Miami pass rush bothered Tom Brady and CB Xavien Howard intercepted him twice while shutting down Brandin Cooks.

20. Arizona Cardinals (6-7) — Last Week’s Rank: 24

It will be interesting to see whether Bruce Arians wants to keep coaching in Arizona beyond this season. He has done a pretty good job to keep this Cardinals team near .500. But how wearying is it at this point in his career to struggle so hard just to be mediocre?

21. Oakland Raiders (6-7) — Last Week’s Rank: 14

Did anyone tell the Raiders that they actually were playing for first place Sunday? They looked like they were going through the motions in a playing-out-the-string game. That’s actually what it should be when .500 teams get together this late in a season. But this is the pitiable AFC West.

22. Denver Broncos (4-9) — Last Week’s Rank: 31

Either the Broncos haven’t quite given up, or the Jets are truly awful. Maybe both.

23. New York Jets (5-8) — Last Week’s Rank: 15

Josh McCown’s broken hand forces the Jets to give Bryce Petty another look at QB. Why not get some playing time for Christian Hackenberg as well? There’s little reason to believe that either is the answer. But it certainly can’t hurt to find out a little more.

24. Chicago Bears (4-9) — Last Week’s Rank: 29

Mitchell Trubisky has put up the two most efficient passing games of his rookie season the past two weeks. The prized young QB perhaps could help the Bears attract a respected coach if they decide to fire John Fox.

25. San Francisco 49ers (3-10) — Last Week’s Rank: 28

So does Kyle Shanahan deserve credit for waiting until Jimmy Garoppolo was ready – really ready – to play before putting him in the lineup? Or does he deserve blame because Garoppolo should have been playing sooner? The Niners still have never lost a game started by Garoppolo.

26. Cincinnati Bengals (5-8) — Last Week’s Rank: 18

The physical and emotional toll of last Monday’s loss to the Steelers was evident in Sunday’s listless defeat to the Bears.

27. Washington Redskins (5-8) — Last Week’s Rank: 21

The Redskins’ regression over the past couple weeks undercuts the argument that Coach Jay Gruden has gotten the most out of his injury-depleted team and kept his players competing. Even so, it says here that Gruden should stay as coach and there shouldn’t be too much deliberation about it. He’s not the issue.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-9) — Last Week’s Rank: 25

It isn’t looking particularly promising for Coach Dirk Koetter. The team is playing poorly and has been one of the league’s biggest disappointments this season. And now there is talk about Koetter’s relationship with QB Jameis Winston being strained.

29. Houston Texans (4-9) — Last Week’s Rank: 26

Bill O’Brien says he wants and expects to be back as the Texans’ coach. He is probably deserving of that despite this season’s struggles, given his overall performance over four years in Houston.

30. Indianapolis Colts (3-10) — Last Week’s Rank: 27

The NFL’s TV-ratings woes undoubtedly are about to end with a scintillating Colts-Broncos game on tap Thursday night.

31. New York Giants (2-11) — Last Week’s Rank: 30

A dreary season keeps getting drearier. But the guess here is that Steve Spagnuolo, the team’s interim coach, won’t consider benching QB Eli Manning this week.

32. Cleveland Browns (0-13) — Last Week’s Rank: 32

New GM John Dorsey inherits a team with a 1-28 record since the start of last season but also with two first-round picks and three second-rounders in the upcoming draft. The tendency is to say it can only get better. But it’s the Browns. So how about settling for: Even if it does get worse, it can’t get that much worse.

IOGA Basketball Tournament Returning to Glenville State College December 11-16

The Free Press WV

The Waco Center at Glenville State College will be the site of a boy’s and girl’s six-day high school basketball tournament this December. The Independent Oil & Gas Association (IOGA) Classic tournament is being hosted at GSC, Monday, December 11 through Saturday, December 16.

Schools slated to participate include AAA squads from Buckhannon-Upshur, Parkersburg, Cabell Midland, Riverside, and South Charleston; AA teams from Nicholas County, Roane County, Braxton County, Robert C. Byrd, and Bridgeport; and A teams from Fayetteville, Tucker County, Gilmer County, and Doddridge County.

The student participants of the tournament are eligible to apply for a Glenville State College scholarship that is being funded by IOGA. The six available scholarships will be awarded to qualified seniors who will attend GSC and pursue a degree in relation to the support and development of the oil and gas industry.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for a general admission price of $5 and a student price of $3 (with a valid school ID). Concessions and game apparel will be available as well.

For more information about the IOGA Classic, contact 304.462.6381.

About GSC’s Waco Center:
Opened in 2013, Glenville State College’s Waco Center is a $25 million facility that houses the college’s Land Resources department, a 3,000 seat sports arena, other athletic facilities and offices, and a community healthcare center operated by Minnie Hamilton Health System. The Land Resources section includes classrooms, labs, a stunning library space, and faculty offices. The remainder of the building houses McPherson Court, where the tournament will be played, and other athletic spaces and offices. GSC student athletes in basketball, volleyball, acrobatics and tumbling, boxing, and others make use of the Waco Center for practice and competition. The Waco Center is located on Mineral Road just across from the Pioneer Village student housing complex.

About IOGA:
Formed in 1959, the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia, Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation representing companies engaged in the extraction and production of natural gas and oil in West Virginia, and the companies and individuals which support extraction activities. IOGAWV was formed to promote and protect a strong, competitive and capable independent natural gas and oil producing industry in West Virginia.

MEC Men’s Basketball Roundup (December 09, 2017)

The Free Press WV

West Liberty 106, Fairmont State 100

West Liberty outlasted Fairmont State, 106-100, on Saturday night at the ASRC.

The game went back-and-forth for the first 10 minutes of the game, but the Hilltoppers (9-0, 6-0) used a 10-2 run to build a cushion. WLU would go on to close the first half with a 6-0 run to take a 62-50 lead going into the locker room.

The Hilltoppers would push their lead to 19 in the second half before the Fighting Falcons (6-3, 4-2) chippped away at the lead. Jason Jolly’s back-to-back three-pointers got the lead to just six with 5:17 to go, but West Liberty responded with the next four points to get it back to 10. FSU would get it to within six three more times, but could get no closer as West Liberty secured the win.

Dan Monteroso came up with 27 points and had six rebounds and four blocks. Eric Meininger had 18 points, and Dalton Bolon and Jordan Watson each had 15. WLU shot 51 percent from the field and out-rebounded Fairmont State, 50-41.

The Falcons, who only turned the ball over three times in the game, was led by 19 points, six assists and five rebounds from Jolly. Jolly was 5-of-10 from three-point range. Vonte Montgomery and Garrett Cook each had 17, while Cole VonHandorf and Kenzie Melko each contributed 14. 

West Virginia State 90, Urbana 83

West Virginia State pickd up a 90-83 road win over Urbana on Saturday afternoon at the Grimes Center.

The Yellow Jackets (6-4, 4-2) got 26 points and nine rebounds from Pat Johnson-Agwu. Ernest Jenkins hit four three-pointers on his way to 21 points, and Robert Fomby pulled down a game-high 17 rebounds and scored 14 points. Glen Abran added 11 points and Jahlen Greene came off the bench to add 10.

Malik Jacobs led Urbana (0-9, 0-6) with 26 points. Carlas Jackson scored 17, while Ethan Snapp and Chris Jackson each tossed in 11. Snapp also had six assists for the Blue Knights.

Wheeling Jesuit 67, Shepherd 62

Wheeling Jesuit bounced back from its first loss of the season by holding off Shepherd, 67-62, on Saturday at the McDonough Center.

Shepherd (3-6, 2-4) led for the majority of the game and led by as many as 12 points on two occasions early in the second half. However, WJU (8-1, 5-1) erased the 12-point deficit with a 12-0 run to tie the game with still 10 minutes left to play. The Rams continued to stay in front until a pair of free throws from Brent Pegram tied the game at 59-59, and Haywood Highsmith drilled a three-pointer to give the Cardinals the lead it would not relinquish with 4:35 to go. The Cardinals allowed just three points in the final five minutes of the game.

Highsmith had another double-double with 20 points and 11 rebounds, and Pegram finished with 20 off the bench for WJU. Drake Goddard netted 11 points and Preston Boswell had 10 points and four assists. Jeremiah Wilson pulled down 11 rebounds, scored six points and dished out four assists.

A.J. Carr led Shepherd with 18 points, seven rebounds and five assists. Thomas Lang contributed 17 points and Gavin McTavish finished with 12. 

Concord 80, West Virginia Wesleyan 69

Concord used a 10-2 run midway through the second half to notch the 80-69 win over West Virginia Wesleyan on Saturday afternoon at the Rockefeller Center.

Tommy Bolte continued his hot scoring streak going for 35 points while also dishing out seven assists and pulling down six rebounds for Concord (7-3, 5-1). Darian Peterson came off the bench to score 16 points, and Antonio Patterson had 10 points and seven rebounds.

West Virginia Wesleyan (1-9, 1-5) was paced by 23 points and nine rebounds from Aaron Ariri. Luke Layhew added 10 points and six boards, while Luka Petrovic had nine points, eight assists and six rebounds.

Charleston 103, Notre Dame 76

Charleston opened the game with a 20-3 run and never looked back in a 103-76 win over Notre Dame College on Saturday afternoon at Murphy Gymnasium.

Charleston (8-3, 4-2) shot 60 percent form the field in the game making 40-of-67. The Golden Eagles also held a significant 46-31 advantage on the glass. Six players reached double figures for UC led by Kier Anderson’s 24 points. Lamont McManus added 19 points, while Shaq Speights and Jordan Smith each scored 14. Jonathan Tshibury had a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds, and Malik Young also added 10 points.

The Falcons (3-7, 1-5) got 30 points off the bench from Halil Parks. Angelo Cugini added 13 points.

UVa-Wise 82, Glenville State 65

UVa-Wise used a strong close to the first half to propel it to an 82-65 win over Glenville State on Saturday afternoon at the Waco Center.

The teams traded leads in the first half, but the Cavs (5-6, 4-2) closed the first half on a 13-4 run and scored the first five points of the second half to seize control of the game. The lead would swell to as many as 22 in the second half before settling for the final margin.

Michal Seals filled the stat sheet for UVa-Wise with 17 points, 10 assists and six rebounds. Taiwo Badmus had a game-high 24 points and also pulled down eight rebounds. Yesid Mosquera-Perea had 13 points and nine rebounds, while Tajh Eason chipped in 10 points.

Elisha Mayberry led Glenville State (0-9, 0-6) with 19 points and six rebounds. Darhius Nunn and Theo Brown each had 13 points.

MEC Women’s Basketball Roundup (December 09, 2017)

The Free Press WV

Glenville State 107, UVa-Wise 77

Glenville State hit 15 three-pointers and forced 35 turnovers on its way to a 107-77 win over UVa-Wise on Saturday afternoon at the Waco Center.

The Pioneers (8-1, 6-0) had six players reach double figures led by 22 from Kristin Desrocher, who was 5-of-11 from three-point range. Paris McLeod had 19 points and picked up five steals, while Bhrea Griffin came off the bench to toss in 15 points. Taylor Parker chipped in 14 points, Emily Stoller scored 12 and had five assists, and Courtney Davis netted 10 points to go with nine rebounds.

Hanna Oliver led the Cavaliers (2-7, 1-5) with 17 points. UVa-Wise got 12 points off the bench from Dakota Turner and 10 more from Alle Moore.

West Virginia State 109, Urbana 99

West Virginia State went on a 10-9 run to close the third quarter and opened the fourth on a 9-2 run to help pull away from Urbana, 109-99, on Saturday afternoon at the Grimes Center.

Jasmine Davis hit three of her six three-pointers during that critical stretch for the Yellow Jackets (3-6, 3-3) to help spark the run. Aurreshae Hines scored a game-high 28 points and had six assists and two steals for WVSU. Amari Grace hit five from distance and finished the game with 19 points. Alexandra Jackson scored 12 and dished out a team-best seven assists.

Megan Beachy led Urbana (4-3, 4-2) with 23 points. Danie Shafer scored 21 to go with five assists and five rebounds. Stefanie Davis handed out 13 assists on the night while also scoring 12 points and pulling down five rebounds. Sylvia Hudson chipped in 17 points and Erin Morrow tossed in 16.

Wheeling Jesuit 63, Shepherd 56

Wheeling Jesuit earned its second-straight victory by holding off Shepherd, 63-56, on Saturday at the McDonough Center.

A Cassi Stein layup to open the second quarter gave the Cardinals (3-6, 2-4) a lead it would not relinquish. Monica Burns led the way for WJU with 17 points and Chenelle Moore scored 15. Mariah Callen added 10 points and five assists, and Stein finished with eight points and eight rebounds.

The Rams (5-5, 2-4) were led by 20 point from Morgan Arden. Kari Lankford had a double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Kayla Tibbs chipped in 13 points.

Concord 88, West Virginia Wesleyan 68

Concord raced out to a 26-10 lead in the first quarter and never looked back on its way to an 88-68 win over West Virginia Wesleyan on Saturday afternoon at the Rockefeller Center.

Concord (4-5, 2-4) shot a scorching 59 percent from the field in the game and had 25 assists on its 34 field goals. Madison May poured in 30 points on 11-of-19 shooting and added 11 rebounds and six assists. Riley Fitzwater, Danielle Catron and Lindsey Overbey each had 15 points.

Mari Stewart had 15 points and nine rebounds to lead West Virginia Wesleyan (4-4, 3-3). Katie Demi and Abi Gabauer each added 11 points, and Kiara Rodriguez netted 10. Tara Goldman had a game-high seven assists.

Notre Dame 77, Charleston 57

Notre Dame took control of the game midway through the first quarter and went on to take a 77-57 win over Charleston on Saturday afternoon at Murphy Gymnasium.

The Falcons (8-3, 5-1) shot 56 percent from the field and had 29 points off of turnovers in the victory. Kim Cook led the way for NDC with 19 points and seven rebounds. Maggie King added 11 points and Seina Adachi netted 10 points.

Michelle Noel had a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds off the bench to lead Charleston (5-4, 4-2). Marissa Koob also had 13 points off the bench for the Golden Eagles.

West Liberty 87, Fairmont State 79

West Liberty held off a Fairmont State rally in the second half and downed the Falcons 87-79 on Saturday night at the ASRC.

The Hilltoppers (4-6, 3-3) led wire-to-wire in the victory building its lead to as many as 21 points in the third quarter. Fairmont State (4-5, 1-5) was able to get the lead down to three with under five minutes to play at 73-70, but a 9-3 run over the next three minutes sealed the win for WLU. McKenna Shives hit a jumper and three-pointer in that span, and Brandi Beader also added a three to spark the run.

Shives finished with a team-high 27 points for West Liberty hitting on 5-of-8 from behind the arc. Marissa Brown had 22 points and 14 rebounds, and Beader also had a double-double with 17 points and 10 rebounds to go with six assists.

Sierra Kotchman poured in a game-high 32 points for Fairmont State. Brooke Kurucz scored 18, while Kelli Jo Harrison had 10 points and 16 rebounds.

2017 Class AAA high school football all-state teams

The Free Press WV

The Class AAA all-state football team as selected by the West Virginia Sports Writers Association.



QB – Tyson Bagent, Martinsburg, Sr.

QB – Cross Wilkinson, Wheeling Park, Sr.

RB – Jadon Hayes, Huntington, Sr. (captain)

RB – Ivan Vaughn, Cabell Midland, Jr.

RB – Jacob Northcraft, Musselman, Sr.

RB – Dereck Hess, John Marshall, Sr.

OL – Darnell Wright, Huntington, Jr.

OL – Doug Nester, Spring Valley, Jr.

OL – Trey Henry, Martinsburg, Sr.

OL – Ben Billanti, Riverside, Sr.

OL – Jordan King, Cabell Midland, Sr.

WR – Malakai Brown, Hedgesville, So.

WR – Amir Richardson, University, Jr.

UTIL – Kerry Martin, Capital, Jr.

K – Tim McCutchen, Hurricane, Jr.


DL – Jalen Hesen, Martinsburg, Sr. (captain)

DL – Jacob Cassidy, Spring Valley, Sr.

DL – Breece Hoff, Capital, Jr.

DL – Tavis Lee, Martinsburg, Sr.

LB – Dewayne Grantham, Martinsburg, Jr.

LB – Owen Porter, Spring Valley, Sr.

LB – Shymeik Burger, Huntington, Sr.

LB – Drew Joseph, South Charleston, Jr.

LB – Nick Coulter, John Marshall, Sr.

DB – Brenton Strange, Parkersburg, Jr.

DB – Nate Phillips, Wheeling Park, Sr.

DB – Grant Harman, Martinsburg, Jr.

UTIL – Anthony Pittman, Capital, Sr.

UTIL – Isaiah Duncan, Cabell Midland, Sr.

P – Grant Wells, George Washington, Jr.




QB – Clay Bailey, University, Sr. (captain)

RB – Christian Hill, Hurricane, So.

RB – Tyler Moler, Parkersburg, Jr.

RB – Blake Hartman, Musselman, Fr.

OL – Will Gurtis, University, Sr.

OL – Jackson Zdziera, Spring Mills, Sr.

OL – Will Anderson, St. Albans, Sr.

OL – Ryan Creech, Parkersburg, Jr.

OL – Brier Elswick, Cabell Midland, Sr.

WR – Dakota Williams, Hurricane, Sr.

WR – Jarod Bowie, Martinsburg, So.

UTIL – Donnie Evans, Wheeling Park, Sr.

UTIL – Jason Plotner, Hedgesville, Sr.

UTIL – Derek Johnson, Spring Valley, Sr.

K – Ahmed Ali, Parkersburg South, Sr.


DL – Hayden Starcher, University, Sr.

DL – Hunter Temple, John Marshall, Jr.

DL – Zeiqui Lawton, South Charleston, Fr.

DL – Owen Tillis, George Washington, Sr.

LB – Tanner Williams, George Washington, Sr.

LB – Chase Goldsmith, Capital, Sr. (captain)

LB – Payton Lunsford, Hurricane, Sr.

LB – Spencer Delawder, Washington, Sr.

DB – N’yjere Smith, Hedgesville, Jr.

DB – Malik Grier, Huntington, Sr.

DB – Teddy Marshall, Martinsburg, So.

UTIL – Blake Miller, Preston, Sr.

UTIL – Tyee Gibson, Parkersburg South, Sr.

UTIL – Jayson Barrett, St. Albans, Sr.

P – Finnegan Hall, Hedgesville, Jr.


Special Honorable Mention

Griffin Adkins, Cabell Midland

Trevor Barnhart, University

RJ Barrett, Martinsburg

Michael Berlo, Martinsburg

Malik Brown, Huntington

Kalai Clark, Capital

Rennie Clark, Wheeling Park

Curon Cordon, Hurricane

Dakota Cosby, George Washington

Ronnie Durrah, John Marshall

Avery Eddy, Parkersburg South

Caden Easterling, Riverside

RJ Evans, Ripley

Ben Gribble, University

Isaac Howard, Spring Valley

John Hicks, Hampshire

Max Howell, Huntington

Mikey Jackson, Martinsburg

Jalen Jones, South Charleston

Sabri Juma, Morgantown

Josh Kay, Ripley

Jovaun Light, Cabell Midland

Nick Longerbeam, Jefferson

Graeson Malashevich, Spring Valley

Chas McCool, John Marshall

Dalton McDaniels, University

Colby Piner, Greenbrier East

David Robertson, Musselman

Mark Scites, Riverside

Ethan Secrist, Brooke

Jack Stakem, Wheeling Park

Andrew Spears, Huntington

Cole Streyle, Morgantown

Wyatt Strobl, Parkersubrg

Tyree Swafford, Woodrow Wilson

Dustin Swisher, Hampshire


Honorable Mention

Gage Abrect, Hedgesville

Tre Barnes, Morgantown

Jacob Biller, Jefferson

Tristen Bittner, Wheeling Park

Brocton Blair, Huntington

Sam Buford, St. Albans

Mason Caldwell, Spring Mills

Carliton Carter, South Charleston

JT Cooper, Hurricane

Lucas Duffy, Martinsburg

Ethan Faircloth, Hedgesville

Chris Fox, Musselman

Quisean Gray, Capital

JaQuan Hall, George Washington

Drew Heatherly, Buckhannon-Upshur

Shane Hercules, John Marshall

Dakota Holt, Preston

Fazon Hunter, Spring Mills

Parker Jackson, Washington

Jake Johnson, Parkersburg

Cayden Keeler, Ripley

JT Kemp, Ripley

Tucker Knisell, Preston

Ty Konchesky, Morgantown

Jevon Lang, Jefferson

Ricky Moreland, Hampshire

Tylik Norris, Martinsburg

Sebastian Oldham, Musselman

Logan Osborne, Cabell Midland

Evan Parow, University

Devin Persinger, Greenbrier East

Ian Pomeroy, Woodrow Wilson

J.J. Roberts, Cabell Midland

Alajuan Robinson, Morgantown

Robert Sanders, University

Steven Shine, Hurricane

Davon Sibley, Princeton

Andrew Simonton, John Marshall

Logan Spurlock, Capital

Aaron Stambaugh, Musselman

Michael Turner, Hedgesville

Jonathan Warner, Buckhannon-Upshur

Blake Wentz, Riverside

Zach Williamson, Spring Valley

Dylan Wood, Wheeling Park

Colton Wright, Woodrow Wilson

Nick Yoho, Parkersburg South

Winter Olympics Sites Should Be Cold—But Not This Cold

The Free Press WV

What may soon become the next Olympic sport: extreme spectating. At least, that’s what organizers for the 2018 Pyeongchang Games in South Korea are worried about during the opening and closing ceremonies in February, each expected to last between four and five hours. Reuters has glimpsed an internal document outlining the organizing committee’s concerns, which revolve around the fact that Pyeongchang’s main stadium has no roof and the wind chill is expected to make it feel like it’s about 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Among the world luminaries who may be freezing their butts off if they accept President Moon Jae-in’s invitation to attend: Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. “This is a very serious issue … [that’s] creating a headache to not only the organizers but the presidential office,“ says a local lawmaker.

South Korea made the apparently ill-advised decision to build the $58 million arena sans roof to cut costs and speed up construction, and now it’s left organizers scrambling for ideas on how to keep the audience warm and safe, including expedited security checks, more windscreens set up around the stadium, and distributed hot packs and blankets. Xi, Abe, and more than 150 other VIPs will get plusher, bigger blankets than regular spectators, a committee official tells Reuters. There’s also mention of pushing “audience participation” to keep people moving, though details are vague. Global News notes that for the last two Winter Olympics, in Sochi and Vancouver, organizers feared the opposite: that it would be too mild for snow. But in this case, “the cold could ruin the entire opening party,“ a ruling party official says. “The fate of the event is down to … Mother Nature.“

MEC Women’s Basketball Roundup (December 06, 2017)

The Free Press WV

Glenville State 127, Concord 82

Glenville State turned 42 Concord turnovers into 37 points and drained 18 three-pointers in a decisive 127-82 victory on Tuesday evening.  The Pioneers had 12 different players score in the win with five recording double-digit outings.

Emily Stoller led the effort with 18 points followed by Kristen DesRocher with 17.  Paris McLeod and Erika Toney each drained 15 for Glenville State (7-1, 5-0) while Julie Bishop chipped in 12.  Courtney Davis hauled in a team-high 10 rebounds.  The win marked the sixth straight for the Pioneers.

Concord (3-5, 1-4) had five players in double figures for the first time since last year’s home contest against the Pioneers. Madison May poured in 21 points with Danielle Catron adding 18 in the setback.  Emily Boothe and Heather Chapman both scored 12 followed by Riley Fiztwater with 11 points and 10 rebounds.

Shepherd 79, West Liberty 72 (OT)

Shepherd trailed by as many as 13 points as late as the 9:03 mark in the fourth quarter but took advantage of a late shift in momentum to secure a 79-72 overtime win against West Liberty.

Marissa Brown hit a layup for the Hilltoppers with 18 seconds left in the fourth quarter to send the game into overtime.  The Rams came out firing using a three-pointer by Kayla Tibbs in their first overtime possession and held West Liberty to just two points in the extra period to earn the win.

Morgan Arden drained a game-high 31 points for Shepherd (5-4, 2-3) while Tibbs and Kari Lankford tallied 12 points apiece in the win.  Sydney Clayton added 10 points and 14 rebounds for the Rams.

Marissa Brown paced West Liberty (3-6, 2-3) with 25 points and seven rebounds.  McKenna Shives added 18 points in the setback.

Notre Dame 84, West Virginia State 77

Notre Dame outscored West Virginia State 26-5 in the first quarter and held off a late West Virginia State run to secure an 84-77 victory on Wednesday. The Yellow Jackets outscored the Falcons in the second and third quarters but were unable to overcome the early deficit.  After trailing by as many as 21 points, West Virginia State (2-6, 2-3) worked to pull within four points (77-73) with 1:41 left to play before back-to-back layups by Notre Dame (7-3, 4-1) put the game away.

Seina Adachi led the effort for the Falcons with 21 points. Maggie King notched 15 points and nine rebounds while Kim Cook added 10 points and 11 boards.

Jasmine Davis scored 22 points for the Yellow Jackets in the loss followed by Jordan Miller with 12 points.  Michael Everhart and Kim Richburg both scored 11 while Aurreshae Hines rounded out the double-digit performers with 10 points and 10 rebounds.

Fairmont State 55, Wheeling Jesuit 53

Rachel Laskody hit a layup for Fairmont State with two seconds left in the game to propel the Falcons to a 55-53 win over Wheeling Jesuit on Wednesday.  The Cardinals led for the entire contest but were held to just four points in the fourth quarter, allowing the Falcons to mount a comeback and pick up their first MEC win of the season. 

Sierra Kotchman scored 14 points for Fairmont State (4-4, 1-4) with Brooke Kurucz and Kelli Jo Harrison each netting 12 in the win.  Harrison grabbed 11 rebounds in the win.

Chenelle Moore led the effort for Wheeling Jesuit (2-6, 1-4) with 14 points and 12 rebounds.  Monica Burns chipped in 12 points in the loss.

UVa-Wise 54, West Virginia Wesleyan 47

UVa-Wise held West Virginia Wesleyan to eight points in the first quarter and outlasted six ties and six lead changes to earn its first MEC win of the season in a 54-47 decision.  With the score tied 45-45 and just 2:50 left to play, the Cavaliers closed out the game with a 9-2 run to secure the victory.

Hanna Oliver netted 12 points for UVa-Wise (2-6, 1-4) with Cynita Webb and Ada Stanley each scoring 10 points.  Webb hauled in 11 rebounds with Ashley Cullen grabbing nine boards in the win.

Mari Stewart paced West Virginia Wesleyan (4-3, 3-2) with 11 points and 10 boards.  Alexa Szelong chipped in 10 points in the setback.

Urbana 73, Charleston 57

Urbana grabbed an early lead and never looked back on its way to a commanding 73-57 win over Charleston on Wednesday.  The Blue Knights never trailed in the contest and held the Golden Eagles to a 32% shooting percentage on the evening while earning their fourth win in five outings. Urbana shot 45% from the floor and 83% from the free throw line in the win.

Megan Beachy scored 20 points for Urbana (4-2, 4-1) with Stefanie Davis and Sylvia Hudson adding 18 and 14 points, respectively.

Abby Watson paced Charleston (5-3, 4-1) with 17 points with Octavia Loll adding 11 and Ambrea Williams chipping in 10.  Michelle Noel hauled in 12 rebounds in the setback.

MEC Men’s Basketball Roundup (December 06, 2017)

The Free Press WV

Concord 84, Glenville State 70

A 12-0 run midway through the first half allowed Concord University to overcome an early deficit in an 84-70 win against Glenville State on Tuesday evening.  Down 14-7 with 13:49 left in the first half, the Mountain Lions reeled off the next 12 points staring with back-to-back three-pointers by B.J. Hamlet.

Tommy Bolte scored 22 points for Concord (6-3, 4-1) while Darian Peterson chipped in 19.  Hamlet followed with 15 and Antonio Patterson scored 10 to aid the effort.

Darhius Nunn led Glenville State (0-8, 0-5) with 29 points with Brooks Ely chipping in 24 in the loss.  Marcus Schofield collected a team-high seven rebounds.

Fairmont State 78, #9 Wheeling Jesuit 74

Fairmont State turned 18 Wheeling Jesuit turnovers into 23 points and outlasted a late comeback effort by the Cardinals to secure a 78-74 win on Wednesday evening.  With the score tied 63-63 and 3:51 left in the game, Jason Jolly buried a three-pointer to give the Falcons the lead for good.

Jolly led all players in the game with 30 points for Fairmont State (6-2, 4-1) while Caleb Davis netted 14 points with 12 rebounds in the win.

Haywood Highsmith paced the Cardinals (7-1, 4-1) with 23 points and 15 boards.  Pat Moseh added 18 points in the setback with Preston Boswell and Jeremiah Wilson adding 14 and 10 points, respectively.

#7 West Liberty 99, Shepherd 80

West Liberty and Shepherd battled through a close first half but the Hilltoppers controlled the momentum in the second in a 99-80 win on Wednesday.  The Rams trailed by double-digit points for nearly the entire second stanza.

Dan Monteroso led the charge for West Liberty (8-0, 5-0) with 27 points in the win.  James Griffin added 23 with Dalton Bolon netting 19 for the Hilltoppers.  Evan French rounded out the list of double-digit performers with 11 points.

Winston Burgess netted 21 points for Shepherd (3-5, 2-3).  Steffen Davis scored 19 while Thomas Land and AJ Carr followed with 18 and 17 points, respectively.

West Virginia State 98, Notre Dame 88

West Virginia State scored 58 points in the paint and shot 55% from the floor in a 98-88 win over Notre Dame.  The Yellow Jackets led by as many as 24 points in the second half before securing the victory.

Five players scored double-digit points for West Virginia State (5-4, 3-2) led by Ernest Jenkins with 21 points.  Pat Johnson-Agwu netted 20 with Jeremiah Moore and Langston Cooke adding 15 and 12 points, respectively.  Isaiah Noel scored 10 points in the win and Robert Fomby tallied 12 rebounds.

Kyauta Taylor led the effort for Notre Dame (3-6, 1-4) with 25 points.  Halil Parks and Angelo Cugini each added 18 with Drew Scarberry scoring 13 points.  Oliver Megins notched a team-high seven rebounds.

Charleston 78, Urbana 67

Charleston trailed on just two occasions on its way to a 78-67 win over Urbana.  The Golden Eagles have won five of their last six games while leaving the Blue Knights in search of their first win on the young season.

Lamont McManus tallied 19 points and eight rebounds for Charleston (7-3, 3-2).  Keir Anderson netted 17 in the win with Ke’Andre Gibson and Austin Howard notching 14 and 11 points, respectively.

Ethan Snapp paced Urbana (0-8, 0-5) with 16 points.  Carlas Jackson chipped in 14 with Nick Detlev adding 10 points and nine rebounds.

West Virginia Wesleyan 71, UVa-Wise 70

After a closely contested first half battle, West Virginia Wesleyan built a commanding 13-point lead in the second half and fought off a late surge by UVa-Wise to take home a 71-70 win on Wednesday evening. The win marked the first of the season for the Bobcats.

Dusan Vicentic scored 14 points and grabbed 13 rebounds for West Virginia Wesleyan (1-8, 1-4).  Luke Layhew and Aaron Ariri both added 13 in the win while Luka Petrovic netted 12.  Ariri also notched 12 boards in the victory. The Bobcats shot 42% from the floor and held the Cavaliers to a 32% shooting percentage on the evening.

Michal Seals led UVa-Wise (4-6, 3-2) with 26 points.  Taiwo Badmus added 15 points and 17 rebounds while Chance Sheffey scored 12 in the setback.

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