GCHS in WVU Honor Band Concert

Five students from Gilmer County High School auditioned and were selected to participate in the WVU Honor Band Concert on February 10-11, 2017.

Congratulations to the young musicans and to Ms. Jennifer Sager, band director, for her work in preparing them for the two-day event.

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Selected were:

  • Hannah Sanders, daughter of Stacey and Leon Butler of Glenville
  • Naomy Brodeur, daughter of Brook and David Finely of Glenville
  • Logan Bossert, daughter of Hope and James Bossert of Glenville
  • Rhea Finley, daughter of Brook and David Finley of Glenville
  • Morgan Bossert, daughter of Hope and James Bossert of Glenville
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In Sports….

The Free Press WV

►  Cam Newton Sued for Allegedly Partying Too Hard

Apparently Cam Newton shied away from that Super Bowl fumble because he was (allegedly) saving his body for partying. TMZ reports a lawsuit filed against the Carolina Panthers quarterback by the manager of a luxury hotel rental company claims he did nearly $100,000 in damage to an $11 million Beverly Hills mansion he rented in the wake of the Super Bowl. Despite agreeing to a no-partying policy, Newton allegedly held numerous parties during the 61 days he rented the house, breaking a fridge, causing water damage to the floors, destroying a $32,000 rug, and more. The rental company is looking to recoup damages plus the two months of rent it claims it lost while fixing the damage. The Panthers haven’t commented on the lawsuit, according to the Charlotte Observer.

►  Young Red Wings Fan Gets Photobombed From Penalty Box

One man’s penalty box is another man’s photo shoot. The AP reports Steve Ott and Dylan Larkin of the Detroit Red Wings used their ref-mandated timeouts during Sunday’s preseason game against the Chicago Blackhawks to surreptitiously pose for a photo with a 4-year-old fan. The Red Wings posted the photo to Instagram, saying little Lylah Almas was “hit with the classic Ott, Larkin penalty box photobomb.“ Lylah’s mom says she didn’t even realize the players were smiling in the background until later. CBS Sports points out the smiles were a rare sight for the penalty box, where players are usually a bit crankier to find themselves.

►  College Marching Band Takes a Knee, Station Won’t Air Game

In what its parent company’s CEO is calling a “protest to a protest,“ ESPN affiliate radio station 101.1 FM (WFAY) is turning its back on broadcasting East Carolina University’s football game Saturday against South Florida after members of the ECU marching band took a knee during the national anthem last weekend to protest oppression of black people, Mediaite reports. “Roughly a dozen band members disgraced themselves on the football field this past weekend,“ Jeff Andrulonis, head of parent company Colonial Media, said in a statement shared by a local sports anchor. “They’re college students and it’s about time they get an education on the concept that their actions have consequences.“

Andrulonis claims that every ECU football sponsor he’s spoken to so far thinks the band’s protest that continued what Colin Kaepernick began was “shameful” and that “a message needs to be sent.“ He also says he supports the band members’ constitutional right to free speech and that they could’ve protested before the game, “but that would have required them to wake up early.“ ESPN has responded to the incident in a statement sent to Sports Illustrated, noting, “100.1 FM is an affiliate that carries some ESPN Radio national programming. Local programming decisions, however, are strictly in their purview.“ (For the Win calls the refusal “ridiculous.“)

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